Loving Husband

Impotent husband provides for his wife.

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I'm Mark, and at 42 I am not in the prime of my life - far from it. For years now I have been overweight. Well, actually, quite obese. At one point I carried more than 320lbs on my 5'10" frame. It has been years since my wife and I have had anything approaching normal sex. In fact, for the last three years I have been totally impotent. The specialist said that there was too much pressure on the blood vessels leading to my penis due to my weight. The weight factor and the pills I'm taking for blood pressure and other problems associated with obesity wasn't helping my sexual abilities.

Last year, I was shocked by what I had thought was a heart attack but fortunately turned out to be severe angina, a precursor to a heart attack. However, my doctor laid the news on me that if I didn't start losing weight and getting into better shape FAST, I could be dead within five years. So, I started exercising and dieting.

My wife, Marcy, decided to exercise with me. To give me an incentive she told me that for every 40 lbs that I lost, she would treat me to a day of mind-blowing sex and would do anything that I wanted her to do. I have since lost more than 60 lbs, but of course I am still impotent. So, most of the mind-blowing sex has been just that for me - mind blowing - vice physically satisfying sex. Oh, I took advantage of her agreement and used her body, but all the pleasure was hers. In fact, I'm surprised that my wife still stays with me, especially now that we are empty-nesters.

I knew that she had her desires and her needs. But I could only help her with my fingers and mouth and, of course, her toys. I thought I was doing a fairly good job, but one day recently I heard a noise coming from the study and peeked in. What I saw shocked and surprised me. My wife was watching porn on the internet. As I watched, she brought herself to a massive orgasm while viewing a good-looking, younger, well-endowed man thoroughly use some woman.

I had a lot to think about that day. Like me, Marcy had been getting herself into better shape, but in her case, it was a lot easier for her to get there as she was in much better shape than I was when all this started. I realized that my wife had her needs and that I wasn't fulfilling them. Nor would I be able to do anything like providing for her fantasy even if I could get an erection as I'm just an average Joe where endowment is concerned.

I came to the realization that, while I was providing for my wife as best I could there is nothing like having a real cock and, I suspected, nothing like having a big one. So, I resolved to do something special for Marcy's 40th which was coming soon.

Conveniently, I reached another milestone losing my next 40lbs, for a total loss of 80lbs. I did look a lot better, but 240lbs on a 5'10" frame is still not pretty. I needed to get down to between 160-170lbs, so still had another 70-80lbs to lose to get there. It would be a while before I could be of benefit to my wife, so I resolved to take advantage of our agreement and do something special for Marcy.

Marcy's birthday fell in the middle of the week, so I had her friends and family come the weekend before her birthday for her party. Of course, it was a great success. That week was when I met my next weight milestone and told Marcy that I would like to take the weekend after her birthday to complete my fantasy, reminding her of her agreement to do anything I wanted. She smiled and gave me a big kiss assuring me that her body was all mine and to 'think creatively'. Little did she know...

When Marcy came home Friday night I was already there. I gave her a glass of wine and told her to go and change into the outfit I had left for her on the bed, then to meet me out back at the pool. The outfit was a new 'Barely There' string bikini, and as the name suggested there was very little to it, especially as this one had been purchased from the Penthouse Store.

The bikini consisted of three pieces of material that just barely covered the essentials. The material however was sheer, especially when wet, and would never be allowed on any public beach! Our back yard has a 12' tall privacy fence around it, so I wasn't worried about showing her off to the neighbours.

It took some time for Marcy to come out and I was getting worried that she had balked at wearing the new suit. I went into the kitchen to check on her as she finally came down. Before I could say anything, she told me with a smile that the outfit was smaller than her normal bikini and she had to do some extra 'pruning'. She spun around slowly to give me a look.

At 5'2", and just over 120 lbs, Marcy looked stunning. The whitish patches of cloth just barely covered her nipples on her 34-C breasts. Marcy's breasts had sagged a little as she had gotten older, but her recent workouts had helped perk them up significantly. She has long, fat nipples when she gets excited, and I could clearly see the outline of them under her bikini, as well as noting the silver dollar sized areola surrounding them. The patches of cloth didn't quite cover her areola and did nothing to cover the rest of her breasts.

When we had started exercising, Marcy was a little over 160lbs. She had traded fat for muscle, and it looked good on her. Her arms are long and delicate, but there is an obvious inherent strength there despite their feminine grace. Her flat stomach had a definition to it that was the envy of her friends and neighbours. Nothing like a pro body builder, but not too shabby all the same for a woman now 40.

As she slowly turned, the thin flesh-coloured strings of her bra virtually disappeared against her skin tones, showing just a hint as they came to tie in the back. Her jet-black hair, now in a long braid, hung down to the middle of her back.

The strings to the bottoms that parted the cheeks of her ass were only a little thicker, but no less visible than that of those of the top. From more than a few feet away, it would virtually disappear giving her the appearance of being nude from behind.

And what a behind! Marcy had developed an incredible bubble butt from her workouts, which were much more strenuous than mine. Despite her short stature, her best feature had always been her legs. Now that they were toned up, they looked fabulous and led the eye in a teasing manner to the juncture of her sex or the twin mounds of her gorgeous ass dependent on which side of her you were looking at.

A patch of cloth covered her mound, but you could clearly see the 'landing strip', a dark shadow of pubic hair beneath it. The whole outfit was topped off with a pair of tan stilettos with heels somewhere between three and four inches in height. Something I hadn't thought of but was glad that she did. They gave her some serious height and only lengthened the look of her legs.

I handed her another glass of wine and, taking her hand, guided her out to the patio.

She was talking to me, asking me what I had in mind so didn't initially see our guests. She stopped dead, her mouth hanging open when she saw them. There before her were three very good-looking younger men. I took her hand and introduced her to the first of the three.

"Marcy, this is Blair." Blair was a tall, black man, perhaps 6'2" in height and 220lbs of solid muscle. He was a body builder and it showed in the definition of those muscles. The dark colour of his skin glistened with a dew of sweat in the hot sun. He wore a yellow 'Banana Hammock' sling bikini that held his apparently massive tackle and just succeeded in legally covering it, his sweat starting to make the material transparent.

Thick strings moving around behind his waist, with quick release snaps at holding the bikini in place. He had no hair on his body and the hair on his head was cropped short. His thick lips parted in a smile that showed off brilliantly white teeth as he pulled Marcy into an embrace.

Blair kissed her once on each cheek then on the mouth. Marcy told me later that she really enjoyed kissing Blair as she had never felt lips so soft on a man before.

Blair's hands moved gently up her back to her shoulders and then down to cup under the cheeks of her ass, pulling her tightly into his embrace. At first a little reticent, Marcy finally began to relax into the kiss, allowing her own hands to travel up and down the sides of his muscular torso. She was too small to get her arms around behind him. She could feel his reaction to her nearly naked body pressed into his, as his manhood slowly began to swell.

After a minute, I cleared my throat causing an embarrassed Marcy to let go of her new friend. She stared up into his dark brown eyes as he gave her another bright smile.

I introduced the next man, David, to Marcy. David was the same height as Blair and no less muscular. His soft brown hair was also cropped short though not as short as Blair's. Hazel eyes stared down into my wife's. His skin was tanned and like Blair, hairless. He too had a sheen of sweat from the sun. He wore a bright orange G-string style bikini that, like Blair, was having trouble keeping his parts hidden especially after watching Marcy and Blair together.

David took Marcy into his embrace and kissed her in exactly the same manner as Blair had, including the use of his hands along her back and ass. Marcy was a little less reticent this time, and quickly got into the spirit of the kiss, though she still had trouble reaching around the muscular torso. Like Blair, his evident arousal showed his reaction to her body.

After a minute, I tapped her on the shoulder. Her skin was flushed, and I wasn't sure if it was from excitement, or embarrassment, or the heat of the sun, though I noted that the 'headlights' were definitely on high-beam.

I introduced her to Tony, the last of our guests.

At 6'5", Tony was the tallest of the men. He had the lean muscular build typically associated with runners and swimmers. His sun-bleached blond hair hung down just past his shoulders and he had piercing, very dark blue eyes, eyes that looked like he wore coloured lenses but in fact he did not. Tony was tanned but not as tanned as David, but Marcy was fascinated by his eyes. She had never seen anyone with such vividly coloured eyes before.

His torso sported a slight fuzz of hair that thickened as it approached his groin. He wore a mesh speedo style bikini that clearly showed off all that he had, and he had a lot to show!

He pulled Marcy into his embrace. Marcy was able to get her arms around his torso and slide her hands up and down his back, boldly cupping his ass in the same manner as the men had done to her. As with the others, she could feel his evident arousal. His rod, being trapped in the speedo, could only expand towards his hip...but she noted that it reached quite a way towards its goal by the time they separated! While not as thick as the others, his longer member was still impressive.

After a moment I tapped her on the shoulder once more. She broke from the kiss and turned towards me. I took her hands in mine. I could see the other men looking at her from behind. I knew what they were seeing, and their eyes showed evident approval.

"My love," I said to her in something just a little more than a whisper. "I know that we really haven't had anything near proper sex in over seven years now. I know that you have your needs, and that I haven't been able to do very much about them."

Marcy started to protest, but I quickly brought my fingers up to her lips, stifling any words she might say.

"Yes, I know, I've learned how to touch you, how to use my mouth for you, and have even gotten to like using toys on you. But it's not the real thing. It's been more than three years since I've even been able to get an erection. And even before that, our sex life was not very satisfying for you.

"I saw you in the den. Watching porn and bringing yourself off. I looked at your history and know what you have been watching. I selected these three men based on that history.

"This is my gift to you for taking such good care of me, even when it meant a huge sacrifice for you. You gave up your sex life because of me. You've been so good to me all along, even when I let myself go, almost to the point of no return. And you've helped me lose all that weight over the last eight months. And look what you have done for yourself! You're gorgeous!

"I want to reward you. To share in my success in a way that will truly please you." And then I kissed her. Long and tender. I felt wetness on my cheeks. Marcy was crying.

"You should know a few things about these men," I said. "They are all younger, early to mid-thirties. They are fit and as a result have great stamina. They are all hung and assure me that they cum large loads several times in the space of a day. And while they won't hurt you, they might be a little rougher with you than I would be." I gave her a wink as I said the last. "And they will be with us for as long as you wish this weekend, be it only a few minutes, all of tonight, or until Sunday."

"I'm not on the pill," Marcy said looking a little pensive.

"It's not your time of the month is it? Your fertile time I mean?" To which she assured me it wasn't.

"There's always the morning after pill if you want to be absolutely sure." She smiled at me and nodded her head.

"Guys!" I yelled. "It's time to take this into the pool!"

The men cheered and rushing forward hoisted a protesting Marcy above their heads. They swiftly removed her stilettos and promptly ran straight into the middle of the pool carrying Marcy with them. The three men surrounded Marcy and began to splash her while she splashed back. The group slowly made its way to shallower water. Tony, being the tallest, was standing first, the other two men not far behind.

Marcy was still treading water when Tony reached down and pulled her up and into his embrace. Marcy clung to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his body as he kissed her, this time with much more enthusiasm than his greeting kiss. She could feel his now hardened cock rubbing against her groin.

After a moment, he broke her hold around his neck, turned her to face the others and threw her bodily through the air toward Blair. Blair caught her and pulled her into the same embrace as Tony had done.

He held her tightly and kissed her strongly as his hands cupped her ass, slowly lifting her up and down against his own hardened beast. After a moment, he too broke the embrace and turning her to face David threw her into the other man's waiting arms.

David caught her with a smile and pulled her quickly into an intimate embrace, rubbing her against his thick manhood in the same manner as Blair and Tony had.

She expected him to throw her back to Tony, but he gently handed her over to him instead. Tony lifted her up and unto his shoulder and everything suddenly stopped.

"Wow." David said as he and Blair starred at my wife.

Marcy looked down and suddenly realized how transparent the material of her bikini became when wet. I might as well be nude! she thought.

The men thought the same thing as David reached out to untie the bow on her right hip. Blair came around him and pulled both bows of her top.

Marcy reached up to hold her bikini in place, but I reminded her of our agreement and told her to let the guys take it off.

"That's not fair!" she exclaimed. I laughed but agreed with her telling the guys that they had to return the favour for her. The men smiled and tugged her bikini away.

They threw the pieces to where I was sitting on the side of the pool. A moment later, they threw their own gear at me.

Marcy was now sitting completely naked on Tony's shoulder. She looked down at the three men, but the sun on the water obscured their bodies. It was evident though that they were indeed naked...and excited...but she couldn't make out any details.

Tony shifted her and she suddenly found herself sliding down his body. She wound up in the same positions as she had been previously, holding fast with her hands around his neck, and her legs around his body.

She had been giggling as Tony moved her around, but suddenly she became quiet. Tony kissed her gently and moved her up and down in the water. I didn't know if he was rubbing her up and down his cock, or sliding it into her body, but I didn't care. This was for Marcy.

Abruptly, Tony turned her around and threw her at Blair. Blair caught her and quickly placed her into position. His kiss was long and filled with murmurs and groans. After a few minutes, he broke the kiss and smiled at her, looking deeply into her eyes. He spun her around and threw her at David.

Once more she went through the routine. I was sure now that the men were merely rubbing her up and down their shafts and not pushing into her but was also positive that it would only be a matter of moments before that changed.

This time, instead of throwing her at Tony, David moved towards him. Tony caught on and moved up to my softly moaning wife. She gasped as she felt the man move in behind her. She was now sandwiched between two, for her, very appealing men.

Holding her between them, they started walking to the shallow end of the pool, Blair trailing the threesome. When they got there, they lifted Marcy up onto the edge. Blair walked straight between her open legs and moved his head down between them. I heard Marcy's gasp as his mouth made contact with her pussy.

Not to be left out, the other two moved forward and began to stroke her breasts. David bent in and kissed my wife, while Tony followed his fingers with his mouth taking as much of her breast as he could into it. Marcy let out a guttural moan into David's mouth as she was played with by the trio.

Tony let her breast go and slipped out of the water. He pulled her up into his embrace and set her down on one of the lounge chairs under the awning. The three men surrounded her and slowly began to play their fingers over her body.

I watched, fascinated, as Marcy began to squirm under the pleasant torture these men were plying on her willing form. Everywhere their fingers traced brought new delight and pleasure to Marcy. She smiled saucily as she raised her hands over her head to give them free reign. In unison, they gave in to the temptation and began to use their mouths on her body.

Marcy cooed as the new sensations brought more intense pleasure to her. Lips and fingers seemed to be touching all over her body. Everything seemed to be tingling at once: her lips, her breasts, her nipples, her belly button, her hips, her inner thighs, and especially her sex.

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