Jack was a dealer; when he was at primary school, he was dealing, buying things then selling them for a profit. At high school, he was still trading, the local Auction House, held a Saturday General Auction, Jack got a Saturday job there, he would also go in and help during the week after school. At school, he was making money; he calculated that in one year, he had made a profit of eighteen thousand pounds, which was a lot of money for one so young. Jack's problem was that he had nowhere to store his things. His Aunt Su had a villa; it was where she and Jack's mum had grown up. It was in the best residential area of the city, close to the University. There was a Mews Stable Block which Aunt Su never used. That's when Jack set up Mews Antiques; he was fourteen years of age.

Aunt Su helped Jack a lot so did his mum. Jack had one older brother; he was very like his father, very arrogant and self-centred. Jack was very like his mum, kind, considerate and helpful. They were both very quiet; they both didn't gossip much. Jack was now spending most of his time with his Aunt Su. One day Jack came home from school, his mum was crying. Nobody told Jack why she was crying, but Jack suspected that it had something to do with his father.

Jack's Mews business flourished, at sixteen he was employing a pensioner to look after the store when he was at school. This was good; Jack was too young to drive. Jack bought a van, so Tom, the pensioner, could do the deliveries. Jack wanted to leave school at sixteen, but Aunt Su wanted him to stay until he was eighteen, he would also have his certificates from school. Mews Antiques had grown into a great business. Jack had made many contacts; his overheads were negligible as he paid no rent. Jack left school at eighteen, Tom and an older lady were now running Mews Antiques, everything was computerised, managing it was easy.

Aunt Su ran Jack's grandfather's property business. Aunt Su and mum owned a lot of properties. There was a large town on the coast, a forty-minute drive from the city; it had no quality Antique shops. Much was going there, it had a University, it was a County town, it had a port, but there wasn't much shipping going on. Jack asked Aunt Su if she had a property with a shop and living accommodation. Jack was surprised when she said that she had. It had been a successful grocery shop, owner-run, then the supermarkets opened up. Three people had tried to run a grocery business there; they had all failed. The final nail in the coffin came when Aldi, the German Supermarket company opened four hundred yards from it.

Jack drove down to view it; he liked it. Aunt Su let him rent it for a nominal rent; Jack had it opened and trading within a month. It was a bustling shop. Both the businesses thrived over the next two years. Jack was running out of storage space; he was making money hand over fist. He had over two hundred thousand pounds lying on deposit in the bank. He approached Aunt Su again to see if she had any properties. She had two which interested Jack. They were both beside each other; a large Public Company had owned them. One had four floors; each floor had a square metre area of over five thousand two hundred and fifty square metres, it was enormous. There was also a colossal lift which a van could fit in easily. Jack liked the building. Beside it was a vast warehouse, fully equipped with steel shelving, there were also three forklift trucks with a thirty-meter lift. Jack wanted both of the properties.

Aunt Su had bought them very cheaply eight years ago. She thought that the four-floor building could be converted into residential apartments. The warehouse could also be demolished and used for residential development. Aunt Su was intelligent; she was an accountant, though she didn't practice. She was aware of Jack's financial position; he was a private company; she did his accounts and tax returns for him. She suggested that Jack set up a Private Pension Fund; this would own the properties, any rents that they earned would be tax-free.

Jack then told her that he intended to convert the four-storey building into an Auction House and an Antiques Centre, he was sure that he could quickly get three hundred dealers renting space from him. The warehouse he would use for storage, he would also set up a Theatrical rental division for films and television companies for renting props. Aunt Su was impressed; she sold both properties to Jack's new Pension fund for eighty thousand pounds; it was a bargain. Jack knew then that he was now made for life.

It took Jack four months to get the ground floor workable. He had set out the Auction House on the ground floor. He had also installed a Bistro which could service the Auction House and the Antique Centre. The toilets were beside the Bistro. Two months later, the second floor was operational. He had underestimated the number of dealers; he had over two hundred and fifty on the first two floors, he still had another two floors to go. The reason for this was, many people wanted to rent a cabinet. Jack was now renting out many cabinets.

Jack will never forget the Friday night, just after eight, mum had phoned him, she was distraught, Aunt Su had just died of a massive heart attack. Jack drove immediately to Aunt Su's house, mum was there alone with Aunt Su, lying in a coffin, she looked so at peace. Mum was sobbing away. Jack tried to comfort her; it was difficult. Jack asked if mum had eaten, she wasn't hungry. Jack noticed that her voice was a little hoarse, mum said, "I would love a cup of tea, I have a throat infection, I am on antibiotics, I have had a nightmare of a week and now this."

They went into the kitchen, mum looked haggard, but she still had a presence, she was tall and good looking. Jack filled the kettle, then mum said, "I'm divorcing dad, I can't take anymore. I threw him out of the house on Tuesday; I can't stand the sight of him. I have done my best for you Jack, I've wanted to leave him for a long time, but I waited mainly because you were still at school. You have left school; you are doing well in your business. I won't go home tonight. I will stay here with Jo until they take her coffin to the Church on Tuesday evening. The funeral service will be on Wednesday morning at eleven."

Jack replied, "Mum, I'll stay with you. It would be best if you weren't alone this now. I am sorry about you and dad, I have always had the feeling that you loved him, but he didn't love you."

Mum squeezed Jack's hand, then said, "I would like it if you stayed with me. You're right there; I stopped loving your father a few years ago. It's now finished, I'm now fifty-five, I want to have some happiness in my life. I haven't spoken to your brother for over seven years; I helped him when he was buying his house. You are all that I have now, Jack."

Jack had finished his tea; he looked in the fridge; there were several bottles of wine there. Jack said, "Would you like some wine, mum?"

"I would love some wine, Jack, but I was told not to drink with my medication."

They talked for a while; then, they went to bed. The weekend flew in; mum was going through a lot of Aunt Su's papers. Everything was so organised. Jack stayed with mum; he didn't go to the Antique Centre, though he was often on the phone to them. Tuesday morning mum went to her doctor, she got the all-clear. She was happy about this; she also bought a black outfit for the service tonight and the funeral tomorrow. There were only fifteen people at the evening service. Aunt Su was like mum; they didn't socialise much. Judy, mum's friend, who lived in the town where the Antique Centre was, was there. Jack liked her; she had a beautiful face and a voluptuous body; she and mum were great friends. Jack had flirted with her several times; he was sure that if he asked her for a coffee that she would accept. Jack was apprehensive about doing this, in case it upset mum, who was always strait-laced in things like that.

Mum chatted with Judy outside the Church, then suggested going to an Italian restaurant for supper. Judy declined as she wanted to get back home, she suggested that after mum was settled, she should come and visit her. Jack and mum went to the Italian restaurant. Jack said, "What would you like to drink mum?"

"Chablis, and lots of it. Jack, I had a call from Peter, our lawyer, he will attend the funeral tomorrow morning. He has asked me to come to his office at three-thirty tomorrow afternoon. I would like you to come with me as Su's will be read, Su thought so much of you. I know that you are mentioned in it. Will you come with me?"

"Yes, mum, of course, I will. Aunt Su was so good to me; she helped me and my business so much."

Mum smiled then said, "Su had a lot of health problems when she was younger, she had diabetes, she was on insulin since her teens. I was the opposite. I was also so healthy. Su didn't want to take the risk and have kids, in case what she had was hereditary. She liked you a lot to Jack; she was always talking about you."

Jack replied, "She was always there with good advice when I needed it."

Mum replied, "Your father and brother should have been there this evening, if your brother is not there tomorrow then I will never speak to him again, Su also gave him money when he was buying his house."

Mum was much more relaxed tonight; they chatted about a lot of things. They got home, mum wanted to go to bed, she hugged Jack, she pulled him close to her, then said, "I'm so lucky to have you, Jack, now, you are all that I have. Thank you for being there for me."

Jack then leaned down; their mouths met, they tongue kissed for several minutes. Both their tongues were deep in the other's mouth. The kisses were tender and affectionate. Mum then said, "I'll have breakfast ready for nine. I will be happy when tomorrow is over."

They went to bed; Jack lay in bed thinking about how nice mum's kisses were, she had only ever kissed him on the cheek before. The Funeral service was good; then they went to the graveyard for the burial service. After there was lunch, fourteen people attended that. Peter, the lawyer, was there. So also was Judy, Jack was convinced that she was flirting with him. She said that she would love to pop into the Antique Centre if Jack would show her around. Jack gave her one of his business cards, asking her to message him when she intended to visit.

Mum and Jack went home after lunch; it was now after two, mum wanted to change from the mourning clothes that she was wearing. May came into the lounge just after three; she looked stunning; her outfit showed her figure to perfection. Jack complimented her; they then left for Peter's office. Peter offered them coffee. He then read Aunt Su's last will; Jack was surprised that Aunt Su had left him her Villa, including the Mews Stables. She had also left him, a forty per cent share of the family property company, mum, had the controlling percentage of sixty per cent. Jack couldn't believe what was happening; he was so happy.

Peter then said, "Jack, I am very happy for you, your Aunt Su thought so highly of you. Dot, I have a letter from your husband's lawyer's, do you have time for me to explain it to you. Perhaps, it would be better if Jack left the room and gave us a few minutes to ourselves?"

Mum instantly replied, "Thank you, Peter. I prefer Jack to be present while we discuss this."

Peter looked a little surprised but then started to explain the letter that he received. There was a lot of legal jargon, but basically, Jack's father agreed to the divorce. Still, on the grounds of Unreasonable Behaviour, no mention was to be made of his Adultery. No mention would be made regarding the Medical evidence. Mum would keep the family home, but no financial payments would be made to her. The divorce would be concluded as quickly as the court could process it. Mum thought for a moment then said, "I accept that my nightmare is over. My only condition is that he is liable for all the legal fees involved."

Peter said, "Dot, I will reply with your condition. I'm sure that they will accept. Divorce can be so messy; you are doing the right thing."

Jack and mum left Peter's office, as they walked to the car, Jack put his arm around mum's waist then said, "Mum, that was dreadful, I wish that I had known earlier, I would have punched him."

Mum put her arm around Jack's waist, then said, I should have divorced him after the first time that he infected me, but I was clutching at straws, you were still at school. I wanted the marriage to work. It was so embarrassing; I couldn't go to my doctor. I found a specialist; he treated me privately. He was excellent; he understood exactly what was going on. He said that if it ever happened again, then to get in touch with him immediately; then he could take a swab of any sperm that was inside me, then I could prove that he had infected me. It was so embarrassing."

"Mum, that must have been dreadful for you, did it happen again?"

"Yes, four years ago, then last week. They got his DNA; I could prove that he had infected me. I could have divorced him four years ago; you were starting your business. I gave him another chance. Then last week, he infected me again. That was the last straw. Peter acted very quickly. They got home; a million things were going through Jack's mind; he felt so sorry for his mum. Mum said, "Let's have some wine. I will change into something casual; you do the same, that's a beautiful suit that you are wearing."

Jack changed into a polo shirt and chinos, he got a bottle of wine, and two glasses then went into the lounge. Mum came into the lounge a couple of minutes later; she was wearing a top and tight-fitting leggings, she looked good. Jack was sure that she wasn't wearing a bra, her nipples were hard when she moved, her massive tits swayed. Mum took the glass of wine, then said, "Jack, thank you for being here for me. I appreciate it. Cheers!"

Mum, after she had sipped her wine put the glass on the coffee table, she put Jack's glass beside her's, then hugged Jack, she said, "I enjoyed kissing you last night, I have been starved of kissing and cuddling for years."

They kissed and hugged for a couple of minutes; the kisses were so affectionate, then Jack said, "Did dad also give you the sore throat?"

Mum thought for a minute, then said, "Jack, I want to be honest with you, I love sex, I get frustrated if I don't have sex. Yes, your father infected my throat, my ass and my pussy. He had a routine that I had to perform for him. I had to suck his cock to make him hard. He enjoyed giving it to me in all my holes. I must be honest; I enjoyed it too."

Jack couldn't believe what he was hearing; he felt his cock stiffen. He realised then that his mum a normal woman who enjoyed sex. He took him in his arms; he knew that tonight would be so good. They kissed lovingly, their hands exploring the other's bodies. Then mum said, "Jack, please take me."

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