Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.

Part Three: Truck Stop Diner

"Put your shirt and shoes back on. Bring your bag. We're gonna' get something to eat."

"Okay" I respond softly, still waking up a little.

He drives into a truck stop and pulls around to the back. Hmm. Interesting. I thought this area was only for the semis. Oh, well. I get myself put together enough to go inside. I throw my little bag over my shoulder and hop down out of the vehicle.

We walk into the truck stop diner and seat ourselves at a quiet booth.

"Go ahead and get washed up. I'll order you something to eat."

"Yes, Sir" I grab my bag and make my way to the ladies room. Oh cool, this is actually like a locker room. That is convenient. I look at my reflection. I'm looking a little rough. I guess my afternoon adventure took a little more out of me than I realized. My shiny red collar grabs my attention. Shit! Was I supposed to take it off or leave it on? I can't remember. I turn it around so SLUT is hidden by my hair. I quickly try to get cleaned up enough to go eat and pull on a clean set of clothes.

I check my reflection and, satisfied that this is as good as it is going to get for now, I head back to the table. He isn't there. Hmm, maybe He's in the restroom, I don't know. I drop my bag on the bench and slide into the booth. I sip on the coffee He ordered for me. I smile over my cup, replaying the day in my mind. I look up and see Him approaching. I smile. He scowls. What the hell? He comes over to me and bends over me. He leans down so His mouth is right by my ear and grabs my collar in His hand. He jerks it and twists it around so SLUT is back in the front, shiny and bright. "You are my slut and everyone should know it."

I'm a little surprised just because He doesn't usually have me wear my collars in public. Actually, I'm really surprised, he is usually the one getting on me about being more discreet. Plus, we are at a truck stop. It's not like it's somewhere cool or anything.

It's a quiet little restaurant with a few men, each sitting alone. One man in dark blue coveralls is filling out some kind of notebook, flipping back and forth between two pages. Another man is wearing a yellow and black reflective jacket and reads the paper. A bite of mashed potatoes and corn falls off his fork onto the newspaper and I smile a little as he picks it up and puts it in his mouth. There is one more guy who is doing something on his phone while the server askes him a question about his rig. Keno numbers pop up on screens every couple seconds followed by something about playing the Jack. No idea. Probably a lotto thing I guess. I'm kind of bored and a tad immature though and play the "Who Would You Do?" game in my head and decide that guy's imaginary name will be Jack.

He sits across from me and I keep my eyes lowered, not sure how to read His mood. He fusses with stuff on His phone while I sip my coffee. I'm pretty sure people are looking at me. I slouch down a little bit, almost trying to hide in the booth. "Sit up Princess " What the hell? He didn't even look up at me. I sit up straight.

Our server brings out our dishes. Oh, good, soup. I thank her as she places the cup in front of me. She sets His plate down and asks if there is anything else right now. "No. Thank you," He tells her. She smiles and starts to leave. Omg. Did she just wink at Him?! She did... and He smiled back at her. I'm sitting right here. I'm sure it's nothing. My imagination must be getting the better of me.

I blow on my soup and start to sip the broth from my spoon. I wish He would say something. I wish He would ask me about earlier. Come on, I want to talk about it. He just eats His meal. Damn. No discussion. No clues. Just soup and coffee at a truck stop. Oh well. I am having a pretty great day. I finish my soup and push the cup and saucer toward the edge of the table.

The quiet little diner gets an injection of energy when two guys walk in and sit at the counter. The server must know them. She serves their drinks before they are even in their seats. They are kind of looking around the diner. I'm a little paranoid that they are judging me about my slut collar. Oh well. I don't know them and I won't ever see them again. The server stands in front of them, half taking their orders and half making small talk. I wonder what trucks they drive. What kinds of stuff are they carrying? Maybe the orange and black trucks? White with green? Independent? I recall a commercial, maybe for Old Dominion, that shows trucks with all different sorts of things in one truck. Maybe they deliver all kinds of stuff. My mind wanders while He eats His meal. He sees me looking at them. "Seeing something that interests you? "

"Oh, no, I was just daydreaming a bit I guess. "

"About them?" He asks.

"Not at all. I was thinking about trucking stuff. " I try to explain.

"Like truckers?" He badgers me a bit playfully.

"No, stuff that gets delivered by trucks." I defend myself.

"Like truckers' cocks?"

I can feel the heat in my cheeks as they instantly blush. There's no way to win the conversation. He's obviously determined to mess with me. "Yes, I'm busted. That's exactly what I was thinking." I sarcastically joke and return to my coffee as He finishes His meal.

"That's what I thought." He teases. Well, I think He's teasing anyway.

He catches the eyes of the two men. He smiles and waves at them

"Hey guys. How's it going?" He asks them, rather loudly but super friendly.

Oh my god I'm so embarrassed.

They respond with the same kind of over the head wave.

Oh no oh no oh no, they are heading over to our table.

He gestures for them to sit and join us.

Oh no oh no oh no I think as I scoot over to make room. My master gestures for me to stand up though.??? I grab my bag and stand up. One of the guys scoots in to where I had just been sitting. Master takes the bag out of my hand and gestures again for me to sit down. As I do, the second guy sits down next to me. What the hell I ask again, well, in my head I do. Why are three of us sitting on one side and one person sitting on the other side?? I can't be the only one that thinks this is weird, right?

They all greet each other almost like they know each other, talking about roads and loads and places they've been. I try to make myself small. I have nothing to contribute to the conversation. I fidget with my collar, feeling nervous. One of the men keeps looking at my collar. There's no way I'm going to take it off or even turn it around. Well at least I know that He will handle it if the guy turns out to be a problem. They continue chatting, I zone out while they are taking about the old days which, if I am hearing them correctly, was like 15 years ago. Apparently there are a lot more regulations now.

I drift off in my thoughts, trying to imagine what the men looked like that I sucked off earlier...wondering what they are doing right now, what they are thinking...I don't know why I care but I hope they are driving down the highway thinking happy thoughts about an awesome day. Actually, I hope they are thinking that they are lucky sons of bitches. Silly, I know.

I'm startled back to reality as the server asks if I want more coffee. I slide my cup toward her for a refill. She's brought drinks over for the two guys. Damn, I'm kind of jammed in here and dude keeps looking at my collar.

"Nice, huh?" Master asks the guy. Good. He's addressing it. He'll put a stop to it.

"Yeah, not bad." The guy replies.

"She's a great slut." He tells him.

My eyes bug out of my head. WHAT?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?! I can't believe what I am hearing!! Yes, yes I am a great slut but that is kind of our business.

"You're pretty lucky man" he tells Him.

"Yeah, lucky" the other guy chimes in, looking at me like I'm a hamburger and he hasn't eaten in days.

"I am pretty lucky. You guys can be too ya know. "

The server brings food over to the two guys. Ha, hamburgers.

I am hoping that they start a new conversation quickly. Maybe talk about the food or something. Nope. No such luck. Guy one takes a bite of his burger, looks at me and asks Him "Lucky, huh?"

Oh my god I'm going to die. Like I would do a trucker. Well, actually, as I look at them, besides the ketchup on the one guy's lip and the other's worn dirty flannel shirt, I guess they really aren't too bad. Like middle-age-ish, okay builds, not scrawny, not huge. Blech, though, I don't like ketchup and they're truckers. I've heard stories about truckers. I'm not super judgey but there are A LOT of stories. Ha, who am I kidding? I'll fuck whoever He tells me to...anytime, anywhere...

"Yup yup" He tells him.

Ketchup smiles from ear to ear, "Tell me more."

"Yeah, me too" Flannel gets in there.

Ugh. Really?

"Show 'em the girls, Princess. " O.M.G. are you fucking kidding me????? What has gotten into you??? I try to send Him a message telepathically. Yeah, I'm not in a cartoon though so it doesn't work.

"Any time..." He starts to remind me of the contract we signed... that I drafted.

I lift my top and reveal my tits, popping out of my bra, nipples hard and completely exposed. I try to lift my shirt over my face and hide, but the shirt barely covered my rack to begin with. I sit there for a minute or two just letting them take it in.

"That's enough " He tells me, so I put my top back down and reach for my coffee, my face bright red, wishing I had asked for ice water.

I try to shrink as they laugh and make plans.

I feel a hand on my thigh and jump up and look at Him. What the hell? Why aren't you stopping him??? You are usually so much more protective.

"Sit down, Princess." He tells me, with a calm confidence in his voice.

I sit back down and the hand is back on my thigh. I just sit there this time. The hand slides in between my legs.

He is gently rubbing up and down my soft hot skin. I'm trying to be chill. Suddenly he grabs my leg. Hard. He pulls it toward his leg. I leave my leg where he placed it. His hand creeps up my leg until he is rubbing the outside of my panties.

I stare at Him, eyes bugging out. Why isn't He stopping this???

"To keep or give away..." He reminds me. I try to make sure that the look on my face is a pleasant one.

Fuck. This is really happening.

Oh my god. Truckers. In a truck stop diner. While the diner is open...and there are people here.

He rubs up and down, pressing my panties tight against my skin.

Flannel reaches over and puts his hand on the back of my neck and is rubbing my skin. Holy shit he has big hands-it's wrapped around the back of my neck and yet his fingers feel like they are wrapped around the front.

Ketchup keeps rubbing. Damn it. My slut pussy has betrayed me again and is getting wet. Ketchup notices and smirks. He slides a finger in. Mmmmm, I close my eyes.

There is an announcement over the PA "Professional driver Princess, your reservation is now available " What the fuck? There's a driver named Princess? That's funny. Oh, no, I can tell by His face that they are talking about me. I have no idea what is going on and they all see that on my face. Son of a bitch. They are in on this. This is a set up. I fucking knew that something was up.

Flannel stands up to let me out and He hands me my bag. "Here. Take this," my master tells me, "go to the counter on the other side, get your code and room number for the shower and text them to me. Go relax and enjoy your shower and I'll be over to check on you in a while."

I take my bag and head for the showers via the fuel station counter. This is getting a little strange. It's a new adventure though-I've never showered at a truck stop. Besides, I'm happy to be excused from the table and desperately need a shower.

The locker room is very clean and quite spacious, not like what I would have imagined from stories that I've heard. I drop my bag on a large, tiled bench and start to pull out the things I need. I continue to take in my surroundings and am surprised to see several soft, clean towels hung in here and a fair number of toiletry and convenience items. I turn on the water so it can get hot while I remove my clothes. I pull my hair up into a messy ponytail and gather my personal items that I want in the shower. I bring my tiny bottle of body wash, a sponge, a towel, and my razor and step into the shower.

After placing my belongings on the half wall, I stand under the hot water just letting it soak my skin. I pour body wash onto my sponge and start to rub it on my skin, enjoying the sweet vanilla fragrance. I hold the sponge under the steamy water for a moment and then squeeze the excess water onto my chest. I lather up and rub the sponge all over my body. I make sure my tits are extra clean, rubbing them all over with my bare hand in addition to the sponge. I pay a little extra attention to all of my lady parts actually. I shave my legs and bikini area just to make sure everything is nice and smooth. I put the razor on a little shelf in the shower and wash my face. Mmm, it feels so nice. I'm in my own little world right now, lost in the feeling the soothing sting of the water on my face and the sound of the garbled noise of the water pouring through my ears.

Suddenly the lights go out. Fuck. Are the lights on a timer or sensor thing? I rub my eyes to clear the water so I can open them and go turn the light back on. I probably just need to wave my hand in front of a sensor; I guess I've been in here a little longer than I realized. Before I can reach my towel though I am pushed back into the wall of the shower. A hand covers my mouth. I thrash and kick and try to punch but I can't see anything. I really can't even tell where to try and hit or kick. I can't clearly hear what's going on because of the water in my ears. I try to scream as loud as I can. It really isn't that loud though. I get my mouth open enough to be able to bite down, I bite the hand as hard as I can. "Son of a bitch" a man shouts and smacks me across my face, splitting my lip. I scream out but a hand slaps down over my mouth. I try to open my mouth to bite down again but I am pushed into the wall again, harder, and slide down onto the floor.

"Princess. Knock it off." I freeze. Instantly. It doesn't sound like His voice. I can't really tell though. There is water beating down on me and I can hear my own heartbeat in my ears.

"Seriously cool it" a man's voice says.

"Man, I thought you said she was into it, that she likes this. You said she'd fuck whoever you said. "

"Yes, yes I did and yes she does and yes she will...I just didn't tell her yet. "

I don't know what to think. I can't really see much of anything. How is it even so damn dark? I lick my lips and taste the salty blood coming from my lip. I'm pissed. My lip hurts. The shower is still beating down on me. I can't even be sure that His voice is one that I am hearing.

"Guys, I own her. She belongs to me. She is actually owned by me.

She is my slut. She will fuck anyone I tell her, anytime I tell her, in front of anyone I tell her. She is mine to keep or give away as I please and she knows that. You just got excited and didn't stick with the plan."

Well, that's kind of fucked up sounding right this minute but at least I know that it is Him speaking, even if I can't quite make out His voice exactly. Everything He just said is true. Well, except for the sticking to the plan part, no idea on that one.

"Do you wanna' hit it or not?" He asks the man that I bit.

"Yeah, as long as there's no more bullshit," the man answers. "I don't want her to fucking bite me again. "

"Well, get on it then, she won't." He tells the man. His cell phone lights up and He holds it up to shine some light on me. I still can't make out anyone though.

I am grabbed by my now soaking wet ponytail and brought to my knees. A cock is jammed in my mouth. The back of my head is being pushed into the man as he pumps his cock in my mouth. The shower is still beating down on me and is hitting me in the face. I can barely breathe. I close my eyes to keep the water out. My knees hurt from the hard tile floor. He grabs my head with both hands and holds my head still while he fucks my mouth. My top lip is getting jammed into my teeth over and over again. I don't like this. This is not what I had in mind. This guy is fucking my face so hard right now. My eyes water, not that anyone can see. I think this guy seriously hates women. I try to pull my head back so I can breathe better but he doesn't let me. Instead, he slams my mouth even harder. I love having cock in my mouth and I even love being in my knees but this guy is scaring me. Tears are streaming down my face in the dark, mixing with the hot shower water. Finally, he stops. He takes his dick out of my mouth and pulls me to my feet by my hair. I yelp. He just jerks my head harder. He turns me around and pushes me into the shower wall. My tits feel like they are smashed flat. He pulls my hands behind my back and forces them into the small of my back. He pushes my feet apart and comes closer. Oh no no no no no no I'm thinking. He does it though. His cock just jams into my pussy. No warm-up. No fingering. No nothing. Just his dick jammed into my pussy. Every thrust jams me into the wall even harder. He hammers my pussy, pushing the air out of my chest. When he stops, I start to slump, relieved, but not for long. He pulls me out of the shower by my hair. I stumble and try to keep my feet under me. I'm thrown into the counter just outside of the shower. I'm bent over the counter and his cock slams back into my pussy. The counter is jammed into my stomach. I howl. Someone grabs my wrists and pulls them over my head and presses them into the table. My bag is dumped out onto the counter near my head. A gag is shoved into my mouth and strapped around my head. I am still getting slammed from behind. He has my hips in his grips and is pulling me into him, grunting. Cuffs are strapped onto my wrists. I don't even care about that right now though with my pussy being fucked like it is. My wrists are pulled behind my back and chained to one another. My chest and face are smashed into the counter now. The guy fucking me grunts and pulls me down onto his cock even harder and cums inside me. He slowly pulls me down on him a couple more times and then releases me. Oh thank you. He is done. I can get out of here. Nope. Wrong again. A small light comes on across the room. A blindfold is quickly pulled over my eyes.

I stand there, still bent over the counter, blindfolded, gagged, wrists behind my back, legs spread, pussy dripping. I enjoy the peace for a moment but it is short lived. Another cock slides in my pussy. Ohhohh. This one feels much better. Maybe because of how wet I am now? I don't know. He slides it in much slower than the first one. Slowly and deeply another cock is massaging my pussy. Mmmmmm. I try to stand on my toes to give the man a little better penetration. Oh my god I am a fucking slut. This feels good though. The cock slides almost all the way out of my pussy and then back in. Mmmmm. And again-almost all the way out and then back in. Every time the cock backs out it feels like it is going to pop out all the way. It doesn't though. Mmmm. Out and in, out and in, out and in, out and in...mmmm. Then he grabs my hips and pulls my pussy down on his cock even deeper. Mmmm. My nipples rub on the countertop. My cheek slides back and forth on the counter. I'm drooling onto it but there's nothing I can do about it. He stops for a moment, keeping his dick inside me. He shuffles with stuff on the counter and then I feel cold gel on my ass. Oh fuck I know what's coming next. He pumps my pussy a few more times and pushes his finger in my ass. Ohhhhhhh yeeeesssssh. He pulls his dick out of my pussy and pushes at my ass. Ohhhhhhhhh. He pushes, rubs, pushes, rubs and then he pops right in. I howl, not that anyone really can hear me anyway. He pushes in deep and sort of moans. He pulls my hips into him and fucks me. Ohhhhhhh he feels so good. He smacks my ass and keeps on pumping. Ohhhhhhhh. He reaches around and rubs my clit while he's fucking my ass. Ohhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhh I push back into him to let him know how good he feels. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I'm so close to an orgasm. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My pussy pulses and I twitch a little. He takes his hand off my clit and grabs my hips again. He fucking pounds me for a minute and then cums in my ass. Mmmmmmmm.

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