1. Why vote abstain?#

  • I'm not interested it it and want it to disappear from my search results
  • Edit looks correct but verifying it takes too much time
  • I just want to follow a discussion
  • I don't know

In general, if you want people to vote yes on your edits or as far as approve them, make good edit notes.

Need votes in a timely manner? Please post in the Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread.
Do you think I've voted unfairly? Please speak up by leaving an edit note. I'm always willing to rectify my votes or help you out.

Also read:




Editing resources#

Cover art sources#

This list deliberately omits other databases (Whitelist)


Lists of non-digital retailers that have proven to be useful

  • HHV (some are badly cropped but other than that a fine source for cover art, especially vinyl)
  • Rockers
  • Decks (annoying site design, some images have watermarks but otherwise decent for vinyl cover art)


Usually just photos but better than no reference (sometimes I even add them when scans are already present)
Make sure to select type "Raw/Unedited" when adding those

Useful references#


Release import#

ISRC batch submission#



Without them editing (and voting) is a PITA


Various userscripts that can make not only editing life better :)


Sick of websites showing postage stamp sized images only? Try one of these.
(personally using Imagus with Image Max URL)

Non-browser scripts#

  • vgmdbrip (batch download high resolution images off VGMdb)

Web browser extensions#

Various extensions that can make not only editing life better :)

Image editing#

  • Jpegcrop (lossless JPEG manipulation)
  • GIMP (alternative to Adobe Photoshop)

Tips & tricks#

Where to find barcode on digital releases?#

The barcode field is supposed to store the EAN / UPC for digital releases. See MBS-7419
Those can often be found hidden somewhere on the site (check page source, URLs, etc.) or acquired via an API if available.



  • Take a look at the thumbnail URL, sometimes it's in there.
  • If you found the barcode there or somewhere else you can do a check with their API
  • The Enterprise Partner Feed is probably the best of all, if you have access to it.





  • Use their API. The productId can be found in the URL of the release, e.g. https://www.hdtracks.com/#/album/5e16dc6995ad4845eaed2d14
    • Full release details: https://hdtracks.azurewebsites.net/api/v1/album/<productId>
    • Just title, description and UPC: https://hdtracks.azurewebsites.net/api/v1/album/<productId>/meta
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