Music inspired short /hmofa/ story
The night witch by Delta Lima

The wind blew coldly and gently across the battlefield as members of the Wehrmacht patrolled as their comrades slept for the night. Miles away at a makeshift field airstrip, the sewing machine-like sound of engines filled the air as they rumbled to life as three PO-2 bombers started up for take-off, their pilots all women human and anthro alike. These were the Night Witches of the 588th & Boris was in love with one. The conscript watched in awe, much to the chagrin of what other men were there, as the Night Witches started to fly into the night's sky. The engine of the trio of aircraft making a sound that reminded him of a sewing machine. Despite the competence and fearlessness of the witches, the conscript couldn't help but worry about them particularly the object of his heart's eye, Natalya. He had met her on a brisk September dawn, he had been transferred to the regiment as a reward for saving his commissar's life during the Battle of Stalingrad. Though this is what he told himself, while Natalya on the other hand had recently come back from a sortie, the Borzoi pilot had lost a fellow Night Witch thanks to an unlucky rifle round hitting her navigator. The two had sat down to share a drink to calm the nerves, then they talked and found each other to be decent company. Boris' train of thought was cut off by the sounds of the bombing and anti-aircraft fire mixed in a hectic quagmire of sound. At this Boris preyed for Natalya's safety hoping that she'll make it back unharmed. A few minutes pass as the sound of dying sewing machines rang through the air as three PO-2s returned with two bearing battle damage. As soon as the first biplane landed, the conscript sprinted to ascertain Natalya's condition. As he made it to the nearest PO-2, a long white muzzle poked up to greet the concerned conscript. "Natalya, are you okay, did you get hit!?" Boris asked in a panicked tone. The borzoi clambered over the side of the biplane and answered his question with a kiss." Ssh, Lapa, I'm fine. Now, how about we have some drinks, yes?" Natalya promptly led Boris by the hand to her tent, for some post-sortie decompression.

Pub: 15 Oct 2021 03:55 UTC
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