Katie is a gorgeous 18-year-old blonde hair, whose height is 5-feet-4-inches, with a nice round plump ass and small 32C tits that are round and pointy like little traffic cones. Katie woke up early to go to college and still really sore and sensitive from the previous day. When she finished with classes, Katie went home and put on a tight jumpsuit with has a thin lacy thong but no bra. She then rushes down to the lab to try the other new machines for their trial runs.

She met James at the front door of the lab. Out of lust, he brings Katie into the back room and gets her out of her jumpsuit. Before she notices his erection, James lifts her over his shoulder toward a black cold stone bench with her eyes staring at the ceiling. He grabs cuffs out of his pocket, bands her hands behind her back so it forces her tits up in the air allowing easy access to them. James then cuffs her legs down the bottom, so she is now trapped and cannot move.

He now cuts off her white cotton panties with some scissor work, and Katie is now naked. Her tight shaven wet pussy is vulnerable to any extreme pleasure that she is about to receive. James goes to the drawers, brings back a blindfold and ballgag, and put it on her. Now that she cannot see nor yell, he starts setting up all the machines he wants to use for tonight.

The first machine has suction tubes that lower down and attach themselves to her nipples and starts to suck them up, so they go all sensitive and stay on them; The second machine is a 6-inch dildo that has little rubber spikes on to maximize the pleasure, which attached to a long mechanical arm that moves back and forth, turning in circles like a drill.

He lines the machine up with her longing wet pussy and turns it on slow, so it taps the outside of pussy for teasing. After a few minutes, he starts turning it up faster. The tip of the dildo pops in and out. Yet, when she least expects it, he turns the machine up, going all the way in, and stretches her tight cunt. Katie is trying to thrush from side to side, hopeless to escape the dildo intrusion. James sits on the chair in front of the machine and enjoys the show as Katie having orgasms after orgasm. He grabs a vibrator from the table and puts it in a glass pump, tapping up her clit. It confined into a vibrator at full speed, causing her to squirt twice. He turns all the machines off and takes out the cuffs and the suction tube. Katie's nipples are now swollen and sensitive enough for her to moan with a small touch. James carries her to a bed that is next to the lab. He lays her down and then cuffs her hands and feet to the bedposts. James then pulls out his hard, aching cock and slowly fuck her swollen, sensitive pussy. Once they both cummed, Katie clenches her sensitive pussy muscles to suck and pump every last drop.

James uncuffs her and lays her on the floor. Before Katie regaining her strength to move, he restraints her legs up in the air and spread them apart, so her pussy and ass are both on display. James then places another fucking machine that controls the pulses sizes, which the fucking machine starts getting more intense pulses, stretching her cunt even more. While this machine does its work, he lubes up a curved thinner vibrator and shoves it in her tight ass, wavering in and out at a steady speed of 500 revs per second. With both machines working ruthlessly to her holes, James then brings another fucking machine that has a little circle rubber brush and spins around at 650 revs. He puts it on her swollen clit, which she starts to scream as the machines are not letting her up as Katie looks like she about to faint from the pleasure. James turns it all off and uncuffs her. When she has composed herself, he takes her into the restroom and gives her a cup of tea. Katie still trembles from all the orgasms she had, but she satisfies with the pleasure that all the machines give her.

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