The next four months flew in, Jack and mum were always together. Mum bought an iPad, which she only used for her business. Aunt Su's contacts were now calling mum on Aunt Su's smartphone. Mum was discussing all her business with Jack; soon, he was suggesting things to her that helped her in her decision making. The Auction House had its first auction; there were over one thousand lots of quality Antiques. The fourth floor was nearly full; there were now over four hundred dealers in the Centre. Jack or his Pension Fund was making serious money every week. Jack was running everything, though he employed specific staff for certain jobs, like the Auctioneer and Cataloguer, it all came down to Jack.

Mum was helping him a lot; mum had an excellent eye for detail, her little touches gave a unique atmosphere to the Centre and the Auction House but also the Bistro, people were booking tables there every day. The Centre opened from nine until six in the afternoon. Mum suggested opening from ten until seven in the evening, it worked, the number of suppers doubled in the first week. Jack set up a precious metals facility, he had bought a massive safe from a bank, the transportation and installation cost more than the safe, but the safe was impregnable. It also offered any dealers with high-value pieces, a secure place to leave them overnight.

The number of house clearances Jack was doing now was terrific, that was a very profitable business. It ran in combination with the Theatre prop section of the business; Jack had set up rooms with furniture spanning the last seventy years. Film and television companies as well as theatrical companies. Jack was surprised at how this side of the business had taken off. In the Centre, Jack had set up a similar section using Antiques; it was impressive, the major film and television companies were using him now. Jack had also created a small apartment for himself; it had a beautiful bathroom, bedroom, study and lounge. Jack was thinking about selling his apartment as he and mum were now spending so much time at the Centre, but he kept it on.

Their lovemaking had got better; they both knew what the other enjoyed; they both worked hard to give the other pleasure. Mum taught Jack a lot on how to give a woman pleasure; they always took their time; Jack always made mum cum by stimulation before he penetrated her. Mum loved this; she had never experienced this in her life before. Judy hadn't made any contact with Jack, but she had visited the Centre many times to see mum. Jack was sure that Judy could be one of mum's girlfriends; their body language showed that they were very friendly when they were together. Judy also used the Bistro a lot; she flirted with Jack every time they saw each other, Jack's response was relaxed but friendly.

Mum was now paying a lot of attention to how she looked and what she wore, mum and Judy were also going to Yoga training twice a week. Mum had found a boutique that fitted her in colour coordinated clothing; it was amazing the difference it made to mum; she looked ten years younger. They also advised on hair colouring and make up. She also bought some incredible lingerie there. Mum came back after a yoga session and said, "Jack, an old aunt of Judy has died, she has been collecting German porcelain for over sixty years, she wonders if you could value it for her, she is sure that some of it is very rare. The only problem is that the aunt lived in Germany and that's where the porcelain is. She's wondering if she hired a van and drove over there and brought it back then rented space in the Centre so she could sell it there. Judy has a wonderful way about her; she would be good to have around the Centre. Can you help her?"

Jack replied, "Mum, I agree with you, Judy has a lot of class, we are lucky in the Centre, we have a lot of people who have stalls there, are competent and an asset to the business. Find out how many pieces she has, the producer's name and anything else she knows about the porcelain, then I'll be in a better position to help her."

Mum hugged Jack, she kissed him lovingly, then said, "There's a bit of a problem with the time we have, Judy, has sold the apartment, she needs to have it cleared in the next three weeks, I think. Tonight will be so special for you; I'll lube my ass, then, I'll go on top of you in reverse cowgirl, you'll make me cum three times, then I will ride you cowgirl with my pussy. I will grip your cock so tight at the head on each thrust, I'm so horny, Jack."

Jack kissed her then said, "We'll do that mum, first phone Judy and ask when her apartment has to be cleared? That's important."

Mum phoned Judy, Judy told mum that it had to be cleared in sixteen days, Jack asked to speak to Judy, after mum had given him the phone, mum undid Jack's trousers, his cock was flaccid, but it wouldn't be for long. Judy explained to Jack her problem; she had left it a bit late, she had intended hiring a van and doing it herself. She would have enlisted a firm of furniture removers to help her package and load the van. She had received an excellent offer for the apartment, but the man who was buying it needed entry in sixteen days. Jack said, "Mum and I will help you; we can all go over in our largest van, it will easily be able to take the full contents of the apartment. We need to take a ferry; the best one would be Newcastle to Amsterdam, then it is an eight-hour drive. Judy, this is the beginning of August, the school holidays are on, it might be not easy to get on a ferry. I will phone them now. I'll phone you back after I've spoken to them."

Judy replied, "Thank you, Jack, I'll pay for everything, shall I give you my credit card details, then you can make the booking?"

"Judy, we can sort everything out later, the main thing at the moment is to get the van and ourselves booked on the ferry, I'll get back to you soon."

Jack's cock was now stiff; mum loved to make him hard by sucking him, Jack said, "Mum, I'll do this, but I want to be sleeping with you every night, how do we explain that to Judy?"

Mum squeezed Jack's heavy balls then said, "Jack, she knows, I told her, Judy is one of my girlfriends, she's a lovely woman. She's not a selfish lover, I know that she likes you too, I've seen her flirt with you, you have to be special for Judy to flirt with you. Jack, I still see her, she's my friend, she's a very sexy woman. I wouldn't mind if had her too, would that be a problem for you? I would still love you."

Jack's cock stiffened when he heard this; he said, "Mum, I didn't have a problem with that, I find Judy, a beautiful and intelligent woman. Our problem this now is getting a ferry there and a ferry back. Let me phone the ferry company."

Jack phoned the ferry company; there was no problem with the van; the problem was that all the cabins and reclining chairs were booked. The only available seats were regular seats. Then the operator said that they had an exclusive cabin available for the Thursday night sailing. The exclusive cabin had a king-size bed; it also had two drop-down beds, it could sleep four easily; the problem was that the cost was two hundred and fifty pounds, Jack took it. The next date for the return ferry was the following Thursday night sailing from Amsterdam. Jack took that too. He also booked three breakfasts for each crossing; he also provisionally reserved a table for three in the A la Carte restaurant. It was done.

Jack then explained to mum what he had booked. He asked mum to phone Judy to tell her they would leave on Thursday lunchtime so that they would be at the ferry for five-thirty. Jack asked mum to tell Judy that she would have to share the cabin with us. Jack then went to the bathroom, when he came back mum was off the phone, she said, "Judy's so happy with you, she wants to know how much the ferry cost, she will pay you tomorrow. In regards to the porcelain, she has a detailed book with every item she bought, with the date and price she paid for it. The list is numbered; each piece has a sticker on the bottom with its number. Judy says it's easy to check. It is mostly Meissen, Franenthal, KPM and Villeroy & Boch. Judy says every piece is in perfect condition. She says that they are from the 17th, 18th and 19th Century. She also wants to share our bed on Thursday night."

Jack and mum went to bed. Mum did everything that she promised plus so much more. They both fell asleep soon afterwards. They breakfasted in the Bistro, Jack had his Full English, mum said, we should take some bacon, sausages and beans with us, we can get the eggs and mushrooms there. I know that Judy enjoys it too."

Jack thought this was Tuesday; they would leave in two days. After breakfast, Jack checked the stock position of bubble wrap pouches; he needed to get some. The company he bought them from was close by. He checked the large Mercedes van, it was good, ten thousand miles to go before it's next service. He then checked it for the journey, all was good, it was clean inside and out. There were also stackable boxes, which would be ideal for putting the porcelain into, he calculated how many he would need then put twenty-five into the van. The tank was just under half full, that would get them to Amsterdam, where the fuel was so much cheaper. Jack then got all the bubble wrap that he would need.

Mum went in the afternoon back home; she wanted to do a washing as all her leggings and jeans needed to be washed. Mid-afternoon, Judy came into the Centre. Jack saw her and invited her to the Bistro for a coffee. Judy looked terrific; she was showing a lot of cleavage; it was difficult to call who had the bigger tits, mum or Judy. Judy brought out of large holdall; she took the bubble wrap off. Jack was amazed to see a large Meissen oval tray from the Swan Service. It had been made circa 1740; it was in perfect condition. It was flawless. Judy said, "Have you any idea how much it is worth?"

Jack thought for a minute, then said, "I'm not an expert, but a similar tray was sold in London, six years ago, for sixty-five thousand pounds."

Judy said, "That's amazing, there are another four similar ones in Berlin. "

The other pieces she brought were also valuable. Jack suggested keeping them in his walk-in safe. Judy agreed then they went for a coffee. The first thing Judy said when they sat down was, "Jack, I was so excited, I wanted you to see some of the porcelain, I thought that you might have said that it's worth twenty pounds, then I would have looked an idiot asking you to come to Berlin with me. I'm so happy with the valuation that you have given me. I want to thank you so much for doing this for me. You must tell me how much the ferry has cost; I can give you cash this now?"

Jack smiled then said, "Judy, there's plenty of time for that. I've got a load of bubble wrap in the van, I have checked everything, we are ready to roll on Thursday lunchtime."

Judy replied, "I'm so looking forward to our trip. I was talking to Dot today; she's now doing some washing at home. I will have to get my leggings out along with work clothes. Dot said we needed nice clothes for the restaurant onboard, that won't be a problem I am looking forward to it. That's a good idea for the full English breakfast; I'll cook that in the morning for us all. Jack, I have some pictures of Aunt's porcelain. Would you like to see them?"

Jack nodded in approval, but he would rather be looking at Judy's massive tits. Judy brought her smartphone out and showed Jack an impressive amount of pictures of the porcelain. Jack was close to Judy; she smelt good. Jack said, "Judy, I'm glad that we are going to pick these up, we must take our time packing them. We must make sure that they are safe. I think that you are in for a nice surprise when you sell these. I wouldn't flood the market by selling them all at once. Take your time when you sell them; they are increasing in value every day. You smell great."

"Thank you, Jack, I like this perfume too, Dot wears it too, I will wear it for you on Thursday, I'm at the beauty salon tomorrow, I am looking forward to you picking me up on Thursday. I can help with the driving; when I was thinking of hiring a van, the man let me drive the same size as yours, it was so easy. His wasn't a Mercedes."

Then Judy left, she hugged Jack before she left, she pulled Jack close to her, he felt the weight of her massive tits on his chest, they were heavy. Jack was looking forward to Thursday.

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