Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

My name is Casey and I am 18 years old in my senior year of high school. Brown hair, glasses, thin. I am not very attractive, more plain. I really have no boobs or hips. So I don't date much. I haven't done more than kissed a boy. Not really for lack of trying though.

Coming home from school on Friday I saw my brothers car in the driveway. He is away in college normally. Chase is 3 years older than me and I was excited to see him. We are close as brother and sister. I have missed him. He was blessed with blond hair, masculine features, muscular body. He has had plenty of girlfriends. All of my friends growing up had a crush on him. I was always kinda grossed out by that, he is my brother.

I walk in the house and I hear yelling from my parents bedroom. I walk over and the door is mostly closed but I can peek in a crack. My mom and Chase are arguing about school.

My Mom is really worked up, her face is flushed and she is yelling "We don't pay for you to go there to smoke weed and get bad grades. You need to take some responsibility and grow up! You are 21 years old! you are not a little boy anymore!"

My Mom is a little crazy and I would be terrified to have her yell at me the way she is yelling at Chase. He was sitting on her bed looking like he was bored almost. I think that was just pissing my Mom off even more. It was getting intense and my heart started racing.

Chase lays on his back and sighs, "Mom this is so not a big deal, you need to just relax and not over react like this." I could not believe he said that! That is going to send her off the deep end.

She put her hands on her hips and looked down at him. Her eyes were like slits. I was scared she might actually kill him. My Mom is not a small lady, she is tall and athletic. Chase must have gotten his good genes from her. I have always thought she was gorgeous and wish I had her big boobs and smoking hot ass.

She leaned over chase, her face was right in his. For a split second I thought she might kiss him. She was speaking quietly and intensely. I couldn't make out what she was saying but I did not envy him. When Mom goes quiet its time to be scared.

My Mom put one hand over his mouth and with her other she grabbed his dick through his shorts! I couldn't believe it! She was not gentle either, I could see Chase wince in pain. Mom was still whispering to him. I wish I knew what she was saying.

She let go and stood up. Looking down him expectantly. He looked up at her and I heard him whisper "I don't care." No matter what Mom was saying to him before, that was not the right answer.

She reached down and grabbed a handful of his shirt and jerked him off the bed onto his feet, ripping his shirt right off of him in the process. She grabbed him by his hair his head pulled back and facing the ceiling. She ripped his shorts down and he was standing there naked. His body was facing me and I started to notice some things about him I never had before. His chest and abs were muscular and his dick was big. I had seen naked men before but never so close up.

Mom started spanking his ass, Hard. That was making his dick flop around. He was starting to get kind of hard. I couldn't take my eyes off his beautiful cock. It was thick and probably like 8 inches.

His dick was very hard now, sticking straight out. Mom noticed and looked into his face and grabbed his shaft and squeezed it hard. Too hard, she was going to hurt it. She sat on her bed and pulled him over her lap giving me a wonderful view of his ass. It was bright red. She spit on her hand and started spanking him more.

I realized how turned on and wet I was. I had never been this sexually excited before. I reached down and started to rub my pussy. It felt so good. I started to image it was me giving him a spanking. Feeling his rock hard dick on my legs and having him in my complete control.

Mom stood him up, and she actually spit right in his face! I was shocked! She told him to go upstairs to his room and stay there till she came to get him.

I quickly moved and went back to the front door as Chase left her room and walked upstairs. I pretended I was just getting home. "Mom, is Chase home from college?" I said.

She came out of her room faced flushed still. "Yes Casey he is upstairs right now, don't bother him though, he is busy with some stuff."

"Fine I will just go up to my room, I have some homework." I said.

She gave me a hug then walked into the kitchen picking up a bottle of wine.

Chases room was right next to mine and his door was ajar as I walked past it. I looked in and was surprised to see him still naked laying on his bed stroking his big dick. I took out my phone and started recording it. Wishing I had thought to record his spanking. He took his hand off suddenly and started to cum. A huge load shot out of his cock onto his stomach. I thought it was odd he took his hand away from his dick to cum. On porn I had watched men usually stroke their dick while cumming.

I went into my bedroom and locked the door. Watching and re-watching my video of him cumming while I masturbated. Fantasizing about spanking him and stroking his cock. Spitting in his face. I came harder than I ever had before.

Later that night I pulled out my laptop and started exploring spanking videos. I found most of the videos lacking. They seemed much too staged and fake. After seeing the real thing I wanted more. I found some spanking groups where real people wrote stories and posted real pictures of themselves and I was much more into that. After browsing for awhile I got brave and made a profile. After putting in my location it showed me other members near me. One of the profile pictures was a guy showing off his body but his head was cut off the picture. But I knew, that blonde hair on his abs and pubes. That big thick cock. It was my brother Chase.

I knew it was wrong to catfish but I had to. I went back to the beginning and set up a fake profile so I could see his. He had pictures of girls feet, who knows who they were. He had stories about being spanked and worshiping feet. I never knew anything about this side of him. I sent him a message just saying hi and I lived near him if he wanted to chat sometime.

The next morning I got a message back.

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