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Bunny had rarely seen Master so incensed. His expectations for her had been high; she assured him she could pull it off.

She did not.

It was a brisk ride home, and not just because of the cool air coming through the slightly ajar window as Master flew down the highway; it was also from the chilly demeanor of her normally proud and jovial Master. He was lost in thought, seemingly analyzing every detail of what would happen next. Bunny wanted with all of her being to reach over and touch his hand. Or, at the very least, offer a delicate apology.

She knew better.

It was too late for a sorry. There would be no more chances. Reassuring him she could do better next time would be futile. Master had been very clear after her failure: "I love you, my bunny. And you've left me no choice."

Earlier that evening, Master pulled his favorite of her dresses from the closet for the occasion. It was a stretchy black minidress that hugged every part of her. She rarely had permission to wear it; the way it enhanced her curves made her irresistible to him. He wanted it to be saved for him alone. So when it was retrieved from the hanger, her mouth was slightly agape. He was willing to share his dress with others? That's how badly he wanted her to succeed tonight.

When Master first met her, he asked her what her goals were. How did she want to grow? What did she want to learn? And her answer was simple: how to manage her anxiety. She wanted to soften. She wanted to be able to do anything her Master requested without a second guess. And attention was her biggest obstacle to that goal; her confidence was so low that when others saw her body, she would withdraw into herself.

And so for months, she and her Master had built to this night. She was photographed in all sorts of outfits and lewd positions to help her love her body. She was showered with compliments and affirmations. She was given tasks to practice her mindfulness. Master began slowly posting her photos online and required her to respond to the positive comments, thereby forcing her to acknowledge and accept their truth. Master even brought a friend over to watch her be flogged and fucked in their bedroom. He endeavored to help her let go; she forced herself to step outside of herself. They both were confident with her progress. So when she confidently looked him in the eye and said, "I am ready to let others see and use me," he believed her.

She was mistaken.

And her loving Master was not angry that she couldn't play with multiple people yet. He was sad for her, and he reassured her they would try again. And they did. Seven times. Each time it failed for a different reason, but they all had one thing in common: Bunny was not letting go.

Tonight, on try number eight, Master was his most confident. He had arranged for his bunny to be publicly spanked. She loved impact play. She could be positioned to ignore the crowd. If she could force herself to focus on him and his directions, he reasoned, maybe she could finally let go. "In fact," he told her, "if this doesn't work there is only one thing that will. It's our Last Resort." She looked at him apprehensively. "What is that, Master?" He smiled kindly and looked into the eyes of his love. "Don't worry, we won't need to find out. Tonight is your night to be the center of attention." She waited until he turned his back to gulp.

After handing her the dress from the closet, Master chose her sexiest pair of fishnets to wear underneath. He did not give her a bra and panties; there would be no need. He didn't even select shoes - she would wear flats and remove them when they arrived. He wanted to show off his bunny and celebrate her natural beauty. Looking her up and down, he was very satisfied with what he saw. He had her rise and put her collar on. "Good girl. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Master."

Walking into the event, she could feel every eye on her. Master held her leash assuredly as he led her to the other side of the room. Most of the people here were in the local scene, and many of them she had met before. But they had never seen her look like this. Master had really outdone himself with this outfit. The eyes from around the room made her tingle as she followed her Master with her head bowed. She could feel the energy radiating through her whole body. She caught a glimpse of the stocks where she would be restrained for the spanking - 30 hits with the flogger. If she could get through this, she would prove to herself she could let go. And then the anticipation of what was about to happen was beginning to overwhelm her. The questions came flooding into her brain: "What if they don't want to watch this? What if I can't do this well enough and disappoint my Master? What if they think I'm disgusting? What if they laugh at me? What if I embarrass him? What if..."

She froze.

Her Master noticed the tug at her leash and turned to look over his shoulder. He saw the far-away look in her eye. The fear. He knew this meant she was spiraling into dark thoughts filled with self-doubt. He walked her to a nearby sofa, sat her down at his feet, and took her by both hands. "Bunny. My love. You are absolutely stunning. What is scaring you?" She took a deep breath, looked him in the eyes, and steadied herself. "It's nothing, Master. I am alright." Master scrunched his nose at her, the face he always made when he knew she was holding back. "Are you sure, Bunny? Remember, this is our final attempt at this before the Last Resort. Only make this attempt if you are ready. If you are holding back and are not being truthful with me, there will be no more chances. I will force you to soften to me. Do you understand?"

She considered the heaviness of his words and knew he meant them. And she felt a renewed confidence, even though she was nervous. Surely, if he believed this strongly that she could do this, she could.

With his strong grip guiding her, she rose to her feet. Master led her to another area of the room and had her kneel to watch the other exhibitions happening around the room while he visited with some fellow Doms. Two of the three he was speaking to had a partner. One, Jodi, was sitting in her Daddy's lap, engaging in the conversation...Bunny noted how weird that would feel for her. The other, Kendra, was sucking her Owner's dick greedily while he talked and ignored her. Occasionally he'd note that she was doing a passable job, and her efforts would double.

In the far corner, Bunny saw a familiar submissive whose name she didn't know standing at attention for inspection; three men were making sure she had a passing grade. Nearby, a male slave was on his hands and knees cleaning his Mistress' boots. She had an inflatable plug in his ass and seemed to be taking great pleasure in slowly adding a pump. (He looked slightly panicked.) And on stage, the most muscular man Bunny had ever seen in person was strapped into the very structure she would be locked into in just a few short minutes.

She paused at this scene, taking a moment to take it all in. The man was completely naked with a chastity cage locked on tight. The muscles in the back of his legs rippled with every swat of the paddle; there was sweat dripping off of him as he struggled to compose himself. His Miss seemed to be ruthless. She had little time for wimpers or begging. In fact, his desperate pleas for mercy only made the corners of her mouth curl into a devious grin. She savored every bit of panic he exhibited and laughed out loud as she put the ball gag in his mouth, told him to shut up, and continued to paddle him with every bit of power she had. The welts were glowing, the type of pink of a terrible sunburn, with glimpses of the purple outline of her chosen paddle. When she was finished with him, she lovingly rubbed and kissed his marks, praising him for being such a good pain slut. The excitement of her adoration made him swell against his cage as she led him off stage.

A wave of dread swam over Bunny as she realized it was her turn. Master looked her in the eye and said, "It's time. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Master."

He led her to the stage. She was putting on a brave face, but was visibly shaking and weak on her feet. A voice came ringing through the crowd, above the rest. Bunny could not hear the words, but she heard the unmistakable sound of laughter. The wave of dread became a tsunami as all of her worst fears came true. In that moment, her Master could not save her, could not make her rational. That voice was laughing at her, it had to be. She was hideous, obviously, just like she thought. "Bunny, are you going to let go and trust me like you promised?"

"Yes, Master."

On autopilot, she allowed him to put her in the stocks. He bent her at the waist and lovingly strapped her in place. She noticed her dress rise slightly, exposing more of her to the crowd behind her. Master could see her nervousness, but was trusting her to be honest if she couldn't push through. After all, her training had been centered around transparency. No growth would come without some discomfort.

After he strapped her in, he took a moment to admire her. His bunny was truly gorgeous - the peek at her beautiful ass from beneath the dress wasn't doing it justice. With a primal surge, he pulled the dress up and ripped the fishnets open, exposing her completely to the room. Her heartbeat quickened and she squirmed. This made her Master pause.

His bunny stood still. Always. Something wasn't right.

A laugh rose again from the room. Her eyes shut tight and she clenched her fists, trying to drown out the noise. But the task wasn't to just "get through it." The task was to let go. The task was to trust. When she opened her eyes, she saw the angry look of her Master. "Bunny, you are not fine. You lied. I love you, my bunny. And you've left me no choice."

Nearing the end of the drive home, Bunny took a deep breath and exhaled. "Everything my Master does is for my own good," she thought. "I don't know why I can't let go. Maybe I'll never get it right." She looked sadly out the window as her Master passed their turn and kept on driving. He was very focused. She wanted to point out the mistake and remind her Master where they lived, but she realized this was likely no mistake. There would be no wait. The Last Resort was happening tonight. She gulped again and looked at him.

Her Master noticed her curiosity. He made her sit in the silence and said nothing. They drove into a part of the city she'd never seen before and parked at a small, square building covered in colorful graffiti. Then, he spoke.

"Bunny, as we discussed, tonight is the night you will let go. This is the final time I will ask: is this what you want? To trust me to know what's best for you?" Bunny turned to look at her Master with a swell of affection and purpose.

"Yes, Master."

He continued steadily without acknowledging what she said. "When we enter this building, you will no longer have any say in what happens to you. You will be forced to submit to my will for you, no matter what. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

The Human X was one-of-a-kind, as far as anyone knew; a machine so large that the frame of it took up most of the space in the small building. Its arms were easily three meters tall and its base three meters square, with a flat horizontal circle in the center about half a meter from the floor, which was attached to the arms on either side. The circle had two adjustable straps at the far end, and two more at the side of the circle closest to them. Looking at the mechanisms, it appeared to have the ability to move up and down. Bunny stared at it in horror before realizing there were at least twenty people here. Suddenly very aware that she was still wearing her ripped stockings and black dress, she made an effort to pull it down as they walked through the door, but her hand was slapped away. "Absolutely not," he said simply. She knew not to push it and, blushing, kept moving.

Master spoke briefly to two of the men near the door. They nodded and moved into position. The taller of the men went to the machine controls, readying himself. The other man, a confident blonde man who walked with purpose, went to the intercom and announced, "Freaks of the Human X, we have fresh meat!"

Bunny's eyes opened wide as she realized she was the fresh meat. She did not have a chance to hesitate, pull away, or even think of a question; in one swift motion Master picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. As he walked her to the center of the machine, the people in the room grabbed and groped at every part of her. She struggled against her Master's strong arms to run; to tell him he'd made a mistake; to hide. Her efforts were useless and only served to tire her. Before she could prepare herself, he swung her expertly into his arms and laid her on the bench to be strapped in. Four unknown hands grabbed her wrists and ankles and she was strapped into place. Her dress was cut off and her fishnets were torn away. She was spread-eagle in this contraption, with her arms above her head and her legs spread wide. Master placed what felt like an impossibly large ring gag into her mouth to force it open. He then buckled a harness around her waist that was supported on either side by a two meter space bar. And as suddenly as it started, it was over. He stood back and smiled at his bunny. This was the final straw. She struggled against the binds defiantly and realized the terrifying truth - she was immobilized. And the Last Resort was about to begin.

The blonde announcer made one more announcement before he left his post to join in on the fun: "Raise her up!"

And with that, the taller man at the controls tilted the lever up and Bunny began to rise slowly from the bench, which was then removed. She was brought to waist level before the arms stopped. The people in the room looked at her hungrily. Her Master leaned down into her ear. "Normally, we offer a blindfold to the fresh meat. I politely declined. I want you to see how much you're wanted." Bunny felt her heart beating out of her chest as she tried to plead for a blindfold. Her muffled, drooling pleas were met with ravenous hands and mouths. A sea of fingers and tongues were touching her all over her body. She felt them enter her holes, grope her sides, pinch and flick her nipples, run along her whole body... All she could do was watch helplessly as these strangers accosted her. Without warning, a woman sat on Bunny's face and demanded that Bunny lick her pussy clean. Before she could even think of resisting, she heard her Master in her ear again. "If you do not stick out your tongue, I will stick it out for you." Bunny had disappointed her Master enough that night. She had no choice. She began licking as feverishly as she could. She felt herself escaping into her task, truly trying to please this woman. She was rewarded with an unknown dick in her pussy. "Ohh!" she gasped as she composed herself. She was shocked at how wet she was. Whoever was fucking her grabbed her hips and began pounding himself as hard as he could into her tight hole. She had never known a sensation like this; it overloaded her senses and sent her into a blissful trance.

Bunny was jolted back to life by the circle beginning to move. In her ecstasy, she had forgotten to satisfy the woman on her face, who had since unmounted her. Master was behind the controls this time. The circle, however, didn't move in the same direction; instead, it began to lift her feet to turn her upside-down and she realized this wasn't just a fancy restraint. This was a human gyroscope.

Master stopped the gyroscope when Bunny's body was angled upward, exposing her ass to the room at about chest-level. Satisfied with this position, he nodded. She again was swarmed. A man immediately shoved his cock down her throat. The ring gag made any attempts at stopping his thrusting futile, and he fucked her face relentlessly. She wasn't sure how, but somehow there was another dick in her pussy and a vibrator on her clit. A tongue was in her tight asshole, and people were groping her ass by the handful. Suddenly, Master was in her ear again. "Bunny, do you see how wanted you are?" he said softly. "Do you trust me?" He knew his Bunny could not answer and praised the man on his knees for using her throat so well.

The need to cum overwhelmed her and the dick fucking her throat made it impossible to ask for permission. Without warning, she erupted, showering the people below her as she squirted from the intense orgasm. There was a cheer from the room as waves of pleasure shot through her and her pussy pulsed and quivered. Bunny closed her eyes, enjoying the aftershocks of the most intense orgasm of her life, waiting for the hands to pause and back away. They had cheered - surely they were satisfied with their work?

The man fucking her throat did not stop, however. Nor did any of the hands touching her cease what they were doing. In fact, she thought, "are they going faster?" Indeed, it seemed that this horde of attention had doubled down on its efforts to use her. They had no regard for whether she was done being used; they were going to enjoy her as long as they wanted. It was a blur. The man fucking her throat then pulled away and started stroking himself. That's when she saw six other men standing to the side and also stroking themselves eagerly. She was able to look up for the first time and saw the faces of the people using her holes. They looked back with greedy grins as they continued to force her to orgasm and another cock entered her throat. The men approached when they were ready, shooting her all over her body with their seed. She felt it slowly drip down her stomach, across her chest, and onto her face. The total loss of control aroused her in a way that she never expected or anticipated and for the first time, without any other recourse, she truly let go.

After the fifth orgasm, the announcer could be heard overhead. "It is time for the final showing." As suddenly as they were there, all of the hands and mouths were gone. Bunny was left alone, exposed, dripping in sweat and semen and saliva, utterly used, and could still feel the aftershocks of her last orgasm. She took a deep breath and noticed for the first time that in this position, she was The Human X. She was the toy.

The taller man from the door returned to the controls. He tilted Bunny forward and upright until she found herself face-to-face with her Master, who was smiling proudly. He removed the ring gag and kissed her deeply. "Bunny, you did it. You let go. I am so unbelievably proud of you."

"Thank you, Master."

"It is time for you to repay the room by fulfilling your obligation and receiving your 30 lashings with the flogger. Are you ready to face the crowd?" Bunny felt no hesitation. She had finally let go.

"Yes, Master."

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