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This should work on any OS your Adobe Program does and also work on any Adobe Program! Yesterday people started posting the new IP while i was still getting the same IP i had been and these were all people in timezones to the east of me so this would point to the new ip changing somewhere to the east and slowly moving to the whole world... Interesting

Installing Photoshop 25.2 by M0nkrus



  • Double click the iso to mount it in windows.
    • If it doesn't mount automatically right click the iso and go to Open with > File Explorer > Always


DO NOT USE THE AUTOPLAY.exe, i have no idea what it does but its definitely not needed. I assume its some stupid scripts, better to do it yourself. Instructions below.

  • Open the photoshop folder and choose the set-up.exe. Install photoshop
  • edit the hosts file by adding these lines (as of 7.1..24):


Notice how the text editor im using is in ADMINSTRATOR mode. Only the bottom two IPs are for the adobe products, the others are for malwarebytes. If they IPs dont match the ones I posted above the picture dont worry! This is just a visual aid, im not going to update it every time the IPs change. Also from a tip i received from u/Verix you will see im using now instead of

Editing the Host File

Editing the Hosts File

Here is a Easy Guide for those that need info on editing the hosts file .

Information on Getting the NEW IPs as They Change

So I see this a lot, there seems to be a lot of misinformation and confusion and ALOT of BLOCK EVERYTHING, SCORCHED EARTH POLICY!
I have seen people with 100s of blocks....

But I'm here to tell you only 2 are needed to block the unlicensed popup... is a constant and then they switch up the other IP.
I find the new ones using fiddler classic

If anyone wants fiddler classic, I have it. It is Free From Their Site but kind of hard to grab (or was for me), so if anyone needs it, here is the Official Installer. I recommend getting it from their site if you can for peace of mind but this is only for the people that run into issues using the regular link - like I did!

How to use Fiddler Classic to Find the New IP

Here is an In-Depth Tutorial on Finding the IP to Block in Your Hosts File with Fiddler Classic , with Voice Instructions

I WILL keep this post updated with the newest IPs but I know that not everyone wants to search for this post every time and most would rather find it for themselves!


Every time the IP changes you can just switch out the bottom one with the new IP, you do not need more than 2 IPs at a time in your hosts for adobe products!


Updated 7.1.24

Contact Me (or Check Out My PC Games Piracy Telegram Group)


Lots of people prefer discord - I do not. If you choose to message me there, well you better not be in a rush to get a response.... Telegram is the best way THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT MESSAGE ME THE NEW IP BEFORE I EVEN KNOW THERES A NEW ISSUE <3

Thanks to u/Verix (a friendly mod from r/GenP) for pointing out using is better than for the loopback number in your hosts file!

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