Dr. Ayaan Saleh is one of those ladies whom, upon meeting her, most men assume that she's soft and sweet. The good doctor stands five feet six inches tall, curvy and sexy, with dark brown skin and long, curly dark hair which she seldom shows since she almost always wears the Hijab. Dr. Ayaan Saleh was born in the environs of Saint Paul, Minnesota, and studied medicine at the University of Minnesota. Three years ago, the good doctor moved to the City of Houston, Texas, because she wanted to do some good by helping its local black population. Dr. Ayaan set up her clinic in a working class black neighborhood but she is starting to regret that decision. Can you guess why?

"Doctor, I am severely constipated," Ernest Mayfield said, and the six-foot-tall, chubby black man looked at the physician plaintively. Dr. Ayaan Saleh, a Minnesota-born physician whose family originates from the proud nation of Somalia, tried not to roll her eyes at her patient. Ernest was something of a hypochondriac, virtually every doctor in the Houston area knew this. There aren't enough laxatives in the great state of Texas to cure Ernest of his ills. What was to be done about such a man? Ernest and his fake illnesses were getting on Dr. Ayaan's last bloody nerve.

Dr. Ayaan Saleh is just the latest female doctor to get hassled by Ernest, who seems to have nothing better to do with his time. Every week it's something new with Ernest. If he doesn't think he's got cancer or pneumonia, then he worries that he might have been chip-implanted by top secret American government agents. Ernest is a pain in the ass, and Dr. Ayaan wants to teach him a lesson. The fool has definitely messed with the wrong doctor. Somali women are strong and tough underneath their apparent softness and loveliness, and Ernest is about to find out what happens when you piss off a Somali dame...

"Wait here, I think I've got just the thing to cure you, Ernest," Dr. Ayaan said with a mischievous smile on her lovely face, and Ernest suddenly looked nervous. Dr. Ayaan has a reputation as a bossy woman who suffers no fools, and a lot of Ernest fellow hypochondriacs claimed that she was no one to mess with. Well, Ernest likes a challenge. Anything to pass his time and waste others time is okay with Ernest. With his mother Madeline taking care of him, the thirty-something, depressed and mentally so-and-so Ernest has it made. The only issue is that Ernest gets bored a lot, so he makes his own fun.

"What is that?" Ernest gasped as Dr. Ayaan came back into the examination room, and there was an object of a decidedly phallic nature in her hands. Dr. Ayaan grinned as she donned the strap-on dildo, modeled after the penis of African American porn star Sean Michaels, the brother whose dick has been inside the mouths, vaginas and butt holes of countless women, as well as an undisclosed number of individuals of other genders. Dr. Ayaan loves to use her toy on annoying black men who waste her time. Ernest here is a perfect candidate for what Dr. Ayaan calls Black Femdom Therapy.

"This is your cure, Ernest," Dr. Ayaan said, with all the seriousness which she could muster as a physician. Ernest looked hesitant, so the good doctor explained to him how constipation in men of a certain age could be an early warning sign of prostate cancer, which has devastated the African American community. Alright, so Dr. Ayaan fibbed a bit but can you really blame her?? Ernest loves to waste a good lady's time, and he ought to pay for that egregious mistake. Ernest looked worried, and that's when Dr. Ayaan promised to help him out with a radical new form of therapy designed to help black men with butt health issues.

"You're the doctor, you know best," Ernest said hesitantly, and Dr. Ayaan grinned broadly, knowing that she had the dude right where she wanted. Ernest found himself on all fours, with his pants around his ankles, and the good doctor donned latex gloves before fingering his butt hole. As Dr. Ayaan fingered Ernest's asshole, she realized that his ass is definitely no stranger to penetration. Ernest once told Dr. Ayaan's college, Dr. Teresa Martinez, that he did a brief stint in prison. Perhaps the booty warriors visited Ernest in prison, which would explain the suppleness of his hole. Dr. Ayaan isn't shocked by anything anymore.

"Ready or not, here I come," Dr. Ayaan said gleefully as she lubricated Ernest asshole, and then pressed the dildo against his backdoor. Leaning into Ernest, Dr. Ayaan bucked her hips and pushed the dildo into his ass. That's right, a short, chubby black woman is pushing a dildo up a big black man's ass...and the world isn't ending! Gripping Ernest's hips, Dr. Ayaan Saleh smacked his ass and began to fuck him good, totally invading his asshole with her trusty strap-on dildo. Ernest groaned as he got fucked in the ass by the diminutive female doctor, and she laughed while pegging him. Dr. Ayaan was just getting started as far as Ernest's ass was concerned.

"Oh fuck," Ernest moaned, whimpering like a bitch as Dr. Ayaan showed him what Somali female power is all about by violating his ass like it's parole. Dr. Ayaan tenderly hugged Ernest from behind like a lover would...and then rammed her dildo so far up his ass that his ancestors in the Motherland of Africa probably felt it. The tall, chubby African American man squealed as the short, chubby and bossy Somali gal took his ass and totally owned him. Although Ernest whined and moaned, Dr. Ayaan could tell that he secretly liked what she was doing to him, for his dick looked harder than a rock.

"Quit whining, Ernest, alright, I'm pulling out," Dr. Ayaan said, and just like that, the good doctor withdrew her dildo from her patient's ass. Ernest moaned and slumped on the examination table, spent. Seconds after the dildo exited his butt hole, Ernest farted loudly and then apologized profusely. Dr. Ayaan laughed and playfully smacked Ernest's ass, then ordered him to get dressed. The day was young and the good doctor still had plenty of patients to see. Ernest thanked Dr. Ayaan for her time, and then left the clinic. Ernest stopped bothering female physicians in the Houston area. He does come to visit Dr. Ayaan twice a month as part of their ongoing prostate health checks. Nothing wrong with that. Black female doctors most definitely do make a difference!

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