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I love to cook, enjoy a good bottle of wine with my dinner, which led to a great relationship with my local wineshop. It was not odd to be in the store three times a week picking something up. The manager, a great guy, about ten years my senior, classy, professional, not a stud but has qualities that are appealing. Never thought of him in a sensual way but always looked forward to our next conversation. He took time to educate me about wine & food.

Professionally I am in marketing & sales, have a great job and make six figures. Live alone in an upscale gated community, date regularly but not generally in a serious relationship. My life lacks nothing, never in need of anything, a very happy person with plenty of friends. If someone asked would I change anything in my life the answer would be no.

Until I saw the help wanted sign. My favorite wine shop was looking to add another person on the sales floor part-time. In jest I asked if the position would be available to me. I had evening free and sometimes over the weekend. Money was not the important issue; it was more of a learning experience. An opportunity to learn more of a topic I love.

The manager said he would be open to discussion the opportunity and the commitment. I suggested we meet after the stores closes; it was after 8 PM already. My plan was to have dinner across the street at a little Italian restaurant, stop in after you close the store, and we can discuss the position over dessert.

My typical business attire was a suit, or a skirt and blazer. Tonight, I had on a black skirt a few inches above my knee, a red blazer, cream blouse, and red fuck me heels. Sometimes after work if I am heading out to meet someone for drinks or dinner, I slide off my blouse and just wear my blazer. It gives a me a classier look that I will highlight with a sting of pearls. Which is what I did for dinner.

For dinner, I ordered, eggplant parmigiana with a side salad and a magnum of Amarone. The meal was very relaxing, the restaurant small, quaint with candlelight tables. My table was tucked back in the corner out of sight of most of the other dinners. The Amarone was produced by Masi, one of the premiere producers of the Veneto. Ah, life was good, excellent food, great wine candlelight what more could you ask for in life. The warm of the wine put me in a sensual mood, I slide my blazer off my shoulders and removed my bra.

As I was finishing up my entrée, Pete, the store manager came into the restaurant. He commented on my selection of wine, told me a bit about Sandro Boscaini the sixth-generation owner of Masi winery. A friend of his.

You are going to have to help me with the second half of the bottle or I will be in trouble. He assured me that he was more than happy to help me finish off the bottle. We talked about wine and business as he filled me in about some of the details of the position available.

He told me he treated employees quite different from customers. Customers could do little wrong; they are catered to pleased in any manner possible. Employees were expected to be committed, hardworking, driven to learn more about the business and industry. Expectations are high, you will be mentored, educated about the industry in return you will be expected to be focused and drive the success of the business.

I assured him that I had worked for task masters before, that once commit myself nothing stands in the way of success. Expectations have always driven me to succeed. Seeking enjoyment in my work is important, love wine and wish to learn as much as a can will be another motivating force. Once committed to you there is nothing that I will not do and I mean nothing, as I slid may blazer off my shoulders displaying my breast.

Why would you offer yourself to me? he asked. I was not looking for anything sexual in this relationship? As his eyes widened, soaking in my very erect nipples in the candlelight.

Because you solved some issues for me, came my reply. Successful people inspire me, you always traded me professionally, genuinely interested in teaching me about wine. Never hitting on me or being inappropriate. If there is one thing, I enjoy more than wine is sex. I need it, more than most women, I fear. That can be problematic, relationships take time, and effort, something that I care not to invest in at this time.

If we can craft a no strings sexual relationship, we can make it a win-win. I learn about wine; you give me all the sex I need. You in turn get a superior candidate for your vacant position and one hell of a woman at your beck and call.

My mind is always working, thinking about issues at work, challenges that face me daily. The one thing that shut my mind off is sex, orgasms. The rest of the evening will be filled with thoughts of projects at work.

Or I could finish off this lovely evening by sliding under the table and sucking your cock. Nothing finishes off a great meal like a blow job and a load of cum. Then you take me home and fuck me like the slut I am. Use me, fuck all my holes and make be cum until I drift off to sleep.

After every shift, I except to be well used and satisfied, deal?

You do understand that you are only part-time, my availability can be limited at times, that might be an issue.

You are a smart man, you can be creative, work thought that issue, I replied, deal?

He nodded.

I slid under the table.

Hope you enjoyed the story; comments are appreciated on storyline. Comments about grammar or sentence structure are ignored. I write for pleasure not an English degree.

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