The following is based on trues events but names have been changed to protect the innocent as well as maybe the not so innocent.

'God, I think these speeches get more boring every year,' Rachel whispered.

'I know,' I replied. 'I think they just like the sound of their own voices.'

'Sssh!' A rather large woman sitting next to me in the auditorium scowled at us. Rachel and I looked at each other and giggled.

This was my third time attending the company's annual conference and it was Rachel's fifth. Every year, the bosses stood on the stage telling everyone how well the company were doing and what they were going to do the following year. The only saving grace was the dinner and dance in the evening which included free drinks.

'Come on then,' Rachel said as the final speech was concluded and everybody stood up. 'we've got less than an hour to get back to our rooms and get changed. Tonight will be the only thing that makes today bearable.'

'As long as there's wine,' I replied. 'wine makes a lot of things bearable.'


'Come in, I'm nearly ready,' Rachel said as she opened the door, a towel wrapped around her.

'You look like you've only just got out of the shower,' I replied as I closed the door behind me.

'Do you think this hair dries quickly?' she said as she sat in front of the mirror.

It was a fair point. I'd had short, fair hair for as long as I could remember, Rachel's was long, dark and lustrous.

'Take a seat,' she said. 'just got to do my make up.'

I sat on the bed and watched as she applied foundation, blusher and lipstick. She caught sight of me looking in the mirror and smiled.

'What do you think the boys are doing?' I asked.

'Is there football on tonight?' Rachel said.


'Pub then. Right, let me throw some clothes on and it's party time!' She stood up and tossed her towel onto the floor.

'You could've warned me,' I said as I turned away.

'Sorry,' she replied. 'I'm terrible for doing this sort of thing.'

'What, getting naked in front of people?'

'Sort of, I just tend to go into automatic. Anyway, we're both girls so it doesn't really matter, does it?'

'I suppose not,' I replied as I turned around to see her fastening her blue, silk bra. She picked up her blue dress from the bed and stepped into it.

'You may as well zip me up while you're here,' she said.

I stood up and zipped up her dress. She looked stunning, her dress complimenting the blue of her eyes. I was envious, her breasts were a size larger than mine and her body went in at the waist whereas mine seemed to go almost straight down.

'Ok,' Rachel said as she picked up her matching blue handbag. 'I'm ready.'

'You look gorgeous,' I said.

'Thank you,' Rachel replied. 'so do you.'


'Sssh!' I giggled as we stumbled our way along the corridor.

'Ok, ok,' Rachel said as she fumbled with her room key. 'You've still got the bottle?'

'For the fifth time, yes,' I replied holding up the bottle of wine that I'd grabbed before the waiters could clear the tables at the end of the evening's festivities. 'now get the door open so we can drink it.'

Rachel finally managed to open the door and we somehow managed to get inside without ending up in a giggling heap on the floor.

'Where are the glasses?' I asked.

'I thought you had them,' Rachel replied.

'No, I have the bottle,' I held it up for the sixth time. 'You were supposed to pick up the glasses.'

'Ah well, we'll just have to drink it out of mugs.' Rachel picked up the two mugs from the desk and placed them on the bedside table. I unscrewed the cap and filled them with wine before slipping off my shoes and climbing onto the bed.

Rachel picked up her mug, took a sip and placed it down again before reaching behind her back and pulling down her zip. 'Hope you don't mind,' she said as she let her dress slip to the floor and climbed onto the bed to join me.

'No, it's fine,' I replied. It did feel a little awkward to be sat on the bed next to Rachel in just her underwear but we'd both had a fair amount to drink and I gave it no further thought.

'Feel free to do the same.' She said. 'I don't mind.'

'No, I'm fine for the moment.' I said.

'So, how many guys hit on you tonight?' Rachel asked.

'Just one,' I replied. 'Daniel from accounts but he does it every year. You?'


'Why does that not surprise me? And they all know we're not single, right?'

'Too much beer,' Rachel replied. 'Their brains move to their dicks.'

I laughed into my mug, almost spilling my wine.

'You know, we've worked together for four years,' she said. 'and I still don't know that much about you. Let's play a game.'

'Not sure I've had enough to drink for that,' I replied.

'Oh come on, it's just us girlies.'

'Ok, what's the game?'

'I ask you a question and you answer, honestly.'

'Sounds a little one sided.'

'Yeah, but it's my game.'

'Ok,' I said. 'shoot.'

'Have you ever given a blowjob?'

'Rachel!' I gave her a shocked look.

'You promised,' she replied.

'Oh, ok,' I said. 'I'm married, of course I have.'

'After you've had sex?'

'Once or twice.' I looked at her. 'Where's this going?' I asked.

'Oh, nowhere,' she replied. 'Just a bit of fun. So, next question, have you ever taken it up the arse?'

'Oh my god,' I replied. 'how drunk are you?'

'So, have you?'

'No, have you?'

'No, I've thought about it but Chris is a big boy so I might have to find someone with a smaller cock.'

I picked up the bottle. 'I need more wine for this,' I said as I refilled my mug. 'Go on then, next question.' I figured that I'd let her ask a couple more then make up an excuse to go back to my room.

'Ok,' Rachel replied. 'Have you ever kissed a girl?'

I stopped, mid sip. My mind went back to when I walked in on David the previous year whilst he was watching porn. It was two girls and I felt a little turned on but I put it down to thoughts of David using his tongue on me, he was quite the talent in that regard.

'No,' I finally replied. 'have you?'

'Yes,' she replied as I felt her fingers run along my lower leg. 'and more.'

I pulled my leg away and got off the bed. 'Rachel, you're drunk.' I said as I walked over to the window.

'Not that drunk,' she replied as she got up. 'I saw the way you looked at me earlier.' She stood behind me and placed a hand on my shoulder as I looked out at the traffic, six stories below.

'In what way? When?' I replied.

'When I was putting my underwear on,' she said.

'You were imagining it,' I said as I turned around with the intention of pushing past her and heading back to my room but I felt her soft lips against mine. 'No,' I said, pushing her away.

'Ok,' she replied as she stepped back and turned to let me past. 'I'm sorry.'

I was past her and half way towards the door when I turned around and looked at her. The truth was, I had actually checked her out when she was putting on her underwear. She was beautiful and I saw no shame in my admiration of her body but was that all it was?

I could almost still feel the imprint of her lips on mine. She was beautiful and I couldn't help watching her intensely as she began to walk towards me.

Her skin was like porcelain, pale and smooth. Her breasts were perfectly round, her small but firm nipples clearly visible through the blue lace of her bra. Her long, slim legs moved with surprising grace for someone who had consumed a fair amount of alcohol.

'See?' She said as she placed her hand on my cheek before moving it around to the back of my neck, her fingers combing my hair. I could almost hear my heart pounding as her moist lips once again pushed against my own.

This time, I didn't pull away but met her kiss full on. As I felt her other hand on my waist, I put my arms around her, feeling the smoothness of her bare skin with one hand and the silkiness of her gorgeous, long hair with the other.

As Rachel's mouth opened a little, mine instinctively did the same and I felt her warm, moist tongue begin to probe my mouth. Despite the faint smell of alcohol, her scent was intoxicating as our tongues entwined.

I felt a small tug at my back as Rachel pulled down my zip. 'I hope you don't mind,' she said as our lips parted and I was instantly lost in her piercing blue eyes as she gently slid the straps of my dress over my shoulders before letting it fall to the floor.

As I stepped out of the dress, Rachel took my hand and guided me back towards the bed. I climbed on and lay on my back, my head on the pillow with one arm across my stomach and the other across my chest.

Rachel climbed onto the bed. 'No point in hiding yourself now,' she said as she gently moved my arms away.

'Sorry,' I replied. 'I'm just nervous.'

'Don't be,' she said. 'I'll look after you.'

'I know, but I've never done anything like this before.'

'I envy you, I remember my first time with another woman, it was wonderful.'

As she laid beside me, I turned to face her and we resumed our kiss. I shuddered with excitement as I felt her hand move down from my neck, tracing my spine before brushing my buttocks.

I held her tight as she wrapped her leg around me before moving my hand down to her buttocks and under her thigh. Our lips were almost as one, our tongues exploring each other's mouths.

'Are you ok?' Rachel whispered as we finally parted.

I just smiled and nodded.

Her hand caressed my cheek and I shivered as I felt her lips on my neck. Her soft, gentle kisses were like heaven against my skin.

She sat up and I watched, unable to speak, as she took my hand and began to kiss my fingers before taking each one in turn into her mouth and gently sucking on it. She then kissed her way along my arm and up to my shoulder before her lips brushed against mine.

'You feel so good,' she said. 'can I feel more of you?'

'Yes please,' I whispered.

I flinched as she placed a hand on my breast. 'Sorry,' I said.

'It's ok,' Rachel replied as she ran her fingertips across just above my bra, her lips against my neck once more.

I bit my lower lip as I felt hers at the top of my chest. I was beginning to feel the wetness between my legs, I had never been this turned on and I didn't know what to make of it.

'May I?' She said as she hooked a finger into my bra strap.

I nodded and she gently pulled the strap off my shoulder and down far enough to expose my breast to her. I closed my eyes and sighed as I felt her lips against it and gasped as she flicked my stiffening nipple with the tip of her tongue.

'Oh god, that feels so good,' I moaned as she began to suck on my nipple. I lifted myself just enough to reach behind and undo the clasp of my bra before discarding it beside us.

I rested a hand on the back of Rachel's head before grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling her closed as her hands squeezed my breasts and she sucked on my nipples. I writhed beneath her as I anticipated what was to come.

'You have beautiful breasts,' Rachel said.

'They're rather small,' I replied.

'But so perky and these nipples are to die for.' I felt her teeth as she gently nibbled on them.

She began to move down and I released her hair as she kissed my stomach. She was driving me wild with desire at this point and I squeezed my breasts as I opened my legs for her.

Her lips met the top of my thigh but she kept going, kissing my thigh and working her way down, all the way to my feet. I opened my eyes to see her on her knees at the end of the bed with my foot in her hand.

'Fuck, you're a tease,' I said.

'I don't know what you mean,' she said, a mischievous grin on her face. 'what is it you want me to know?'

'I think you do,' I replied as slipped my hand under the waistband of my knickers.

'Well you'll just have to wait then.'

Like my fingers, she kissed, licked and sucked on each of my toes. I wasn't sure if I'd ever been this wet before as my fingers slid easily between my folds.

'My god, you're turning me on,' I said as Rachel began to work her way up my other leg.

'So I see,' she replied as I fingered myself.

As she reached the top of my thigh, she took my hand out of my knickers and I almost came there and then as she pulled my fingers into her mouth and sucked on my juices.

'Fucking hell, that's hot,' I said.

I began to writhe again as Rachel's hand rested on my pubic mound and she massaged my clit with her thumb before she began to pull at the waistband of my knickers.

'Would you like me to take these off?' Rachel asked.

'Please,' I begged as I raised my hips and brought my legs together and she lid them over my thighs and down to my ankles. I kicked them off and opened my legs again, gasping as she ran her tongue between my labia and up to my clit.

'Fucking hell!' I panted, my whole body tingling from the sensation of her tongue on my pussy.

I began to thrash as she buried her tongue and two fingers deep inside me. I placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled it into me as I thrust my pussy into her face. I writhed and moaned as her fingers and tongue brought me to new heights of pleasure.

I felt the flush of an approaching orgasm and grabbed a pillow from beside me, pressing it against my face to muffle my screams as my orgasm thundered through my body. I arched my back and bucked wildly as I came, my juices flowing over Rachel's face and into her mouth. No man had ever made me come like that.

'Fucking hell, Rachel,' I puffed as I tried to get my breath back and gather my thoughts. 'what have you done to me?'

'I've shown you something new and wonderful,' she replied as she worked her way back up the bed and straddled me, her lips and chin glistening with my juices. 'That, and made you come like you've never come before.'

'That, you certainly did,' I replied.

I placed my hands on her thighs before running my fingers up to her waist. I pulled her towards me and we kissed once more. I had tasted my own cum on David's cock before but, on Rachel's lips, it felt so much more intense. I revelled in the taste as I sucked on her tongue.

As we kissed, I ran my hands over her buttocks and along her back until my fingers found the clasp of her bra. I unhooked it and she sat up, taking hold of the straps. I watched as she slipped the blue lace bra off and placed it on top of mine.

'Now we're talking,' she said as she sat up.

Her breasts were perfect, nicely rounded with small, perky nipples and I had to hold them. As if reading my mind, she gently took my hands and placed them on her soft mounds.

'You're so beautiful,' I said as I gently squeezed her breasts and rubbed a finger over her nipples, feeling them stiffen with every stroke. 'you have amazing tits.'

'And you my dear, are gorgeous,' she replied as she leaned forward and kissed my neck, her fingers running through my hair.

'Oh god, that feels wonderful,' I said as I felt her warm, soft, tongue in my ear. I slid my hands under the elastic of her silky blue knickers and gripped her buttocks before rolling her onto her back.

I could feel the wetness of her crotch on my pubic mound and began to move my hips as I pressed my lips against hers. Our legs entwined and I could feel her wetness against mine.

Only minutes earlier, I'd rejected Rachel's advances but now, I was like a wild animal awakened and I felt the need to explore every inch of her incredible body.

She gasped as I licked and nibbled her ear and worked my lips and tongue down her neck. As I moved down to her breasts, I began to lick and suck on her hardened nipples. I slipped my hand between her legs and felt the dampness of her crotch.

'Oh god, yes. I want to feel your fingers inside me,' she said, breathlessly.

I rolled off and ran my fingers along her inner thigh before caressing the soaked fabric of her underwear. She took my hand, pushed my fingers inside and I felt how truly wet she was as I slipped two fingers inside her.

'Of fuck, yes,' she cried out as she writhed beneath me. 'That feels fucking fantastic!'

I went back to sucking on her nipples and she began to moan and writhe as I fingered her. I pulled my fingers out and sucked on her juices. She tasted so sweet and I couldn't wait to taste her properly.

I sat up and she raised her hips and straightened her legs as I slid her knickers off. I'd planned to work my way up from her toes as she had done with me but, as her thighs parted, I was drawn towards her glistening folds.

'You want this so bad, don't you?' she said as she ran her finger along her slit, her juices already dripping onto the sheets below.

'Oh my fucking god, yes,' I replied. 'You fucking bitch!'

As I began to kiss her inner thigh, her hips began to gyrate and she moaned in anticipation and I could resist the temptation no longer. I ran my tongue along her labia before nuzzling her clitoris.

'Lick me deep,' she said as her fingers took over on her clitoris. 'Oh fuck, yes!' I slipped my tongue deep inside her and her moans grew louder. It was the sweetest taste I'd ever known and I couldn't get enough of it.

She suddenly pushed my head away and, in one swift movement, I was on my back and she was straddling my face. She held herself just high enough to be out of range of my tongue and I watched hungrily as a single drop was released from her opening onto my bottom lip.

'Are you ready for me to come?' She said as she began lowering herself onto my waiting tongue. 'Would you like me to come on your face?'

'Please,' I begged. 'Give me everything.'

She moved her hips as I licked deep inside her, grinding herself into my face.

Her moans grew louder as she thrust her hips and I licked her deeper. I was almost struggling to breathe but there was no way I was letting her go.

'I'm almost there,' she cried out as I gripped her buttocks. 'OH FUCK!' I felt her buck as her orgasm flowed through her and, just as she screamed, she raised herself up and a deluge of her cum squirted onto my face and into my mouth.

She was still convulsing as she lowered herself back down and I licked and sucked all that I could.

'Wow, I didn't know a woman could come like that,' I said as she rolled onto her back. I watched her chest rise and fall as she tried to get her breath back.

'You don't know how long I've been wanting this,' she said.

'Really?' I replied. 'Yet you waited until now to say anything?'

'I was frightened you'd say no.'

'Erm, I did say no.'

'I know, daft isn't it?' She laughed and turned to face me once more. I was, once again, lost in those beautiful blue eyes.

As our lips met, I felt her finger tips brush over my breasts. She moved her hand down my stomach and I opened my legs, inviting her in. Her lips moved down and I gasped as I felt her tongue on my nipple and her fingers inside me.

'Mmm, that feels so nice,' I purred as she gently sucked on my nipple and added another finger between my folds. My mind was a whirl and I closed my eyes, arching my back as she fingered me slowly. It was the single most sensual experience of my life.

'Eat me again,' I pleaded as I propped myself up onto my elbows. 'I want to watch you fuck me with your tongue.'

She pulled her fingers out and sucked on them before moving down the bed and between my legs once more. I opened my legs as wide as I could and my whole body tingled with pleasure as she ran the tip of her tongue along my slit.

I watched as she licked and sucked me. Her nose was resting on my pubic mound and she was looking up at me, her blue eyes almost twinkling.

She stopped and turned me onto my front and I felt her lips as she kissed my buttocks. 'Onto your knees for me please,' she said.

I did as she asked and I gripped the sheets as I felt her tongue inside me once again.

Her hands gripped my buttocks as she ran her tongue from my clit and over my labia. I flinched as her tongue kept going and began to circle my anus. It was an incredible sensation, made more intense by the insertion of two fingers into my pussy.

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