The night ended as all the others had before it, with John on all fours on the couch, being fucked Scott. Tim had not spoken to him again after cumming in his mouth, and Ray did not participate in the evening's activities aside from jerking himself off to completion. John wasn't even completely sure that Ray had even recognized him.

John returned to his college life as per usual and went about his daily business, not giving much thought to Ray and not caring all that much if he had been recognized. Later that week, when he received a Facebook friend request from Ray, John smiled to himself and realized he'd gotten his answer.

John accepted the request and planned to do some work in his English Lit. paper, but within a minute or two of accepting the friend request, Ray had sent him a message on the site's chat feature.

"Hey John, it's Ray, Mr. Parker! Great to see you on here, how's it going?"

John looked at the computer screen with a bemused smile. What kind of game is he playing?

John responded "Hey Mr. Parker, I'm doing well, thanks for asking. How are you?"

Again another quick response from Ray Parker. "Doing great, pal. Living in Black River, not too far from you at the college. Great to chat with you, it's been a while lol!

John smiled again. Ray had always been a nice guy growing up. From what John remembered, Ray was usually working when he visited his pal Devin's house, but when he had interacted with Ray it had always been pleasant. John had to wonder what his old friend Devin would think about him having this conversation with his dad, given the circumstances.

Before John sent a reply, another message in his inbox from Ray.

"We should get together sometime soon, seeing as you're so close by. I don't know if you still talk to Dev or not, but I've got my own place. We could hang here and have a few beers and fire up the grill."

John actually found himself flattered that Ray was keeping up this pretense instead of just informing him that he saw him get fucked like a bitch earlier in the week and that he'd like his turn as well.

John replied "Sure, Mr. Parker. That sounds like a good time."

Another quick response by the apparently very eager Mr. Parker. "How about later tonight? I actually was just about to fire up the grill. If tonight doesn't work, I'm free this weekend too"

John considered the offer. It was 4:00 pm on Tuesday. The following night, Tim had informed him that his presence was expected at his house... but was that something just said in the heat of passion? Neither Scott nor Tim had mentioned it since. Sunday night was booked at Scott's house, that was a given. So John decided he was in fact a little hungry and wouldn't mind getting a bite to eat with Mr. Parker. He was honestly curious how the guy would play it, how far the guy would keep up this pretense of just inviting his son's old friend for a visit.

John let Ray know he was indeed free tonight, and that he could stop over in about an hour or so. Ray sent him the address and John made the twenty minute drive to Ray's place.

John walked up the steps to the front door. It was a nice place, bigger than just one divorced single dad would need. It occurred to John how little he actually knew about Ray. He was an accountant or something? Either way, he seemed to be doing reasonably well for himself.

Ray answered the door and greeted John with a shy smile and a warm handshake.

"I'm so glad you decided to come! I hope you didn't have any trouble finding the place?"

"No trouble, Mr. Parker." John said warmly.

"Call me Ray, John." He said with a grin.

John followed him into the kitchen, and to his mild surprise, there actually was a meal prepared. Despite the mention of it via chat earlier, John wouldn't have been shocked if Ray had opened the door naked.

John sat down and helped himself to meal Ray had prepared. Ray asked John about school, his summer job, his plans after graduation...asked him about almost everything but what had happened last weekend at Scott's house. John thought Ray seemed a little nervous, but other than that it was a fairly normal and pleasant conversation.

When they finished, Ray somewhat sheepishly asked if John if he'd like to have a beer with him in the living room.

They sat together on the couch sipping their beers. John assumed that if Ray was going to make any kind of move, this would be the time. At this point, John found it rather amusing that Ray refused to discuss what it was that caused him to invite him over in the first place.

"I've lived here for a few years now." Said Ray. "Nice area but I don't know all that many people here. So I'm really glad you decided to stop over."

"No problem, Ray. It was really nice of you to invite me."

"I'd love it if you could keep coming over for dinner? Just us guys...I could use the company."

"Absolutely, that's really nice of you to offer."

They were seated on opposite ends of the couch and Ray hadn't inched any closer to John. John had almost finished his second beer and was beginning to accept that Ray was either too shy, or too nice to make a move. John wasn't necessarily offended. Ray was not Scott, and while he enjoyed being so openly lusted after by Scott and allowing Scott to make all decisions in the bedroom, John found that he enjoyed spending time with this older man that was respectful and kind. John decided to make one single, slight move, and if Ray didn't reciprocate, well there was always next week

"I'm happy to come over and hang out and keep you company." Said John. After a short pause, he added "Is there anything else I can do to help out?"

Ray didn't respond at first, but after a brief pause said "Well...sure, I'd like that...I mean, there's a few things you could do to help out, definitely, John."

John was aware he was doing the heavy lifting here and he found he didn't mind. It made him feel sexy. And even powerful, in a strange way. But he had no interest in toying with Ray. John would guide him to where Ray clearly wanted to go, but was struggling to accomplish the task

"Cool." Said John, nonchalantly. "Like if you needed help relieving some stress, I guess? I could definitely help with that."

"Oh..thanks, John. That's great...I mean, I do really have a lot of stress with work. I'd love for you to help." Ray said while remaining seated.

"Do you want me to start now, Ray?"

"Only if you want to" Ray said awkwardly. "But yes, I'd love some help with that...whatever you had in mind."

"Sure." John stood up and killed the lights in the living room. He walked back to the couch and knelt down in front of Ray. Ray stared at him and began to caress his hard on, which was now clearly visible through his khakis. John slid his hands underneath Ray's pants and caressed his calves while Ray shut his eyes. Ray made no attempt to speed this process up or direct John. Eventually, John unbuttoned Ray's pants and slid them down around his ankles. Ray had nicely defined, muscular legs and John continued to caress them, rubbing his hands up and down his thighs and calves.

Ray quietly said "that feels great, John. That's so good."

John reached up and pulled down Ray's boxers and had to laugh at what his old pal would think now if he walked in and saw them in this position. The room was dark but John could make out Ray's rock hard, cut dick. It was about Scott's size, a little bigger maybe, and a bit thicker around the head. The mushroom head was quite appealing. John leaned down and kissed the tip of Ray's cock in a sign of humility and reverence. He then opened wide and took Ray in his mouth, bobbing up and down like a dutiful slut.

Ray moaned audibly as John went to work on his dick. John rubbed Ray's thighs while his tongue worked the thick cock in his mouth. Ray leaned back in ecstasy and shut his eyes.

"That's it, honey... you're doing such a great job."

Ray didn't make any attempt to control John's pace but eventually he did begin to stroke John's hair with his left hand, then worked his hand down to John's ear and lightly caressed it.

John took Ray's cock to the base and began deepthroating him, which Ray immediately responded to with moans of pleasure.

"Fuck! You are so good at this, honey. You're doing amazing...You looked so hot last week with that dick in your mouth. I couldn't stop thinking about you."

Ray's sincere praise and kind words were in stark contrast to Scott's usual dirty talk, and John found it only made him feel more submissive. More eager to please and more eager to be even sluttier. He took his mouth off of Ray's dick and licked his full balls, continuing to stroke his cock.

"You are so fucking sexy, honey. You're so fucking beefy and hot. That feels so good, hun. I'm almost there, honey."

John would have smiled if his mouth wasn't sucking on his former friend's dad's balls. He loved being praised like this and would have agreed to almost any request Ray could have made in that moment. He moved his mouth back to Ray's mushroom head in time to wrap his straight jock lips around them for about five seconds before Ray shot an enormous load into his mouth, hitting the back of his throat. John slowed his pace and felt Ray's dick pulsing in his mouth as he continued to spray cum onto John's tongue. John felt Ray's cock softening in his mouth, and when he has swallowed everything Ray had to offer, he pulled his head slowly off of Ray's lap. Ray looked down at him from the couch and without being told to, John opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out to show Ray what a good job he had done, that he had swallowed all of his cum.

To be continued...

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