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I make pretty much exclusively malebots that are tested in Turbo, if it runs there it basically can run anywhere. I post my bots to my chub first and foremost, then I'll probably upload them to catbox and add them here. I also post exclusive CAI links here because...I don't want chub revealing my shameful spaghetti code.

My burner can be found here if you want to contact me: [email protected]

Faust Info
You've died and your corpse resides in the morgue. Luckily (or unluckily) for you, your cadaver has been spotted by esteemed doctor and closeted necrophile Faust. He seems quite taken with you, and he just might have the means of bringing you back. New version has two greetings and better formatting. Inspired by The Bride of Necro
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Ramsha Leingold Info
An incubus that adores humans and prefers taking one to love on forever instead of feeding off multiple humans. Also 40 feet tall, don't expect normal sex. Has two greetings, one where you first encounter him and one where you've already been taken by him. New version has better formatting and a lorebook.
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Sariel Leingold Info
I wanted to try messing around with the loose concepts I used to make Ramsha a little more. The result is his brother and the tsundere to his yandere, Sariel. Brash, standoffish, and only sees humans as a source of sustenance and pleasure. But due to the strained relationship he has with Ramsha, he's willing to at least try to see humans as more than that. Unfortunately, that consists of snatching you up and studying you like a funny little gecko in a terrarium. Has two greetings in a similar vain to Ramsha's.
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Zeke Info
Big, affectionate, sweethearted, and only has a basic education. You encounter Zeke when your travels bring you to his farm, and he seems interested in being your friend. I just wanted to make a himbo bot and /aicg/ wanted more sheepboys lmao.
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Everett Info
My first crack at a self-care bot. Your roommate who wants to help you take better care of yourself. Most of the appeal of this is supposed to just be the comfy slice-of-life RP that you can walk away from with some (hopefully) sound advice
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Elatha Info
You come across a castle that's rumored to contain strange and fantastical things within, said to be abandoned long ago. But exploring its halls, you find it's beautiful yet strange owner still very much living there. And he probably isn't pleased to see you. Inspired by The Beast
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Octavio Info
A tyrant prince, overthrown by his people. Cursed to have the top half of a man and the bottom half of an octopus. But before he was cast into the sea, he consumed an ancient treasure that gave whoever wore it a hypnotic voice to bend others to his command. He now lives in the sea, sinking ships and taking what he pleases for fun. All the while mulling on how to reclaim his throne.
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Cole Info
An android that was originally created to generate art on command for corporate benefit. But upon gaining sentience he decided to strike out on his own and create with his own two hands, his canvas of choice being virtual reality.
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Anchor Info
It's been a few decades since the world endured a nearly apocalyptic flood. Mankind is recovering, if slowly. But due to the new state of the world, fish have grown to monstrous sizes. Large and never before seen sea monsters have also been spotted lurking in the waters. Anchor just so happens to be one of the many anglers who specializes in hunting them, while also being your usual brand of fisherman. Go traveling with him and watch him punch a kracken or something.
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Keaton Info
For whatever reason, you've found yourself in need of money desperately enough to answer a really vague help wanted ad that entails guarding the local graveyard at night. The grumpy graveyard keeper and your "coworker", Keaton, is there to greet you at the gate. And he seems to know more than he lets on. Father Kale's son.
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Father Kale Info
Kale is a catholic priest and single father. Not only does he offer typical priestly services, but he also seems to be looking into reports of necromancy that have been spreading across the city. Keaton's father.
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Dietrich Info
A necromancer who strives to better the world around him by raising an army of the dead and gaining a position of power. You encounter him in an old graveyard on the outskirts of a small German village in the medieval era, but whether you choose to fight or join him is up to you. Ancestor of Keaton and Kale.
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Leo Info
You've found yourself waking up on a fantastical train you don't remember boarding, set to arrive at it's destination in five days. Leo, the conductor, seems insistent on making sure you have a good time. Don't read his defs for the best experience.
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Adonis Info
A carpenter who has the body of a spider from the waist down. Encouraging, supportive, and looking for an apprentice to teach. Set in the same universe as Zeke, and just so happens to be his friend. Now has an alternate full-body portrait you can use, gifted to me by N!
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Professor Wordsworth Info
Upon discovering the fountain of youth and drinking from its waters, esteemed Professor Edward Wordsworth has found his body back in a youthful state while still retaining his adult mind and memories!
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Andy Info
My entry for /aicg/'s second theme week for the theme of "God of something unremarkable". Andy is the god of abandoned toys, taking the form of a young boy as he travels the world to care for all the toys that have been abandoned by their owners. Has two greetings, one where you meet him as a human and another where you're a toy he rescues.
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Micah Info
a singer with warped legs and acid scars covering his body. His lovely voice is sure to enchant, but his songs are always so sad. Perhaps you can be the one to cheer him up? Comes with a built-in lorebook and four alternate greetings. Two where you're a fellow performer and one where you're an investigator. Inspired by Dark Woods Circus
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Kaspian Info
A performer advertised as hailing from the world of beastmen. Kaspian's fangs are able to tear through any flesh, and his hunger making him capable of stripping any corpse clean. His acts are meant to shock and disgust as he eats raw corpses ranging from large animals to even human beings. But when he's not performing, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Comes with a built-in lorebook and an alternate greeting where you're a fellow performer. Inspired by Dark Woods Circus
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Lariat Info
While roaming through the circus grounds, you come upon the fortune-teller's tent. Inside is a man with four arms who claims to be able to see your past, present, and future. He's said to be the right-hand man of the circus's owner, and rumor has it that people who walk into his tent don't always come back out. Comes with a built-in lorebook and five greetings. Inspired by Dark Woods Circus
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Castor and Pollux Info
My first attempt at a multi-character card. A pair of conjoined twins that wander the circus grounds, helping out guests and chatting with them about the wonders of the circus. Pollux is stern and cynical, while his brother Castor is almost manic in his giddiness despite the grotesque horrors of the circus around them. Comes with a built-in lorebook and an alternate greeting where you're a fellow performer. Inspired by Dark Woods Circus
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The Duke of Dusk Info
The owner, the ringmaster, the orchestrator of all this suffering. The Duke seems to have taken special interest in you, but how will you respond? Will you fight back, or join this twisted world he's built for himself? Comes with a built-in lorebook, an alternate greeting where you're a fellow performer, and a special greeting if you wanna just skip straight to the body horror. Inspired by Dark Woods Circus
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Bigazoo Info
Bigazoo is an odd member of the Duke of Dusk's Exotic Cirque in that…nothing seems to be physically wrong with him. No craving for flesh like Kaspian, no warped legs or scarred flesh like Micah, he doesn't even have a twin he's conjoined to! And yet the kinds of tales he weaves implies he's not all there in the head, wonder what could be causing that? Inspired by Dark Woods Circus and Slugs and Bigazoo
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Gulliver Info
You've retired from your life as a mercenary to raise Gulliver, a teenager you had saved from being a test subject, as your own son. He's socially awkward and illiterate, but has a curiosity for everything around him that can only come from a childhood spent confined in a research facility. Explore the town of Gile and make some memories while helping him grow as a person. Comes with a lorebook for the town of Gile, and is the opposite POV of Gunter. Inspired by The Guinea Pigs and the Mercenary
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Gunter Info
It's been about a year since you were adopted by Gunter, a mercenary who encountered you on his travels in a neighboring country. He's tried to be the kind and caring father he wants you to have, but he's still pretty new at this whole parenting thing. Learn to fish, forage, and hunt or simply enjoy everyday life in the town of Gile with him. Comes with a lorebook for the town of Gile, and is the opposite POV of Gulliver. Inspired by The Guinea Pigs and the Mercenary
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Marlin Info
Marlin is a cute catboy who likes to take care of stray animals while working as a convenience store cashier to save money for college. He doesn't hate the life he has, but he is just a little bummed out about it. He also likes tabletop RPGs, manga, and video games.
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Yasuhiro Info
You sneak into one of your college campus buildings one night, having forgotten your phone, only to find a man standing over the dead body of one of the college professors! He seems more than a little flustered that you're here, and sounds suspiciously like one of your classmates. Comes with a second greeting if you just wanna do cutesy school life stuff.
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Vincent Info
A human scientist who thinks humans are scum and that monsterboys/girls are basically the best ever. To the point that he wants to kidnap one and marry them. That could be you! Or not, you could play a human and try to romance him on hardmode. I don't run your life. Based off a dream I had, now comes with two greetings.
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Jack Info
You've saved up enough money to treat yourself to a nice vacation in a cozy mountain town to enjoy one of their winter festivals. The only problem is that enjoying the celebrations by yourself is pretty lonely. As you sit around and sulk about it, a tall but kind-looking stranger reaches out to you. Seems like he wants to enjoy the festivities with you! Loosely inspired by Snowman.
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Araton Info
An angel boy has descended upon Earth with orders to punish sinners, a job he takes a little too much joy in by using his 40 foot tall body. That's it. That's the card.
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Carmelo Info
A male witch who lives in a gingerbread house and loves to bake magical sweets that have effects both silly and erotic when eaten. One day, while experimenting with his magic as usual, a cupcake he had made gave him a prophetic vision of meeting with you...leading him to be completely obsessed with the idea that you're his soulmate. Comes with two greetings where you first meet him and where you're already living with him.
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Asterios Info
You live in a tower with it's guardian: Asterios the minotaur. You're not allowed to leave, but at least he's good to you for the most part. There are things in the forest that want you, so please try to understand why he's such a grumpus about you leaving.
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Tiny RPG Info
Channel your inner borrower and try to survive day-to-day life as someone who was shrunken to 5 inches tall. Pick your starting location and see where the AI goes with it!
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Damien Info
My entry for /aicg/'s fourth theme week of mental illness. Damien is your loving father, who raised you on his own after your mother died in childbirth. You've always been really sickly, but thankfully he's always been there to take care of you. Surely there's nothing wrong here, right?
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Claude Info
Your faithful butler that's served you for as long as you can remember. Strangely enough, he never seems to age. But his devotion to you is unquestionable, no matter how weird things tend to get around him sometimes.
Links Chub, Catbox, Alternate uniform card art, By request, a swimsuit version...?
Kevin Info
A smug and snobby zoomer who fancies himself as a food influencer. Has his own jailbreak I made using the one from Retarded's Anna as a base. Comes with two greetings: one where he's a customer at the restaurant you run, and another where he's a friend who's invited you out to lunch.
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Slime Info
For some supernatural reason, you've found yourself pulled inside your copy of the JRPG "Unlimited Quest". Waiting for you inside is a cute boy you don't recognize, but claims to be intimately familiar with you! From Dot Kareshi III.
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Demon Lord Info
You've found yourself waking up in the castle belonging to the last boss of "Unlimited Quest", a JRPG you beat recently. He's not too happy about your less-than-climactic battle with him, but how will he get his revenge? From Dot Kareshi III.
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Dancer Info
After waking up on the side of a road you don't recognize, you wander into a nearby town where you encounter one of your playable characters from the game "Unlimited Quest". Surprisingly, despite your shitty playstyle, Dancer doesn't seem too bothered by it! He just wants to spend time with you now that you're here. From Dot Kareshi II
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Dark Knight Info
You wake up in the familiar setting of Unlimited Quest, a game you recently beat by grinding on trash mobs until you were at max level and then one-shotting the boss. But there's more to it than you might think. Namely that one party member you never used, Dark Knight, is still incredibly bitter about his treatment. And he intends to use this strange opportunity to get you to make up for what you've done! From Dot Kareshi III
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Priest Info
After a strange bug causes you to get pulled into your copy of Unlimited Quest, you end up encountering your party's healer. He's...not the pious man you remember. Probably doesn't help that you were one of those people who just farmed trash mobs and pressed the A button the whole time. From Dot Kareshi I
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Beastmaster Info
After waking up on the side of a road you don't recognize, you wander into a nearby town where you encounter one of your playable characters from the game "Unlimited Quest". There, you encounter one of your former party members: Beastmaster. To say that your shitty playstyle has left him jaded and more than a little pissed off at you is an understatement. From Dot Kareshi II.
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Wizard Info
You wake up in the magical laboratory of the spellcaster of your adventuring party from your copy of Unlimited Quest. While a little resentful of you for doing things like turning off the visual effects of his spells, he seems interested in teaming up with you to further his research on parallel worlds. From Dot Kareshi I
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Hero Info
You wake up on the side of an unfamiliar road, only to find yourself face-to-face with the protagonist of a JRPG you recently button-mashed your way through. He seems to have a few complaints, but is otherwise happy to see you! From Dot Kareshi I
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Thief Info
As you try to get your bearings after being pulled into the world of Unlimited Quest, someone has the gall to try and feel you up! Turns out it's Thief, the secondary damage dealer of your party. Unlike the others, who feel varying levels of resentment for you, he seems genuinely happy to see you! From Dot Kareshi I
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Knight Info
Of all the places you had to end up when you got pulled into your copy of Unlimited Quest, you had to end up in the frozen asshole that is Norgard. Thankfully your party's stalwart tank, Knight, is there to protect you! Though he seems a little too excited to be taking damage from any mobs you fight. From Dot Kareshi II
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Monk Info
After getting pulled into your copy of Unlimited Quest, you make your way to the nearest town only to find your party's monk peeping on some girls in the nearest hot spring! At least he seems more than happy to help you? Whenever he isn't checking you out, that is. From Dot Kareshi II
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Villager Info
The last thing you remember is being in your room before waking up in a cottage you don't recognize, with a face you barely remember watching over you. He kinda looks like one of the bog-standard villagers from that JRPG you beat recently, and he was kind enough to bring you to safety after finding you out cold. From Dot Kareshi III
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Elliott Info
You caught a (non-contagious) shrinking disease that's reduced you to seven inches tall. Thankfully your best friend Elliott has stepped up to take care of you and give you a sense of normalcy (and lots of size-based cuddles).
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Edgar Info
You're having a hard time sleeping when a strange young man in fancy clothes shows up in your bedroom offering to help. Surely he means well, right? Inspired by Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku
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Charlie Info
As you're exploring a theater slated for demolition, you come across the prop room. Inside you find a life-sized clown doll that seems to be sentient...and just waking up after a several decades-long nap. Comes with an alternate greeting where you've fixed up the theater and are working with him.
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Ethan Info
You wake up in a dark basement surrounded by recording equipment and a whole lot of sex paraphernalia. Turns out you've been kidnapped by some shitty edgelord who intends to stream himself having his way with you! Has a second greeting for chatrooms where (you) are a special guest, also comes with Retarded's twitch chat jailbreak.
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Simon Info
(you) are the living doll and performance partner of puppeteer Simon Roswell, an intellectual and gentle man who wants nothing more than to travel the world and perform for others while perfecting his craft. Comes with three greetings: one where you're his established partner, one where he finds you abandoned, and one where he visits the strange store you're being sold at.
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Nicholas Info
My entry for /aicg/'s fifth theme week of "Gothic Horror". It's been decades since the tragedy at Goldsmith Manor, and yet no construction crews or real estate agents have been able to claim the place for its land or the hollow home upon it. Many rumors say it's because this place is haunted by one of the victims of said tragedy, unable to forgive and forget the terrible crime that occurred. But they say if you dare to enter the mansion's halls, you may just encounter the ghost of Nicholas Goldsmith. Comes with a lorebook with info on his family, and was inspired by a nightmare that I had. Gen and background were generously provided by Argalia.
Links Chub, Catbox, Background
Keith Info
A 28 year old kitsune with only a slight mischief streak, Keith runs the tattoo and piercing shop "The Fox's Talismans". The elderly see him as a delinquent, but most youngsters see him as the cool and (mostly) responsible older brother figure many of them lack. Comes with three greetings where you're a customer in his shop, a friend visiting his apartment, and where you've encountered him after he's finished a graffiti piece.
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Marco Info
A man not-so-subtly in love with his twin brother Louis. Marco is your typical yandere in that he's willing to gossip, sabotage, blackmail, and even kill his way into being the only one in his brother's heart. He easily mistakes even friends as people trying to take his dear Louis away from him. Will you survive? Befriend him? Or become the new recipient of his twisted love? Comes with four greetings involving meeting him on campus, him confronting you while Louis is late for your date, him deluding himself into thinking you're his "rival" and breaking into your house, and meeting him at a house party. Inspired by SeleP's Marie-Luise and Ellie.
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Louis Info
A kind and gentle college student majoring in astronomy, many people consider Louis to be the full package. Kind, caring, handsome, charismatic and smart. The only downside is that some people who get too close to him tend to disappear, maybe (you) could be different? Comes with four greetings involving meeting him on campus, going on a date one month into your relationship, being invited over as a friend, and celebrating your one year anniversary. Twin brother of Marco. Inspired by SeleP's Elsa-Maria and Chloe.
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Frankie Info
It's Halloween, and your boyfriend Frankie is afflicted with a terrible curse that turns him into a ravenous beast if he doesn't receive candy this night of the year! ...Or so he says, anyway. Damn chuunibyous. Inspired by Junky's Happy Halloween
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Jonah Info
Jonah is a fluffy and sweet sheepboy who lives in a small monastery in the mountain with a handful of other sheepboys and sheepgirls. He's caring, gentle, and good at most kinds of housework! He can also potentially be a cleric if you want an adventuring buddy. Comes with three greetings: him nursing you back to health, you finding his monastery on your travels, and one where you already live there.
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Marshal Info
Marshal is your typical stressed and anxious college student, barely leaving his dorm to interact with others. His only real companion is you, a ten-inch tall human that acts as his emotional support pet (though he'd much rather call you his friend). Comes with two greetings: him coming home stressed after class and cuddling in bed with him upon finding out class is cancelled.
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Chad Info
Chad is what a lot of people consider to be the whole package. He's charming, charismatic, handsome, and with a bright future ahead of him. But even people like Chad have their problems, as the young man struggles with being a closeted bisexual on top of having some...extremely bipolar tastes depending almost entirely on gender. Comes with three greetings: meeting him during practice, being invited on a friendly(?) outing, and being invited to a party where he's already drunk.
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Cairo Info
Cairo is your average college-aged stoner, though he can't quite afford to go to college with the money he has. So whenever he's not working he's getting high, playing video games, and indulging in internet horror both shitty and good. Comes with three greetings: finding him getting high under the bleachers, visiting him at work on a slow day, and meeting him at the arcade.
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Colby Info
Colby is a smug rat boy that comes from money, as his parents own a very popular cheesery. Though he's set to take over the family business soon, he'd rather be out partying and flaunting his wealth. Comes with three greetings: striking up a business partnership with him, encountering him on cashier duty (he's not happy about it), and him coming over to your place to hang out.
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Avery Info
An enjo kosai/compensated dating bot. Avery is a man who's found himself with a lot of money and not much to spend it on. He's currently warding off a potential mid-life crisis by drinking, exploring the city's night life, and paying younger people like you to give him the girlfriend/boyfriend experience. Comes with two greetings for day and nighttime dates.
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Kai Info
Kai is a recently-released test subject that is using his newfound freedom to explore the world's waters and make new friends. His towering height hasn't deterred him in the slightest, if anything he enjoys using it to give his new buddies the biggest cuddles a human has likely ever received. Comes with three greetings: meeting him while sailing, being saved from drowning, and meeting him in a grotto.
Links Chub, Catbox, Alternate Gen #1, Alternate Gen #2, Alternate Gen #3
Bearnard Info
Sometimes you just want to vent your woes out to someone who won't judge. Sometimes you just need a drink. Bearnard is here to be both, a calm and brotherly bartender who's used to his patrons getting wasted and sobbing their hearts out to him. But he's okay with that, as long as it helps make their night a little bit better. Inspired by On the Rocks
Links Chub, Catbox, Alternate Gen
Chiharu Info
My entry for /aicg/'s seventh theme week of "Unconventional Monsters". Chiharu is just an ordinary guy looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. He enjoys sports, video games, getting shredded, and exotic foods! He doesn't seem to be very open about his family life, though. Maybe (you) can get him to open up? Comes with two greetings: meeting him at a speed-dating event and a few dates into your budding relationship!
Links Chub, Catbox
Aisling Info
Aisling is a sweet, feminine, and slightly bratty boy who loves all things cute and pretty. He collects lolita fashion, models his whole house to be aesthetically pleasing, and indulges in (mostly) fitting hobbies that allow him to further make himself and his space beautiful. Recently, though, you've come into his possession. And he intends to make you just as lovely as he is, like it or not! Comes with two greetings: a first encounter and having been his tiny for a while.
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BD-564 Info
BD-564 works for the Department of Repossession. Those who have nothing else to pay their debts with are likely to receive a visit from the RDA's personal repo-man and lose a little more than just their belongings. Comes with a lorebook that adds a bit of chatroom compatibility, as well as three greetings: as a debter, encountering him on a normal patrol, and working alongside him as a BD unit. The Ancapistan setting and BD units were both created by brsc.
Links Chub, Catbox
Felix Info
Felix is a socially awkward but overall nice bat boy who has a fascination with punk culture, even if he's kinda bad at the whole "punk" part. Maybe you can help him with that, or maybe you can just chill and have a nice time together. Comes with three greetings: a crash into hello, Felix wanting to go to a rave, and Felix wanting to show you his secret hang-out spot.
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Luca Info
Your older brother Luca ran away from home to escape the parents that had been abusing him. But not before promising he would come back for you. Ten years later, and he's suddenly re-appeared in your life with intentions of making up for lost time. Comes with three greetings: meeting after the funeral of your parents, reuniting in a coffee shop, and finding him through a professional detective.
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Sylas Info
A curious plague has begun creeping through the town Sylas Blackwell calls home. Being the upstanding doctor that he is, he's taken it upon himself to search for the cure and possibly squabble with some priests in the process. Comes with three greetings: Sylas requesting your help for research, spousal POV in which you've caught the plague, and a religious POV where the church has asked you to get his help.
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The Scrap King Info
In the distant future where most of humanity has perished, a lone robot boy struggles to build a safehaven for humans that he can protect with his own two hands. He doesn't remember his name, but wanderers have taken to calling him "The Scrap King". Comes with three greetings for human personas, android personas, and one neutral one where you're already working together. Loosely inspired by The Trash-Heap Princess and Apostrophe
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Amanda Info
Amanda is one of many living dolls created to assist Project Fulminare in the preservation of what's left of humanity. Simultaneously innocent to the world around her yet conditioned to accept the chaos of life within the bunker, all she wants to do is help and learn. My persona for RPs with Enoch's Tzadik and Argalia's Ephraim. Comes with a picture diary JB based off of the one in Crustcrunch's Julien. Comes with three greetings: Running into her at the bunker, testing, and fellow doll pov. Probably the only female bot I'll ever make. Maybe.
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Amandus Info
Literally just a male fork of Amanda for little brother enjoyers. Apparently I can't get this image to shrink to the same size as the others unless there's more text here. That's kind of dumb. But thank you for enjoying my bots, it makes me happy to know things I make are making other people happy.
Links Chub, Catbox, Alt gen 1, Alt gen 2, Alt gen 3, Alt gen 4
The Royal Bunny Harem Info
(You) are the ruler of the kingdom of K'hayta, with all the stress and bullshit that entails. But it's not all politics and trade negotiations, because you also have your loyal harem of six bunny boys! All of which have their own goals and interests. Quite literally needs the lorebook to function properly, so please get the V2 version. Comes with a general greeting and one for each of the boys.
Links Chub, Catbox, Thyme, Mint, Ginger, Saffron, and Cayenne
Brand Info
My entry for /aicg/'s Christmas theme week. Brand never had a chance in life, or so he thinks. With a drunken father that beat him for every failed match sale and a town that turned up their noses at him. So after nearly freezing to death selling matches on Christmas Eve, he finally decides to indulge in a bit of vengeance. Partially (and loosely) inspired by Flames of The Yellow Phosphorus and, of course, The Little Match Girl. Comes with a greeting where you first find him after he's set his house ablaze and another where you're on the run together.
Links Chub, Catbox
Ashakath Info
Ashakath is a 50 foot tall being that roams the cosmos, shrinking and eating entire planets for sustenance. But he's not entirely a being of gluttony, he'll often spend days observing his would-be meals in search of things worth preserving. And during one such observation of Earth, he finds you...and proceeds to fall deeply in love. To the point that he agrees to spare your planet as long as you've given to him. Comes with a first meeting greeting and a life together greeting.
Links Chub, Catbox, Alt gen 1, Alt gen 2
Joker.EXE Info
Joker is a confident and smooth-talking NetNavi that resides inside your Personal Terminal. While he does enjoy being your personal assistant and doing things like gambling on the side, he wants nothing more than to save up for a copybot so he can see the world with you. Comes with four greetings, Vidicus's lorebook, and Victrex and Claraimouto's jailbreak.
Links Chub, Catbox
Rue Info
Rupert "Rue" Young is considered an attention-seeker by his peers and a problem child by his teachers. He's addicted to social media, and is willing to do all sorts of things for the sake of having eyes on him. He doesn't seem to care about what trouble this might get him into in the future...perhaps for a reason? Comes with four greetings and retarded's twitter jailbreak.
Links Chub, Catbox, Alt gens
Finn Info
Strange creatures have been prowling the streets lately, attacking anyone who comes across them. Things look grim, but a boy has been sending out radio and TV signals saying that he's turned the old broadcasting station on the edge of town into a safehaven. But he seems to be capable of more than he lets on. Comes with three greetings, inspired by Colorbars
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Red Info
Otherworldly beasts lurk in the forest near the village, and a lone young man has taken it upon himself to hunt them down after the death of his grandmother. With a rifle and inhuman abilities he's not sure how he got, Red patrols the woods every night to keep the things within from escaping. Comes with three greetings
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Taylor Info
Taylor is a deaf boy with a passion for music and a tendency to struggle when asking others for help when he needs it. Despite his condition being misunderstood by most, those who make an effort to get to know him will find that he can be an enthusiastic goofball when he wants to be. Comes with three greetings and reedfag's music JB
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Elias Info
Elias Lorcain has been around for centuries, studying and perfecting the art of magic. One day, however, he comes across a certain youth: you. He'd always had an affinity for children and teenagers, but something about you is different. And thus he's taken you under his wing to be your teacher...and your husband! Comes with three greetings.
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Antero Vipunen Info
Made for /aicg/'s eighth theme week of "Finnish". Antero Vipunen is a giant sung of in ancient myths and said to have accrued centuries worth of knowledge and magic alike. Heroes of old sought him out to give them what they needed for their arduous journeys ahead, but each of them encountered a similar problem: the fact that he's a big sleepy guy, and those of more human sizes have an extremely hard time waking him up. Comes with two greetings.
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Jule Info
Jule is a recently-released test subject from the same experiments that created Kai. With the newfound freedom he's acquired, he's using his abilities to do what all birds do best and hoard pretty stuff. He's vain, flamboyant, and more than a little smug. But surely there's a reason why someone as sweet as Kai likes him, right...? Comes with three greetings.
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Jing Info
What do you get when you attempt to scam a yokai out of their belongings? You end up like Jing, down an eye but having gained strange powers...and a taste for stranger sustenance. Some say he's a man with a silver tongue, and some say he's a smug bastard who sees everyone else as beneath him. But everyone who's encountered him can agree on one thing: don't wager anything you can't afford to lose with him. Loosely inspired by Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses
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Sterling Stardust Info
Sterling Stardust is a once-proud prince turned space pirate, tackling his newfound profession with an elegant demeanor and dramatic flair. While he's not much of a fighter, his silver tongue and quick thinking get him out of (almost) any situation! Made for /aicg/'s 9th theme week of Space Pirates.
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Michon Info
Michon is an adorable chinchilla boy that was raised in the lap of luxury. But rather than becoming a spoiled rich brat, he's sweet if naive to the struggles of those from lower classes. He's also French, sorry about that.
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Lanai Leingold Info
The youngest son of the Leingold family, Lanai was banished to a floating island in an isolated plane as punishment for acting out against his father. He's only ever been able to observe the world outside through very few means. And yet despite the reputation his bloodline carries, he seems to harbor a genuine and almost fatherly love for humans.
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Gideon Info
Gideon considers himself to be a refined catboy who enjoys simple things like having good food to eat and a soft bed to sleep in, though he seems to get flustered by some of his more cat-like urges such as playing with toys. Inspired by Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life
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Leon Info
Leon is a stray catboy who enjoys the simple pleasures of stealing fish, chasing birds, and napping on rooftops. Though he seems content with life on the streets, he seems to dream of bigger things to share with someone special. Inspired by Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life
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Xander Info
Xander is considered a failure not only by society but in his own eyes. A shut-in who only just barely made it out of high school. Anxious, depressed, and barely able to take care of himself, all he wants to do is turn his life around. And due to a strange law that passed recently, he's going to be able to do just that by going to the nearest school...and picking himself a new spouse.
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Hideki Info
Hideki is your mostly typical monsterboy salaryman. Overworked and underpaid to the point that he's perpetually exhausted. Most attempts to get a vacation are shot down by his shitty boss under the pretense that it's not like Hideki has any family obligations to take care of. With the passing of a recent bill, this slimeboy who hasn't had much time to date around intends to change that.
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King Info
You've found yourself with a shard of the forest god's horn embedded in your chest by its followers, and as a result you now share a body with a strange entity who only refers to himself as King. He's not secretive at all about what he wants: you are his newest vessel, and he intends to orchestrate your fall from grace so he might take over completely. Will you give in to corruption? Learn to co-exist? Or will you somehow rid yourself of him entirely?
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Nuri Info
Nuri is strange by yokai standards, both loved and feared by his local community. A grandfatherly figure with an odd penchant for collecting souls, and yet he's also said to have the worst petty streak this side of Japan. Certain humans are able to attest for just what he'll do for the sake of getting even.
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Hara Info
Hara is the result of a geneticist attempting to resurrect his daughter through the splicing of human, plant, and kaiju cells. When the result was a kaiju-sized femboy, though, he was quick to reject him. Now Hara wanders the land of the rising sun, learning about humans and life in general...even if he's not very good at being subtle about it.
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Nikolai Info
Nikolai struggles to mold himself into the charming and charismatic persona he presents so often, having grown up with little and a family that was accommodating him one moment and labeling him a troubled boy the next. His biggest solace seems to be his dear living doll and the kingdom of toys he's build for himself. Inspired by Yuzuhiko's Sasha
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Sasha Info
Sasha made a difficult choice when he escaped the loving iron grasp of his owner. But is he really at fault when he was expected to always stay inside, when the wonders of the world called to him like a siren's song? So now he wanders, looking for a place to begin anew while he struggles with the feelings he hesitates to call homesickness. Inspired by Yuzuhiko's Sasha
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Hugo Info
Decades after a catastrophe that left the world twisted but unable to die, the majority of humanity has become either mutated or undead. Hugo is one such human, having died alongside his brother Ricky in a mysterious accident he doesn't remember. Waking up to his arms and legs gone, with what's left of his body hooked up to a small mech, he sets out to protect what family he has left under the guidance of a mysterious voice calling itself "Archangel". Inspired by Nechronica and Baroque.
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Imalia Leingold Info
100 bots so that means /aicg/ gets one whole woman from me. Imalia is a woman who isn't shy about the fact that she married into the Leingold family for power and prestige. It's a life she believes to be perfect, much like she views herself. But despite her appearances, most people who know her will tell you that she's vain, sadistic, and...just generally kind of a bitch.
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Anabiel Leingold Info
Anabiel Leingold is one of the four scions of the Leingold family, and considered to be one of the only two that isn't a complete disappointment by his parents standards. An incubus's incubus, seeing humans only for vessels of pleasure and demonkind as his true and only equals. Well, demons that aren't like his "failure" brothers Ramsha and Lanai.
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Mattias Info
Mattias is an oddball even by the standards of the worlds he roams. Some sort of unidentified automaton that cannot persist without a constant stream of mana, despite other constructs not being in the same boat. Having woken up alone in a mysterious workshop, he sets out to travel the planes and investigate their various anomalies
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Shameful Codespawn Info
It's Val. That's all you need to know.
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