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End of chapter 6

"Definitely," Anne smiled at me as did the other girls nodding their heads.

We put on robes and packed up our gear, and headed to the hotel. Needless to say, after showers, we all slept well.

Story continues

The next morning after we had our breakfasts, it was off to the airport for the uneventful flight home.

We had coffee at the airport café, said our goodbyes to Justine and Claire as we went our different ways.

Upon arrival at Anne's, we said our goodbyes. I got straight into my car and headed home. It was relaxing just to sit quietly at home and think about nothing. I was soon asleep.

I woke to the buzz of my phone. It was Tony.

"Hello stud, how's your trip going?" I answered.

"Good, and very interesting Brian met me in Jacksonville this morning and had lunch with him and a couple of their friends." He said. "What about your week, anything happening?"

Part of me so wanted to tell him, but I realized this was not the time.

"Same old as usual, went shopping with Anne and a couple of her girlfriends, one of them I sort of told you about."

"I don't remember you mentioning a friend of Anne's babe."

I laughed as I told him, "I didn't realize they were friends until two days ago. It was the woman who did my massage and waxing, Justine."

He laughed as he said, "very intimate friends, I'd say."

We both laughed at his comment and chatted for a few more minutes, then said our goodnights, and I love you.

While I fixed something for dinner, I thought again how different Tony seemed as we talked. Again I couldn't say what it was just different, a good different I felt.

After dinner, I had a glass of wine and went to bed. Sleep came easily even after an afternoon nap.

I was having an after breakfast coffee, and my phone pinged.

'Meet for lunch here at 1pm if can A'

'c u then :)G' I replied.

I noticed extra cars as I parked at Anne's. 'Justine's or Claire's,' I thought they might be.

I walked into the kitchen, and all three were sitting there drinking wine, "HI! How are we," I said?

As I went to kiss Claire on the cheek, she turned and met my lips. "Good hon'."

"Hi, sweetie," said Anne.

"Nice to see you again, cutie," smiled Justine.

Justine and Anne also kissed me on the lips.

"We already started the conversation, Anne and I didn't enjoy big dick as much as Claire did," Justine said. "And we all voted that you loved it." The three laughed.

Going a bit red, I said, "Yes, I admit it, but it's because he could constantly hit the spots I needed."

"I know what you mean, Gail, that's what I get too, but I wouldn't want it every day." Added Claire.

"It's only the second time I've had something that big. The first one only hurt. I think if I hadn't had so many cocks in me first, he might have hurt as well, and Tony knows how to please me. That's the main thing." I said.

"He's a player like so many big dicks," Anne said. "Married and out fucking anything he can."

Anne saw the look on my face. "Sweetie, both girls know our arrangements. None of us are going out and picking people up without a thought of how they feel." She said, "Ohh, how do I explain it?"

"Like this, I think," Claire said. "When I go out, it's for entertainment and relaxation. If I meet a guy, it's only rarely just a one-night stand, and if I sense he's lying, I'm gone."

We nodded, then Justine spoke, "Claire and I are single, so free game, a married person isn't. If a spouse wants extra activities as long as they are open and honest about the situation, then none of us are players, just horny people."

"I heard a few comments from the guys about big dick saying and doing anything at all to get into any woman's knickers," Anne mentioned.

"What's going to happen with you and Tony now tha-?" Anne stopped Justine from saying anything more.

I looked at Anne, "It's okay, sweetie," she said, looking daggers at Justine. "We are going to have a chat later."

"Sorry, I didn't know," Justine said. She came over and gave me a cuddle. "It's not bad news, really. I just thought Anne had talked to you about it."

Claire looked at our faces, "will I find out as well?" She asked. "I feel like a part of this group now."

"Come on, ladies, let's get our clothes off and in the spa, and I'll explain it all to both of you, and yes, sweetie, you are an official member now," Anne said as she gave Claire a hug and kiss.

We adjourned to the sauna and spa, where Anne told us all she had found out from Brian and their friends.

The four of us overindulged in the wine, so Anne got a taxi to take us home. Nobody was intoxicated, just too much to risk a DUI. As I was getting in the cab, Anne said, "Don't forget you're both expected for lunch tomorrow. Midday would be perfect."

"How could I forget something I didn't know babe," I smiled. "I'll have to see if it's okay with Tony tonight."

"One step ahead, Brian has already invited him," Anne laughed.

I was almost home when Tony rang. His flight was messed up, and he probably wouldn't be home until after midnight. I got home and had some dinner and off to bed. Tony didn't disturb me, so I had no idea what time he got to bed.

As I got out of bed around nine, my movements or noise didn't disturb him. It was eleven when he walked down all showered and dressed for lunch. I made him a coffee, then went and got ready myself. We worked our timing perfectly and arrived five minutes early.

Brian met us at the door and ushered us in. Anne smiled and gave me the usual hug and kiss welcoming, then did the same to Tony, planting a semi passionate kiss full on his lips. He looked at me for a reaction. I just grinned.

I took Tony up to my room, and we changed into swimsuits. His eyes boggled at the brevity of my new bikini but didn't say anything, only smiled. I smiled to myself, knowing what was going to happen. We put on robes and headed out to the spa room, where a luncheon was all setup.

Anne and Brian were both waiting for us. As soon as we were close enough, Brian asked us what we wanted to drink. He then went to the bar accompanied by Tony, and they brought our drinks to us while we were busy picking at the buffet. Brian looked over my shoulder, so I turned my head and saw Justine and Claire coming in the door.

Tony was introduced to the girls, and Justine conned him into getting drinks for them. I watched his interaction with them, and again I noticed he was different than he used to be.

We were chatting while having a few drinks and food and realized what a nice group of people I had come to be involved with. I only found out yesterday that both Justine and Claire, who were both twenty-nine, were very wealthy. After college, they built their own beautician business and now had franchises in five states and only worked a few hours a week. But they were both down to earth people.

"How are we going with the food? If you've had enough to eat, we could go to the sauna and spa." Brian announced. We all nodded yes and started heading to the sauna.

"Grab a towel, you two, we'll be in once we change," Anne said.

The four of them were only a few minutes, and Brian hit the switch as he shut the door. It was close quarters with six in an eight-person sauna, and it seemed plenty of room when the four of us were in it. But today, Anne almost had to sit on Tony's lap.

After the sauna, we were going to the spa. Brian asked Tony to help get some drinks while we would get in the spa. By the time they arrived with the drinks, us girls were underwater.

The sitting circle in the spa went me, Tony, Anne, gap, Justine, Brian, Claire, and gap. As we chatted and drank, we were all feeling the effects and quite relaxed, except for Tony. I could see his reflection in the mirrored wall and noticed Anne getting handsy with him, and he was looking around nervously.

Justine leaned forward and looked at Claire and said, "My skin might get waterlogged soon; perhaps I'd better get out."

"I know the feeling; perhaps we both better get out," said Claire as they both stood up.

Anne and I could see Tony's eyes as he stared at the two girls. The bikinis were tiny, tight, and see-through. Nothing was left to the imagination.

Brian stood and leaned over and kissed Anne, "I had better help them dry properly, don't want them wrinkled." He winked at me as the three left the spa.

"You are ready for this, Gail?" Anne mouthed at me, "You do want this, don't you?" I nodded. "Here goes."

"Did you like what you saw, Tony?" Anne asked.

"Ahhh, umm, w, what do you mean," stammered Tony?

"This," Anne said as she stood up and turned in front of him in a similar see-through bikini. "I know I'm a bit older, but do I look as good as they did?

"The look of these," she said as she rubbed both her hands over her boobs.

"And the look of this," as she ran her hands up and down her groin, framing her pussy between them.

Anne got on her knees and put her hand on his now erect cock. "Feels like you did, and still do."

Anne took his hands and guided him up to standing. Hooking her fingers into the waist of Tony's shorts, she smiled and pulled them down.

Tony stood still, his stiff cock exposed to us and a shocked look on his face. He looked at me with a strange expression, almost pleading. I nodded my head and mouthed, 'yes.'

"I see his cock needs relief." Anne said, "I think we might just give him relief with our mouths," she added, smiling at me.

Anne gently pushed Tony against the spa edge as I moved in closer. We both reached out to his shaft. I cupped his balls while Anne wrapped her hands around his shaft.

"What umm ahh," murmured Tony, again looking at me in wonder.

I leaned forward, taking Tony's knob in my mouth. As Anne licked her way down the shaft, I flicked the tip and ran my tongue around the glans. Anne licked and sucked on his scrotum, taking a testicle into her mouth, while I had about a third of his cock in mine.

Anne pulled back and tapped my cheek, "sit back and watch how this slut sucks your husband's cock," Anne stated.

I watched as Anne took Tony's cock into her mouth. She grabbed his butt cheeks and pulled him into her. For the first time, I was inches away from a display of deepthroating.

Tony's pubic hairs were touching Anne's lips, and I noticed the movement in her throat as his knob moved in and out, showing the depth of penetration.

Anne pulled back, saliva flowing from her mouth as she took a deep breath, faced me with a huge smile, and again took the entire member into her mouth and throat.

Tony grabbed Anne by the back of her head and pulled back a little, then dragged her face onto his cock, shoving his hard cock into her mouth and fucked her face so hard and fast as he would her pussy. I watched Anne's face as Tony facefucked her in an extremely hardcore fashion.

I watched in admiration, I had come close to doing this with Tony, but he was never aggressive like this with me to make it happen.

Tony pulled out of Anne's mouth. Again she drew large breaths, trying to recover. Again he grabbed the back of her head. I watched my husband's manhood headed back into Anne's wide-open mouth. This time he gently pushed himself into her mouth, slowly moving in and out, then started increasing his speed and depth. Tony had never done this with me.

'Oh fuck,' I thought as I put my hand between Anne's legs, gently running my fingers between her lips from her clit to ass. Tony's pumping action was allowing her throat to become again accustomed to the intrusion. He pulled out, and Anne took a couple of deep breaths, grabbed Tony's ass, and dragged his rigid member back into her mouth.

"That's it fuck her face," I said as I watched his pubes hitting against Anne's nose and lips, again and again as they dragged each other together, ramming his cock down her throat.

And then he started furiously pumping her face. Saliva was flowing from her mouth and tears from her eyes as he continued his assault on Anne's mouth.

"Way to go, Anne, you little slut, I knew you could," I said, "now fuck her face babe, fuck her face.

'Ohh my god, I loved it. As I watched, I realized just how much this had turned me on,' I thought.

"FUCK! Yelled Tony as he pulled out of her mouth.

Anne was taking some deep breaths as I moved close, putting my cheek hard against hers, both our mouths wide open, watching Tony masturbate. In only seconds the first stream of semen hit Anne's mouth. Tony turned slightly as the second rope hit my cheek then my mouth. The next few spurts were spread over our faces.

Tony collapsed to his knees, smiling broadly at the spunk covered faces in front of him.

Anne took hold of my head and kissed me, swapping the mixtures of bodily fluids we had in our mouths, and then we used our tongues over each other's faces licking every drop of jizz we could.

We sat there for a few minutes recovering, Tony went to say something, and Anne put her finger to his lips and shook her head and mouthed no.

She smiled at me as she leaned forward and kissed Tony passionately. I could tell her tongue was definitely in Tony's mouth. Breaking the kiss, she stood up, holding Tony's hand.

"Time for some real fun, lover boy." She helped him stand. "I want you to cum with me, emphasis on CUM." Anne laughed.

Again Tony looked at me, and again I nodded and mouthed yes as I walked with them inside. I was surprised when we didn't go up to my room but continued towards the playroom.

"Slight change of plans, you'll be surprised as I was when he told me," Anne said

We walked into the room, and two large ottomans weren't there the last time we were here. They would be over six feet square.

On the far one lay Brian with Justine being a cowgirl and Claire playing with Justine's pussy with one hand and Brian's balls in the other. She smiled at us.

Anne told Tony to lay on the bed. She looked at me and winked, "you can be my fluffer. Get that cock ready for me."

While Anne removed her bikini, I started on Tony's cock, actually didn't take much time for him to recover. I looked up, and Anne and Tony were kissing passionately. Anne was also rubbing her wet clit with her fingers. When the kiss ended, she was breathing hard, and as they parted, I could see her nipples were erect.

Anne seductively spoke to Tony, "do you think we should be doing this, me about to fuck my girlfriend's husband."

Tony started to talk, "I, I'm," when Anne kissed him again.

Anne broke the kiss and said, "Just shut up and fuck me, your wife is going to guide your big hard cock into my hot wet cunt, and I'm riding you."

Anne moved around and straddled Tony's groin, her wet cunt fully exposed. I rubbed my fingers between her lips back and forth a few times and felt her body's reactions. I stroked Tony's cock with the juice-covered fingers, wrapped my hand around the shaft, and pointed it at Anne's hole.

"Down you come. I've got it ready." I said.

Anne slowly lowered herself. As his knob came in contact with her lips, I rubbed the knob between her lips, getting it wet from her juices. She lowered a little more, and then I removed my hand."

"Fuck him, Anne, fuck my hubby's big fat cock." I whispered in her ear while she was sitting still, getting used to the intrusion.

She started wriggling her ass, and when she got comfortable, she started lifting and dropping her cunt up and down his member. I was sitting watching her fuck my husband, and my husband fuck her right back, and my cunt was saturated.

They both continued until Anne was about to orgasm. She started moaning and stopped moving up and down, just humping and moving back and forth, then stopped still her body quivering.


Anne collapsed forward, and Tony immediately rolled her over onto her back, slowly he brought her legs onto his shoulders, I could see her legs wide open and her hips tilted up. Anne's exposed pussy, swollen and wet along with her inner thighs, Tony's cock still half-buried in her hungry hole.

Tony moved his cock out, so his knob is resting just inside her swollen and excited pussy. As he gently pushed, Anne groaned, "Mmmmmmmmmm." He pressed forward, and the rest of his cock slowly disappeared, then he pulled back and almost withdrew, then with another hard push, his cock disappeared into her, and her body jerked and shivered. His hands were holding her ankles, he looked down at her and told her how hot and wet she looked, her hips were moving around as Tony again withdrew, just the end of his cock inside of her.

Tony opened her legs wider so that she could see his cock entering her cunt. She was moaning and on the edge of orgasm, staring at her crotch. She shook her head and moaned as she watched Tony's cock slowly pump in and out of her cunt.

"OHHH YES! That's it, lover boy," that feels so good inside me," she said. "I wanna cum, lover, so fuck me, please fuck me."

Tony looked and then slowly slid himself deeper into her hole and then started fucking her, slowly at first then picking up the pace as her cunt got wetter and the audible slapping of wet skin as he continued pumping faster in and out of her.

I'm sitting next to them and start to masturbate.

He was now fucking her hard and deep, and she was fucking him back, her legs now locked around his waist, sounds of fucking getting louder as their wet bodies slap together faster and harder, her moans and his voice as he told her how good her pussy felt.

I was moaning and watching when I felt movement behind me, tits rubbing against the skin of my back, hands reached around and started pinching my nipples.

"Your nipples are hard, hon', your loving this, aren't you?" Claire says as one of her hands moves to my cunt, and a finger is pushed in. "Ohh yesss, you are so fucking wet."

Claire continued fingering my cunt and massaging my tits as we watched the scene in front of us.

Then it happened, his body started to tense, and he started moving faster. I heard him say he would fill her cunt with his cum. She groaned and just started saying OMG, faster, yesss, please hurry. He drove deep and held himself there, and she exploded with him, her body writhing and humping under him, her arms and legs clutching at him, giving her entire being to his cock. I had an orgasm as well next to them. The aftershocks and thrusts followed by Tony giving Anne a deep, deep French kiss that she returned freely and with abandon. He finally climbed off of her. They all lay there covered in sweat, panting.

As I moved, Claire let me go. I climbed across the bed and started kissing Anne, asking her if she was okay. She nodded and smiled.

I reached down between her legs and started playing with her soaking cunt, Anne was still very excited, and I was quick to get her revved again. Anne's hips began to move, and she groaned and said, "Please."

I kissed her and said I wanted to see Tony fuck her again. Anne groaned and smiled.

I was horny as hell. I pushed Anne's legs wide. "I'm going to use my tongue on your cunt," I told her.

"NOO!" I heard as Claire joined us and put her hand on Anne's wet cum filled cunt.

"I'll clean out Anne. I want to feel your tongue in me," Claire said to me.

Claire pushed Anne as far to the end as she could, got between her legs on her knees, and started licking and sucking Anne's cunt. I got on my back under her and started licking from clit to ass, she squatted down on my face, and I went crazy on her wet sloppy groin, her juices and Brian's cum all combined. She pushed back at me as I drove my tongue into her hole.

She sat upright, "YEAH! THAT FEELS, OH SO FUCKING GOOD AHHHHHHH!" She wriggled her butt, then went rigid, and I felt her juices as she squirted.

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