Becky was now six months pregnant with their first child and being young, only right out of high school, they came to the reality that this wasn’t going to be easy. They tried going the second hand route but there wasn’t really anything out there were they lived. So in a town only made up by "ma & pop" stores they had no other choice. Becky liked this one having been here before buying maternity clothes and liked the owner Jessica.

This time Tim came along but right off the bat was telling Becky no and ever crib set she looked at. This got Jessica’s attention as Tim was getting a little loud and a little mad at Becky because she knew that didn’t had the kind of money needed for this stuff. "Hello, is there something I can help you with today?" Jessica said as she approached the couple. "No" said Tim. "Yes, there is" Becky said giving an elbow to Tim. "Do you have something like this in white?" asked Becky. Jessica led them to a white sleigh crib and when Tim saw the price he laugh and told Becky that he would be waiting in the car as it was too much.

After Tim left Becky started to cry and before she knew it she was telling Jessica all their problems with having a baby so young, their parents not helping, and just the stress of working so much getting to Tim. Handing Becky a box of tissues Jessica asked if they would be up for applying for store credit, but Becky knew that Tim would never got for that. Jessica sat there with Becky for a moment then told her to wait a second and headed to the back. After about five minutes Jessica came back and told Becky that her husband and she had a special program for couples in need and if she liked they could give Becky and Tim a complete nursery set free of charge. This made Becky so happy that she jumped and hug Jessica tightly without even knowing that she was doing it.

"Wait… Why?" Becky asked. "Well I have a big heart and like to made couples that need help happy" Jessica started. "And well…" Jessica said as a hand ran down the side of Becky’s breast and then around the bottom of her belly. "I have this little thing for pregnant women and when I saw you the last time I knew that you were super cutie." Now Becky was turning red not knowing what was going on here. "So so… um… so what do you have in mind?" Becky asked swallowing hard. "Well, all you have to do is spend one night with me and give yourself completely to me, and I will do up your and Tim’s nursery for your little bundler-of-joy" Jessica told Becky. Becky told Jessica that she would have to talk to Tim first and that she would be back soon.

It was a week before Becky and Tim returned to the store and talked to Jessica about the little thing that she told Becky last time. Becky was very shy and red face as she asked question to Jessica; like if Tim could be there and how did they know that they weren’t just getting scrammed. Jessica told them and Tim was more than welcome to be there but he had to follow the rules or everything would stop and they got nothing, and that it would happen at Becky and Tim’s place the night of the day that everything got delivered. They shock hands and Jessica led them through the store picking out items before saying their goodbyes and heading home. On the way home Tim question Becky again not really feeling letting his wife be with another woman for a nursery, though on the inside he would pay to be in the same room as two women got in on even with one being his pregnant wife.

It was another week before Jessica called the couple telling them that the stuff was in and that they could pick a day for the delivery. Sunday night was Tim’s only free night for the next three weeks so they asked if they could do Sunday and Jessica told them that wasn’t a problem. Sunday came and with Tim still sleeping off his overnight shift Becky was the one to greet Jessica and the movers when they came. Once everything was set in place the movers left but for one tall dark hair guy. He caught Becky’s eye a couple of times as the furniture was being bought in as he was well built because you could see his muscles through the tight grey shirt he was wearing. He was very tanned compared to Becky’s pale white skin and the one time that their eyes met it almost felt like something in Becky stomach like butterflies and a wave of heat. Jessica came in with a big box of little things like crib sheets and blankets and other things that all matched for the room as Becky and the guy was standing there.

"Oh, I’m sorry this is Jonathan my husband" Jessica told Becky. "Um… hi… Jona…" Becky started still taking in the very handsome and sexy man. "No just Jon" he said cutting her off and shaking her hand. It was big and strong compare to Tim’s her husband. Comparing the two Tim looked like a little boy next to Jon. It was at this time that Tim came in and greeted Jessica and was introduce to Jon. It was about three and Jessica told them that her and her husband wanted to take them to dinner to just loosen things up a bit.

After dinner the four of them came back to the house and sat in the small living room of Tim and Becky’s two bedroom apartment. There was silence as Becky and Tim didn’t know how this would all go down, when Jessica spoke. "Well Tim you and Jon can watch but Tim you can only touch yourself till I or Becky tell you different, ok" Tim just nodded as he was already sporting a bulge in his pants, to which Becky punched him in the arm telling him how gross that was. "What!" Tim said. "That!, you are already hard" Becky told him. Jessica just laughed a little telling Becky that it was only normal for boys to get hard when two beautiful sexy women are in the room. Next she told Becky to come to the bedroom and undress.

Becky didn’t move at first so Jessica taking her by the hand led the way to the bedroom. This was the one room that both Tim and Becky loved in the apartment as it had a pushed out window big enough for a love seat. So with Jessica sitting on the edge of the bed and Tim and Jon sitting on the love seat, Becky stood in the open space at the end of the bed. There with a verbal push by Jessica, Becky slowly started to remove her dress to reveal a matching pair of pink bra and panties. Though it could have been due to standing almost naked in front of a couple and her husband, but her pale skin was as white as a ghost. "Com’ on, don’t stop there sweetie" Jessica said enjoying the view as she leaned back on her hands and watched as Becky removed her bra and then the panties.

There little shy Becky stood six months pregnant naked cupping her large milk filled breast with her pussy being covered by a thick bush of black public hair. Jessica grabbed one of Becky’s arm and pulling her to the bed to lay down next to her; Jessica got her first real good look at Becky’s dark pregnant nipples. Tim was on the edge of his seat watching Jessica take one than the other nipples into her mouth and suckle on them as if Becky was feeding Jessica her breast milk. Tim knew that Becky’s milk had already came in tasting it once before as they made love. He wasn’t a fan of it but it looked like Jessica couldn’t get enough of it. The room was dimly lit but Tim saw that Becky was very wet but just having her nipples sucked on and that mixed with the moans coming from her made him so hard that he opened his pants and pulled them down a bit to give his six and a half inch dick some relieve.

Jessica had worked herself out of her clothes and now only had a pair of panties on and she sucked on Becky’s nipples or nibbled on her neck or full out made-out with her. Jon the whole time just sat back on the couch watching his wife almost attack this young beautiful pregnant girl. Tim peaked out the side of his eye and noticed that there wasn’t a bugle and it was like that he wasn’t even watching the same hot sexy thing go on in front of them. Jessica was now between Tim’s wife’s legs licking and sucking on her pussy and it was so hot that he was now stroking his cock right next to another guy. This was the scene for the next ten to minutes till Tim getting so horny that he stood to join in on the fun but Jon put his arm out to hold him back. "You have to be invited" was all he said as he pushed Tim back down on the couch. It was at this point that Jessica had brought Becky to her second and more powerful orgasm because she had Jessica locked in between her legs as she bucked on the bed before going limp.

Jessica got up and came over to Tim and kissed him full on the lips pushing her tongue into his mouth giving him some of Becky’s pussy juice that she had in her mouth. Next she told him to strip and to eat her pussy as Becky recovered some more. Tim in light speed was stripped and kneeling at the foot of the bed as Jessica removed her panties to reveal a bald pussy that had two large meaty looking lips hanging down. She kneel on the bed giving Tim her ass as she drank more of Becky’s milk. Tim took a moment to just look at Jessica ass as it was the sexiest ass he had ever seen. Becky had more of a tomboy feel and look to her as she played sports like volleyball and field hockey in high school. She was athletic and had the body to match with smaller breast (before getting pregnant) and a tiny bump of an ass. Jessica on the other hand had a woman’s body with curves and an ass to die for. She was bent over in front of him and in doing so opened up her cheeks so he could see her asshole right in front of him. With a handful of each cheek Tim stuck out his tongue and started to lick Jessica’s wet sweet pussy. He stuck his tongue down to flick her clit and run it all the way up to her taint. "Don’t be afraid to lick my ass too" Jessica said in between rotating from breast to breast. Tim never having done that before because Becky didn’t like him to do anything with her ass; stuck his tongue into Jessica’s asshole and licked around it then. Now he was sucking and licking everywhere he could get his tongue.

"FUCK my ass!" "I need your cock in my ass" Jessica cried out. Tim being lost in the moment didn’t waste a second between pulling his face away from Jessica pussy and sticking his cock into her ass. It slide right in to his balls but Tim thinking that it was from all the spit there didn’t question why it was as easy to go in. He had heard that the ass was much tighter than the pussy so that is why women didn’t like it because of the pain involved.

By now Becky had come back and saw her husband fucking another woman right next to her. "Hey, what’s going on? "We didn’t say anything about Tim having sex with you" Becky said. "SHHHH" Jessica said as she place two fingers to Becky’s lips. "Have…. He… um… done this… before?" Jessica asked Becky as Tim pounded away. "What?" Becky asked. "Fucked your ass?" "No, NO I told him that he I won’t do anal" Becky replied. "Oh, I thought sooooo… mmmm… because he is really fucking me hard."

Tim had a firm grip onto Jessica’s hips and he fucked her hard in the ass. Becky moved a little up the bed and watched as her husband, only one she had ever been with fuck someone else in the ass of all places. Jessica saw the look and Becky’s face as she knew that she was looking at the grin on hers as Tim fucked her. "I think you need a little dick too" Jessica said to Becky. Becky saw movement to her side and when she turned her head she was met by the biggest dick she had ever seen. Jon was standing next to the bed fully naked with his ten inch semi-hard dick right in her face. The thing was as thick as a soda can and looked like it would be as long as her arm fully hard. "OH MY GOD!!! What the fuck is that?" Becky cried out just staring at the cock grow larger and larger as it got harder.

Jessica had Tim lay next to his wife as she took his cock into her mouth. Maybe it was having his dick sucked right after it being in Jessica’s ass or the simple fact that there was another couple in his bedroom with his wife having sex with them, that he didn’t notice just how big Jon’s cock was that he was feeding to his young little wife. Becky couldn’t get pass the head in her mouth but that didn’t stop Jon from trying. With one hand around the base of his huge monster and the other on the back of Becky’s head, he pushed as much as he could into her mouth causing her to gag on it. Jon got about half of it into her mouth and was now working it into her throat making her gag and spit up all over her chest and his dick. This bought Tim to what was going on and he turned to see his wife gagging on the biggest cock he had ever seen.

Tim jumped up by Jessica was right behind him wrapping an arm around his chest and grabbing hold of his cock with the other hand. "Shhh, shhh, its ok baby just look at how she is enjoying it" Jessica whispered into Tim’s ear as she stroked his cock. Tim kneeled on the bed watching his wife gag on this monster cock; she had a trail of spit running down from her chin covering her swollen breast to over her baby bump. Jon now had almost his whole cock ramming in and out of Becky’s mouth; the room was filled with the sounds of Becky throat being fucked by this monster cock. Jessica had her body lying on the back of Tim as she sucked on his neck and jerked his cock. Having another man throat fuck his wife wasn’t something he had in mind but seeing it happen turned him on so much that he came into Jessica’s hand. Jessica slurped up his cum and moved over to the top of the bed.

"Come here sweetie" Jessica told Becky as she sat with her back to the headboard. Becky moved to now she was laying on Jessica naked body between her legs with her head resting on Jessica’s breast. Jon moved to between Becky’s legs. "Tim I want you to grab Jon’s cock and put it in your wife" Jessica told Tim. "No, NO that is too far" Tim replied. Jessica was rubbing Becky’s breast and whispering something into her ear. "Com’ on, babe" "I need to feel his cock in my" "I let you fuck Jess in the ass"

Tim knew that he had to do this as he did do things with another woman in front of his wife, he just wished that Jon wasn’t packing a huge ass cock. Tim placed his hand around the dick and though he could get his fingers to touch on the other side of it, it was just barely. The cock was soft and hard at the same time and as he lined it up with his wife’s pussy Jon pushed forward and enter her. "Oh my, that is big!" Becky cried as Jon pushed more and more into her. Jon was now leaning over Becky kissing her and Jessica as he fucked Tim’s wife with his huge cock. Tim just sat there on the bed listening to the sounds of Jon’s hips slamming into Becky and Becky moaning when Jon would switch and kiss Jessica.

On one pull back Jon’s cock fell out of Becky’s pussy and Jessica told Tim to put it back in. Tim did and when he grabbed hold of Jon’s cock he felt that it was covered in his wife’s pussy juice; there was a big wet spot on the bed under Becky. Tim couldn’t believe it as she never came this much for him. As Tim lined Jon’s dick back up with his wife, Tim saw that Becky’s pussy was now gaped open from Jon’s huge cock fucking her. After Jessica called Tim up and told him something in his ear, to which he laid down on the bed under Jon at Becky’s pussy and started to lick at her pussy as Jon was fucking her. Tim had to adjust his hard cock because it was poking into the bed it was so hard. Tim was lost in a high of sex that he didn’t noticed that he was not only licking his wife’s pussy as another man had his dick in it, but he was also licking Becky’s pussy juice off Jon’s cock.

Becky was screaming now having lost count of how many time she had cummed, and having Jon so deep inside her. Then all a sudden Jon stopped and Tim having his lips on Jon’s cock at that moment felt the cum travel up his cock and into his wife. Jon unloaded a big load of cum into Becky knowing that she was safe being already pregnant. Once he was done he pulled out and a flood of pussy juice and cum flowed from Becky’s pussy. Tim almost robotic drove in and sucked up all the cum and juice bringing Becky to one final orgasm. When he finished Becky pulled him up in a kiss as Jessica slipped out from behind her.

Jessica and Jon dressed and with saying goodbye left the couple in their bed trying to recover from what had happened.

Becky gave birth to a beautiful baby with Tim by her side, and Jessica and Jon who had become very close friends where there too.

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