I walk through the door and smile to see my pet sitting on his knees next to the front door. I take a quick glance around the house and smile wider, seeing he's done everything I've asked for him to do today.

"Well well well, I see that you've been a good boy today," I grab my pet's chin so he looks up at me and I can see his huge smile.

"Yes, Mistress. I have," he smiles somehow wider and I let go of his chin. He stares up at me with adoring eyes and I grab the o-ring on his collar, pulling him to stand on his knees instead of sitting back on his heels. I grab a leash we keep in a drawer next to the front door and I attach it to the o-ring. I look him up and down, loving that I made "no clothes around the house" a rule.

"Would you like a reward for being so good?"

"Mmm, I would love that, Mistress."

"Good boy. Let's make our way up the stairs to our room then."

I lead him up the carpeted stairs, making sure not to speed since he's crawling behind me instead of walking. I made sure to take off my panties from under my dress before I got through the door so he could see everything I have as we climbed the stairs.

"You look so tasty, Mistress," he says quietly.

"Soon you'll be able to confirm that, pet," I smile to myself and finish walking up the stairs. We get to the bedroom door and I turn around with pride and excitement.

"I knew you'd like what I set out for you," he smiles and looks past me to the bed where he's laid out some toys for us to use today. I normally let him choose the toys we use during our play time since I want it to be enjoyable for him too. And most of the time, he does not disappoint.

"Let's see what you've laid out," I smile wider and lead him to the bed, "A strap-on... the biggest one we have, too! Some lube, good thinking. A skirt and stockings, I'm guessing for you to wear, is that correct?"

"Yes, Mommy. I want to dress pretty for you," I groan when he calls me that amazing name he saves for wanting to get me riled up. He knows I love when he calls me Mommy.

"Good pet. We also have some rope, would you like to get tied up tonight?"

"Yes, please," he says, almost embarrassed.

"I didn't hear what you said, can you speak up?" I tease him.

"I said, yes, please."

"Good boy. Now, put on your outfit for me while I get everything else set up."

He does as I say, knowing that getting dressed means he can stand up. It's hard to put on a skirt while on your knees. I tie the ropes around our bedpost and make sure to leave enough so I can tie his hand to each one with enough room to be able to flip him over without hurting him. I put on the strap-on after stripping naked, I know he loves to watch my tits bounce while I fuck his ass.

"Done," he says once I finish lubing up the strap-on. He's on his knees with his head tucked to look at the floor. I grab his leash and pull him up to his feet.

"Lay on the bed with your hands up," I command. He walks quickly to the bed and does as I say. I grab some rope and tie his ankles to his thighs and then reach up to tie his hands up to the bedposts. He looks up at me, completely helpless with his cock straining against the cage I've put on him. The key dangles from my neck and I smile, toying with it.

"Should I get you to cum through the cage, or should I take it off, pet? You've been a very good boy, so I'm leaving it up to you. I want to hear what you want," I smile.

"I would like it if you took it off, please," his eyes sparkle in the dim light and I lean down to kiss his soft lips.

"As you wish," I pull the chain from around my neck and unlock the cage he's in, carefully pulling his cock out and watching it get unbelievably hard in a matter of seconds.

He sees me staring and smiles, "You like when I get hard for you, Mommy?"

I groan again and look into his eyes, "I love it, pet. Now, lift your legs for me."

I reach to grab some more lube and spread it on his ass before leaning close to him, guiding my strap-on into his waiting hole. He moans loudly as the tip passes through his tight opening and continues to moan and groan as I slowly shove the whole length into his ass.

Once the whole seven inches are inside him, I pause for a moment for him to adjust. I love watching his face turn from slight discomfort to absolute bliss.

I plan to make him cum while fucking his ass, something that has only happened once before. Normally he likes to fuck me after I fuck him and cum inside me, but tonight I want to see his cock shoot out his load while my strap-on disappears into his ass.

Once the discomfort in his face dissipates, I start to fuck him slowly. This is always the hard part for him, getting his ass to loosen up enough for his p-spot to feel pleasure. I reach down and stroke his cock while I fuck his ass, quickening my pace ever so slightly and hit his prostate as well as I can. His moans echo through the room and I can tell it isn't going to take much before he cums hard for me.

I spit on my hand and reach back down to stroke his cock faster. He whines and groans and bucks his hips into my own, fucking himself while I stroke him.

"Oh, yes, Mommy. That feels so good," he moans through his teeth.

"Are you going to be a good boy for Mommy and cum while I fuck your ass?" I whisper between his moans. He cries out in pleasure and smiles.

"Yes, Mommy. I'll be so good for you. Can I cum please?" He gasps, barely able to hold back his load.

"Almost, pet, almost," I wait a few seconds before I know he's going to finish without permission, "Now you can cum," and I continue with my rhythm of fucking and stroking as he climaxes, almost screaming through the intense pleasure. I use my other hand to cover his mouth, not wanting our neighbors to call the police for suspecting someone is getting murdered.

I watch as rope after rope of cum shoot from his cock and he arches his back.

He slowly comes down from his orgasm and I stop my fucking and stroking. I scoop some of his cum onto my fingers and he opens his mouth obediently. I put my fingers in his mouth and he closes his lips around them, licking every inch of my fingers. I lean down and kiss him when he lets go, tasting his saltiness through his tongue.

"Good boy," I smile.

"Thank you," he replies, "Can you untie me so I can pleasure you now?" he asks politely.

"I think I'm going to ride your face instead," I say, removing the strap-on and climbing up to position myself above his eager tongue. He loves to eat my pussy. On days where I don't allow his cage to come off, I have him please me until he cums (which is quite easy).

I lower my body down and he quickly gets to licking my wet pussy. He moans with me while I ride his face, rubbing up and down while his tongue assaults my clit. It doesn't take long for me to get close after fucking him. It's one of my favorite things to do. I climb closer and closer until I feel my whole body get racked with an intense orgasm, almost making me faint. He continues to lick until he feels me stop shuddering, then kisses my pussy softly before I have the strength to get up again.

"Fuck, pet, that was amazing."

"Thank you for riding my face," he smiles and looks at me expectantly. He loves being spooned after I fuck him, so I untie his legs and hands before spooning him lovingly.

"Goodnight," I say quietly as he drifts off. I close my eyes and drift off to sleep as well.

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