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2FA Two-factor authentication (2FA) requires users to provide two authentication factors, bolstering security by adding an extra layer to the authentication process, thus thwarting attackers from accessing devices or online accounts.
Adaptation Adaptation involves converting an existing work into animated form, typically altering elements like the story, characters, and setting to craft a distinctive and captivating experience for viewers.
Adblockers Adblockers are browser extensions or software designed to enhance your browsing experience by automatically blocking ads, sparing you the hassle of manually closing or ignoring ads and restoring the internet to its optimal state.
Antivirus Antivirus software detects and removes malware from computers, networks, and devices through scanning and monitoring, but its effectiveness in today's internet era is questioned due to privacy concerns.
Archive Archive, or compressed data, stores compressed files and folders to save space. It acts as a backup, helping conserve disk space and organize files. Popular archive formats include 7z, RAR, and ZIP.
Availability Availability is the count of peers offering complete copies of a torrent, assessing the likelihood of downloading the entire file based on the presence of its pieces among peers.
Bitrate Bitrate, measured in bps, kbps, or Mbps, signifies the rate of transfer for audio/video data, directly influencing both the quality and size of the video.
BitTorrent BitTorrent is a P2P file sharing protocol enabling decentralized distribution of data and files over the internet, widely adopted for its efficiency in facilitating file sharing across various clients.
BDRip BDRip (Blu-ray Disc Rip) is an unauthorized copy of a movie taken directly from a Blu-ray disc, usually in high-definition quality, and distributed illegally.
Blu-ray Blu-ray is a type of optical disc format that offers significantly higher storage capacity than DVDs, primarily used for high-definition video and audio playback.
Browser Browser is a software tool for accessing the internet, serving as your gateway to search, visit websites, watch videos, and interact with online services.
Bootleg Bootleg refers to the reproduction or distribution of copyrighted material, such as software, music, or performances, without the permission of the copyright holder.
Bug Bug is a program error or flaw in software code that results in the software producing incorrect or unexpected outcomes, hindering its intended functionality.
CAM CAM (Camcorder) is a bootlegged film copy captured with a handheld camera inside a cinema, typically leading to substandard audio and visual fidelity.
CD CD (Compact Disc) is a digital optical disc format primarily used for storing and playing back audio, though it can also store other types of digital data such as software, images, and documents.
CFW CFW (Custom Firmware) is unauthorized modified firmware used to integrate features, enhance performance, or enable homebrew applications on devices like gaming consoles, handhelds, and smartphones.
Clean Steam Files Clean Steam Files are game files downloaded directly from Steam, a popular PC game distribution platform, commonly associated with pirated games not officially licensed by developers or publishers.
Codec Codecs are computer codes that execute their function whenever the file is accessed by software, and they can also be employed in physical hardware, such as cameras, to convert incoming video and audio into digital formats.
Connectability Connectability allows your torrent client to be contacted by peers in the same torrent, facilitating faster data sharing and maximizing connectivity within the swarm.
Crack Crack in digital files refers to a program designed to bypass software protections like DRM or copy protection, allowing users to use or copy software without purchasing a legitimate copy.
Cross seeding Cross seeding in torrents involves seeding the same file on multiple trackers simultaneously to improve availability, download speeds, and ensure content longevity across different torrent networks.
DDL DDL (Direct download) refers to a specific URL that allows users to directly download content from a filehost. This means that instead of going through multiple steps or intermediaries, users can quickly and easily access the desired content by following the provided link.
Denuvo Denuvo, developed by Irdeto, is renowned for safeguarding video games against unauthorized sharing but frequently detracts from user experience with its cumbersome and intrusive code.
DLC DLC (Downloadable content), includes extra game elements like levels, characters, weapons, or skins that players can download after the initial release, enhancing the gaming experience.
DMCA DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a copyright law in the United States that provides enforcement measures against the unauthorized use and distribution of copyrighted materials on the internet.
DNS DNS (Domain name system) protocol is a fundamental component of the internet that translates human-readable domain names, such as example.com, into IP addresses, which are numerical identifiers used by computers to communicate with each other.
Doujinshi Doujinshi, self-published Japanese works, blend visual and written art by amateur creators. They reimagine favorite characters from anime, manga, or games in various narratives, from humorous to romantic or erotic.
Download manager Download manager is a software tool that streamlines internet file downloads by enabling features like simultaneous downloads, pause and resume functionality, scheduled downloads, and accelerated speeds.
DRM DRM (Digital rights management) is a technology used to protect digital content from unauthorized copying and sharing, aiming to maximize profits. However, it has faced criticism for potential implications on user privacy and fair use rights.
Dub / Dubbing Dubbing is the procedure of substituting the original soundtrack of a video, such as anime or a show, with a fresh audio track in another language. This enables viewers who don't understand the original language to enjoy the content without relying on subtitles.
DVD DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) are discs before Blu-ray discs and digital streaming gained popularity, and were widely used for storing digital data such as movies, music, software, and files, offering greater storage capacity than CDs.
DVD Screener DVD Screener is a promotional copy of a movie distributed for review purposes, but if obtained illegally, it becomes a pirated copy.
E-reader Ereader is a portable digital device that replicates the experience of reading a physical book through its paper-like electronic display and offers users access to a vast library of e-books and other digital content.
Emulator Emulator mimics a video game console's hardware on a computing device, enabling play of classic games with enhanced features, originally designed for different platforms.
Encoding Encoding involves converting data from one format to another, serving multiple purposes such as reducing data size, improving compatibility, and enhancing overall quality.
EXIF EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) embeds metadata into digital images, offering details such as capture time, camera settings, GPS location, and post-processing information.
False positive False positives in antivirus software occur when harmless content like cracked software, video games, or keygens is mistakenly identified as malicious.
Fansub Fansub (fan-subtitled), often linked with anime, involves the translation by fans and subsequent subtitling into a language different from the original.
Firewall Firewall acts as a protective barrier, filtering network traffic based on security rules to block potential threats from entering your network.
Floppy disk Floppy disk are a magnetic storage medium used in the 1980s and 1990s, with capacities typically ranging from 720 KB to 1.44 MB, for storing and transferring small amounts of data.
Freeleech Freeleech on some trackers lets users download torrents without affecting their download amount or ratio, essentially allowing unrestricted downloading.
FTP FTP (File transfer protocol) is a tool for transferring files between a client and a server, enabling easy file management and transfer across different systems.
GUI GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a type of interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets, using visual icons, indicators, and menus.
Hardsubs Hardsubs (hard subtitles), refer to subtitles that are permanently attached to the video and cannot be removed or edited.
Hash Hash is a fixed-length hexadecimal string that uniquely represents the fingerprint or "thumbprint" of data, achieved through hashing algorithms like MD5 and SHA1.
HDTS HDTS (High Definition TeleSync) is a video quality associated with pirated or leaked movies, combining features of Telesync and High Definition recordings to provide high-quality video with synchronized audio.
Homebrew Homebrew involves modifying or creating custom software for platforms not initially intended, like hacking closed systems for additional functions or developing homemade software for old consoles and devices.
IP Address IP address is a unique numerical label essential for devices on computer networks using the Internet Protocol to communicate and identify each other's locations.
IPTV IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), delivers TV programming and video content using TCP/IP, distinct from traditional broadcast, cable, or satellite TV.
IRC IRC (Internet relay chat) is a text-based chat system for instant messaging and group communication in online discussion forums.
Keygen Keygen (Key generator) is software that creates unique product keys or serial numbers essential for activating and unlocking paid software, enabling its full functionality without issues during installation.
Leak Leak is the unauthorized release of sensitive information, like confidential data, copyrighted content, or personal data, through digital channels.
Leech / Leeching Leech, or leeching in BitTorrent means downloading files without sharing, potentially reducing availability for others and harming the overall torrent.
Lossless Lossless compression or encoding ensures that digital data, such as audio or video files, maintains its original quality by preserving all information, guaranteeing that the decompressed file is an exact replica of the original without any loss of quality or data.
Lossy Lossy compression in digital media, like audio, images, and video, involves discarding some data during compression to greatly reduce file size, compromising quality or accuracy.
Magnet Magnet is a alternate link enabling file downloads from the BitTorrent network without the need for a separate .torrent file, identified by a unique string of characters that serves as a fingerprint for locating specific files.
Mangaka Mangaka is a Japanese comic artist who crafts manga, overseeing the creation process from story development to artwork, shaping characters, plotlines, and visual style within their works.
Manhua Manhua refers to Chinese-language comics originating from China and Taiwan, characterized by a distinctive art style and storytelling tradition within the realm of comic books or graphic novels.
Manhwa Manhwa, which refers to Korean comics and print cartoons directly influenced by Japanese Manga, is often published in both print and online formats and has frequently been adapted into anime, dramas, and films.
Muxing Muxing combines multiple audio or video streams into a single stream to reduce stream count and enhance data transmission efficiency. In audio, it merges channels like stereo or surround sound into one stream.
NFO NFO (.nfo) is a text file that contains metadata information about a digital media file, software, or system, providing additional details and context for users and administrators.
OST OST (Original Sound Track) refers to the recorded music synchronized with a motion picture, TV show, or video game. It is a commercially released soundtrack that can be purchased digitally or in disc format.
OVA OVA (Original Video Animation), which refers to Japanese animated episodes or films that are not shown in theaters or aired on TV before being released for home viewing. OVAs are primarily released on VHS tapes, Blu-rays, or DVDs.
P2P P2P (Peer-to-peer) refers to a network architecture where computers or individuals operate as equal nodes, sharing resources, information, or services directly with each other without relying on a centralized server or authority.
Patch Patch is a set of changes to a computer program or its supporting data designed to update or repair it. It includes bugfixes or bug fixes to remove security vulnerabilities and correct bugs.
Peer Peer is a participant in a peer-to-peer file-sharing network using the BitTorrent protocol, involved in both downloading and uploading files with other peers without a central server.
Pre-cracked Pre-cracked software and games refer to versions that have already been modified or activated, allowing users to install them without needing to activate or register them.
Pre-install Pre-install programs involves modifying software or games to remove copy protection, allowing them to be stored in a separate folder for immediate execution.
Port forwarding Port forwarding is a networking method that directs incoming connections from a router or firewall to a specific device or service on a private network.
Portable Portable software can run on diverse computers and operating systems without installation, storing user settings and files on a removable storage device like a USB flash drive.
Private tracker Private tracker is a specialized server within the BitTorrent network that restricts access to its torrent files and peers through invitation or registration, ensuring better quality control and user accountability.
Proxy Proxy is a server that acts as a middleman between your computer and the internet, fetching data from online sources like webpages on behalf of the user.
Public tracker Public tracker is a server within the BitTorrent network that allows anyone to access and download torrent files without needing registration or authentication, making it widely accessible but potentially less regulated.
Ratio Ratio is the data uploaded to others (seeding) versus downloaded from them (leeching), typically expressed numerically to encourage sharing in torrent communities.
Raw Raw refers to the original, untranslated Japanese version of a manga comic book or graphic novel. It is the version that has not been edited, translated, or adapted for a specific audience or region.
Release Group Release Group is a collective of people tasked with encoding, packaging, and distributing unauthorized films and television series.
Remux Remux is a process that seamlessly transfers audio, video, and subtitle streams from one container to another, preserving the content without any quality loss.
Resolution Resolution, whether measured in pixels per inch (PPI) or pixels per centimeter (PPCM), defines the pixel count in digital images or displays, impacting clarity, image crispness, and the capacity to show more visual detail.
Ripping Ripping, also called digital extraction, copies audio or video from CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, or streaming onto a computer's hard drive for storage or editing. It uses a ripper program with an encoder to compress the media.
ROM ROM (Read-Only Memory) is a file containing a digital copy of a video game, essential for playing games on console emulators by transferring game data such as graphics, sound, and code from cartridges or discs to a computer.
Sandbox Sandbox is a secure digital testing environment where developers can safely experiment with software and applications to identify vulnerabilities and ensure reliability before deployment.
Scanlation Scanlation refers to the unauthorized copy of a Japanese manga that has been scanned and translated into a different language, usually English, and made available online for free.
Scanlator Scanlator is a person or group that scans, translates, and edits Japanese manga into another language, for global readership. It is often done without permission from copyright holders.
Seedbox Seedbox is a remote server optimized for downloading and uploading torrents at high speeds, offering better performance and privacy compared to torrenting on a personal computer.
Softsubs Softsubs, distributed in formats like .ssa or .srt, are separate subtitle files that aren't hardcoded onto the video but can be played alongside it, giving users the flexibility to display or hide subtitles as desired.
Subtitles Subtitles translate spoken dialogue into another language on-screen, crucial for aiding viewers who don't speak the original language in movies, TV shows, online videos, and social media clips.
Swarm Swarm is the group of peers sharing and downloading a specific torrent file, dynamically adjusting as users join or leave, influencing download speeds and availability.
The Scene The Scene, also known as the underground network, spans the globe, comprising pirate groups dedicated to acquiring and distributing digital media without authorization.
Torrent Torrent contains metadata about files and folders for distribution, including tracker network locations to facilitate efficient swarm formation, serving as the initiation key for downloading content.
Trainer Trainer is software enabling gamers to modify game memory addresses, allowing cheating and access to otherwise unavailable features.
Seed / Seeding Seed, or seeding in a torrent swarm means sharing the complete torrent data with leechers without expecting anything in return, ensuring wider distribution of the content.
Usenet Usenet serves as a worldwide, decentralized platform for discussions, enabling users to share or download content such as .NZB files and messages across a network of servers, covering diverse topics.
Userscript Userscript is a software tool that alters web pages to improve the browsing experience. Usually coded in JavaScript, it runs through a userscript manager browser extension like Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey.
VirusTotal VirusTotal is an online service that examines suspicious files and URLs for malware using antivirus engines and website scanners, providing comprehensive security information.
VM VM (Virtual Machines) enable multiple concurrent computing instances on shared physical resources, optimizing efficiency and flexibility without additional hardware requirements.
Web-DL Web-DL (Web Download) a pirated copy of a movie or show downloaded directly from the internet, often from legitimate streaming services.
Webrip Webrip is a pirated copy of a movie or show recorded from a streaming service or website, rather than from physical media like DVDs.
Warez Warez refers to unauthorized digital content like software, video games, and music files, falling under the umbrella of pirated material.
Widevine Widevine, Google's DRM system, encrypts and secures video content, preventing unauthorized copying and playback, thus allowing content providers control over their content.



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