This story depicts an ftm trans person in situations of dubious consent. If nonconsent/relectance, degradation, or trans folks aren't your thing, you have been warned. There is also a brief mention of marijuana use.

Words used for the anatomy of the ftm character may offend some. If seeing 'pussy' or 'cunt' used in this context upsets you, this story is not one you will enjoy. Reference is made to the ftm character's potential fertility but this is not an impregnation story.


A week before my 25th birthday, I found myself at home alone, half-stoned and wholly horny. I slid a hand below the waistband of my pants and felt the swollen nub of my small t-dick and the growing damp spot in my underwear. With my other hand I opened my phone and began swiping on a gay dating app. Although it had not always been the case, I found recently that there were more guys open to sex with trans guys like me and a good, rough pounding sounded good.

I stripped down, shaved some body hair, and took a few teasing shots of my pussy and ass to send to a hot top who advertised himself as kinky and well-endowed. I wanted to find someone to be rough and degrading. I was drunk on my desire to feel used. My new kinky friend seemed to like my photos and we began chatting about our sexual experiences and fantasies. I find myself jerking off most often to fantasies of either being forced into rough sex or trying double and/or triple penetration and shared as much with him. He admitted to being somewhat of a voyeur and thinking it would be hot to tie me up and watch a group of men brutally fuck me in all of my holes. I was definitely not ready to live out that particular fantasy, but talking about it was great foreplay.

He told me he couldn't get his mind off of the idea of breeding and torturing an ftm like me. I'm 5'2" and 120lbs. I've had top surgery and run to stay fit. In other words, I'm small and easy to throw around or over-power. I typically follow a strict condom rule but I felt a reaction in my loins when he followed it up by telling me that he'd love to tie me up and repeatedly breed my whore cunt until I was knocked up. MonsterWC69, as I knew him, sent a picture of a thick white cock standing a proud 10" long, shaft and balls in a snug black cockring. The head was glistening with beads of precum. I wanted to gently lap up the precum and then push my throat to the limits that instant. I sent back a shot of my fingers, covered in pussy juices.

I had never taken a dick that large, but I felt bold and prideful in my sexual abilities. Bold and dumb is more like it. MonsterWC69 seemed to know exactly which buttons to push to make me drop my defenses. I sent pictures of my pussy and ass stretched open, telling my new friend I needed his help to really break in my holes. Before long I found myself lighting another joint and holding my breath as I sent a message saying, "Please fuck me tonight. I need you to stretch out all my holes. I need to be bred and treated like a piece of dumb fuckmeat."

My heartbeat doubled when I got his reply.

"Downtown Marriott. Room 610. Right now."

I finished my joint, then threw on a jockstrap, some jogging pants, and a sweater and went on my way before I regained my senses. I made it to the hotel and nearly had a panic attack on the way up to the 6th floor.

That cock is so huge, I thought. I wonder if I can even take it! I was an anxious mess and I could feel my pussy getting wet already.

I arrived at the door to Room 610 and gave it a timid knock. Moments later a tall, husky man opened the door and ordered me inside, "And go ahead and get comfortable," he said.

I took "comfortable" to mean naked and obliged, a little sad I wouldn't be showing off my cute undies to this handsome date. My hands developed a slight tremor from either cold, fear, or excitement. I was not sure which. MonsterWC69 closed the door.

"Let's be clear. You are here to be used, by me, in whatever way I choose, because that is what you begged me for. You are a human fleshlight and all of your holes belong to me. Now turn around and put your hands behind your back."

I was a little stunned about how quickly he had jumped into play, but my soaking, cock-hungry pussy was calling the shots, "Y-yes Sir," I replied. My hands were cuffed behind my back.

"On your fucking knees!" he shouted.

I clumsily dropped to my knees and locked eyes with MonsterWC's bulging erection. He chuckled and undid his pants, freeing his massive cock. My mouth watered in anticipation of tasting his precum all over my tongue. I looked up and opened my mouth. I knew better than to suck without permission. He nodded and I got to work, feeling more at ease. I got the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around, tasting the salty precum as I worked. Then began lubing up the shaft with my spit, knowing he would expect me to at least get the tip in my throat. He was silent as I worked. I tried for several minutes to get his cock into my throat, but just couldn't coax my throat into accepting such a large object.

MonsterWC began to mock my cocksucking skills. I was afraid of what he might do to me if I couldn't push his cock down my throat. I had essentially given this stranger a sexual blank check. How could I have been so dumb and careless?! There were so many potential consequences I hadn't even stopped to think about.

"What a waste of my fucking time. You can't even give a half-decent blow job. I bet you cry when I rip open your pussy and ass later. Lemme show you how it's done."

I found myself being lifted and thrown onto the bed. MonsterWC spun me and pulled me so that my hands were under my back and my head hung over the edge of the bed. He lined his cock up with my mouth and began gently thrusting in and out of my mouth, stopping as far as I was able to go on my own. I felt his large hands wrap around my thighs, immobilizing my legs. I heard a soft chuckle before he rammed his cock past the back of my throat. I gagged and squirmed and tried to break free. I was unable to breathe, panicking.

"Mmmm. I love when they fight back. It isn't taking something if it's being offered up, and I like knowing you're in pain and scared. It makes my dick harder feeling you gag and struggle while I cut off yoir ability to breathe."

He pulled out far enough for me to breathe before sliding back into my throat, feeding seven of his ten inches into my mouth. While holding me down he began fucking my face in earnest, slapping me in the face with his balls with each thrust. I was gagging and struggling to stay conscious. I had bitten off more than I could chew. How could I tell him I wanted out without him thinking I was just playing along?

My thoughts were interrupted as he began thrusting harder and faster. One of his hands trailed to my pussy and found it positively dripping. I was terrified. My stupid pussy had betrayed me and removed any chance he would believe my pleas that he not cum inside me to be sincere. My throat was going to be sore for days, I regretted showing up at the hotel, yet somehow my sloppy cunt couldn't get enough of this treatment.

"Hahahaha. You fucking love this shit, you filthy whore. You know what that pussy needs? A big serving of cock," he thust all the way into my mouth and began grinding and gyrating into my face, causing me to repeatedly gag. His balls smooshed against my face, spreading spit and mucus all over the place. He slapped my wet cunt and hard dick and slipped two fingers into my wet hole.

"Fuck what that's a tight hole. Or should I say -was- a tight hole..." My date repositioned me and prepared to enter my front hole.

Now that my mouth was free I croaked a plea, "Sir, please use a condom, there is still a chance I could get pregnant. And will you play with my little dick while you fuck me? It makes me cum like crazy." Satisfied I had communicated my needs like a good sexual partner, I smiled and waited for his response.

Instead of responding immediately he turned around and looked through a duffel bag in the corner. I thought, what a gentleman! It wasn't until he was stuffing a rag into my mouth and using duct tape to secure it in place that I realized I was in big trouble. I began kicking out and trying to roll around, but my efforts were futile. He was tall and husky, I was no match for him..

My legs were soon spread and tied to separate legs of the bed. I screamed and sobbed into the rag, but barely a sound escaped. My stomach sank as I felt his cock press against my slit.

"I don't wear condoms and who the fuck cares if you cum?" He produced a metal clamp with rubber pads and spread my pussy lips with two fingers, exposing the entirity of my tiny little cock. He kept a steady pressure on his cock at my hole and clamped down on my cock. I screamed into my gag and he smiled at my pain. I felt his cock twitch against my pussy.

"You scream like you don't like it but your whore cunt doesn't lie. The clamp has you just fucking gushing. Come on, scoot on down this cock. I want you to be the one who forces that pussy around the head of my dick."

I took too long to get the job done. He grabbed the clamp and pulled toward the base of his cock. White hot pain shot from my dick all the way through my body to my brain. My back arched until he released the clamp. I collapsed back on the bed and in doing so my hole gave way to the tip of his cock. I tightened up and panicked. He laughed and called me a cock-hungry slut before pushing several more inches inside of my tight pussy. I screamed into my gag. He relished feeling me tense up more with each inch he forced his cock up my cunt. At the same time I was still seeing stars from the clamp pinching my most sensitive body part. He pulled his cock almost all the way out and then shoved it all the way in, repeating these long hard strokes over and over again, picking up speed as he went. Eventually it devolved into a brutal, animalistic rutting. I eventually gave up fighting as I felt an orgasm brewing. As MonsterWC's beer-can-thick meat sawed back and forth out of my sopping wet pussy, I lingered on the edge of cumming for what felt like an eternity. The clamp ruined my orgasm every time it felt like it was going to begin. I would get tortuously close and then as blood rushed into my dick a fresh wave of pain hit me each time I got near the climax. He finally noticed my predicament and prolonged my suffering by pulling on and flicking the clamp. It hurt so bad and completely ruined my orgasm but the cruelty of the act only turned me on more.

"You are a nasty little whore, aren't you? You were going to cum all over my cock. You are creaming yourself over being used like a dirty piece of fuckmeat. Fine bitch, let's put you to good use."

He bent down and was geting something from the ground. He stood up and shoved his cock back into my pussy. In his hand was a cellphone - MY cellphone. Fuck I should have put a passcode on it.

He slowly pumped in and out of my pussy as he did god knows what on my phone. He took some pictures and videos of himself fucking me. He picked up the pace and told me to "get ready for it."

"Now you stupid cumdump freak, let's see how much you love getting that pussy filled up."

The rough animalistic pace returned and ge picked the phone back up in time to catch himself filling my pussy up with pump after pump of cum. As the excess began squeezing out around the base of his cock he pulled the clamp from my dick. His cock slammed into my cervix, still spewing semen all over everything in its path. I came instantly, massaging and milking the last of his load from his cock. I was overwhelmed and a rush of sensations from the orgasm caused me to faint as he slid his cock out. At least he had cum, so that meant this ordeal was over, right?

To be continued...

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