"Truthfully, I already knew I can't see rainbow if I'm looking down."

MATT or ERI He/Pri/Purr 18 White ♪
TME ⚧ Transmasc Agender Bi Autistic Syshost
INTP 6w7 sp/so 681 Chol-Mel SCOAI ChaoNeu

♥︎: Persona 1-5, Ace Attorney, Splatoon, Katamari Damacy, D4DJ, The Caligula Effect, Professor Layton, Enstars, Miitopia, detectives & detective media, cats, writing, Two Door Cinema Club, Radiohead, Dazey and the Scouts, etc.

I don't really have a DNI aside from the usual stuff (terf, pedo, proship, you know the drill) & if you're -16 or 25+. I will block if I'm uncomfortable with you interacting, thanks!

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