ðŸŠķ ➜ Rules

We adhere to specific standards and uphold certain regulations, much like any other community, to maintain harmony and fairness.


📝 ➜ Table of Contents



📑 1 ➜ Posts must be related to the discussion of digital piracy

  • The focus on file-sharing, articles and discussions about moral dilemmas with unauthorized distribution, legal developments, challenges, and other related topics are all welcome.
  • Avoid engaging in political discussions as they often lack meaningful contributions and tend to foster negativity.
  • Comics, memes and screenshots are acceptable, but should be original and of good quality. Images that are too blurry or have a lot of unintelligible text will be deleted.



📑 2 ➜ Don't request invites, trade, sell, or self-promote

  • No pleading for invites to scene sites, private torrent trackers, DDL forums or other sites with closed registrations.
  • No asking for content downloads / uploads, accounts, activation keys, giveaways etc.
  • No trading or selling content, especially not for monetary services.
  • No self-promotion of your own work is allowed unless you expressly receive permission from the moderators.



📑 3 ➜ Don't request or link to specific pirated titles, including DMs

  • Yes, you can link to the top level domain of a site (eg. https://archive.org/).
  • No, you may not link to a specific pirated title (eg. https://archive.org/specific-title).
  • No, you may not ask for a specific pirated title (eg. "Where can I download, find, or watch {insert title}")?
  • No, you may not ask to give or receive DMs.
  • Refrain from endorsing rule violation by inquiring or sharing the exact title someone is seeking when they make a request.



📑 4 ➜ Don't submit low-quality posts, be entitled, or harass others

  • Posts that display a striking absence of coherence, decreased intellectual capacity, or demonstrate a nonchalant attitude will be liable for removal.
  • Steer clear from showcasing entitlement, as it is both counterproductive and unbecoming. We thrive by embracing the ethos of volunteerism, operating towards the betterment of others.
  • Displaying disrespectful actions, engaging in inappropriate behavior, or subjecting others to harassment will warrant an immediate permanent ban.



📑 5 ➜ Don't post questions already answered. Read the wiki

  • Our Wiki has a wealth of information. By not reading it first, you decided that the time the moderators and members spent contributing to the wiki was beneath you.
  • Do a search on this instance, including the Megathread first, so as to not be repetitive.
  • If you're not willing to put in some initial effort to read and learn, don't expect any help. Users are not your personal search engine.



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