I met Paul in a Chicago bathhouse (this true story is here named Chicago Part 2 – a return visit) and we have remained friends and sex partners. He is from Pittsburgh and manages a sales force east of the Mississippi and North of the Mason-Dixon Line. I am from the Boston area and when Paul is in the area we get together for some great sex. We have gone from plain and simple to some light bondage. This is where the fantasy begins.

Paul would be in town for a few days but told me he had a very full schedule and we could only get together one night but he could meet for lunch when he arrives. We met for lunch and did some catching up on what we have been up to over the last three months. Paul then got very serious and I got a little nervous. He said he needed to ask me something and said no problem. He started talking about the light bondage we had been doing on our last few get togethers and asked how I liked it? I told him I enjoyed it then he asked if I would be interested in doing more of that type of play. I told him that is something I have been thinking about. He smiled and asked if I could meet him tomorrow night – well of course.

It took forever for the time for us to meet and when we did I was very interested in exploring this new adventure. Paul said lets go to this bar which used to be a male gay place but is now a LGBTQ place. We entered and it looked like your typical bar – a few tables, pool table and a couple of dart boards. It was on the full side but not crowded. Paul said, OK we need to talk about tonight and I said that I was listening. He said we were going into another area which is for members only and that he is a member. Paul’s face got very serious and said, a member can bring a guest but the guest must agree that everything that happens cannot be shared outside the club, I agreed. He then said that I would be his slave and do what I am told, additionally he said I would not be hurt in any way. He then asked if I still wanted to enter and if I agreed to everything, I said yes.

We finished our drink then headed toward a side door which Paul opened with a pass key. We entered a plain entry way and when the door closed Paul and I were buzzed into the next room. My eyes could not believe what I was seeing !! It was a large meeting room furnished and decorated in an old English décor. As we walked through the room I could see sex of all types taking place. The first thing that struck me was a woman hanging by her feet being swung between two guys. As she got to each guy he would hold her and she would suck his cock then he would swing her back to the other guy.

Then I saw a guy cuffed to the bar, his nipples were clipped together with a chain that had a weight hanging. His cock and balls were wrapped with rope and he was getting whipped. Now I started thinking am I in over my head????

The sights were familiar to what I have seen on bdsm video clips as we walked to the back and entered a locker room. Paul opened a storage locker and took out a medium suitcase and walked down to the lockers. There were some other people in various stages of dress but I only could focus on what was about to happen. Paul told me to strip and put all my stuff in the locker and as I did that Paul put on a suit and tie, black tie style. He told me not to worry he would keep me safe and that I was his slave for the night. He then put leather bracelets on my ankles and wrists then a neck collar, all of these had the ring for a clip. He said ready? As I nervously said yes he clipped a leach to my collar.

We walked back into the room and it was as if I was dressed like most of the other people, no one appeared to notice. We walked around for a few minutes then Paul told me to get down and crawl on my hands and knees, I did. There was some unclear conversation with three people then one of them pointed to me and said, so this is your slave? Paul said yes and it’s our first visit.

He said to Paul, OK lets see how he follows direction? I want you to begin licking her shoes and end up licking her pussy without disturbing her or using his hands. Paul looked at me and said to do it.

I crawled over and began licking her left shoe then her right. Slowly I licked my way over her very smooth calf up to her knee then I repeated the same on her other leg. Now I am thinking – how am I going to get up those legs and between them to reach her pussy. As I began my way up her inner thigh she shifter her position exposing my goal, which I could see because she did not have on anything under her skirt. I am now under her skirt the treasure is just inches away and she shifts position again giving me more room to move. Finally I reached my target area and began licking this warm and tender pussy. She moved around a little making it easier for me to lick her.

Because my head was under her skirt I could not tell that we have moved from where we started. In one quick and smooth movement she grabbed my head holding it in place and laid back on something. My face was buried into her pussy so I began to lick her again. The more I licked her she began to get wetter and now she was tasting awesome. Slowly her hips began to move, then they moved a little faster –she grabbed my head and forcibly held my face in her pussy. She was exploding and not letting me come up for air but that was fine because she was tasting better than ever.

She held me there for a minute or so then guided my head back and she stood up in front of me. After adjusting her skirt she tapped me on the top of my head. Then looking at Paul she said he did great and he is accepted. Now please go and enjoy the evening.

Paul picked up my leash and started to walk and I was not sure if I should be crawling or walking so I started to get down and Paul said you can walk. We walked around and I noticed three types of attendees; a large amount of people dressed as it there were a black tie event, then there were some very scantily dressed and more people "dressed / undressed" like me.. As we walked I saw various types of bdsm play taking place.

Paul stopped and as he gave my leash to a very scantily dressed guy and he said please enjoy yourself. He said it will be my honor to also please you.

He lead me to a near by table and told me to lay on my back. At this time several others came over to the table. My feet were lifted and they attached a bar, which was about three feet long, to each of the clips on my ankle bracelets. In the middle of the bar was another clip which was attached to a rope and it was pulled up so my legs were up in the air exposing my ass. They then moved me so my ass was at the edge of the table. Then my arms were spread out to the side so the clips on my wrists could be connected to the table.

So there I was spread eagle with people wondering around and looking. At this point one

of the worker guys climbed on the table, put one knee on each side of me placing his cock right in front of my face. He put his cock into my mouth and began to pump it in and out. The more he pumped the harder and bigger this cock became. It was big, but it was not big enough to gag me so I was really enjoying it. As he was pumping away I felt clips being attached to my nipples. It took my attention off this cock for a minute but then he started cumming. He pumped and pumped until he was completely empty, hummmm it was good.

When he climbed off I could see someone attaching a rope to the chain that connected the

clips on my nipples. That rope went over a pully and back down toward me. Then weights were attached to that rope which then pulled the clamps on my nipples. It was painful but it was an exciting pain.

Another male climbed on the table and he positioned himself then feed me his cock. And

like the first time he began pumping his cock in and out of my mouth.

WOW - I felt a cold liquid on my ass – it actually was cold lube being rubbed around my

ass. As it was being rubbed on my ass a finger also pushed some lube into my ass making sure it was well lubed. All at the same time I was having a cock pumped in and out of my mouth.

As I was now expecting I felt a cock being gently pushed into my ass. Slowly and gently it was pushed in as my sphincter relaxed. Finally I felt the body of this person up against me telling me that his cock was completely inside.

So here I am being fucked in my mouth and ass, my nipples being pulled by the weights in front of I do not know how many people. Between my ass and mouth being pumped the weights were bouncing and causing more enjoyable pain on my nipples.

This time as the cock in my mouth started to cum he pulled it our and shot his load all over my face. I was able to get a little taste but the feeling of the warm cum on my face was strangely comforting to me.

When he climbed off what I saw was shocking to me. I was being fucked by a female with a strapon !! In my state of shock I could only stare at her face. She continued to pump in and out and smiled at me. My eyes drifted down and began watching her tits bounce and she pumped me. She pulled out the strapon and positioned it so I could see it, then back in it went and pumping began again.

On each side of me one guy of my group kneeled and began to masturbate. Where do I

look??? It was a challenge but most of the time I spent looking the bouncing tits. Finally one then the other guy came and shot their load on me.

They left but she kept pumping me. This lasted about five to seven more minutes then she pulled out. She climbed on the table and crawled up near my head and whispered - I am going to give you each of my nipples so you can suck them. She gave me each one for no more than ten seconds each then she left.

I am laying there thinking what now ???? I lost track of time laying there as people walked by and I had no idea where Paul was during this time. While laying there the the black tie dressed; group of men and women would occasionally stop and

look. Sometimes I would get touched in various places on my body, my face, stomach and legs. And yes, my cock was touched and played with mostly by the women but men also took a feel

Then an older woman came over and was standing to the side just looking at me. She then moved to between my legs and I watched her look me up and down. When we met eyes I felt embarrassed so I looked away. I suddenly felt my cock being sucked into a warm mouth, when I looked it was this woman. She held it is her mouth for a short time and occasionally flicked the head of my cock with her tongue. She slowly began pulling her head back and letting my cock slide out of her mouth. When it was just the head of my cock in her mouth she did a quick snap of head back allowing my cock to fly out with a popping sound. She then smiled at me and this time I continued to make eye contact until she walked away..

Again loosing track of time, Paul came over and whispered - how was that? are you ready to get down? I replied it was awesome and that I was ready to get down. He unclipped my arms and feet while leaving my nipples connected. When I sat up he unclipped the weights from my nipples and told me not to wipe off any of the cum.

He put the leash back on me and began to walk around the room allowing people to see me full of cum. We headed into the locker room where Paul took off all the bracelets and said it was time for a shower. Paul then said it was now his turn to have some fun. Paul stripped and we went into a shower and before Paul turned on the water he began licking off all the cum from my body. When he was about finished he put on the shower.

Paul continued to lick off cum under the shower then he got on his knees in front of me and began to suck my cock. He pulled his head back and said that I earned a great blow job and he was honored in giving it to me. Let me tell you it was an awesome blow job. Paul’s technique was outstanding. I finally began to cum and Paul put his hands on my ass and held me close so he could get all my cum before I could pull out. When I was completely empty Paul let my cock slide out, stood up and gave me a kiss.

We finished our showers, got dressed and headed out to the bar where we first met. We each ordered a drink and a sandwich. You’ll never guess what happens now ???? The older woman who gave me a quick suck came over and asked Paul if she could join us. Paul said yes and she sat across from me. I was so uncomfortable that I just wanted to get up and run. After some idle conversation she looked at Paul and asked, "Would I be able to have him (me) join me at a private party I’m giving at my home?" Without hesitation Paul said yes !!!!!!


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