After Soheila got to the hotel around 6:30pm, she decided to order room service and then take a hot shower while she waited for the food to arrive. However, it wasn't 15 minutes that she'd checked in and was turning on the shower while wearing the hotel complimentary robe that she heard a knock at the door.

"That can't be room service already," thought Soheila to herself.

She looked through the peephole to see who it was. Sure enough, it wasn't room service but instead the hiring manager from Dr. Hassan's clinic.

"What the hell is he doing here?" she asked herself.

She opened the door and greeted Ali Hassan who was actually Dr. Hassan's brother.

"Mr. Hassan... Hi! What can I do for you?" Soheila asked, surprised.

"Hi Soheila. Can I come in? We need to talk," Ali replied.

"Um, okay, I was just about to jump in the shower. But, okay," she replied.

He nudged past Soheila and walked over to the couch.

"I understand that Dr. Hassan 'spoke' with you this evening. What did he ask you exactly?" asked Ali.

"Nothing, really, Mr. Hassan. Only that he wanted to perform my one-month review," she answered.

"Really? Is that all? That's funny because I told him about you and how you falsified your documents. I'm surprised by your answer since he told me how he would be mentioning this," he said.

"Well, actually, he did mention it, which surprises me, because I feel I was very thorough and honest in the way that I filled out the application," she replied.

"I see. And is that all that happened?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" she countered.

"All the two of you did was talk? Nothing else happened?" he asked.

"That's it. I was upfront with him and that was that. It looks like he understood my side of the story once I explained it," she answered.

Soheila knew at this point something was up. She tried to answer in a way that wasn't lying, which was difficult and precarious at best, all the while not revealing what had truly happened out of fear as to how it might affect her and her boss. If she were going to report the doctor this might be the best way to do it, but she wasn't sure how it would work out in the end, and of course Mr. Hassan was Dr. Hassan's brother. Could he really be relied on to help in this matter? However, as it turned out...

"Bullshit," replied Ali. "I know that Dr. Hassan fucked you moments ago... He made you his little fuck toy to satisfy his urges at his beck and call. As it turns out, I'm his brother, as I'm sure you've figured out, and what's good for the goose is good for the gander. And I'm the gander in case you haven't figured that out."

"Huh?" Soheila asked, confused.

"I said open up your robe, get on your knees, and start sucking my cock. We're not done with you tonight," Ali said.

Soheila was stunned. How the heck did this happen? How did she go from having to submit to her boss to having to please his brother too? When or where would this stop??

His penis out and half erect, he said, "What the fuck are you waiting for, Whore? Suck my cock before I come over there and stuff it down your throat! Or would you prefer the alternative?"

She remembered it was the choice she made, that she wanted this job, and that it wasn't exactly consentual sex. She convinced herself that she would be able to sleep at night, that Allah would accept her for her circumstances considering she was honest with Allah, with her employer, and with herself. While she would lie to her husband about this, she still felt like matters were beyond her control, yet that she would be able to deal with it on her least for now.

She opened her white hotel robe to reveal her breasts and clean-shaven vagina, her beautiful caramel-colored skin lovely juxtaposed to the whiteness of her robe. Ali would enjoy looking at her beautiful body as he took advantage of her.

She stooped to her knees, grabbed Ali's cock (which was roughly equal in size to his brother's) and started licking from around the base of the cock upward toward the tip, going up and down, slathering his shaft with her hot, wet mouth, until putting the cock in her mouth, after which he instantly put his hand on top of her head and pushed it downward while she began to fuck his cock with her mouth.

"Ah, yesss, that's a good cockwhore. I see my brother broke you in nicely. We love owning a good Persian slut. They truly are a cut above the rest," he commented.

She looked up at him and smiled slightly while she continued to suck him off. She was able to get about five inches in without gagging, but even this was growing challenging as his cock continued to harden and pressed slightly more upward toward her epiglottis.

Ali slipped off the robe completely to get a better look at her gorgeous body, her round C-cup tits, her flowing black hair, and her hourglass figure. Among other things, Dr. Hassan and Ali shared this in common; they loved taking advantage of beautiful women, and they knew exactly how to do it.

Suddenly, a man walked in from the front door of the suite, Soheila surprised on how the man could just walk in. Apparently the door didn't just lock automatically. Or perhaps she hadn't pushed it shut completely.

The man delivering room service stood there with an instant erection bulging in his pants as he caught Soheila fully naked (and beautiful) sucking this man off on the couch.

He said, "Excuse me, I'm so sorry. Here's your food, I'll just show myself out."

Ali replied, "Hold on, Friend. Don't forget your tip!" He pointed downward toward Soheila as he said this. "I can see you like her. Come and join us!"

Soheila had turned beet-red by this point and felt like she was being overly manipulated. However, she couldn't just tell this stranger what was happening. She was literally at the mercy of the Hassan brothers, and what else could she do. Before she had any time to think about it...

Ali took Soheila's head and put it back on his cock, and made a hand gesture suggesting that room service pull his cock out and start fucking Soheila from behind while making this sinister smile and nodding his head.

The stranger went ahead, kicked off his shoes, dropped his pants, and was quickly inside Soheila's sopping, cum-coated pussy.

"Oh fuck, she's so wet. She must love this shit!" called out the room service guy. He didn't bother going slow as his cock was hard as a bow staff and her pussy was wet and loose for his average penis. He banged hard and fast while Soheila continued to suck on Ali's cock.

Soheila couldn't believe what was happening. While she was absolutely mortified that she was getting double-penetrated by these two bastards, she couldn't help but derive intense pleasure from a hard cock in her mouth, made hard by her sexiness and novice oral skills with another hard cock in her vagina bringing her close to yet another orgasm this evening. She could feel his hardness get even harder as he neared his climax, bringing her to the absolute edge until finally her pussy began to gush again, pussy juice dripping out of her gash while the man's balls exploded, sending waves of semen deep into her vagina, the two of them experiencing a mutual climax that sent her into overdrive on Ali's penis, sucking harder and faster from the excitement.

Ali just sat there impressed with himself and the situation, his own balls finally giving up the reward that Soheila had been working for over the last 10 minutes. Jets of the sticky stuff began shooting from his penis into Soheila's mouth. She began to sense that he was cumming in her mouth, and she would have pulled away, except for at that very moment, Ali placed his hand on top of her head and forced her to keep her mouth on his cock while he shot his load into her throat. While she stopped bobbing her head, he continued to fuck her face trying to get it as deep as he could, enjoying the sensation of pressure on the head of his cock while he shot the last of his load.

"Good job, Slut," Ali said to Soheila. "Oh by the way, Dr. Hassan said he thought you might need one of these." He pulled what looked like some medication out of his jacket pocket and tossed it onto her made bed. After he and room service left, she took a closer look: a morning after pill. "Thanks," she thought sarcastically.

When Soheila went to work the next day, straight from the hotel, she didn't notice anything different about the office. It seemed like just another day at work, Dr. Hassan didn't mention anything about the evening prior, or that he'd encouraged his brother to visit her, or that she'd been spit roasted by Ali and some stranger from room service.

Ironically she'd slept well last night. All the mindblowing orgasms had exhausted her enough to overcome any thoughts of regret she'd been dealing with from the Hassan brothers. In fact, she felt quite refreshed which while troubling was actually rather nice.

The day ended up being quite uneventful. It was a typical Friday at the clinic. Fridays were typically just half-days unless there was a lot of leftover work from earlier on. As it happened, work ended at 12:00 noon. However, as Soheila was getting to her car to drive back home, she was surprised by a sticky note that had been left on her driver-side window.

"Come to my house at Sycamore St. -Ali," read the note.

"Shit," Soheila thought to herself. When was this going to stop? She was literally being whored out to more than just her boss. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry was being allowed access to what was meant for just her husband. Granted Allah would prefer she were married to another Muslim. Her husband was Christian, and therefore perhaps she was damned no matter what she did. Despite all the moral and religious confusion, Soheila took the note as another order from her boss, compelling her beyond her free will, and therefore forgivable by her god. She drove straight to Ali's address.

When Soheila arrived, she noticed right away that Ali wasn't alone. The entire male medical staff of providers were there. Dr. Hassan, Dr. Adnan, and Dr. Sayed. The average age was about 58 years old among these older doctors and Ali. When she came to the living room, each was enjoying what looked like scotch whiskey. They all had their cocks out, slowly stroking themselves as they sat around the room, all eyes on Soheila, their new fuckslut.

"Hello, Soheila. Thanks for coming!" said Ali cheerfully. He was indeed happy to see her. He'd enjoyed the blowjob he'd received the evening before, and he was looking forward to trying out her pussy.

"Soheila, my dear, come here. I believe I need to provide you an oral exam. With my cock," joked Dr. Hassan.

Soheila had dropped all pretenses of unwillingness. While mentally and spiritually she knew this was wrong, continuing to fight them at every turn would only waste time and potentially result in physical abuse. What she wanted most was simply to return home, which meant the sooner she got these perverts off, the sooner she could get in her car and go home.

Soheila removed her coat and her shoes and walked over, kneeling in front of Dr. Hassan, and going straight to engulfing his cock in her mouth. Since he was already hard, this was easy.

The men in the room, impressed with how Dr. Hassan and Ali had turned out this Persian bitch, all gave a good hearty laugh and round of applause. Soheila ignored it all and just went to town on Dr. Hassan's penis, stroking his cock with her mouth, her head rising and falling as if she were truly thirsty for cum.

Gradually, Dr. Hassan stopped Soheila before he climaxed, not wanting to finish just yet but also to share her with the gang. "Soheila, that's enough for now. I want you to show some attention to my friends here."

She lifted her head and looked around and quickly observed the other three men were standing in a circle around her, cocks out stroking, waiting for some attention. Disappointed, she left Dr. Hassan's lap and moved to face the three men. She went right to work, sucking one cock while stroking the other two, back and forth, sucking and stroking, taking the opportunity to look them in their eyes from time to time, imagining this was a bigger turn on for the guys and more likely to result in climax.

Soheila, although disappointed that she was being forced to suck all this cock, could tell that her body was reacting positively to the experience. She could feel the heat and moisture building up in her crotch. She recalled the evening before when she'd been between two men, both ogling her like a couple of pervets, and reveling in her beauty and her sex. She started to think that deep down she might truly be enjoying this. That she was crossing a line from being forced to do it to being a willing participant. If this were the case, could Allah forgive her? Certainly not. But then maybe Dr. Hassan was right. Maybe Allah cannot see her so far from her native Iran. Maybe whatever happened here was inconsequential to her salvation. Maybe she should just go with the flow and really get into it.

"God damn, Ali. This bitch really knows how to suck. You truly have vision in hiring sluts," said Dr. Sayed, the younger of the three doctors.

Ali replied, "Thank you, Dr. Sayed. Indeed, I could tell she would take well to the task. She's hungry for the work, and clearly she's got a knack for getting men off."

After a total of about fifteen minutes of the oral session, Ali said, "Okay Gentlemen. I propose we run a train on this bitch. Any objections?"

A general consensus was reached that it was time to give Soheila the fucking that they wanted, and that secretly Soheila was subconsciously wanting as well.

The men all helped Soheila get undressed. Dr. Sayed pulled her blouse off, while Dr. Hassan removed her bra, and Dr. Adnan pulled off her skirt and underwear, leaving Soheila naked except for her dainty 18K gold necklace, Cartier watch, and diamond stud earrings.

Dr. Hassan led her to the couch and had her assume the doggy style position, facing the couch back.

"Oh, Soheila, I can see you really want this cock. Your pussy is literally dripping," said Dr. Hassan.

Pussy juice was truly dripping down Soheila's leg in anticipation of all this cock. Had she already transformed into a party slut? What was the matter with her, she wondered. Why was her body reacting this way? Didn't she know she was basically being sexually abused? Was it true that she longed for cock, that she was a slut all along? Or was it possible that all women are like this, but that they just need to be turned out? Soheila told herself that she was innocent and just doing what she was told. She wasn't hurting anyone, and Allah must understand her predicament.

Dr. Hassan's cock slipped inside Soheila's waiting vagina, going all the way to the hilt with all 7.5 inches of thick meat. Soheila's head went back as she gasped in pleasure, finally receiving the cock she denied to herself that she wanted.

"Oh Soheila, you're so fucking wet, my dear!" said Dr. Hassan. "You like that, Bitch? You like Daddy's fat cock in your pussy?"

Soheila stayed silent as she received a right drilling from the doctor. She couldn't deny the pleasure she was receiving from Dr. Hassan's endowment. His cock filled her like never before, and her pussy was clearly ready for the assault. She could feel the orgasm building in her sex as he fucked her with a steady rhythm and their two hairless sexes continued to bump against one another.

Soheila began to wonder if she'd married wrong. Or if she should have slept around before deciding on the one. Sex had always been fine with Jerry, but it was becoming crystal clear to her that something had been missing in her years of marriage. Was it the larger cock that she seemed to be enjoying? Was it being forced to serve men? Was it the variety of cock? Was it the illicitness of the scenarios? As she pondered these questions, Soheila's pussy erupted in an explosion of orgasm, her pussy clenching on Dr. Hassan's rod while pussy juice literally started gushing out of her gash, and drenching the front of the couch and carpet.

The men all started cheering and clapping as Soheila proved to be the slut they'd all accused her of, and over the obvious physical enjoyment she was exhibiting.

Dr. Hassan pulled his cock out of her pussy. "Turn around and suck me off, and quickly! I'm about to cum!"

She flipped around and sat on the edge of the couch and engulfed his cock, bobbing her head up and down until his cock exploded in her mouth, shooting his fresh, 16-hour load into her mouth. This time she was able to keep her mouth closed on his cock and successfully swallow all of the semen as it entered her mouth. After a moment, he pulled his cock out of her seemingly wanting mouth. "Bend over again, Slut. It's Dr. Sayed's turn.

While Soheila obediently flipped back around, Dr. Sayed, still hard from observing all the action thus far, pointed his average member at her pussy and thrust it all the way.

"Fuck, you were right, her pussy is slick!" Dr. Sayed exclaimed. "I'm literally getting no friction here. What if I..." he started.

He pulled his penis out and pointed it at Soheila's asshole. Soheila pulled her ass away quickly. "Stop! I can't let you do that!" she shouted.

Dr. Sayed looked at Dr. Hassan, then back at her. "Shut up and bend over Bitch. I promise it won't hurt, and in fact I think you'll like it. Otherwise, I'll never climax trying to fuck that gaping twat of yours."

Soheila knew this was inappropriate. Could he be right, though? Urologists are probably more knowledgeable about what's safe and what isn't when it comes to vaginal and anal health. Nothing would hardly change by letting him have her ass. She'd already submitted to oral and vaginal sex. How would anal sex be any different in any meaningful way?

"Bend the fuck over, Soheila. Before I lose my hard on," Dr. Sayed said.

"I don't know. I've never tried it and I'm sure it's going to hurt," she replied.

"Trust me, I know what I'm doing. I've fucked lots of sluts in the ass, and they all loved it. I'll get my cock nice and wet with your gushing pussy, and then it'll go in like it was meant to be. Bend over," he said.

Soheila begrudgingly did as she was told and bent over. She still wanted to get home, and the sooner Dr. Sayed and the other two had cum, the sooner she could head back.

Dr. Sayed penetrated her pussy and got it nice and wet, and then pointed his hard on right at her asshole. It was very tight from both lack of use and her nervousness. Still, he was hard enough and the pussy juice had made his cock nice and wet like a doctor's latexed finger going in for a prostate exam. Slowly he powered through her tight anal sphincter, and after getting his cock head in, he waited a moment before pushing in another inch, waiting, pushing, waiting... Finally he was all the way inside of her ass, her anal sphincter squeezing onto Dr. Sayed' cock in a death grip. He slowly started to grind in and out of her ass while Soheila let out little moans of pain each time he entered all the way inside.

"You're so fucking tight, Soheila. I think I'm gonna cum!" exclaimed Dr. Sayed.

Realizing he was past the point of no return after only about 90 seconds of fucking, he picked up his pace and roughly banged his nut out inside her ass, giving her both her first anal sexual experience and anal creampie.

"Jesus, Dr. Sayed, when was the last time you fucked? You were done in like 60 seconds!" Dr. Adnan joked.

Dr. Adnan's cock was roughly the shape and size of Dr. Hassan's. However, he was about forty pounds overweight and carried it around his midsection. He didn't give Soheila much time in between cocks, and quickly pulled up and stabbed her pussy with his large specimen.

Soheila's head went back again in uncontrolled bliss while letting out a little gasp of relief, her pussy burning for more cock. It felt so good in her pussy, what she was used to, and larger cocks like these had proven to bring more pleasure than what she was used to. Dr. Adnan fucker her like a pro, pushing the small of her back downward, and grabbing Soheila by the hair, riding her like a total cumslut. "Oh yeah, Bitch, you like that? You like it when I fuck you, huh? Call me Daddy, Bitch. Say I'm your daddy for me," Dr. Adnan ordered.

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