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This outlines what occurs when copyright holders complain about intellectual property to your ISP or web host.



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📑 ➜ Allegations of copyright infringement

  • ISPs do not track your downloading activities in order to penalise you. An ISP would have little incentive to arrest their subscribers for piracy on their own. After all, they operate a business and don't want to irritate their customers.
  • Copyright trolls, groups who monitor the circulation of copyrighted information and deploy mass copyright litigation to collect settlements from individuals, are to blame. Because torrent technology is fundamentally open, these groups can only monitor torrents. A torrent tracker will broadcast the IPs of the peers who are present in that swarm allowing a third-party to intercept it.
  • These copyright simpletons log all of the IP addresses present, then complain to the ISPs that own the IPs they logged, and the ISPs are expected to send the complaint to the account holder. However, ISPs will often merely pass on the concerns to the customer as a relatively pointless threat.


  • Direct Download Solution: With the implementation of encrypted technology (HTTPS) in modern browsers and most websites/servers, methods such as downloading directly from platforms like 1fichier, Gofile, MediaFire, PixelDrain, etc., are considered highly secure. This ensures that your internet traffic remains untraceable and protected from prying eyes.
  • Private Tracker Solution: Copyright holders often focus their efforts on easily accessible targets such as public trackers, like the well-known 1337x. These platforms attract millions of visitors each day, making them an appealing objective. However, opting for a private tracker can significantly reduce the chances of receiving an infringement notification.
  • Seedbox Solution: A remote server designed exclusively for torrenting purposes. By utilizing a seedbox, your IP address remains separate from any torrent swarm activities. The server takes care of all the torrenting processes, and once the torrent is fully downloaded, you have the option to direct download the content to your personal computer. This provides an extra layer of privacy and security during the torrenting experience.
  • VPN Solution: It's highly recommended to utilize a paid VPN that can be integrated with your torrent software, such as qBittorrent, and ensure that the kill switch feature is enabled. However, please keep in mind that if you're using a VPN, connecting to Netflix might encounter difficulties. Additionally, your banking institutions, including PayPal, may flag your account and potentially take action due to perceived suspicious login activity.


  • No, it is unlawful to download or upload copyrighted content. (based on the laws of your nation). Though, uploading (sharing) copyrighted content is a more severe offense.
  • If direct downloads were as easily monitored as torrent swarms, you'd be receiving copyright infringement accusations about their use as well.


  • In most cases, ignoring a copyright infringement notification is the best course of action, followed by using a VPN and carrying on with your day. Ask your ISP what you can do to restore service if your internet has been cut off by them, but never admit fault.
  • You can also just switch providers and terminate your current arrangement with your ISP, which will supply you with a new IP address.
  • The consequences of content piracy differ by nation. What may be only an instructional warning in one jurisdiction may result in the cancellation of your internet access in another.
  • Simple, everyday acts of piracy are not punished because they have no value to the copyright holders, both in terms of example and monetary value (they would lose more money in litigation expenses than they would receive in a settlement from you).


❔ My ISP has advised me to erase the pirated media from my hard drive after I was detected pirating. Should I do it?

  • You are not compelled to do so, and your ISP is not aware of the contents of your hard drive. It'll be alright as long as you follow the recommendations outlined above to avoid receiving more copyright infringement alerts.



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