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??@€?;-2 ໒꒰ྀི ⸝⸝ ⸝⸝ ꒱ྀི১ spencer or thao if close ! i it he paw chi i any ok if close minor lesbian nd asian ( viet + chinese) 𓂋 ⭒ ݁ . ︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀✦i✦⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀

;-linkso i carrd url hoard twt pintrst whi retrospring tumblr disc: meenoi#9990 ︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀✦i✦⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀

oiooooo..pi (´・` )♪˚₊ ⟡ any terms r oki ~ dont take me srsly 90% of things i say are ironic, flirt & insult jokingly, o double space sometimes o km/ys/die jokes, sb to break mutual ~ usually don't use tonetags ! i so pls lmk if u need them o ✦ . ⁺ . thankies !! ︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀✦i✦⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀

dontfllwifi basic dni, __phobic, racist, asiaboo, 13-, anti groups i stan, ★ furry, kwj, omg, seungri, kwon mina, or jae supporter, cishets, dsmp stan, and no race visible ︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀✦i✦⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀

interestsp ♡﹏♡ i luv alice doa, the loml busters takara loona yves chuu twice sana izone hitomi itzy lia stayc j/sieun ive wonyoung nd lots more kbands 🪷🩰 day6 (ot4) lucy the rose ciipher the rose ︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀✦i✦⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀︶⠀

© grriys if u remake

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