pixel hoard wip !?!?
resource hoard
Please note that none of these pixels are mine ! theyre only here for personal benifit/quick use since i use them often <3

Kaomojis ^_^

bear angry/sad bunny pixel happy bunny pixel slightly annoyed bunny pixel face with hearts pixel
confused face pixelpink YAY pixel red blushing embarassed pixel yayay sparkly happy pixel
silly face with heart pixel cat o_o happy emoticon

Wing Pixels

left pink outline wing pixel right pink outline wing pixel left pink and white wing pixel right pink and white wing pixel left white wing pixel right white wing pixel left pink wing pixel right pink wing pixel
left blue wing pixel right blue wing pixel left black and pink wing pixel right black and pink wing pixel white left and right wing pixel bluewhite left and right wing pixel
left pink wing pixel 2 right pink wing pixel 2 left bat wing pixel right bat wing pixel left blue and white wing pixel right blue and white wing pixel right pink wing large

PINK !!!

"best viewed in google chrome" pixel "i am online" pixel 2 question marks in a white outline pink background pixel pink bunny + stars pastel sparkly rainbow droopy pink heart bow pixel parasol pixel bag of chocolates pixel
mymelo 1 mymelo 2 mymelo 3 hearts tulip pink thing pink syringe , small pink bandaid 2 hearts spinning droopything butterfly toro cat up with balloons pink ribbon left pink ribbon right pix pix home about

Other !!!

purple swirly purple ribbon miku spin pixel cat 1 cat 2 cat 3 white lace heart gold key

Silly dividers

blue simplistic divider pink simplistic divider
black simplistic divider small pink divider with hearts pink divider with bow
black divider with bow small music notes divider pink divider with bows
blue fancy divider
larger blue ribbon divider with bow
pink divider with bow
lace 1
lace 2
gold simplistic
white flower divider
pink glittery
thin pink long thin pink short
long pink wirh bow short pink with bow
drop down with hearts
blue sparkly rainbow divider
long divider with bows light pink
light pink divider with stars
blue with bows
blue with butterfly
white droopy beads see you hello

>_0 Blinkies !

mymelo kuromi

Stamps :3

nene kusanagi stamp emu otori stamp
tsukasa tenma stamp rui kamishiro stamp
hello kitty stamp cinnamonroll stamp
i love cute things

Gifs/Big >_<

pink online with colour-changing star large pink bow

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