Chapter Four: The Abduction

The Captain and his First Officer had just entered the bridge when several more volleys of phaser blasts rocked the ship. Taking his chair, Capt. Boner looked at his console to determine who the hell was engaging the ship.

"Do we know who that is?" asked the Captain.

"Negative, sir," was the response from Grizz over at tactical. "The ship just appeared and by the time our scans picked it up, it had fired upon us."

"Return fire!" ordered Capt. Boner.

Three torpedoes were launched but caused little damage to the Stalker. Grizz looked at his console; a grim and frustrated look appeared on his face.

"Our shields are almost gone and our weapons have no effect on the ship," Grizz reported. "Three torpedoes from the other ship have been launched!"

Turning to the screen, the Captain locked himself into his chair. "Brace for impact!"

The torpedoes tore through the ship, causing breaches on multiple decks and taking out the weapon systems. Surprisingly, the list of casualties was minimal.

"Captain, we are being hailed," Grizz said.

"Let's have it," responded Capt. Boner.

The crew on the bridge were soon met with an ominous-looking figure who was seated in his own chair and ready to discuss terms.

"This is the S.E.X Penetrator. Why have you fired on us?" demanded the Captain.

"Ah, Captain. It would appear you have a person of interest on board your vessel, more specifically, a nymph," Lord Myrkur said.

Looking around his bridge, Boner gave a slight smile. "There are several nymphs on board my ship. You're going to have to be more specific than that!"

"Don't play dumb with me Captain. You know the nymph of which I speak. She's your prisoner."

The Captain was still trying to make sense of everything that had just happened. "You don't fit the terrorist mold that she comes from given your brazen attack on my ship. What exactly is your interest in her?"

Myrkur was losing patience. "Captain, I am a reasonable man. I have no interest in harming your crew. Turn the nymph over to me and I will be on my way."

Boner looked at his adversary on the viewscreen. He wasn't ready to hand over a prisoner and he wasn't about to give in to demands of this newfound enemy. "It's not happening," he responded.

Myrkur stood up and walked towards them. "Then, prepare to be boarded."

The screen went blank and soon enough, reports came in about armed intruders entering the ship. Capt. Boner walked over to the weapons locker next the tactical console and pulled out a couple of rifles. "Security, seal off the brig." Handing a rifle to Grizz he said, "Lieutenant, you're with me. Commander, you have the bridge."

The pair departed for the brig in an attempt to secure Lila from being taken off the ship. Getting there was an obstacle itself as blaster rounds were being exchanged throughout the corridors. Grizz realized that fighting back with the intruders would delay them from getting to their prisoner.

"Captain, I recommend taking the maintenance tunnels to get to the brig. It will allow us to get around the enemy and we won't have to waste time fighting them," Grizz offered.

The Captain nodded in agreement and removed an access hatch for them to enter. Grizz was right in his assessment. They were able to get through the corridors a lot easier this way. The two were momentarily stunned as a seismic grenade detonated behind them.

"These assholes are serious about taking the prisoner," Boner said shaking off the effects of the blast.

Five minutes later, Boner and Grizz arrived at the hatch that was located across from the brig. There didn't appear to be anyone in the area despite his orders to seal off that section of the ship. As they stepped out into the corridor, they both noticed blood on the floor and door to the brig. Boner punched in his authorization code to open the doors.

In front of them, stood Myrkur. He had just finished dispatching the last of the security detail assigned to protect the brig. Boner watched as the body fell to the floor, this unknown figure challenging him to step up.

"Stand down, Captain," Myrkur said.

"Fuck you," was his response.

Grizz fired two shots at Myrkur, one of them hitting him in his artificial dick. Enraged, Myrkur launched a blade from his left sleeve and into Grizz's thigh. The hulking tactical officer collapsed from the impact.

"I wouldn't try removing it," Myrkur said. "You will bleed out if you do."

Boner looked down at his fallen friend before refocusing his attention back at the intruder before him. He watched as Myrkur disabled the force fields inside the brig. As he walked towards the prisoner's cell, Boner took a step towards him.

Looking at him, Myrkur gave him a final warning, "Don't force my hand, Captain."

Raising his rifle and firing at Myrkur, the Captain made one last effort to protect the prisoner. In what felt like a second, he found himself face to face with this menace. Myrkur grabbed the rifle and hit Boner square in the face with it. Spinning him around, Boner found himself looking at Grizz. Laying helplessly on the floor, Grizz watched as a long blade was run through his captain. The look of surprise and anger was frozen on his face. Myrkur retracted the blade and Capt. Boner fell dead to the floor.

The dark figure turned around and made his way to the prisoner.

Crouched in the far corner of her cell, Lila knew she was no match for whatever or whoever was coming for her. She knew it wasn't her allies and despite being a prisoner on this particular ship, she had no desire to be a captive with someone who was not bound by any set of rules.

Myrkur entered her cell. He spotted her in the corner and extended his right hand. "Come with me, nymph."

Lila was frozen in place. For the first time in her adult life, she was legitimately scared. She watched as the figure slowly approached her. She still had the restraining collar on her that prevented her from using her abilities. Myrkur grabbed her and stood her up. Not saying anything, he pulled her towards him as he began to exit the cell. Lila resisted and tried to free herself of his grasp.

Myrkur was already in a lot of discomfort from the rifle round and he didn't need anymore setbacks. Turning back to Lila, he stunned her with a pulsating blast from his wrist. It worked. Lila fell unconscious into his arms as he exited the cell.

Making his way to the access hole he had cut into the brig, Myrkur called off the attack and ordered them back onto his ship. Grizz watched as he made his way out of the brig with the prisoner.

Several hours after kidnapping Lila from the Penetrator, Myrkur found himself in his quarters being attended by Maryana. His personal physician had treated his wounds and found that blast to her employer's dick was irreparable. However, being well-versed in medical science and attracted to the kink of artificial cocks, she had drawn up plans for a replacement. It wasn't long that she had made her vision a reality.

It was 10 inches long when limp and would grow an extra three inches when erect. She had just made the final adjustments when Myrkur interrupted the silence.

"Is it done?" he asked.

"It is my Lord," replied Maryana as she ran her fingers over the new shaft, up his stomach and to his chest.

"Bring me one of my harlots. I wish to try it out," he said.

Maryana looked down at him. "My Lord, if you would permit me. It is my design and I would like to know what it feels like inside of me. Please give me the privilege of fucking your new cock."

Lord Myrkur didn't have time to answer as he watched his doctor remove her lab coat leaving her in just a lacy bra, thong and heels. He felt a new and familiar sensation in his cock. It did indeed feel bigger and thicker compared to the previous one that had been in place.

Maryana leaned down and licked his shaft from scrotum to tip. Her tongue was long and precise. When she got to the tip, she engulfed the shaft into her mouth. She had spent several years perfecting her oral abilities and being able to take big cocks deep into her mouth and into her throat. She even found a way to do so without a gag reflex.

The dark lord watched as she lowered her head further and further onto his cock. He could see the shaft moving along her throat, saliva dripping down out of her mouth and onto his artificial balls. At this point, he was fully erect. He watched as Maryana continued licking and sucking his cock, the room filled with slurping noises as her saliva continued to trickle down his shaft.

She stood up and then mounted him, her legs straddling his waist. She grinded against his cock before removing her bra. Her nipples were silver-plated attachment. She wanted to make herself stand out from the harlots and have more in common with her employer, thus surgically attaching the adornments to herself. Myrkur appreciated the gesture when she showed him all those years ago.

Leaning down, she kissed the dark lord's lips, their tongues massaging each other for what felt like forever. As she raised herself back up into a sitting position, she handed him a silver butt plug. "Put this inside me," she said.

Feeling the small, phallic object enter her tight ass, Maryana moaned softly. She was ready for the large, erect cock behind her. She had to practically stand up to get him inside of her. When she felt his member penetrate her, her moans became increasingly loud.

Taking each inch slowly, Maryana tried to get as much of his cock into her as she could. She had to stop at the 10 inch mark where she began riding him.

"Oh fuck! That feels so good, my Lord!" she cried out holding onto her hair as she continued riding him.

"Then, you're going to love this," he responded as he grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off of him.

It was a ridiculous feat of strength brought on by a combination of his cybernetic limbs and the lingering effects of the battle enhancer still running through his veins. He sat up with her neck still in his grasp. Standing up, he forced her on the edge of the bed, her ass sticking up with the plug buried inside it. Her pussy begged to be fucked.

"Fuck me, my Lord," she gasped as she resumed breathing.

Myrkur didn't waste any time and slid his new and improved cock deep into her. He was able to force his way an additional inch inside of Maryana who screamed out in a combination of agony and pleasure. Part of her wanted him to stop, but the other part wanted more.

The dark lord increased his thrusts into his sex-craved doctor. He knew she could handle the fucking and wouldn't have designed such a cock nor asked to be the first if she couldn't.

"That feels so good, my Lord," Maryana said as her eyes rolled back into head.

He grabbed her by the hair and fucked her harder. He said nothing as he pumped his cock into her. The only sounds that came from him was his breathing. Myrkur continued pounding her pussy for several more minutes. It wasn't long before Maryana squirted all over his cock and onto the floor. He turned her over and fucked her some more. Another orgasm and wave of juice squirted from her pussy, covering Myrkur's abdomen, groin and legs.

He pulled out of her and launched a series of cum blasts onto her breasts. Maryana cooed as they were covered in his cum. He grabbed her head and jerked his cock to release one more load onto her face, coating it in several layers of his white cock juice.

Maryana stood up and walked over to the sink. She washed her face and breasts before returning to the bed with Myrkur. They would fuck several more times that night.

On the other side of the room, a chained and naked Lila had watched the entire ordeal. Her pussy was wet from the show she had seen in front of her and her pussy ached to be touched. It wasn't until after her captors had fallen asleep that Lila realized her seduction abilities were no longer there.

For the first time in her life, uncertainty had befallen her.

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