The cardio definitely helped them ease their erections, but the boys were still stark naked and probably just moments away from springing another erection.

"Before the girls begin the dancing, a few things. Whoever gets the first erection watching the dancing will be the one getting punished, and whoever survives the session without sprouting an erection will get a treat." Tom said.

This triggered more anxiety and excitement. The boys were already stripped buck naked in front of their batchmates. Few of them were already grabbed by the balls and spanked. What is the punishment waiting for them?

How worse can it get? They were worried.

What will the treat be? Will they get some pleasure after all? Girls were also worried a bit.

What if they are the treat!!

But if they make sure everyone gets an erection, then there is nothing to worry about.

They made up their mind to make it as difficult as possible for the guys.

The 5 nude boys were lined up facing the girls. The music started playing in the background. The girls started dancing. The girls in their bikinis shown they have got the moves. They were doing the sexy jazz funks, the twerks, and everything they could to tease.

Rachel again was the most confident dancer among them. Her attitude, combined with her steps and her gorgeous body, was simply irresistible. She went agonizingly close enough to her boyfriend Jack with her hands pressing on her breasts, pushing them out even further.

She instantly caught the attention of everyone in the room. Her bubble butts were also an instant turn on. She did a few booty-shakes right near the tip of Jack's penis, which gave him more than just a tickle.

Penny was the next on the line. Being a shy girl, she didn't do all these. She was still a bit embarrassed that bikini is all she got. But her cute face with the specs, short hairs, glowing skin, and beautiful round breasts was definitely sexier than what they could handle. Her graceful movements just added heat to the room.

Ana, the tanned petite girl, was so groovy. Her dance was exquisite. Even though her lean athletic body was quite attractive, it was less 'sexier' compared to that of Rachel's and Penny's.

Richa and Jesse were similar except for their skin tones. Both performed very energetic performances, but their more or static expressions appealed lesser to the crowd. Richa, in particular, was way more aggressive than sexy.

So it was fair to say Rachel had caught the most eyeballs even though she was just concentrating on giving her boyfriend Jack a hard-on. She ended up giving hard-ons to almost everyone in the room, except Steve.

He definitively proved that he has some will power. Not getting a hard-on while 5 girls, dancing half-naked, inches in front of them while he was standing bare. It was an accomplishment to be proud of. And he rightfully earned the treat although, he didn't know what it was yet.

On the other hand, Aaron was the dismal figure once again. He got the erection within 30 seconds into the dance. And was getting ready to be humiliated even further that day.

Now, Cyril, the sophomore boy, took the lead.

"Coming to the treat and punishment part. First of all, kudos for the performance and to Steve for his resilience. So Steve, who did you find the sexiest among them?"

"Rachel," Steve replied instantly.

"And what about you, Aaron?" Cyril continued.

"Same for me, Rachel," replied Aaron.

Rachel, at this point, was equally flattered and nervous about what could be awaiting her now.

Cyril continued, "Since we found that Rachel is the crowd favorite. It is only fair that she gets some sexual pleasure and, it has to be Aaron who should provide it as he was the one who couldn't resist at all."

Aaron was surprised, " What? I get to fuck her? I won't mind it for punishment any day."

Cyril laughed at it, "Definitely not. You should pleasure her with your tongue. You have to lick her pussy till she gets to orgasm."

"Oh no," Aaron said in despair.

"And since Steve conducted himself well, he deserves to gets to have a climax that he would enjoy. And probably the best person here would be Rachel herself. Would you love to have her suck your dick, Steve?"

"Ohh, Yesssss!!" Steve's eyes lit up. Controlling his erection for a few minutes is worth it, he thought.

Rachel was shocked. She couldn't speak anything for a second. She never had a penis in her mouth. But if she ever had to have one, it could be the one. Even though she was a bit nervous and embarrassed, she was also quite intrigued to find how it felt.

Suddenly Jack, "She's not doing it. She's my girl."

Cyril was pissed.

"So what? Will you take his cock in your ass?" he inquired.

Jack kept his silence for a while and replied, "Yes"

"Okay then," replied Cyril.

He forced Jack to his knees. Steve's limp penis was hanging right in front of his eyes. He slowly took the tip of his circumcised penis with the lips.

It started twitching. He then proceeded to take the whole of it. The girls were eagerly watching everything. The humiliation in Jack's eyes, the lust in Steve's, the twitching and elongation of their organs, the tightening of the muscles in his abs, calf, thighs, glutes...

They simply didn't want to miss anything.

He then turned to Rachel, "Do you think what he's doing is right?"

She was slightly intimidated by the question and also a tad disappointed in missing the chance to 2 unique experiences. Especially Aaron licking her off submissive and obedient in between her legs solely for her pleasure. That too just an hour after getting spanked on her ass by him.

"Maybe not." She replied.

"Since he's doing what you were supposed to do, it is apt that you take his punishments," said Cyril.

She was shocked and worried.

Cyril was still super pissed at Jack's defiance.

"You are not getting away with it this time. Come here."

Cyril shouted.

She moved forward facing him, trembling in fear.

Just as she stood in front of him, he kneeled and swiped her panties down to her ankles, before she could even react.

"This should be a lesson." Cyril continued.

Rachel rushed her hands towards her privates, trying to her cover it from the view of Cyril and the other sophomore boys in front. But all the freshers standing behind her had an unobstructed view of her beautiful bubble butt. The boys were all in smiles. That view was worth getting naked, they thought.

"Hands-on your head," Cyril was relentless.

She reluctantly raised her hands, exposing her hairy pussy.

Cyril wasted no time in poking it with his fingers. As she tried to wriggle out, he grabbed her from her moist interior and pulled her close. He rubbed his wet fingers along her bare thighs.

What was supposed to be a fun initiation was about to reveal how much of a dick Cyril was.

"Turn around" he commanded.

He swiftly held her shoulders and turned her around. And snap!!

Her bra fell on the floor.

The fresher boys were gasping, unable to believe what just happened. And giggling to savor the nudity and embarrassment she's going through.

Even Jack saw her gf nude for the first time. He wished he could enjoy the sight of her gorgeous body, but not while his ass been pounded by Steve.

The sights of Jack's sexy girlfriend baring herself made Steve go faster and deeper. He was nearing his climax inside Jack's asshole. This brought back the focus, of all the girls who were distracted by quite distressing (delightful for others) sights of Rachel getting stripped.

He kept his eyes on Rachel's jiggly boobs, and all of a sudden, he cum inside.

He was enjoying one of his best orgasms he ever had.

Jack was finally able to get into a conscious state. He saw his girlfriend nude. It was a sight he wanted to see but not the way he would have liked. Being publically exposed and groped.

The other girls started laughing at the sight of cum dripping from his ass.

Cyril squeezed Rachel's ass like a dough. And he pulled her by the waist and placed her over his knee.

And shouted towards Jack.

"This is a lesson for you."

He grasped her right breasts with his left hand to hold her in place, and with all his anger, he swung his right hand, SLAP!

Her muscular bottom was bouncing around, which was a pleasant sight. But Cyril was in no mood for pleasantries. He continued to slap it till it almost turned light purple. Tears were rolling down her eyes. Jack was watching it helplessly. With every hit, she was jumping and wiggling but to no avail. Jack watched Cyril gripping over the soft breasts, and it was getting tighter with every movement she made.

This time Paul interrupted Cyril.

"Dude, it's enough."

'"I'll beat her as much as I want and will let everyone in the room take part as well. You don't have to interfere in this", Cyril responded.

This time all other sophomore boys echoed Paul's sentiments. It was not like they didn't want to get the feel of those gorgeous things, but they didn't want this to end in the gloom. Rachel was already sobbing, and her ass was evidently stinging. Although Cyril was a very skinny short guy, his ruthlessness took a toll on her tender bottom.

Unwillingly Cyril let the beating end. Rachel ran towards Paul as if he saved her life, although it wasn't that far. She hugged him and was sobbing over his shoulders. Paul wrapped his arms around her, trying to console her. He ran his left hand over her bottom, giving her a very gentle massage, which didn't do much to decrease the stinging pain.

Then as she slightly moved away, he noticed the imprints of Cyril's fingers on her breast. He gently took the plump breasts in his right hand while massaging her butt with his left hand.

He felt her soft boobs and very slowly bit the tip of her nipple with her lips. He gently licked and sucked her privates. The moisture slightly reduced the burning sensation. He then proceeded to kiss her on her cheeks and neck. She felt an unusual sense of security and warmth. And the overall environment in the room turned romantic and sensual all of a sudden. Jack had no clue how to act in this situation.

She then walked away feeling slightly better than what she felt a few minutes ago.

Then George put forward a suggestion.

"Give Jack one chance to make up for his mess he has caused to her gf."

Jack was now ready for anything. He nodded.

"Nothing gets better than you licking of her to the orgasm you denied earlier. It will be a learning curve in your relationship. Let's start it today in here with all these witnesses."

Jack was so desperate to make up for the trouble that he went on his knees instantly. He placed himself towards his buck naked fiancee. His head almost at her hip level. He started slowly by taking foot in his hands. Then he gently proceeded to kiss from her mid-calf. Slowly he moved up towards her knees and inner thighs. His hands crept along her thighs, towards her hips and buttocks. His lips and tongue made their way to her slightly hairy pussy. His tongue wriggling inwards caused a tickling sensation. She tightened her muscles, forcing his head into her. With his steady technique, inducing sensations, in and around the region, he made her girl attain the pleasure, for the FIRST TIME.

She let out a sigh of relief and pleasure. What a start to her relationship! Her boyfriend, licking her off to orgasm, nude, on his knees, between her legs, that too on the very first day they saw each other nude.

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