The Party and the Professor

I'm visiting a party at a friend's house. I don't know many people and the energy of the night is pretty relaxed. I have a couple of drinks, talk with a few friends, and then look at the rest of the crowd, most of them younger than I am who I don't know at all. Maybe I'll make it an early night, and I start making my way to the door.

As I pass the kitchen, I overhear a woman speaking sternly to someone. I pause by the door and listen. It seems he's drunk, and he's gotten a bit hands-y with her in front of everyone and she wasn't having it. He seems to be arguing back and starts saying the old "c'mon baby, you know you like this. I just want a little taste..."

I decide to help chill the situation and I step around the corner into the room. I look at the both of you and instantly notice the worried look on your face. I smile at you both. "Hey guys, booze in here?"

The loser looks at me and shakes his head, "No man, out on the deck..." and he turns back towards you and starts up with his argumentative tone again.

I interrupt, oblivious of him "Vanessa! Hey honey, how are you doing? I haven't seen you since class last semester!" You look confused for just a moment, then pick up what I am offering.

"Professor!" you smile and move towards me, wrapping your arms around my neck for a friendly hug. You quickly whisper in my ear "Help! Get me OUT of here!"

I smile and put my arm around your waist and turn to walk with you out of the room, speaking nonsense about how it's great to see my best student. As we leave i raise my hand nonchalantly to the jerk in the room and say "later man!" and we leave. I think I hear him say something like "You told me your name was Sarah, you dumb bitch..." We ignore him and we walk across to the other side of the party.

We find a couch free and I offer to grab you a drink from the nearby deck, which you happily take. I grab us a couple of bottles and head back. Now that we're not in crisis mode I really notice you. I first notice your eyes, sparkling in the party light. Your face, framed by your light pink hair lights up for me when I return. I can't help but love your smile, your pouty lips... your perfect neck. You are very pretty to look at and suddenly I need to tell myself not to start thinking sexy thoughts about you, as you just had a bad experience. I can't help but notice that pink shirt of yours is nice and snug on you and I don't want to to perv out on you, but I really enjoy your obvious lack of a bra.

I cast my eyes down to your tight skirt, and it doesn't help my situation that you have a killer set of legs ending in a pair of sexy heels. "Oh boy" I think to myself. I just need to keep it friendly.

I sit down next to you so we can chat. You extend your hand "Hi, I 'm Vanessa..." you giggle. I smile back at you. "Well, I guess I'm the Professor tonight. Good to meet you..." We laugh, and we chat. It's obvious we are easily comfortable around each other and our conversation moves from introductions to how nice this house is that we're in, to movies we enjoy, and then after a few drinks turns into talk about how hard it is to meet someone decent nowadays. You had met that guy at a bar a little earlier and decided to bring him along as a date to the party as you expected you wouldn't know many people here other than the host. It turns out the guy was a creep and we know how the rest of the story goes.

I say that I was in a similar situation, I really didn't know too many people here, and then jokingly claim to have left a crazy stalker out in the garage. We laugh and talk more into the evening.

You seem very comfortable with me, touching my arm and my knee to emphasize things. My secret wall of wanting to stay good for the situation starts to get chipped away until it gets knocked right down when you lean over and kiss me... A soft kiss set squarely on my lips. My growing attraction for you suddenly spurred on, my right hand reaches up and holds your face softly as I return the kiss... I feel my heart race and my face go flush. I slide my hand from your face into your hair. Our tongues start to touch and the taste of sweet alcohol and the smell of your perfume start to absorb into me.

After a minute or so, it's hard to tell the time, you break the kiss and whisper to me. "Follow me Professor..."

With a smile you get up and start leading me by the hand through the party. I gladly follow you, my mind buzzing with drink and the excitement of new passion. You deftly guide us to another end of the house and up a short flight of stairs to what looks like a small library or work area. You usher me in and close the door behind us.

You walk us over to a pair of pink chairs and you sit me down in one. You sit yourself on my lap and lean down to kiss me quickly. "Well Professor, I realized that I hadn't properly thanked you for how you helped me out earlier. "

I chuckle and smile and say " It's all right ma'am, it's all in the day's duties of a professor to help out a student in need".

You laugh and stand up. You look me in the eye and you start to dance to the distant music from downstairs.

You tug at your pink shirt with hearts, more clearly showing your perky little breasts underneath. I can't help but have my eyes drawn to them. Then you start to lift your skirt, and move it around in a way to show off your black panties. "You're teasing me baby... is that any way to treat your hero?" I joke with you.

You smile at me and respond, "Hmm, maybe not, does this help?" You then raise your shirt up over your head and toss it to the side.

"I think it does ma'am"

You bend over the chair and raise you skirt up, showing more of your ass and the back of your panties. I am an awfully bad girl, and I do think I need to be taught some discipline by my professor..."

"Well, who am I to refuse my duties?" My eyes lock on to your beautiful torso and my mouth parts open, thinking of putting your nipples between my lips. You turn and move in front of me, then start to peel off your panties.

You look down at me and see the growing bulge in my pants. You smile and reach down to rub my cock through them. You start to unbuckle my pants, then back up seductively and straddles the other pink chair. You bounce your naked ass up and down slowly. I decide to finish removing my pants and my shirt and you turn around to look at me.

I stand up and step in to kiss you and hold you against me for a brief moment. Then I smile at you and push you playfully back into the pink chair. You look up at me with a raised eyebrow, wondering what's next.

"Put your legs up baby, I am going to take a bite out of that peach of yours..."

Obediently you put both legs up on the arms of the chair, your pussy exposed and your lips spread. I can see that you're wet as you put two fingers between your lips and spread them for me. I kneel on the carpet and plant my lips on your lower thighs. Both my hands hold your thighs firmly as I kiss and nibble my way to your pussy. As I get closer, I go lower, and you find me pressing your raised legs further back. My tongue flicks down to your now exposed asshole and you let out a surprised moan.

As I lick your hole in little circles, getting firmer and firmer with my tongue, my hand slides down to your pubic mound and my thumb starts to vigorously rub on your swelling clit. This action quickly starts to build you up and you can feel the beginnings of an orgasm start to build. I hear your breath quicken, and I take the opportunity to shift my hand and sliding my two lower fingers into your pussy as my thumb continues to rub firm circles into the clit. The fucking of my fingers causes you to drip your pussy juices down onto your asshole, which I eagerly lick up.

I sense you are getting closer, and I sift my position slightly and raise my mouth and tongue to lick your clit, then suck it between my lips, licking more vigorously as I do. I slide a third finger into you, fucking your pussy harder with my hand. Your breathing starts to get strained and you begin to tense and your orgasm is right around the bend... and then I slow down. You moan in agony and frustration as you look down at me.

I look up to you, your wet pussy all over my mouth and smile. I slowly keep fucking you with my fingers and you look exasperated down at me.

"Do you want to cum Vanessa?"

"Yes!" You respond.

Tell me then, tell me you want to come. Tell me like the dirty little student that you are."

You smile a little and then say, "Yes, I want to cum..."



I raise an eyebrow at you, waiting for more.

"I want to CUM right now, all over your FACE while you FUCK ME with your hand!!"

Satisfied, I put my mouth back to your pussy. I put my tongue and lips to your clit again and I start fucking you harder and faster with my fingers.

The pause from before quickly falls away and your wall of orgasm quickly is in sight again. Faster and faster I lick, and now you're just speaking in dirty tongues. "Fuck me! Make me CUM! I want to cum with my slutty little CUNT all over you. Fuck me, FUCK ME FUCK ME!"

Your orgasm is building and building as you get closer until I slide my left hand down to your very wet and waiting asshole and I slide my middle finger up inside of you. I feel all your muscles tense around my fingers and my face and your legs start shaking uncontrollably and you moan in ecstasy as you orgasm, grinding your hips and your pussy juices all over my face.

As your shaking subsides and I sit back, you jump on top of me and we kiss passionately. You stop for a moment to hold my face with your hands and then lick my lips, and then around my mouth and then for all the traces of your pussy juice from my face. You end it with sucking on my tongue, and you look at me fiercely...

"Now, I am going to FUCK the cum out of you, Professor!

As I sit on the floor, back to the chair, you then straddle my cock and begin to grind, moaning deep and animal-like as I bury myself deep inside you with each thrust. Your long fingers wrap over my shoulders as you brace yourself so you can push your hips harder against me. You put your head beside mine as you bounce and grind against me and I start to talk really low into your ear, almost a growl. You respond by going even harder and digging your nails into me. "Fuck my cock with that little slutty CUNT. Milk the Cum out of my cock with your tight little PUSSY. You feel so good Vanessa, I am going to FUCK you every day to keep you IN LINE. You are such a dirty SLUT and I need to discipline your PUSSY!"

Thrusting in time with your waiting hips, I reach my hands around and slap your ass and grab ahold of you as I clench and get closer... closer...

"I'm going to cum... I'm going to cum now!"

"Fucking CUM in my CUNT!... DO IT!"

Your words crash through my final barrier and I explode inside of you! You feel my hot cum fill your pussy and quickly start dripping out of you around my cock as you slow down your grinding and collapse on top of me.

We kiss for a while, then clean up with some borrowed towels and sneak out of the party to avoid anyone's notice. I walk you to your car and we kiss again, both of us still riding the happiness of the orgasms we just had.

"Can I call you" I ask.

"Why don't you give me your number... and I can call when I need another lesson with my professor... " We laugh, and I give you my details and you drive off into the night.

I walk smiling back to my car, and I notice someone in the bushes. It is the handsy guy who didn't know how to take the word "NO" from earlier. He's passed out with a half empty beer laying next to him. I pick up the beer and pour it on his crotch, then leave him there and drive home, wondering if I'll get your real name next time.

Of course, I kind of like Vanessa!

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