"Melee, you know she will be passed out after I cream her butt, just like she was when you cleaned her wet pussy?" "That’s ok John. It has been so long since I have had any sex. I am so horny and having my first experience with a 3 way, I am so excited. I have never sucked cum from an asshole, although I have licked many assholes, but never one with man cum oozing out. This will be my first and I want to do it. Please John?"

Hell, what could I say? This beautiful Asian chick asking to enter into a 3 way with me and Ana. In my wildest dreams, I could never imagine this. I may get to use Melee in ways that may make her balk, but I am going to try. "Yes Melee. I think it will be OK with Ana to do anything you want, as long as she can do what she wants with you".

As I said this, my dick was ready for Ana’s asshole. I grabbed lots of lube and inserted it all over and inside this relaxed hole. It always starts this way, but when I sink in all the way, her muscles grab me and hold on tight. Melee had her face almost laying on Ana’s butt, she was so close. She was going to get a good look at what I was doing. I wondered if I would ever get to try this in her asshole? I eased in and held it as the muscles stated tightening. Oh it felt so good. I saw Melee grin and I started to moan. I slowly started in and out. After just a short time, Melee was giving my cock a little lick as I was coming out. I wondered if she was just giving it a taste to see what she had ahead of her. Wow. I was loving this. As my balls were tightening up, I started going faster and Melee couldn’t give me a lick, but I was close to unloading my hot load, as I have so many times before with Ana bent over the table. One shot, two shots, three shots. Was it every going to stop. It felt almost like Ana’s butt muscles knew this was something special and milked me with a tighter grip. I slowed down as my balls quit driving my hot cum deep into this sweet asshole.

I wondered if Melee was going to still suck my cum load. Hell, the amount I feel like I shot in there, it would do more than just ooze out. I was holding my cock just inside her butt muscle to allow time for it all to come out, and Melee shoved me back and as my cock came out with a plop, her lips replaced my cock in the deep crevice of Ana’s butt crack. I didn’t get to see if my cum was coming out with force, or just the normal "ooze".

Melee was giving a happy hum as she was working her mouth on Ana. She didn’t back off any. She was holding Ana’s butt cheeks wide apart as she tried to get in as deep as possible. After a while her jaw was slowing down from coming up and down, like she had gotten it all or she was getting her fill. She stopped and slowly turned and looked at me. Cum was running down her jaw and she had a wonderful look on her face. She licked her lips and moved back down like there may be some more, and she wasn’t going to miss any.

After a few minutes she raise her head again, still with a broad smile, and took her middle finger, held it up for me to see, and stuck it in Ana’s hole. She went in as far as she could reach and brought it out and sucked it like a lolipop. She stuck it back in and when it came out this time, she offered it to me. OK John. If you ever think you are going to make Melee yours, you are going to suck her finger. I did. It didn’t taste like ass, so I sucked on it like I enjoyed it.

About this time Ana started groaning. She was coming awake. When she saw the wet cum on Melee’s face, she gave with a broad smile herself. "How has things come? Did anyone get to cum?" "Yes my dear Ana. We are having a ball. What would you like to do now?" "Go to bed and let me have some of that hairy pussy"

We all moved to the bedroom and as we got there, I saw that Melee had gotten completely undressed. The hair on her pussy looked to be fine as silk, and very long. Her clit lips were hanging down looking like something I would love make love too. Suck on them. Pull on them with my lips. Gently nibble on them, and when she would cum, I would suck her dry.

Her breast were perfect. Small but with the right proportions with her body. Great nipples. I wanted to suck on them now, but I knew it was time for Ana to get her wishes.

Ana asked Melee to lie on the bed. That marvelous looking Asian beauty assumed the position on the bed. Ana crawled up beside her and was looking deep into her beautiful dark eyes. As their arms went around each other, their lips came together and touched ever so softly. When the lips came together with the tongues interlocking, Ana reached for Melee's ass cheeks and puller her tight to her. This went on for a while, and Ana pulled back with a yell, knowing there was more ahead. When they broke the kiss, Ana moved her lips to a breast. I’m wondering how large those nipples will get with the excitement I see in Melee. Ana didn’t stay long on her breast and she leaped down to that hairy pussy and dove her face right into it. Melee opened her legs as far as they would go, to give Ana free access. With Ana’s arms around Melee’s butt cheeks, holding on tight, Melee reached down and spread her pussy lips so Ana could get in as far as she wanted. Ana acted like it was her last meal. She wasn’t using fingers to try to make Melee feel good, she was just enjoying the taste of Melee’s hairy pussy. This was so new to her. She was in a world of her own. After Melee started bucking up and down, it seemed to bring Ana back down to earth. With Melee ass bouncing up and down, Ana knew she had to do all she could do to make this a climax that Melee would remember for a long time and would want to keep coming back for more.

Ana remembered what she loved for me to do to her, so she tried the same with Melee. In went two fingers with a wiggle and a slight in and out. Stay on that clit and lick and suck. Get a finger on the other hand wet with pussy juice and get it ready for her asshole.

Melee’s moans were getting louder and louder with her ass moving all around, Ana mover the wet finger to Melee’s wet asshole. In it want. Melee screamed like she was dying. Ana was running all fingers in and out as fast and deep as she could. She keep the suction on Melee’s clit while exciting it with her tongue. Melee stopped moving, stopped screaming, stopped breathing, just frozen in time with her ass as high as it would go. She then took a deep breath and fell back on the bed. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard. When she finally opened her eyes and looked at Ana, a shit eating grin came upon her and asked "where have you been all my life. Come here lover and give me a kiss".

When they were laying so close together, they started whispering in each others ears with little laughs. I could tell they were tired and probably wanted to be alone, so I politely left them to see if they would drift off to sleep, or come to the kitchen for more beer and get frisky with John.

I know this is short, but there is another to wrap this series up. I haven’t written In years, and I think I may be getting rusty. Let me know.

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