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coll names : melody, reona, ami, charlotte
my pref pronouns are she he ae
16 tme nonbinary , white jewish
autistic adhd bpd + npd haver
we collectively id as muu kusunoki
please tag war/bomb jokes/mentions
introject heavy DID system , visually impaired and dyslexic
you can find my full name and prn list here !!!
i am 16 years old, gender-wise i am nonbinary
pix i am mentally ill, this affects how i act online!
i'm autistic, my sp/ints. are ♡ hello charlotte,
bandori, vocaloid, && related projects
i'm hyperfixated on goro akechi and deresute
i love kurageP, flower face, laufey, and flyleaf
i am taken ( && exclusive ! ) by my lovely gf!
i do not act exactly how i do on rentry

interests + dni + friends + pronouns

Pub: 27 Apr 2023 12:23 UTC
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