When Gina Met Tammy...Ch.15

Starting their day with a little play time, the girls get ready for the day of setting up their home gym.

TAMMY: Gina was still asleep when I woke up. She was snoring very softly and looked so cute lying there that I couldn't help but smile and think how lucky I am. Admittedly, I did love some of the previous girls I've been with, but nothing compares to the love I have for this gorgeous creature I'm snuggled up against.

Quietly, I got up, used the bathroom and went down to make coffee. I made a couple of shipping labels for the paintings I'm going to send and printed them out. Hearing Gina's loud yawn and "Aaaahhh" as she stretched, I giggled and started her mug of coffee. After giving me my morning kiss, she sat at the island while I busied myself making our gourmet breakfast -- corn flakes and milk, with some sliced strawberries on top.

Taking her by the hand, I led her upstairs and pushed her down on the edge of the unmade bed, her legs hanging down. Grabbing a pillow to put under my knees, I knelt down and began licking and tonguing her pussy, the tangy sweetness mingling with the slightly salty taste of night sweat. I guess Gina was as horny as I was, because she came within a couple of minutes of only my tongue and mouth exploring the familiar folds of her center. Leaving a trail of soft kisses as I worked my way up, I kissed her lips, and she panted "Jeez, baby, ya sure know how t' start th' day right! Now plant yer pussy up here."

I straddled her face and she ate me out to my own glorious orgasm. Wriggling her way up from between my spread legs, she pulled my face down to give me a kiss, the cum on our lips mixing as we rested a minute from our playing. Gina's right -- there's nothing quite like a nice cum early in the morning!

GINA: Our gentle kissing in the afterglow of our climaxes was interrupted by the sound of the security console beeping downstairs. Looking out our bedroom window, we saw a caravan of 5 pickups pull up to the edge of the woods out back, and Tomas' crew started piling out of the trucks. They had towed in trailers with a woodchipper, small tractor with a plow attached, and the bobcat with the grader blade. We watched as the tractor unhitched the plow and hooked up to the woodchipper, and the crew of 12 guys spread out through the woods to begin clearing, the tractor in the middle of the line.

I stripped the bed and we made it with fresh sheets, then we got in the shower to get ready for the day. After drying our bodies and hair, we dressed in the yoga crop tops and shorts -- damn, we looked hot! It's a good thing the shorts are dark and the gussets are lined, otherwise we'd both be sporting wet spots and camel-toes!

We carried down the two paintings that are going to be shipped, and Tammy put the shipping labels on the boxes, making sure to get the right address on the right box. Making some more coffee, we went on the deck to watch the work and saw Tomas out there, directing everybody on where to go and what to do. He waved at us and we waved back, then he came over and gave us a drawing of how the path would look as it zig-zagged through the woods, making gentle curves on each end so that we could run without having to slow down for the turns. Saying he'd be checking in on the crew during the day, he winked and pointed out that they had their own Port-A-Potties, and other than the noise, they wouldn't be bothering us while they worked.

TAMMY: I loaded the two paintings in my car and drove to the FedEx store, while Gina stayed home. Grinning to myself, I put FRAGILE stickers all over the boxes and shipped them Priority 1, giving the FedEx guys a good look at my butt in the tight shorts. Then I hurried home, a tingling in my crotch when I thought about things to come (pun intended).

We sat out on the deck watching the work, the woodchipper whining away and the occasional buzz of chainsaws as they cut down the dead trees and chopped the wood into manageable pieces for the chipper. At 11:00, the console beeped, and I went down to open the egress door while Gina showed the guys where to unload the fan. Since it's on casters, once the fan was downstairs, the two guys reluctantly left (I think they were enjoying the view and sorry it had to end so soon).

Gina wheeled the box frame to the far corner, and turned the fan on. It sure did the job, and we could feel the breeze all the way to the front of the basement where the TV was. Going back up, we saw the crew was already over halfway through with the clearing in the back. We laughed when we saw one of them get his 'high-tech marking device' to start marking the path. It was basically a hand cart with a 4-foot board attached and chalk buckets on each end. He started marking every few feet, pulling a wire to drop a line of chalk for the plow to follow.

While we watched, Gina got her phone and made reservations at the same restaurant we'd gone to with Noah and Mikey for our dinner date with Jo and Dee tomorrow night. I made some sandwiches and we ate lunch on the deck, regretting having to wear clothes on such a beautiful day. We texted the tracking numbers for the paintings to Momma and Jerry, saying they should get their paintings tomorrow morning.

GINA: The console beeped again, and we walked around to the side to show the truck where to park. 4 men got out of the double-cab box truck and began unloading, and another car came and parked out front. We were surprised to see Terry, but when she came over to us, she said, "I always come out on set-up jobs, to make sure these knuckleheads don't screw something up!" The way the men laughed and made comments showed us they've done this before, and actually all of them got along well.

Everything was set up within 2 hours, and the men packed up the empty boxes and drove away. Terry stayed behind to show us how each machine worked, and how to adjust the double-ended speed bag for either punching or reflex training. She said she had a list of suggested workouts, so we invited her up to the house to show us.

While I fixed us all a glass of iced tea, Terry looked around the living room, and of course, her eye was drawn to the fireplace painting. She complimented Tammy on her talent, then we went on the deck to go over her lists. One was a sheet of web links to show how the exercises should be done, and she suggested we look at the videos before we tried the exercise itself. She said, "You wouldn't believe how many times people have come in complaining about hurting themselves, but it's usually because they don't pay attention and try to overdo it the first few days or don't do the exercises the right way. You guys need to be patient, and don't rush it. It WILL happen, but what's more important is that you let it happen the correct way."

The second list was a workout schedule. We'd told Terry our goal isn't weight loss or body building, but just firming and toning what we already have. Her schedule has us doing exercises 2 days a week, and running for 3 days. She was impressed at the track we're having put in, but told us not to worry, our treadmills will still get used, because one of the exercises involves walking backwards!

TAMMY: We finished our tea and walked Terry out to her car. Getting in, she rolled down her window and said, "One last thing. Now, I'm straight, but I can see you two are obviously into each other. That's okay, I'm cool with it. I WILL tell you from experience, one of the best exercises in the world you can do is have sex. Lots and lots of hot, sweaty, sex!" With a wink, a wave, and a big laugh, she drove off, leaving us there with our mouths open.

Laughing, I kissed Gina and we went back inside. It was a little after 4:00 so Gina got out some ground beef to defrost and said she was just going to make hamburgers tonight. I went to the bar and mixed us a couple of rum and cokes, then we sat at the island to check our email. Momma and Angie wanted to have another Zoom call tonight at 7:00, so I accepted it, telling Gina she was getting a reprieve until later.

She put on a pouty face and moped until I told her not to worry, I was planning on taking Terry's advice to the fullest. She kissed me, grabbed my butt and said she was, too! Grinning wicked grins, we noticed outside the landscape crew gathering to end their day. The path has been plowed and woods cleared, so they're definitely ahead of schedule.

Walking outside, we went to the edge of the woods, seeing the plowed path winding back and forth through the trees then crossing over from the north end to the south end starting point. It's going to be just right for us to be able to run side by side, so everything's falling into place according to how we wanted it. Gina made the hamburgers and we had our supper, leaving the yoga clothes on since we have the call coming up soon.

I made some copies of the workout schedule and web links that we could take downstairs with us, then we looked over Day 1. It looks like an easy start, then will gradually increase each day in one way or another. Gina refreshed our drinks, then we settled on the couch and made the call.

GINA: Angie and Keme's smiles came on the screen. They've been working on their wedding ceremony plans, and said that they'd decided to have the coral red dresses done in satin. Keme said the hall will have 3 areas of seating/tables, and Tammy and I will escort them down the aisles between the sections, up to the platform where the minister will be. Angie said they haven't figured out yet how exactly they're going to do the blanket ceremony, but they were working with a woman who had a lot of information about the old Pequot customs. After the ceremony, the reception line will be on the dance floor in front of the platform, then everyone will return to their tables. The dinner will be served, with the bridal party sitting at a table in the center section. During dinner, the band and DJ will set up on the platform for the dancing.

Tammy and I both thought that sounded fantastic, and it will be a lot of fun. They still haven't decided on the music to play when we walk them in, but they don't want to use the 'traditional' wedding march song. I suggested maybe a song like "Suddenly" by Billy Ocean, and Angie said they'd listen to it and see.

They said they'd gotten the souvenirs we sent, and really loved the plush toy armadillo lying on its back and holding a Lone Star beer bottle to its mouth. I said they do have actual taxidermy armadillos like that, but I think they're kind of tacky. Call me a softy, but I hate seeing animals used for anything besides food or companionship.

With everything said that we had on this call, we signed off. Tammy said that maybe tomorrow, we could go by the dress shop and see if they had a tailor we could use. That sounded good to me, plus we can take Tammy's paintings by Margo's. Looking at her with an expectant look, I asked if now we could go and break in our new floor mats. She giggled and said, "My thoughts exactly, love."

TAMMY: Still giggling, I went upstairs and got a stack of towels to take down to the basement, stopping at the 'toy box' for my weapons. Going to the basement, I laid the towels by the PC, concealing my 'tools' in the bottom towel, and we kissed, slowly undressing each other and putting our clothes by the towels. We can wear them again later for our workout, but for now, we don't need no stinkin' clothes!

Rolling each other over and over while we kissed and groped on the mats was fun. It was like having a 20-foot square bed! But now, it's time to get serious. I told Gina to lay down and close her eyes, and I went over and got the blindfold and thruster vibrator. Putting the blindfold on her, I started kissing her on her lips, moving gently down her body. Sucking and biting on her nipples, the pink buds engorged and were hard with arousal when I moved down her belly, licking and kissing the trembling skin. I spread her legs and got between them, laying on my tummy to savor her sweet pussy.

Her moans got louder as I kindled her inner fire, lapping up the tangy fluid that was beginning to trickle out. She cried out when I latched onto her clit with my teeth, biting softly on the pearly nub. Taking a final lick up her weeping slit, she was right on the edge when I pulled back and sat between her legs, my own legs holding hers down.

I got the vibrator and teased it up and down the crack, getting the tip wet, and asked her if she recognized this. She gasped out "I...it feels like the thruster." Saying "You're right, darling, now enjoy!", I eased the tip in her wet lips, easily sliding through the slick walls until the rotating steel balls were inside, then I turned the vibe on to its low setting. She cried out as the middle rotated and the head began pulsing in and out.

When she'd used it on me during 'The Process', it had been on high the whole time, but I was using the variable speed to slowly increase the rotation and thrusting. Gina's hips began bucking involuntarily as I worked the speed up to full, and her cries and yells got even louder.

She screamed when I pushed the vibrator down a little, the angle change maximizing the contact of the steel balls turning on her G spot. A tremendous shriek came out when I started twisting the vibrator in the opposite direction of the rotation, the realistic head moving around and around as it thumped in and out against her cervix. She cried out "Ohmygod, baby, I'm gonna cum! Ohmygod, ohmygod, I'm gonna...I'm cummmmiiinnnggg!"

Her knees bent and her back arched in orgasm, forcing me to slide down against the base of the vibrator, pushing it even deeper. With a loud "Aaaiiiyyyeeeeee!", her climax raced through her, wave after wave of ecstasy flooding her. I pulled the vibrator out, turning it off and setting it aside while I moved back on my stomach to suck up her flowing cum. She convulsed as the waves ran rampant, each tremor giving more of the delectable honey she was producing.

GINA: Yet again, my lover has put me in utopia. I could only pant out "Oh, wow! Wow! Wowee!" when I began coming down. My hands had been tugging and rolling my nipples during the whole fucking, and then Tammy began working her way back up my body. I shivered when she softly sucked on the tender pink buttons before getting back to my mouth and kissing me. She whispered against my lips "Scratch this off the list!", chuckling lightly as we kissed.

Tammy pulled the blindfold off, and smiled at me as I gazed at her sparkling green eyes. She said, "Well, honey, was that hot and sweaty enough for you?" I giggled and told her definitely. Holding the instrument of my destruction, she looked at me and slowly licked the cum off of the toy, smacking her lips. I made both of us laugh hysterically when I said, "Baby, when ya started twistin' that damn toy, th' first thing that popped in my head was ya was screwin' me! And that fuckin' image I had when I was a kid flashed in my head!"

I was still lying there helpless when she got up and got one of the towels. There's a wash basin by the washing machine, so she wet half of the towel and tenderly wiped me off, then helped me move over so she could wipe down the vinyl mat. Wrapping the vibrator and blindfold in the towel, she pulled me up and we walked upstairs to the living room where she let me rest at the island while she loaded the vaporizer and poured fresh rum and cokes.

The buzz and the booze helped to clear the fog from my brain. Leaving our half-finished drinks on the island, I led Tammy out on the deck. When we were standing clear of everything, I told her to stay right where she was. I sat down on the deck, said, "Spread 'em!", and scooched my way forward until I could plant my face directly on her cunt, my body keeping her legs apart. Giving her pussy a kiss, I looked up in her eyes and said, "Sweetie, have ya ever had a standin' O? An' I ain't talkin' 'bout an ovation!"

Reaching around with my arms to both support her and play with her butt, I started licking and kissing her labia. My tongue was delving deep into her moistening lips, moving up occasionally to kiss and nip her clit. One hand kept toying with her rosebud, not penetrating but teasing. I used my other hand to move back around and roll her clit between my thumb and finger while I sucked her labia deep into my mouth, flicking my tongue around inside her folds.

Tammy's low moans got higher and louder. She was tugging her nipples, her body shaking as I pushed her closer and closer to the brink. Her knees buckled a little, bringing her pussy even harder against my face, and I stuck my tongue out as far as I could, once again reaching the bottom of her G spot and raking my tongue across it. The juices I couldn't swallow coated my chin, dripping down on my chest. My muffled sounds of satisfaction joined with her cries of pleasure, then her body tensed up and with an "eeeeeeEEEEEEE!", the dam burst and she came hard. With her legs weakened, her weight pressed her cunt harder on my face and I was able to keep tickling her G spot, prolonging her orgasm for several moments.

She was rocking back and forth over my mouth until with a cry of "Aaaaggghhh", she pulled away. I held her hips as I worked my way up to a standing position, then helped her ease into the hot tub. Joining her, I leaned over and kissed her, her eyes closed in orgasmic jubilation. She was able to open her eyes at last, and gave me a little grin while the bubbling jets washed away our sweat and cum.

TAMMY: Once I'd recovered enough to speak again, I looked in Gina's eyes and said, "Oh, baby, you did it again! Holy cow, what a cum! I never thought of doing it standing that way!" Smiling, she kissed me again and we stood up, drip-drying for a couple of minutes in the warm night air.

Moving inside, the cool air on our damp skin raised goose pimples on our flesh. A large gulp of our rum helped to ease the chill of the A/C, and we sat at the island talking while we finished our drinks. Gina snickered "Damn, we did good, baby. Knocked two things off th' list o' places t' fuck in one day!" I laughed and we finished the last swallow of our drinks.

Gina got her phone and I took the bundled-up toy as we headed to bed. Tossing the towel down the chute and the blindfold on the bed, I washed the vibrator while Gina peed and brushed her teeth. I put the toy and the blindfold back in the box and went to do my nightly routine. When I came out, Gina asked me if I wanted to get up early tomorrow and start our workouts, or we can wait until Monday.

I smiled, kissed her, and said seeing that how we'd just had a pretty damn good workout anyway, I'd be okay with waiting. But I left the final decision with her. She said, "How 'bout this? We'll get up early, watch th' video an' do th' stretchin', but then just a lil' brisk walk...not run... on th' treadmills. Like Terry said, we gotta take it easy startin' out, an' that'll be a nice slow start."

That sounded good to me, so she set her alarm, turned out the lights and we got in bed. We snuggled under the sheet, face to face, talking quietly. Going over tomorrow's happenings, we need to go to Margo's with my paintings, go to the dress shop, and then get some groceries if we have time before coming back to get ready for our date with Dee and Jo.

I yawned, making Gina yawn, and with a final good night kiss, I rolled over and scooted back until I was tight against her body, her arm over my waist. She said, "Good night, love of my life. Sleep tight." I whispered, "Good night, my darling. I love you." I closed my eyes, letting the rum, my post-orgasmic bliss, and Gina's love carry me away.

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