Humiliating, that was the word for it. Chained, naked, spread eagle to the rough brick wall in the alley behind Le Sex Shoppe.

Jill and I sweated profusely, flexing our muscles, testing our bonds, to no avail. Drool from our lips surrounding the ball gags, dripped on our breasts and mixed with our sweat. One annoying string of it dangled from my hardened nipple. I twisted my body, swinging breasts, trying to fling it off.

The alley was dark, hot and humid, fetid with the stench of nearby dumpsters. Little scratches and squeaks of rats finding their rotten food filled me with dread that the rats might discover us and decide we should be their next meal.

A mere 20 yards away, the bright lights and hustling bustle of life in the city flowed past in the street at the end of the alley. Taxis honked insistenty and pedestrians hurried along, never giving a glance down the pitch black alley at the two gorgeous prisoners chained, awaiting their fate.

We might have dared to try to scream out around the tight ball gags strapped into our mouths, but Mandy stood watch, ready to zap us with the shock collars choking our necks. I thought I heard our bachelorette party approaching in the street. Not to difficult to recognize the screaming and laughing of eight extremely drunk women.

"Connie!! Jill!! Where are yooouuu?" Cathy the bride called out.

I didn't know whether to scream or just stay silent. On the one hand I really wanted to be rescued from our captivity. On the other, I would never live down the embarrassment of being found like this, juices flowing freely, running down my legs, mixing with the sweat of this hot Chicago night. The unbearable humiliation, my nipples hard as rocks, to be caught here with Jill, who had already collared me earlier tonight, on my knees, in front of all of them, would be too much. I'd have to quit my job, leaving this town, my job, and all my ex-friends behind.

It turns out I never had to make that decision to scream or not. Jill did it for me, yelling as loudly as she could manage from behind the ball gag. We both received the instant punishment from our shock collars, causing blinding pain as our bodies contorted as much as the chains which held our limbs tightly spread eagle allowed. Mandy slapped Jill across her face and breasts, already tender from the stripes of the whipping she received earlier.

"Shut the fuck up, Cunt" hissed Mandy in a forceful whisper, pulling Jill's face roughly away from the street and down the alley by the straps of her gag harness.

"Shhhhh. I hear something" Cathy said peering into the gloom of the alley.

All eight pairs of the girl's eyes were now intensely focused on the darkness ahead of them as they began to creep down the alley. I watched in horror, fearing any second we would be discovered, as they stared straight at us, unseeing in the blackness of the alley.

A rat had crept close to Jill and Mandy, attracted by Jill's scent and the sweat which had been splashed to the ground when Mandy slapped her breasts. Mandy looked at the approaching rat and gave it a kick with the point of her stiletto. The rat screeched and took off running up the alley toward the approaching girls.

The screaming and total chaos as the girls saw the rat and ran drunkenly in every direction at once to avoid it would have been comical to Connie, if she wasn't chained to the wall just feet away. The rat, selecting the path of least resistance turned and ran back into the alley, screeching past the chained girls, as the bachelorette party flew back out into the street. Neither was ever seen or heard from again.

The black stretch limousine eased up the alley from the direction the rat had fled, slowly splashing though the pot holes filled with putrid water. It's headlights were off as it pulled to a stop, rear door facing the girls.

Connie hadn't been in a limo since her high school prom. She was almost looking forward to the ride with a thrill. "We will be taken to this party in style, perhaps. Just like fancy big wigs."

Mandy freed Jill from her chains, glaring at her. "Just try something you fucking slut. I'll make you sorry you were ever born."

I watched as Don opened the limo door and Mandy shoved Jill inside. He followed Mandy in afterwards and slammed the door. There seemed to be some sort of fight breaking out in the limo, lots of thumping and muffled shouting followed by a piercing scream which sounded a lot like Mandy. After a minute or so the ruckus had calmed down and Don and Mandy tumbled out of the limo door.

Don's shirt was untucked and half his shirt buttons had been ripped open. "Fuck. You gotta hand it to that bitch. She doesn't get her way and you'll get hurt."

"Tell me about it, Don" Mandy replied, licking the blood from her split lip, pulling her tight skirt back down onto her thighs. "She had my nipple twisted so hard and wouldn't let go, even when I gave her the full zap with the collar. She must have an extremely high tolerance for pain. We'll have to find out just how high at the party."

Mandy gave Connie one of her evil grins. "Your not going to give us trouble like your girlfriend, I hope." I shook my head vigorously, feeling myself getting wet at the thought of what Jill might have done to me if we had made it back to her apartment and I resisted her advances.

Don unchained me from the wall and pushed me into the limousine. At first my eyes were blinded by the flashing mood lights in the ceiling and I was pushed forward roughly by Don and Mandy, stumbling as I half walked, half crawled my way. My eyes had just opened when I was thrown into a seat just across from Jill, now sporting a fresh bruise on her cheek and a bloody nose.

Straps were quickly fastened to my wrists, forearms, and ankles before I could even begin to struggle. More straps on my thighs spread my legs wide open, another across my chest, crushing my breasts painfully, and a final strap went across my forehead, pulling my head back into the headrest. I could not move a muscle except in my fingers and toes. I was completely immobilized. The realization of that helplessness hit me hard and I could feel an orgasm growing in my pussy as my fantasies became reality yet again.

Don and Mandy fell back into the bench at the rear of the limo as I became more aware of my surroundings. Not only was Jill strapped in tightly across from me, but four other beautiful slaves were also held tightly in place in seats of their own. They all seemed to be bouncing and writhing, bathed in the garish pink, red and violet pulsating mood lighting. Then I noticed why.

These seats had no cushion except on under our thighs and the outer edge of our asses. In the open space below were a variety of fucking machines. Large dildos attached to powerful pistons aimed directly at our assholes and vaginas. Jill's and mine were not yet activated but our fellow slaves were being forcibly fucked in all their holes. I heard little hisses and puffs of air as small jets shot lubricant onto the dildos, keeping them wet and slick.

I suddenly realized that the air was pungent with the aromas these slaves gave off, as the plungers worked them over at a frantic pace. Powerful vibrators pressed against their clits, as one after the other grunted out orgasm after orgasm, eyes rolled back into their heads or occasionally darted around taking in the torture of their fellow slaves.

"I think that's enough for now, girls" came a voice from the seat at the head of the passenger compartment. A light came on suddenly over the head of a very rugged and handsome middle aged man, dressed in a fine evening tuxedo. He looked at Jill and me, smiling, as if unaware of the contast between our bound nudity and his own elegant apparel.

He pressed a few buttons on the iPad mounted to the armrest in front of him and the pistons and vibrators withdrew into the seats, leaving the other slaves panting and trembling, moaning in either relief it was over or agony of a denied orgasm.

"Allow me to introduce myself for the benefit of our new guests, Connie and Jill. My name is Mr Blackwell, and in case it's not obvious to you, I am the one who owns you. Well...for the next few hours anyway. It is through my own generosity that you have been able to avoid prison time for your various sins, crimes, and debts. The contract you signed obligates you to serve my guests as sex slaves at up to five parties over the next few months."

"This is the first party for Connie and Jill but the rest of you have enjoyed at least one or two, maybe three. You will find that other than the parties you must attend, there is little else I require of you. You may live your life as you chose, but, as the contract states, you must remain in the city until your obligation is fulfilled and also you must avoid doing any drugs which might diminish your value to my guests."

"In exchange for this relatively modest request the criminal evidence which I hold will not be released to the police and will be returned to you after the fifth party. Should you break your signed contract, or if I feel you have not been living up to your duties to please my guests to the best of your abilities, you find find yourself at the mercy of the courts and headed to a lengthy prison term and a ruined life."

"If you think you stand a chance in the courts please think again. The police, prosecutors, and judges you will face are the same ones you will likely be meeting at the party tonight. I control them every bit as much as I control you. A little blackmail goes a long way in this city, as I am sure you understand by now."

"Are there any questions?" I watched in horror as Jill twisted her head beneath the strap toward Mr Blackwell and began to scream from behind the gag what was easily recognizable as a stream of profanity directed at our host.

Mr Blackwell shook his head as he pressed a few buttons on his control pad. "Jill, I think you will be an excellent plaything for some of our guests who enjoy the rougher aspects of sex. Here is a taste."

All of the belts securing Jill began to tighten, pulled by invisible motors buried in the seat. She gasped as the straps dug into her soft flesh, compressing into her thighs and arms, her head drawn tightly into the headrest, and worst of all, the strap across her breasts smashing them cruelly into well separated upper and lower halves, her nipples crushed beneath the strap.

The cursing behind the ball gag turned into pleas for mercy as Jill's eyes opened wide from the torture she received. A metallic ball about three inches in diameter pushed up into her crotch from the depths of the seat, spreading her lips and pressing into her clit as the jets squirted lubricant.

Mr Blackwell pushed another button causing the ball to deliver a series of electric shocks which caused Jill to jump, twist, and writhe painfully beneath the straps which creaked yet held her firmly in place. Her stomach muscles clenched and released with every shock delivered, quivering and quaking in between.

During the final and longest shock Jill's hips began to rock, sliding the ball between her clit and then opening of her vagina. She held it on her clit for a few seconds, the only movement a quivering in her stomach and thighs, then exploded in a gut wrenching orgasm, shaking wildly beneath the straps. Falling limp a minute later, she gradually stopped spasming. The only sign of life was a slight twitching of her upper thigh muscles. A low moan was heard behind the ball gag.

"Bravo, Jill. Well done" said Mr Blackwell, admiring Jill's stamina and capacity for orgasm.

Throughout this entire ordeal tonight I had been barely touched. I had watched Jill have three enormous orgasms and the worst that had happened to me was a little pat on my pussy by Don and Mandy when I was handcuffed and leashed to the wall back in the sex shop dungeon. Seeing all this sex happening everywhere around me was driving me crazy because I was getting nothing. I needed a cock or something, anything, and I needed it now.

I had been bound the entire time and even though I knew my clit was engorged and throbbing, I was unable to even touch it. If I could touch it I knew I would come instantly and very hard. This was sexual teasing and denial torture as I had never experienced it.

Apparently Mr Blackwell noticed my pathetic mewing and decided to have some fun with me. A few taps on his control pad and one by one the fucking machines under all the other slaves came to life and began buzzing clits and driving into the slaves. I watched Mr Blackwell's eyes as he carefully controlled each one.

When he turned his eyes to me I felt the jets of lubricant coating my ass and cunt. I heard the pistons lifting the dildos into position and could feel the tips just touching my openings. "Come on, Mr Blackwell. Give it to me. Take your slave. Fuck me hard. Just fuck me."

He smiled as I heard the vibrator start buzzing below me. I could almost feel the air surrounding the vibrating head teasing my clit as it inched closer. "Just touch that thing to my clit for two seconds, Mr Blackwell and I'll be in orgasm heaven."

The vibrator touched my clit for about a half second as I tried to will my clit to extend down and embrace that sweet vibe. It touched again for a half second and then withdrew. "Fuck, Mr Blackwell you sadistic bastard. Fuck me NOW. Vibe me NOW. p I need this like I've never needed anything."

The vibrator touched again for just a half second. "Fuck fuck fuck. Can't you see me begging for this? Please Mr Blackwell. I'll be your slave for life if you just fuck me RIGHT NOW."

The pistons pushed the dildos half an inch into me, ineffective for want I wanted. I rocked my hips and tried to lower myself onto them. I was bound too tight. The straps held me away from all my happiness. "Fuck fuck fuck Mr Blackwell". My eyes pleaded with him as I watched his smile vanish and his eyes took on a sadistic glint. He was torturing me worse than he had just tortured Jill and he knew it.

I closed my eyes to avoid his evil stare and tried to will my body into an orgasm. I imagined all the evil things they would do to me at the party. I replayed in my head all the orgasms I had seen Jill have. I tried to feel all the cruel and wonderful things she would do with her tongue when she had me tied up in her apartment.

It was no use. Without something anything touching my clit or fucking me there was no way I could come. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes as I realized what a slut whore I had become. And that fucker Blackwell wasn't going to use me. I looked across at Jill and saw all of that in her eyes. She knew what I was and what I wanted. She seemed just as happy about my situation as Mr Blackwell was.

Fuck the both of them. I gave up, knowing my orgasm, if I ever got one, wasn't going to happen on this ride.

All the toys had been withdrawn and we continued the last 30 miles or so resting from all our exertions. Well, some of us did. I mostly sulked from having been denied thus far.

The limo slowed as it pulled through some ornate iron gates that opened as if by magic. It was another two or three minutes up the tree lined drive before we pulled in front of the largest, most grand stone mansion I had ever seen.

As we waited in line, a number of exotic super cars were pulling up to the front door and quickly driven away by parking valets. The guests were men dressed in fine tuxedos and the women dressed in expensive evening gowns with jewelry sparkling in as they climbed the dozen stone steps to the heavily carved wooden double doors, opened and flanked by distinctive butlers who greeted the guestd deferentially as they entered.

Other limousines were also pulling up and disgorging older, more refined gentlemen, who also seemed to have young and beautiful eye candy on their arm, often both arms. We pulled ahead, stopped, and a valet was right there to open the door. He discreetly avoided looking inside as Mr Blackwell scrambled down the aisle past us and exited. "See you inside ladies, especially you, Connie" he offered, poking his head back in briefly to further tease me. I was sure of it. "Bastard!"

He rushed off to greet more guests just arriving as our limo continued around back, passing 20 or more expensive cars and limousines parked for the evening on the gravelly rear courtyard. Mandy and Don came forward from their seat at the rear to release our bindings after attaching a continuous chain to each of our collars, linking all six of us about three feet apart.

Mandy had us lean forward in the seats as she shackled our wrists with shiny steel manacles.

I noticed Mandy was careful not to turn her back on Jill and kept her shock collar control in plain site, thumb at the ready, as Don secured Jill's bonds.

Pulling on the lead slave's collar with a length of chain wrapped in her hand, Mandy led us out of the limo's rear door. Not an easy task, with hands bound behind and the chain joining us together pulling forward and back, but we made it out.

We finally stood on the pea gravel courtyard in the evening heat, a little cooler than the city, but not by much. The humidity hung in the air, undisturbed by the slightest hint of a breeze. Six slaves, naked and sweating. Ball gagged. Left over oily slick lube and our own juices mixing with the sweat and flowing down our glistening legs.

"So this is what slave life is like" I wondered to myself, imagination running wild as my unsatisfied body shivered in anticipation.

Six beautiful obedient captives. All in a row. Chained together. Naked except for our ball gags and collars. For some reason I found myself trying to stand tall and proud. Trying to be the best and most desirable slave.

Mandy pulled the chain on the lead slave, dragging us all toward the servants entrance.

She turned and looked us over, admiring her string of beautiful slaves. "Not bad" she mused.

"Are you ready for the party, slaves?"

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