The two of you walk the sidewalk, visiting all the old places in the neighborhood you used to play. You hold him tightly the entire way, occasionally lapsing into kiss. The sun sets slowly in the distance, and soon the stars appear in the sky.
The two of you watch as they shine down upon you, twinkling. You take a moment to find your favorite constellation, The Hunter. When you find it, you point it out to him. He puts his arm around you and smiles.
"We're in this together, Mona," he says softly.
You smile and lean in to kiss him again.

"Thank you... for making me the happiest girl alive," you say. "You're my happy ending, Izzy... I can't ask for more."
"And you're mine, too," he whispers softly.
You hold each other tightly as you walk along the street, watching as the stars slowly begin to disappear with the rising of the moon. He wraps his arms around you and holds you close, and you feel like you're in heaven.
You make your way back home, but decide to remain outside. You sit together on the front steps of your house, holding each other tightly. Absolute bliss washes over you. You have everything you could ever want.
You lay your head against his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. You've never been this happy with anyone before. Where some people search their whole lives without finding someone, you found yours. Right from the start.
"Look at us... childhood sweethearts. It's so sappy, it hurts. But it feels right."
"It feels right," he says smiling. "It feels right because it is right."
"I love you, Izediel."
"I love you too, Mona."
People say you're a tomboy, but right now, you can't help but giggle like a silly schoolgirl in love.
"Heh heh... My angel... Izediel. My hero..."
"And you're mine, Mona... Now and forever... I love you... I'll always love you... Forever... And ever... And ever..."
You hold each other tightly. Your lips meet as sparks of joy shoot through your body. You feel the pure bliss of love.
The porch lights turn on, and your parents come out to greet you.
"Well, well, well... looks like the love birds have come home!" your Dad says.
With Izediel's arms around you, your Dad is right. You both are home.
Your Mom laughs as your parents join you on the front steps.
"Look at you two, all lovey-dovey... It's so cute!" she says with a laugh.
As your parents get settled in, you begin to hear a faint popping sound in the distance. A dazzling array of lights suddenly burst in the clear night sky.
Somewhere in the neighborhood, people are setting off fireworks in celebration of... something. It could be someone's birthday, or perhaps anniversary. But at the moment, it seems like it's just for you.
For all of you. The Buer family, together at last.
Your Dad, Gil, the one who started it all.
Your Mom, Tifid, who found him and gave him happiness.
Your boyfriend, Izzy, your brilliant light, who will undoubtedly become a Buer one day as well.

And you, Mona Buer, you've gotten your happy ending after all.
The four of you watch the fireworks display from the front steps of your house, in comforting silence and each other's company.
Your Dad takes your Mom's hand, and you hear her sigh as she hooks her arms around his.
You lean against Izediel's shoulder. The warmth you feel is almost too much to contain.
But you do it, and happily. You do it happily. You live happily... ever after.

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