It was roughly two months ago I first laid eyes on the gorgeous woman, who was now sleeping next to me. I lay on my back, the mid morning sun streaming into the glass enclosed room, her head resting on my chest, her arm holding me tight, her softly snoring.

I remembered seeing her for the first time, it was a sunday morning and she was sitting at a table across the other side of the cafe. She was wearing a large white sun hat to protect her delicate face, big dark sunglasses, hiding the wrinkles under her eyes. A white, sleeveless sundress with thick shoulder straps, her shoulders covered with a silk poncho, lilac in colour. The sundress was full length, her feet wrapped in leather sandals, which were white in colour.

Her skin was an olive colour, and her hair was shoulder length, a soft auburn contrasting beautifully with her clothes.

I myself had just moved to the city and had been out for my morning run, deciding to stop for a coffee and breakfast. My t-shirt was soaking wet, sweat was forming in beads on my bald head. I was far from athletic, at least 15 kg over weight, and being almost 40, I had a dad body, without the children to back it up.

This has turned into a weekly ritual, we'd both be in our seats at the cafe each Sunday and would talk through our eyes, not saying a word to each other. I don't know why, but she was elegant in the way she presented herself. She had to be in her 60s, but I didn't care.

Three weeks ago it escalated, she had left before me and paid my tab. Two weeks ago, I made sure to leave before her and returned the favor. I learnt at the time her name was Denise and was a rich widow, living in a nearby apartment complex.

Last week I left again before her and paid her bill again. As I was paying I felt her push past me, I swear I felt her grab my ass. Getting home I found out it must've been a distraction. A pair of blue panties were in the pocket of my shorts.

Not even two hours ago, I left before her and accidently dropped a business card on the ground. Five minutes later my phone pinged with a message from a number I didn't recognise. The message was short and very much to the point. "Apartment 405, Dockside Complex. 10 minutes, don't worry about cleaning yourself up."

That was only a few minutes walk away. I decided to start running again and headed away from her complex. After a few minutes, I turned and headed back. Being two minutes early, I pressed the buzzer for her apartment.

About 20 seconds later the main door just opened and I entered the lobby. This was a high end complex. I climbed the stairs to level 4 and followed the signs, I found her door and it was slightly ajar.

Pushing it open I entered her apartment. It was well furnished and had a sensational view overlooking the harbor. The sun streamed in. I was about to call out her name when she appeared through a door on the right.

My semi erect penis reacted instantly. Here she was, walking towards me, wearing a full length see through robe, done up gently at the waist.

I could see her mature curves, her ample cleavage was a bit saggy, but her nipples were very erect. I stood there stunned. She was beautiful, elegant and looked ever so delicate.

As she approached me, she softly said. "Let's get you out of these dirty clothes and cleaned up."

Standing in front of me she was just under a head height shorter than me, and she smelled devine. She gently knelt down and bent over, undoing my left shoe. While she was petite, her hips had shape to them, enough to be womanly.

Gently she removed my left shoe, and peeled the sock from my foot. As she moved on to my right foot to repeat the process, she spoke softly. "We're going to have to make sure your clothes are clean before you go home..."

As my right foot was now free, I looked down at her. Was she mothering me? She looked up at me, and I put my hands out to help her up. She then reached out and started to lift my wet t-shirt off me, peeling it off me. I bent towards her and she pulled it over my head.

Finally, she hooked her fingers under the waistband on my shorts and pulled them down, moving to get knees at the same time. As they came down my now erect penis sprang free.

She cooed, "Oh, I'm going to definitely have to look after this." With my shorts around my ankles I felt her small hands touch me, they explored my hard penis and balls. The touch was soft and gentle. I moaned involuntarily.

Looking down she was staring intently at my penis, it was around 7" long and very red and angry. She deftly moved her hands around, scraping her nails over my head. I felt in heaven. Here was this woman who had to be close to 20 years older than me, playing with a hard cock.

"We need to get you cleaned up," she said matter of factly as she stood up in front of me. "Follow."

I still hadn't said a word in the last few minutes and as she walked to the door from where she came, I did as I was told. Staring at her as I followed, walking she undid her robe. Letting the delicate fabric fall to the floor.

I stared at her ass, it was a bit flabby and saggy as you may expect with an older woman. She led me through another door into her bathroom.

It was bright white in colour and was large, relative to average bathrooms. In the left hand corner was an opening, with a glass panel, and a large shower head. She turned the shower on and turned to look at me.

"Get in and clean yourself off." Following her instructions, I brushed past her and stood facing the wall as the downpour of water washed over me. The water felt great and was hot.

I lathered myself with soap and turning around I found I was not alone, she was sitting on the toilet seat, across the room. Her legs were separated and she was deftly playing with herself. She still had quite a bit of hair, but it was manicured, had she done that just for me?

I washed the soap from my body and stood there, watching her. My penis sticking awkwardly in front of me, very erect and very angry. It had been a while since I had last been with a woman, I had kept myself satisfied with a Fleshlight, I hoped I didn't cum too quickly.

She stood up, grabbed a towel for me and gently moved towards me. Standing close,I could feel her warm body. Looking up at me she smiled, bringing her hand to my mouth, she without resistance, slid two fingers inside. I could taste her, not even 30 seconds earlier they had been in her damp vagina.

As I suckled on her fingers she pressed the towel into my chest, instinctively I grabbed it. Removing her fingers from my mouth she turned and left the room. "Dry yourself off, then come see me."

Wasting no time I quickly dried myself with the towel, leaving it on the floor, I exited the bathroom and entered her bedroom.

She was waiting for me on the bed, lying on her side. She had spread her legs and was gently playing with herself. I couldn't believe how beautiful and sensual she was.

I finally opened my mouth. "God you look beautiful." I stood there naked and watched this mature lady.

Overall she was in great condition, there were winkles and some pockets of saggy skin, but that just added to her allure.

I clambered onto the bed and pushed her gently onto her back. Climbing on top of her I lent in and kissed her, our lips met and we both used our tongues as probes, if not hesitantly.

Reaching down I slid my hand between her legs, finding her hand in the way. She pulled away and let me explore her, in such an intimate way.

Her lips were warm, the hair surrounding her groin was damp to the touch. I teased her, dragging my finger tip the length of her slit, before discovering her hardened clit, this elicited a moan from her. I moved my hand over her belly, it was soft, the skin pulled slightly. I discovered a fleshy breast and took it in my hand, exploring it, before discovering an erect nipple, which I proceeded to play with.

It wasn't a one way street though, she was discovering my body, her hands had returned to my penis, toying with the tender, sensitive head, squeezing my balls gently.

All this time or lips were locked, our tongues became familiar with each other. Eventually I had enough, I needed to be inside her.

Pulling back, breaking the kiss, I sat up on my haunches. She looked up at me.

Reaching down I took her hands from my penis, they were covered in precum. She started to lick her fingers.

I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her towards me, lifting her bum up a bit. Locking eyes, I started to guide my hard penis towards her, the head pushing against her damp lips, pressuring them open. She moaned and closed her eyes. She looked to be in heaven and I hadn't even entered her yet.

Slowly I pushed forward, my bulbous head breaking the seal, her vaginal canal engulfed my tender head. I groaned, she moaned and as well held this position, we enjoyed the moment. Her eyes were closed, her mouth opened slightly, soft wrinkles visible, her breathing was slightly labored. Her dark hair created a halo effect around her head, she looked like an angel at that very moment.

I put my hands on her hips, lifting her gently as I moved my own hips forward. Slowly I pushed myself inside her, finally my thighs pressing against hers. She was moaning, squirming and the feeling of having a cock buried deep inside her.

Before she drifted off, in our post love making chat, she would admit that it had been close to 25 years since she had last had sex, and she never masturbated until last week.

I bent over and my lips met hers again. We kissed as I gently rotated my hips, my hard cock slipping out of her. Another adjustment and she was being filled up again. I made sure to take this slowly, letting her get used to having a man inside her. I was scared of breaking her as well, she felt so delicate in my arms.

I felt her hand between our bodies, moving towards her groin, it found what she was looking for. She pulled her head back into the bed to break the kiss, I looked at her face, she looked as if she was in heaven. She was biting her bottom lip.

I continued to slide in and out of her, the head of my cock dragging against the walls of her vagina. I could feel them tightening, her breathing slowed slightly, her body started to stiffen. Suddenly she froze, I slid into her, she moaned, more like whimpering, she came. Nothing spectacular, but I could tell it released some pent up pressure it held me back from pushing back in on the next stroke out.

I watched her savour the moment, her first orgasm in how long, had been sensual and pleasuring to her. She opened her eyes and stared straight into mine, I could feel the pressure of her hand soften and I started to slide back into her. I steadily moved back to picking up the pace, increasing the tempo at which I entered and exited her. After 30 seconds she stopped me again.

"I'm sorry, it's too sore." she looked at me. I nodded and pushed back and gently slid my hard cock from her vagina. A woman of her age, obviously had different needs and bodily functions. I could see the look of pain on her face. She looked up and me apologised. "I'm so sorry Luke, it just hurts too much. Please though, lie back down and let me finish you off."

I rolled off her, desperate to not show my disappointment. She propped herself up on her knees and knelt over my groin. She reached out and again her shift hands explored my hard penis, the mixture of her fluids and my precum providing ample lubricant. As I lay back and watched this angelic woman gently coax a reaction from me, I realised I must be in heaven.

She massaged my balls, taking care to not place too much pressure, while rather than stroke my shaft she played with my head tenderly. Suddenly it happened, I felt myself tighten as it approached. "I'm gonna cum" I moaned between breaths.

I gave in and I exploded, at the time her palm was over the opening of my shaft and a jet of white fluid blasted into the wall of flesh. She must've got a fright because she jerked away from me, just as the second spurt flew out. With her leaning backwards, we watched in a trance as the fluid arced through the air, gracefully landing on her right breast.

The third and final pulse ended up dribbling out of my cock.

She looked at me, I simply apologised for blowing my load like that. She attempted to get up to get some tissues, I grabbed her hand, "Don't worry about that, we can clean that later". I reached out and pulled her towards me, our naked bodies coming together like magnets.

We talked for a bit, our histories, who we were, what we did. It turns out her husband and only child died in a car accident just over 20 years ago, hit by a drunk driver. He was the only child to wealthy parents and she had subsequently received the fortune. Because of this she had never been able to bring herself to remove the wedding rings, to let her be with another man. She had devoted herself to charity work, ensuring those less fortunate would have the opportunities to thrive. I had heard about the charity she ran, it was very well known. No-one knew much about the person that ran it, but now I knew.

We lay together in the sun, on the bed. She had pulled herself close to me and this is how we are now. Her supple warm body pulled against mine.

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