He made a thoughtful hum while his hand slipped into the slit of her shirt and stroked along the insides of her thighs. With a slight pull at the fabric on his shoulders, she managed to pull his shirt open enough to sink her teeth into his collarbone. He groaned deeply.

His hand slipped up further between her legs and the back of his fingers brushed over her panty-clad mound. A twist of his digits drew her panties to the side to let his fingers slide through her engorged lips. She twitched when the tips of his fingers brushed over her cIit and whined into his ear when they kept sliding through her weeping lips.

With the motivation of her grinding into his hand he slid his middle and ring finger into her, she gasped at the intrusion. Her whole body jerked at the first curl of his fingers and she bit down on his shoulder as he finger fucked her in the aisle.

------------End flashback------------

The powerwalk to cross the mall goes by all too fast with the combination of vibrations and the memory of two fingers pumping knuckle deep into her in the middle of the aisle

She just hopes that no-one can see the drops of arousal sliding down her legs. Once she reaches the hardware store, the memories just become impossible to ignore, the distinct smell sets off an entirely new state of arousal. With each step she takes, the vibrations become stronger. Her legs tremble when she finally sees a broad-shouldered back in a denim shirt.

The last few feet are agony as she smothers her moans at the hard buzz inside her. Her target continues to walk down the aisle, unconcerned by her need as he disappears around the corner. A wordless, needy plea escapes her as her knees are about ready to buckle. Suddenly a large hand grabs hold of her wrist, twisting her around until she is held against a familiar chest. She looks up and his brown eyes twinkle down at her.

"Glad I caught you, who knows how long you would have followed that other guy with such a needy look on you."

The vibrator pulses inside her and she has nothing more to offer than a plea. With a hand on her waist, he quickly guides her off to the side and through an open storage door. The door shuts with a click and he pushes her up against the wall, deeply kissing her even as he pins her wrists up above her head. With the diverging intensity of pulses deep inside her, everything blurs together. She hardly notices as he makes her dress fall open. Her legs tremble as electricity shoots up her spine. His opposite hand trails a path down her skin and over the one-piece set until it slides through the arousal streaming down her legs.

Chloey's eyes roll to the ceiling as one of his fingers slides up into her core, stretching her as it pushes against the toy. With a wicked smile on his lips, Jack uses his finger to press the toy into the sweet spot that makes stars burst before her eyes. Over and over, he presses the pulsing toy into her while she is plastered against the wall, reduced to grunted moans as each nerve sparks. When her entire body begins to shake he presses his mouth onto hers, swallowing her screams with a hungry intensity.

She jerks and twitches against the wall as wave after wave passes through her. Even when her orgasm finishes she spasms from tremors as he continues to press the toy against her. His lips break away and he rests his forehead against her. His eyes bore into hers with an intensity that makes it impossible to look away. Their breath intermingles as she pants harshly. With a curl of his fingers, the toy is pulled from her and swiftly pressed against her throbbing clit. The vibrations are too much. Her eyes close and she is swept up in the blinding pleasure of a second wave orgasm exploding within.

In the wake of the second wave, her spasming legs can no longer hold her weight. Luckily enough, Jack has a firm enough hold to let her down gently, they both slide down the wall until she sits in his lap. Snuggled up against her man she notices his drenched forearm with a dazed giggle.

Two words are slurred together as her head reels from the fireworks. "I won." With her head cushioned by his chest she can feel the vibrations of his laughter.

His warm affection seeps into her like honey, the words bring a dangerous and exciting promise that makes her core twitch. "The bet was that you had to find me. But I found you. That sweet little ass is all mine."

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