Prayer Plants - The Perfect Apartment Plant

Houseplants are creeping their way into apartments all over the world. As it becomes more difficult for us to own our own home with a garden we are turning more and more towards houseplants to give us that needed green in our lives.

And one of the perfect plants to do this with is the prayer plants. These are the reasons we think the prayer plant is the perfect houseplant:

  1. It is gorgeous. This one doesn't really need explaining, it is a very attractive plant which means it will look lovely in your home.
  1. It propagates easily which means you can make more of them. You don't need to buy another plant to have another plant, instead you can simply propagate your houseplant and make more and more. With this method you can also give cuttings to your friends and share your beautiful plants.
  1. It moves! All plants move to some extent so this might not sound that exciting but the prayer plant will move and bow all day which is where it gets its name from.

So if this hasn't convinced you to get a prayer plant then its time for you to get on down to instagram and take a look at some of these beautiful plants in peoples homes.

For care information or general tips about prayer plants then check out some of our articles at OSERA:

Pub: 10 May 2020 13:17 UTC
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