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I am Amigo, a young guy of 20 years, the height of 6'0 feet, white complexion, and well-built body with penis lengths 08-09 inches and 02 inches thick.

It's was a nice weekend as my sister tony had gone to her friend's home for a party and we both mom and son were in the house. My mom Rita is a modern lady of 40 years, her hot body is attractive with two lovely boobs and her round dome-shaped ass is too shaky as she walks.

I have never seen my mom nude, as she came into the dining hall with a cup of tea for me and placed it on the table, she was in her traditional dress, her boobs could be seen easily while she placed the cup on the table. My eyes were on her lovely tits as it was coming out of her blouse.

She caught my eyes looking at her hot boobs, she walked to the kitchen as I was drinking tea while thinking of her milky parts. After having tea, I walked to my room, and there I started looking for a porn movie on my laptop. I was busy while looking at a porn movie of a pornstar and my penis got some erection and after a while, I could feel someone's hand on my shoulder, as I was sleeping on the bed with my laptop, I looked back to see my mom standing near me.

In a hurry I closed the program as she sat on the bed, I was afraid as well as ashamed and mom smiled......."Mohit what are you are looking for in your laptop?"

Mohit:- "It's a movie mom."

Mom:- "oh which type of movie you love, I have seen it." as she was sitting on the bed near me, she pulled down her saree from her chest....... and said, "Look at it Mohit, you wanted to see it na.?"

Mohit keeping his face in the other direction, "Mom please cover your chest, I don't want to see it."

Mom:- "oh, but your eye was on it as I was putting the cup of tea on the table."

Mohit:- "I am sorry mom ."

But my hot mom Rita had some other plans in her mind as she moved on the bed and started removing her saree from her hot body.

What could I do? I was a bit afraid as well as shy but my hot mom held my wrist and put my hand on her blouse ..........

"Massage it Mohit, you are now young, see me like a dirty woman." And I started pressing her breast hardly, as my penis is in erection inside Bermuda.

We both were sitting on the bed as she was looking hot in her blouse and petticoat. I took my hot mom on my lap as she held me tightly and my lips were kissing her face and neck, she was pressing her tits on my chest as we both were sitting on the bed in the closest position.

She was pressing her sexy ass on my lap as I took both her lips in my mouth to suck and my hand was moving on her back. My mom was too sexy, her backlash blouse was now opened and she pushed her long tongue in my mouth, I was sucking it hard while she was removing her blouse from her arms. Both her breasts were caged in a black brassiere as I was sucking her tongue and rubbing my palm on her back.

After a while, she pushed my face as her tongue was out of my mouth. I pushed her on the bed and started removing her brassiere and her big breasts with black nipples were making me hot. I took one of her breasts in my mouth and pressing another one hardly she was moaning........

"oohhhhh aahh Mohit sucks my boobs harder aahh." And I sucked her breasts harder.

My hot mom Rita was lying on the bed as I held her petticoat's string and opened it. Then I pulled down her petticoat as she was holding it tightly but lastly I removed her petticoat as she was put her thighs close to each other to make her vaginal parts invisible. My hot mom was nude as she was lying on the bed, I leaned on her waist and started kissing her as my hand was moving on her strong thighs.

She moans....."oohhhhh aahh yummy." And her legs started going away as I kissed her strong thighs to her legs, my penis was in full erection. I put a pillow under her ass as she stretched her legs wide, I could see her vagina with little hairs on it as her pussy are well dressed, I leaned my face as I put my nose on her vaginal hole and smelt it hard. Her rosy cunt had black spots near the vaginal hole as she had enjoyed a lot of fuck in the last 22 years.

My lips were kissing her pussy as she put her fingers on her vagina to widen it, my tongue started licking her cunt as I held her waist tightly and she was in joy.........

"oooh aahh, Mohit I love to have your tongue in my cunt, lick it fast." My tongue was moving inside at a great speed as I was tasting her vagina and after a while, I took both her pussy lips in my mouth to suck. I sucked it till she pushed my face back.

I was too hot as I removed my Bermuda and sat in between her thighs, she was smiling at me as I pushed my cock in her vagina. It's too flexible as I pushed 1/2 my cock in her cunt, I held her waist tightly and pushed my remaining penis with speed and power as she shouted........

"Oh! it's too hot and hard, fuck me fast ." I was fucking my hot mom Rita as we both had left our relation behind, our physical love, prevailed. I was going hard in her hot cunt as I slept on it and she started moving her ass up and down.

It was great to fuck my mom's pussy lying on her top as I was kissing her lips and her breasts were brushing on my chest. Our physical love was going smoothly and my hard-rocked penis was going to pour cum soon and I shouted......

"oohhhhh aahh my whore mom, have my cum inside your cunt."

Rita:- "fuck me hard I will also cum." And our sexual organs poured cum as I was on my mom's hot body.

She took my penis in her mouth to taste the cum.

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