This is a work of fiction. All characters portrayed are fictional and over 18 years of age.

This is Part 2 and the park scene hots up. Hope you enjoy - thanks!


Two good buddies who had been watching nearby were the first to move in. She heard their footsteps approaching and a shiver of anticipation ran down her spine. The guys stood in front of the small sign I'd placed earlier on the bench next to her. They read the inviting offer:

"FREE KISSES - I LOVE TONGUE KISSING. No touching under my school dress though, please 😉"

Snuggly blindfolded, she smiled at the darkness when an invisible, slightly raspy male voice asked her if she was ok. "Yes, thank you. I'm fine. Would you like a free kiss? I'm a good girl but a better kisser." The two guys look at each other and quickly joined her on the park bench, positioning themselves either side of the pretty little blindfolded school girl.

She felt one of the stranger's tongue and lips press into her slightly open mouth. Whoever it was began frantically kissing her, his hands energetically gripping both her breasts and pumping them firmly. She melted submissively into his animalistic urges and squirmed girlishly against his forceful movements. His tongue probed her mouth deeply as his roaming hands continued to grasp and claw at her tight, blue uniform.

The other guy encouraged his buddy on, watching him French kissing and having a great time with this sexy little slut they had been fortunate enough to stumble across in the park.

I watched all this from my vantage point some fifty metres away. I was impressed with how little time these guys were wasting, since they had immediately realised and seized upon the golden opportunity so freely presented to them. My cock hardened further in my pants as I watched them kissing and feeling up my young student.

A moment later, while I continued to watch the scene from afar, the second guy suddenly stood up and moved behind the bench so that he was looking down, stationed above them. He reached down and quickly grabbed both hands of the girl, forcing them up, above and behind her head.

She struggled slightly, surprised at the sudden seizure of her hands but was unable to break free. The guy standing behind the bench held her thin wrists together with one of his big hands, locking her arms up like a prisoner while his friend worked her from the front. His other, free hand then sneakily slipped down the front of her school dress and, with his thumb and forefinger, he gently pinched and rolled an erect, pink nipple - watching as he did, his buddy continue tonguing her mouth and feeling her other tit.

I remained seated some way off in the distance, watching them have fun with this sweet young schoolgirl. Of course, I immediately noted the blatant rule violation when the second guy's hand slipped down her front to play under her dress but it didn't really concern me. It was only making my hard cock strain more in my pants!

I thought about getting up and approaching them but preferred to let then continue for a while longer to see how much further it would develop and, what's more, I may have struggled to walk at that point given how hard my cock was jammed inside my pants!

The first guy broke his lips and tongue away from her breathless mouth and he glanced up at her hands both restrained above her. He grinned at his buddy, who still reached down with his other hand to grasp inside her dress and tweak her perky tits.

They shared some coarse banter about using this "Pretty little slut" and decided the order in which they were to feed her their eager cocks after looking around to make sure no Police were anywhere nearby.

The guy in front then roughly pushed her dress up around her hips and yanked off her soaked panties, exposing an inviting, bald slit. He shoved three of his fingers into her mouth and told her to "lube them up" for her cunt. He pushed his fingers so deep into her mouth that she struggled to breathe and gagged when the back of her throat was touched, causing thick, slippery mucus to jet onto his fingers. Suitably lubricated, he withdrew and lowered his hand to begin forcing the fingers inch by inch into her tight little cunt.

The guy above left her titties and pulled out his stiff, bobbing cock. Grabbing her head, he steadily fed it into her mouth. She moaned and sucked and whimpered as the tempo of the finger and mouth fucking increased, the three fingers below now deeply filling her slippery fuckhole as the guy in front pistoned them in and out of her exposed slit.

Remaining blindfolded and restrained, she felt completely powerless and at the mercy of these total strangers. But she loved it! As they sped up her face and finger fucking, the first orgasm took hold of her body. She groaned loudly as her body shuddered uncontrollably and her insides cascaded with warm, fuzzy pleasure.

Sliding his three fingers out, dripping with her sweet, fresh juice the guy in front held his aching boner and carefully guided it into her waiting gash. He growled with lust as his raw cock slipped into her lovely slippery cunt, disappearing up to his sack. "Pound that pussy!" his friend shouted encouragingly. "Pound this fuckin' slut!"

And so he did - relentlessly pounding that sweet schoolgirl's hairless vagina, slapping his hairly ball sack into her as he did.

Eventually I shuffled over and excused myself, pointing out with difficulty above the lusty din that they hadn't exactly followed the rules set out on the sign - which by that time had been knocked over and was lying in the dirt.

Naturally, they told me to fuck off, they were "busy". I politely asked them to pause momentarily so we could discuss an appropriate fee for the extra things they were doing to my student.

This caused them to realise that I was the older guy they had seen earlier and so they slowed down, laughing and congratulating me on providing such a sweet little fuck toy. After a brief discussion, we agreed on a modest service fee of $100 each for them to do whatever they liked to her for a further fifteen minutes. With that satisfactorily sorted, I returned to my other seat to resume watching the show.

They took turns with her body for the remaining time. Her hands now free, she tickled their swaying balls and fingered her arsehole while they dumped the shit out of her slippery, teen gash.

The first guy, swearing profusely as he reached his climax, shuddered as his slimy cock penetrated her balls-deep for the final few thrusts, shooting wad after wad of hot cum into her tender cunt. A thin trail of semen dribbled out of her and down her arse crack as he gingerly pulled his softening cock out.

His buddy also wasted no time, pulling off her blindfold now so that she could look into his ravished eyes as he took his turn to impregnate her. He was more gentle and slowly rythmic with his fucking, causing her to relax into his thrusting body and set another orgasm off in her. A powerful, electric sensation rippled through her body and her back arched - her pussy clamping down hard on his straining cock. Thrusting his cock deeply as possible into her, this threw him over the edge and he reached his peak. Hissing something disgusting into her little ear, he grasped her hips and rammed deep into her. His balls shook and a rope of hot, salty jizz erupted from the end of his cock - filling her fertile womb with his milky seed.

Both friends now spent, they got her to quickly clean their cocks with her mouth. Her tongue worked diligently to lick up the remnants of their cum and her sweet schoolgirl cunt juices.

I got up again and went over to collect my $200 which they happily provided. They seemed especially pleased with their efforts and asked if I could let them use her again sometime. "Sure, why not? Maybe you'd like to try her arse next time? Or, now I think of it, I have a couple of sweet new students from St Catherines in Toorak if you want something a bit nicer? Maybe a cute little blonde girl - barely legal - and hardly broken in at all?"

They seemed very interested and we exchanged phone numbers to facilitate further sessions, perhaps with the girls spending the night in a hotel so they could properly enjoy them overnight. Might be able to charge more for that, I thought. Easy money! ... and i guess the best part is how much I like watching innocent little school girls being violated and defiled!

After the two happy customers left, I helped the Loreto student get tidied up and packed away my little (fairly useless) sign and blindfold.

I told her harshly that she was a naughty little slut for leading on two strange men and having sexual intercourse in a public place - in the middle of the day. In order to make amends, she would need to be thoroughly punished back at home after a hot, cleansing shower...

... and maybe a deep throating session would be in order?

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