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► Software Sites

Try to avoid the pirate bay for software, it is filled to the brim with malware torrents. Skulled users are not trustworthy either.


► Sites focused on graphics / audio / video software

  • [torrents/private] cgpeers.com - Best place for graphics softwares and plugins (Key words - 3D/Visual Effects/Computer Graphics/Design/Computer Assisted Art). Easiest way to join is through MAM. Requires 6 months old account and 1TB upload. Private trackers guide
  • [torrents] vstorrent.org - Audio software and plugins.
  • [torrents/private] audionews.org - Audio software and plugins, as well as tutorials. Registration opens on the 2nd of every month (Midnight / Moscow time).
  • [torrents/private] theaudioscene.net - Audio software and plugins. Registration is available in exchange for a small donation.
  • [DDL] flsaudio.com - Audio software and plugins. Needs a paid account for xenupload.com
  • [DDL] audioz.download - Audio software and plugins.
  • [DDL/private] cgpersia.com - Graphics software and plugins. Registration is currently closed.
  • [DDL/private] forum.gfxdomain.net - Graphics software and plugins, as well as tutorials.


► Miscellaneous


► Windows & Office Genuine/Untouched Downloads

Jump to the Tools page of the megathread for Office & Windows activation tools.


► Private Trackers

Intro to private trackers

  • [Mac] BrokenStones - Considered to be the best private tracker for Mac apps
  • [Mac] InMac - A very good Mac app tracker
  • TorrentLeech - One of the largest general private trackers
  • alpharatio.cc - A general private tracker focused on scene releases. Inferior in content compared to other general trackers like IPT, TL, FL etc but has a very strong request section. Great for requests for which personalised trackers don't exist or aren't good enough. Can be joined through MAM and RED during AR's global invites period, keep an eye out
  • Filelist - One of the largest general private trackers. Romanian tracker, but media content will typically include dual language audio (English and Romanian).
  • IPTorrents - The largest general private tracker
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