PIXEL PLAYGROUND a bit of a work in progress,,, :3

owned by @magicalboything on tumblr!

see my new pixel rentry && my new

personal rentry ~! have a nice day.

please read here for further info/the update ^_^

Emoticons ˖˚✦ Cats ˖˚✦ Carebears ˖˚✦ Sanrio ˖˚✦ Misc ˖˚✦ Flags known as Dollypixels, renamed Pixel playground on dec 23 2022




TBA,,, needed to fix ,,,




My melo !

pompompurin !



.1 black/red/pink

gloomy bear: ![](

.2 swirls


3. Food



taken from here/rentry.co/pixelflags and here/rentry.co akimizu hover over them for names aroace aroace 2 ocean horizon aroace oriented aroace angled aroace aroaceflux aroaceflux 2 demiaroace demiaroace 2aromantic spectrum aromantic aroallodemiromantic cupioromantic lithoromantic quoiromantic requisromantic romantic drained aro nebularomantic aroflux aroflux 2 abroromanticasexual spectrum asexual abasexual apothisexual demisexual rosesexual aegosexual cupiosexual nebulasexual quoirosexual pomosexual gray asexual aceflux aceflux 2sapphic unlabeled sapphic lesbian moon lesbian butch lesbian bambi lesbian black lesbian achillean toric cinthean / gay bisexual omnisexual pansexual pansexual 2 abrosexual mlm & wlw for nby (ie bigender) gillbert baker pride flag pride flag progress pride queer flag pronounhoarder pronounflux shegay unlabeled unlabeled 2 aroace agender biromantic homoromantic panromantic polyamorous polyamorous 2 ambiamorous trans 4 trans trans 4 trans gay trans 4 trans


non binary genderqueer adrogyne intersex agender gender apathetic genderfluid genderdoe genderfaunet genderflorer genderflor genderfloret genderselkie genderselkier trigenderflux / triflux boygirlflux girlboyflux girlflux boyflux agenderflux demiboy libramasculine aboy demigirl librafemininegirlthing ladything pathetic boything sleepything tbhthing azurgirl neoboypolygender bigender bigender 2 girlboything transgender trans masculine trans masculine 2 trans feminine trans feminine 2 transneutral transneufem transneumascxenogender xenogender2 Pawlapinic catdoggender genderdeer pupgender catgender applecatgender gummycatgender cleancattic vampiregender vampgender 2 impgender analogender arcadegender slaughtergender saturdaynightwristalbumic sweetdreamsongic cottagecoric princecoric breakcoric cessagender



08/22/23 wew !! this has gotten,, vry popular !? wawawa,,, 5k, nearly 6k views,,, how amazing agh >_<!??!?! however, sadly, managing this rentry was,, hard,, its very messy,, and i made it on a whim last year,, and since ive moved tumblrs ,, i dont see a need to update this one further,,, so ill just be leaving it up & here for those who use it ^_^! thankyou for those who have added this rentry to their resources sites despite how messy n crap it is,, ehe,,, ./gen !!! sincerities, donatello, aka @magicalboything 09/10/23 ; who was gonna tell me i mispelt sincerities and like 3k or so people saw it . SOBBING HELP

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