How to safely use stremio without spending a dime

Method 1: Using Warp and Wireguard

Stremio is a media streaming application that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and other video content through extensions. One such extension is Torrentio, which uses torrents to access content. However, torrenting can expose your IP address and personal information to third parties and your ISP.

But there's a solution! In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use Torrentio safely and privately on any platform that supports Wireguard.

  1. Install the Warp Cloudflare client on your device.
  2. Go to the preferences and copy your Warp device ID.
  3. Download and extract the GitHub project at this link:
  4. Open the downloaded folder and run the executable.
  5. Enter your Warp device ID, press S1, and then press start. This will activate your Warp+ account and give you more gigabytes of data to use.
  6. Connect to Warp, open Stremio, and you're ready to start streaming content privately and securely.
    If you ever run out of data, simply repeat these steps to get more. Enjoy!
    Finally, connect to Warp, open Stremio, and you're ready to start streaming content privately and securely. Enjoy!

Now i'll show you how to Use WARP or WARP+ on unsupported devices, such as Android TVs and much more:

  1. Download the latest release of WGCF from this link: Save it to your default "Downloads" folder.
  2. Rename the downloaded file to "wgcf"
  3. Open the Command Prompt (CMD).
  4. Change the directory to your Downloads folder by running this command: cd %userprofile%/Downloads
  5. Run the command "wgcf register"
  6. Run the command "wgcf generate"
  7. You should now have two new files: "wgcf-profile.conf" and "wgcf-account.toml".
  8. Open up your cloudflare warp app and go to the Account settings.
  9. Copy your account key
  10. open the "wgcf-account.toml" file with Notepad and replace the "license_key" field with the key you just copied.
  11. Run the command "wgcf update" in CMD.
  12. Run the command "wgcf generate" again.
  13. Run the command "wgcf status" to check your account information.
  14. Run the command "wgcf trace" to check the status of your WARP.
  15. Import the "wgcf-profile.conf" file to your Wireguard client and activate it.
  16. You can now copy the "wgcf-profile.conf" file to any device and use WARP+ on unsupported devices, such as Android TVs

Method 2: Using Stremio-gdrive:

For this to work, you have to join team drives. You can find some here:
This is an updated version of

  1. Go to
  2. Name the project whatever you want and click create.
  3. Next to "Google Cloud Platform," click the Down arrow image and select your project.
  4. At the top-left corner, click the hamburger menu icon: image Click APIs & Services > Credentials.
  5. Click Configure Consent Screen. The "OAuth consent screen" screen appears.
  6. Set user type to external and click create.
  7. Fill in the required details, you can give your own email as dev and support email. Click save and continue.
  8. For the scopes page leave it as it is and click save and continue.
  9. Now add yourself (your email id) as the test user by pressing add users. Click save and continue.
  10. Now on your left, under API & Services, you will see Dashboard. Click on it and then click on Enable APIs and Services.
  11. Search for Google Drive and click on the result that says Google Drive API and then click on Enable.
  12. Now do step 4 again.
  13. Click Create Credentials > OAuth client ID.
  14. Choose application type as Desktop, name it whatever you want and click create.
  15. The newly created credential appears under "OAuth 2.0 Client IDs." Click the download button to the right of the newly-created OAuth 2.0 Client ID. We will get a client_secret.json file, we will need this for the next section.
  16. Now once again, at the top-left corner, click the hamburger menu icon: image Click APIs & Services > OAuth Consent Screen.
  17. Under Publishing Status you will see a button called PUBLISH APP, click on that and choose confrim.
  18. Use the colab notebook to easily obtain the token and the required code for the cloudflare proxy:

Open In Colab

  1. Run the cell of the method number 1. Just press the circular play button beside the rectangular box. select your client-secret.json and follow the url that u receive click and login and authorize then u will be redirected to a error page (http://localhost:1/?state=dhjhvdhvdsu&code= Copythis &scope=, come back to colab tab and entered the copied text in authourization field then u will receive token.

20.copy the token string for later when we deploy the vercel backend, the token should look something like this:

{"token": "jhgdfgdhgfh", "refresh_token": "1//sdhgbfdhghd", "token_uri": "", "client_id": "", "client_secret": "gfsdfsdgf", "scopes": [""]}
  1. goto create a new project, click import third party repo.
  2. enter
  3. This will clone the repo to your github account.
  4. Goto dashboard of newly created account.
  5. goto settings> Environment variables> Enter TOKEN word in key and entered the text which u obtained in step 20 to value field.
  6. goto deployments tab.
  7. select top most entry and press menu button(vertical three dots) and tap redeploy uncheck build cache option
  8. press on visit button.

Installing the addon to your Stremio account:

  1. Get the url of the vercel app you deployed. Add /manifest.json to the end. For example if my app url is https://<your app' add/manifest.jsonto the end to get:https://<your app`. Copy this url.
  2. Open stremio on desktop or android and go to addons section.
  3. In the search bar paste the manifest link (https://<your app and press enter. Click install and you are done.

How the addon works

The addon uses the drive api to search for video files in your drive (both your teamdrives and mydrive) kinda like using the google drive web search bar.

So after setting up the addon go and search for something on stremio. When you open a search result, stremio will ask the addon if it has the video for the search result. The addon searches for the video in your google drive and if it gets any result it will give it to stremio and stremio will display the results.

For example if I want to watch a movie, say its called Pirates of the Goolag, then:

  • I will open stremio and search for Pirates of the Goolag. If its on imdb then it should appear on the stremio search results (stremio fetches search results from imdb).
  • Open the search result for Pirates of the Goolag and stremio will ask the addon if it has a video stream for Pirates of the Goolag.
  • The addon searches in your Google Drive for Pirates of the Goolag and if its anywhere on your google drive, doesnt matter where as long as the video file has the name and year of the movie (for eg: Pirates of the Goolag 2016.mkv or Pirates.of.the.Goolag.2016.UHD.BluRay.x265.mkv), the addon will return the search results for Pirates of the Goolag.
  • Stremio will then display it as a video stream and all you have to do is tap on it and enjoy.

The addon searches for:

  • Movies by searching for Videos with their filename as the name of the movie and when it was released.
    Eg video filename: Pirates of the Goolag 2016.mkv
  • Series episodes by searching for Videos with their filename as the name of the series and which episode it was by a specifier. Supported specifiers are:

    • S01 E01
    • S1 E1
    • Season 1 Episode 1
    • 1x01
    • 1x1
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