Almira's Boundaries 
(all art is official from the I Love Amy webtoon)
Do Not Interact If
bibi pix
basic dni criteria
think "blackwashing" exists
think pronouns = gender
endo / non-trauma origin systems
misuses or overuses tone tags
under 15 or over 22 years old
anti-recovery / "irls/das" and wtv else
like and supports problematic media
proship / comship / darkship and other variations
overly sensitive or self deprecating people
white ppl who brag about not being racist
entire personality is either ur sexuality or a random media
think non-lesbians can experience comphet
good faith label users and supporters
non-bpd / cluster-b havers that talk about "yandere"s
anti non-she/her lesbians and non-he/him gays
think ddlg and other abbreviations = age regression
makes "i hate [minority]" jokes whilst not being apart of said minority
think u like Chuuya Nakahara , Bibi Reden or Ame / KAngel
++ think u know / like The Onibi Series more than me (u dont)

Before You Interact
bibi pix
im a 17 yo minor
im the host of a p-did sys
i make kys/kms jokes lmk if u dont want em
i make a lot of typos and usually dont fix them
do not vent or traumadump to me
i make a lot of nsfw jokes / references / innuendos
i call myself a cannibal a lot as its my hyperfix
i can be rude without noticing sometimes so ask me before u assume
i say slurs that i can reclaim (fag , faggot , dyke , retard etc)
i talk about random bodily fluids a lot (blood, pee, cum, vomit etc.) sorry if it disgusts u
genuinely insane person who yaps a lot and would get warded if i went to a doctor so im like not stable
i dont rly use tone tags unless i think theyre necessary so ask my tone if u need
im incredibly bad with dms and often forget about them so if i dont reply u can spam me
im psychotic and have bpd and have episodes often
about bpd ┄ constant mood swings im always on the verge of dying iwc dni wtv
i split and have bpd episodes often im mostly not stable so be gentle
i get influenced really easily and might not act the best cuz of that so js tell me nicely
about psychosis ┄ do not reality check or fakeclaim me i will maul you (unless i say u can)
sometimes i might get delusions of believing im someone else , dont engage in it
if i talk about mold / decomposing / being a corpse etc engage minimally
in general i might talk about fucked up or weird things especially related to gore so js dont engage idk

Extra Info
bibi pix
1 𓎢𓎡 Don't
❝⠀using they / them prns on me⠀❞
❝⠀using neutral terms on me⠀❞
❝⠀jokingly blocking / banning etc⠀❞
❝⠀dming without asking⠀❞
❝⠀friend requests without asking⠀❞
❝⠀anyone engaging with or supporting these fandoms⠀❞
2 𓎢𓎡 Ask
❝⠀using he / him prns on me⠀❞
❝⠀using masc terms on me⠀❞
❝⠀any form of nsfw (tell me ur age first)⠀❞
❝⠀using tone tags on me / asking me to use tone tags⠀❞
❝⠀joking or asking about my past⠀❞
❝⠀using plural terms on me (alters, system, headmates etc.)⠀❞
3 𓎢𓎡 Okay
❝⠀using she / it or my neos on me⠀❞
❝⠀using fem or nonhuman terms on me⠀❞
❝⠀pinging me⠀❞
❝⠀nicknames / petnames⠀❞
❝⠀using reclaimed slurs⠀❞
❝⠀jokingly flirting with me⠀❞


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