I was very happy with my company and my career. I started working for this company as a sales rep and after two years or so, I was moved into the home office as a 1st level manager. A year later, I was promoted to a second level manager. I was a nice set up, I had my own office and an assistant to help with scheduling and routine administrative tasks. The people in our office were great to work with. They were young and a lot of fun. Our company was having a lot of success -- which made us all feel great.

Then my administrative assistant retired, so I had to hire a replacement. I asked my girlfriend, Susie, if she would be interested in the position. She jumped at the opportunity. Knowing Susie, I made her promise that she would behave in a professional manner. She agreed and I hired her.

Just a little about Susie. She is mid-20's, 5'2", 105 pounds, very cute, ultra-competitive and has a body that people would do anything for. I began dating her in high school and thru time as we became sexually active, I helped transform Susie from just being a "knock-out" into being a "knock-out" who was also a cock-teasing exhibitionist. It all started when I began to make bets with Susie. When she would lose, I'd make her do things like take her bra off and unbutton 2 or 3 buttons on her shirt so it would be easy for people to see her boobs and her nipples. Or I'd make her wear very short skirts that I had taken to get altered ... meaning quite a bit shortened. I've made her pump gas in a small t-shirt and panties, wear very revealing outfits to school or anywhere in public and be a show-off at movie theaters, restaurants and at the beach.

She liked the thrill of flashing and showing off and almost getting caught, and well, actually getting caught. So, I'd always have my hands all over her, up her skirts or down her shorts. Touching her nipples and pussy would get an immediate response from her, making her horny as hell and begging to have sex.

So, for the 1st 3 months of her employment, everything was "normal". Susie did a very nice job, she got to know everyone, and she fit right in. The people in our office didn't know that Susie was my girlfriend. Then one day I walked over to her cubicle to ask her to do something. The way she was sitting and leaning forward, I could see right down her top. Her top had the first two buttons unbuttoned which was a pretty sexy look for the office environment. I couldn't resist, I reached over to her top and undid another button. Then I massaged her boob and pinched her nipples for a minute while I looked around to make sure no one could see what I was doing. I said, "Your bra sure looks nice, but it doesn't cover your nipples very well."

Susie moaned and rubbed my cock (which, to be clear, was still in my pants). She said, "The guys keep coming around to talk with me and it's obvious when they are looking down my top. If I lean forward just a little, they get a pretty nice view. They're terrible and now that you've unbuttoned me even more, I'll be showing all them even more of my boobs. I'll be embarrassed. I should probably button up, don't you think?"

I said, "You little cock-teaser, you love them looking down your top and getting all hard because of you. I should take you into my office spank your cute-as-hell ass. But I'm not going to, so just sit here are behave yourself."

Susie said, "OK, but if they come back, they'll see my boobs. And I'd hate that .... oh, and by the way, I can see that you have a little hard-on. And I'd hate it if you pulled my pants down and spanked me, especially right here where everyone could see." And she reached over and squeezed the head of my cock.

I couldn't take it, I turned and walked away and into my office with a huge grin on my face. About 20 minutes later, I noticed that 2 guys from the office, Dan and Kevin had walked up to Susie's cubicle and were joking with her. They stayed for about 15 minutes, I'm sure they were getting an "eye-full". A little bit after they left, another pair of guys (Paul & Gerry) came over to chat. It was nice to see how they were all "taking such good care" of Susie. Word was getting around.

After the guys left, I asked Susie to come into my office. I asked how things were going. She said, "It was great talking and joking with those guys, they are funny. But, well.... My blouse kept falling open kinda like it is now."

Because I unbuttoned that button on her blouse, when she moved her blouse would fall open and expose at least one, if not both, of her bra-covered boobs. It wasn't just a little of her thin bra showing, it was her entire boob on display, and because her sexy bra was so thin, her nipples were very easy to see, too. I asked, "Ya, your shirt is so open I can see both of your perky, tight tits, didn't you know you blouse was open?"

"Well, a couple of times I did, so I'd kinda cover my boobs up. But then I'd move again, and my boobs would fall out and they'd stay that way until I realized they were staring at my boobs. You know I couldn't re-do the button because the boss, you, had unbuttoned it. But the guys were harmless and cute, and I could tell they were trying to position themselves to get the best look."

"I bet you helped them with the view, didn't you?

"Well, I wasn't too obvious about it, but I probably should have been a little more careful. I kind of leaned forward a couple of times a little more than I should have and maybe didn't cover up my boobs as quickly as I could have. But I don't think it was too bad."

"I bet they enjoyed that, huh? And you did, too, right?"

"We were laughing and joking the whole time, and maybe flirting a little, too"

"Were they too aggressive, what did they do?"

"They were fine. Just the normal teasing stuff, but it honestly got a little ... hot. They said I didn't need to cover my boobs for them, in fact they said they barely noticed that my boobs were out most of the time except when I was walking around. They said when I was walking, my boobs were bouncing out of my top. Afterall, they said, they are focused on work. I'm not sure I believed them. I apologized for putting them in such an embarrassing situation. They kept saying no problem over and over again. I just giggled and sort of glanced at their hard-ons that continued to grow. They said that I shouldn't wear a bra at all especially since the one they were seeing is so thin, it was like nothing anyway. But I told them that if I didn't wear a bra, they'd be able to see my nipples. They told me to look down at my beautiful, full boobs, as they called them. I did, and, um... my shirt happened to be wide open, again, and they were right. I said again that I was sorry that my nipples were so hard and easy to see, and I hope my boobs weren't too much of a distraction for them. They kept teasing me. They asked if my panties matched my bra. I just laughed, but they asked again and said they really wanted to know. So, I told them yes, my panties matched my bra and were see-thru, too. But I couldn't just show them, they'd just have to use their imagination. Luckily, I guess, they had to go to a meeting so that broke up their teasing."

Well, that started the sexy cascade. From then on, Susie usually was bra-less when she came into work. Her cubicle became the most popular place in the office, especially as her skirts got shorter and shorter. And of course, she would continually tease me, and the other guys, to have fun.

Some days she would come into my office with her pants unbuttoned and her zipper pulled down, and she would act like everything was normal. She would casually ask me some basic questions, just playing around, teasing me. As we would talk, she would put her hand down the front of her pants and would play with herself. She'd say things like, "These damn pants keep popping open, gosh, I wonder if they were open when I walked over to the kitchen." Or she would pull her pants down a little, showing me more of her panties and would say things like, "Are these pants too low?" By the way, my door would always be open, so if someone walked in, she would be easily seen. Showing off and taking those chances was how she kept her day "interesting." She would continue to stir the pot, "Dan says he likes these light blue panties better than the black ones. Can you please buy me some more light blue ones so I can wear them for him, again?"

Other times I'd walk over to her cube and her skirt would be pulled up to her waist. She'd say things like, "Gerry said that of all my panties, he likes these white ones the best. Paul likes them, too."

So, I'd ask, "How does he know which ones look the best on you?"

"He makes bets with me all the time, and well, I usually lose."

"What's that got to do with your panties?"

"The pay-off is usually for me to show him my nipples or my panties, I make him choose. It's cute how he gets a hard-on so quickly, especially if I tease him and dance a little for him and twerk on him, or if I talk dirty to him. If he's nice, and I see him getting a hard-on, I'll usually show him both."

"So, what kind of bets does he make with you?"

"Well, yesterday he bet me that he could make my nipples hard without touching me. He's such a teaser. So, I took the bet."

"Who won?"

"Well, he did, but it wasn't fair. You know I was wearing that really thin top yesterday. We were in the conference room and he had me stand right in front of where he was sitting so my boobs were right in his face. He put an ice cube in his mouth and put his lips real close to my nipples. He blew cold air on my nipples. After a minute, it was so cold I couldn't believe it, my nipples were really hard. Paul was cracking up, but he held me there so I wouldn't get away."

"Wait, what did Paul do?"

"He was sitting in a chair behind me. He was holding me in place when I was squirming all around because it was so cold."

Being suspicious I asked, "Where were his hands?"

"Well, they started on my upper thighs, but because I was moving around so much, his hands accidently went up under my skirt on to my ass, so he could hold onto me better. I guess it gave him quite a hand-full, well actually two hands full, and quite a view. You know, I was wearing that little yellow skirt that you bought me, and I guess it was a little too short, it kept going up showing my ass. Anyway, it wasn't as bad as it sounds, we were all laughing and after all, it was my fault. He was funny, he kept spanking my butt and snapping the waistband on my panties. I was just thankful that I wore those cute little white panties for them. So, I apologized to him because my skirt was going up so far and ... well ... to Gerry, too, cause my nipples kept sweeping against his lips when I was squirming."

Again, I just walked away, with a bit of a hard-on, not knowing if she was making it up ... or not.

Susie kept up her teasing, a couple of weeks later she came in and while we were talking, I noticed that I could kind of see thru her skirt. Her skirt wasn't completely transparent, but I could make out the outline of her light red panties. So, after we got done talking about business, I asked her to come closer. She walked over and asked what was up. I told her that I could actually see thru her skirt and I took my finger and said, "Here's the outline of you little red panties." And I traced the waistband of her panties, then I traced her leg areas and her ass, and for good measure I rubbed her pussy a few times saying, "I told you I could see right thru your skirt."

She said, "I know, you guys are all alike. That's exactly what Dan said and when I told him to prove it, he bet me that he could guess the color of my panties."

"How did that turn out?"

"Well, he got lucky with his guess. He had me stand in front of him, just like you did, but he got his face close to get a better view. He held the bottom hem of my skirt and told he wouldn't cheat by raising my skirt too high. He slowly raised it higher and higher to make it easier for him to see thru it, at least that was what he was saying. Then he started talking about how nice my thighs were. He said my inner thighs were really sexy and in great shape. The best he's ever seen. With one hand, he began slowly running his fingers up and down the inside of my thighs, while his other hand held my skirt up. It felt really good, really sensuous, really sexy. I just closed my eyes and moaned and smiled. It felt so good."

"Ok, go on, I have a feeling it didn't stop there."

"He kept saying not to worry, he wouldn't let his fingers touch my pussy. He said that his fingers would get really close, but they wouldn't touch my wet, cute pussy, unless it was purely by accident. And they definitely wouldn't be rubbing between my pussy lips, not even if I begged for it. He said my sexy see-thru panties were in the way anyway, so it wasn't big deal, unless I wanted him to take my panties off. But his fingers were getting really close and they rubbed my pussy a couple of times by accident. I was pouting and squirming a little, I couldn't take it. Then he brought his face down and started lightly kissing my inner thighs. He stated down by my knees but slowly moved up, little bit by little bit. I put my hands on his head, but his buddy Kevin came over and took my hands so I couldn't stop Dan. I moaned and giggled and called them both cheaters."

"Kevin was holding my hands behind my back which made my boobs stick out like crazy and he was teasing me, saying that I should have worn a bra today. He kept saying sensuous things like my nipples really wanted to come out of my shirt and into his mouth. We were all laughing, but it was an amazingly sexy feeling having one guy kissing my thighs while another guy was holding my arms so I couldn't get away. Dan kept kissing my thighs and coming closer to my pussy and at the same time Kevin lowered my hands behind my back, so they were on his lap. I could feel his hard-on, it felt so good moving my hands up and down his shaft and over the head of his cock. I was really turned on and I kept squirming, moaning and giggling. I couldn't help it; I was moving all around and that made Dan's lips and his tongue brush my pussy a number of times. It got me hotter and hotter. He kept teasing me saying he was he was sorry, he didn't mean to lick my pussy, but at least the color of my panties wasn't a secret anymore. I was humping his face and even though my hands were behind my back, I managed to get Kevin's pants unbuttoned and his zipper down. He said he'd help make it easy for me and he took his cock out. It was great feeling his cock which was really hard while Dan was kissing and licking my pussy. Dan reached up and undid my blouse. So now my tits were out. Dan started to slowly pull my panties down my leg. They had me so turned on ... I was about to cum. I asked them to let me blow them. Then I begged them. I said I'd blow both of them."

"Well, how did it end, did you get what you wanted?"

"No, they said it wasn't the right time for a blow job, but I could kiss them if I wanted."

"Oh? What type of kiss, just a friendly one?"

"Well, I said Dan should go first and since he kissed by pussy, I should get to kiss his cock. It was only fair. He said ok, but only for a second, he didn't want to cheat on his girlfriend. So, I unzipped his pants and slowly took his cock out. He was already hard, real hard. I had my fingers wrapped around his shaft and was stroking him. It was so hot doing it in front of Kevin knowing it was driving him crazy. I licked up and down his shaft and looked in his eyes. I asked him if his girlfriend gives good blow jobs. I began to kiss his dick head. I asked him if I could please at least suck it for just a minute. He just moaned, so I knew it was ok."

"Kevin came over and I took his cock in my other hand while I was sucking Dan's cock. That bad boy Kevin reached down and began fingering me like crazy. I moaned and moaned. It felt so good, I couldn't help it, I came. Dan was acting like he was about to cum so I asked him in a sweet voice if he would cum in my mouth. Before he could respond Kevin blew his load all over my face. And then Dan unloaded in my mouth. It tasted great. I used my tongue and cleaned Dan's cock off first. Then I took Kevin's cock and wiped the cum off my face with it. Then I licked his cum off his cock and swallowed it. I told him that I guess I still owed him a blow job and Dan said I could blow him anytime I wanted."

She looked at me and said in a sheepish but sexy voice, "You asked, so I had to tell you."

Of course, I had a raging hard-on, but all I could say is that I was happy she was so well liked! Work was getting a lot more fun!

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