Good morning, ladies! Thank you all for coming. I’m going to explain this temp position. A client has rented out a beach house for his two week vacation later this month, and he has specific ideas for what will make this his dream vacation.

The house is going to be filled with pretty girls, just like you. You will take care of his every need. But most of all, you will be there to smile and look pretty. He was quite adamant that it will be his happiest vacation ever.

Just to be clear, this is not sex work. You are not required or expected to engage in sex. But you will need to be open minded. The client’s requirements may surprise you.

During the day, you will wear string bikinis and high heels or sandals. You will not wear anything else. There will be many, many very attractive bikinis in various colors and styles for you to use. You will even be allowed to keep some of them afterwards. But all day long you will be walking around, indoors and outdoors, in sexy, skimpy bikinis, showing off your beautiful bodies.

In the evening you will change into lingerie. Again, this will be provided for you, and you will get to keep some of the outfits. There will be many styles and colors. Babydolls, teddies and more. You will all look soft and feminine, like pretty princesses.

The house is large, but there will be a lot of you girls. You will not have private bedrooms. Instead, there will be soft, comfortable beds scattered all over the house. You will have high quality mattresses, luxurious sheets and all the pillows you could desire, but there will be little privacy. Also, there will only be enough beds to allow for one bed for each two girls, so make sure to make some friends!

You will have some duties to perform, depending on your skills. Cooking meals for everyone. Doing the dishes, doing laundry. Cleaning the house. Massaging the client and other girls. Dancing or singing. Providing companionship to the client through conversation or by playing sports and games. Leading yoga, pole dancing and belly dancing sessions for the other girls. Teaching cooking classes. Teaching self defense.

When you are not doing these tasks, you may relax and enjoy yourself. You can lay on the beach, build sand castles, go swimming, play volleyball. You can lay around the house and read a book. You can play some music and dance. You can play board games. You can sing karaoke. You can make art. There will even be some contests during those two weeks… body painting, wrestling, singing, volleyball, escape artist games and more.

In many ways, this will feel like a resort vacation for you. But your main goal is to entertain the client. You will walk around in bikinis and lingerie, smiling and giggling and looking cute. Although you will be having fun, you will be having fun for his entertainment and viewing pleasure. You will make conversation with him. You will rush to refill his beverage. You will make sure he is comfortable, relaxed and having a great time enjoying the company of you beautiful angels.

If you are concerned you may dislike the client or that he may mistreat you, don’t be. You may quit the assignment at any time, for any reason. But I think you will be enjoying yourself far too much. And I hear the client is interested in finding a wife, so you may find love as well!

What do you think, ladies? The wages are good. You’ll have two weeks relaxing and enjoying yourselves. Dancing with your new friends, shaking your booty in beautiful bikinis. Picking out your favorites of the sheer, beautiful lingerie. Enjoying delicious meals. Learning new skills. Falling asleep to the sound of the ocean. All you need to do is look pretty, be happy, and devote yourself to the client’s wishes.

For all those who are interested, please form an orderly line. My, what a great turnout!

Pub: 07 Jan 2021 09:37 UTC
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