Mike's On-going gay experiences.
Part 14
Please read 1 -- 13 before going reading this one.
After my night with David, I was so excited to be starting a relationship with a man. Most of my previous experience were with people who looked and acted like women, with that something extra. But now it was a regular genetic man, and I was so curious about where it would go. David and I got to the point that we texted daily, talking when we could and getting to know each other even more. I had truly grown to like him even more and was hoping this would develop into something more permanent. One day during our daily talks, David invited me over to his place on Saturday night for dinner and drinks. David said he loved to cook and wanted to make me a romantic dinner. I agree without hesitation. When Saturday night arrived, I got dressed up a bit more than usual and made my way over to his place. I stopped at the local pharmacy and grab a box of condoms and small bottle of lube. I don't know if we are gong to have sex -- outside of oral -- but if we do I want to be prepared.
I arrive at David's and got to see his place for the first time. He has a beautiful condo on the third floor. As I walked in, I see the kitchen immediately to the left, with a half wall divider. The dining room table is just on the other side of the half wall. He has a large front room with a sliding glass door which leads onto a small balcony. Down the hallway to the left is the second bedroom with the master bedroom being way in the back on the right and one bathroom. He has a nice big front room set with a huge TV. After getting the tour, I realize David has set up two chairs at his dining room table, with candles on the table and two wine glasses awaiting. David heads to his kitchen and says, "I hope you like Italian, I made Chicken Parmesan."
"I love Italian," I reply.
Within minutes we are sitting down at the table, David lights some candles and pours some wine. We sit across from each other and start enjoying our meal, passing conversation throughout dinner. Afterwards, we take our wine glasses to the front room and sit on his big deep cloth couch, the TV was on, but we weren't paying attention to it. I sat on my left side, with my right leg crossed over looking towards him as he leaned on his right side towards me. The more I am here with him and the more wine I have, the more comfortable I am being here and with him. I am still a little leery because he is a "straight up man," but I am very interested in him, plus I am feeling quite frisky, it's been over two weeks since I gave him the blow job and I really want his dick again. The more I have thought about him the more I realized I really miss cock, but I don't want to jump right into sex. After our second glass of wine, I lean in and softly kiss David. I thank him for making such a great dinner and inviting me over. I think he is just excited as I am and happy that I'm here. As I sit looking and talking to him, I realize just how attractive he is. And I must say after all my years of women, I've realized I want men more. Or at least dick more.
David finishes up his second glass of wine and starts to get up to refresh his and mine. I stop him as he walks past me, by grabbing his hand. He stops and looks down at me. When our eyes meet, I wanted to kiss him again, but didn't want to seem too forward. Surprisingly, David leaned down towards me and our lips meet. It's a soft long closed lip kiss, but one that sets the butterflies in my stomach a flutter. David pulls away and says I'll be right back. He returns with a new bottle of wine and tops off my glass and fills his up. When he sits down next to me, I take a big gulp of my wine and set my glass on the table. David leans over to me and our lips meet again. This time, we have a soft long soft French kiss. Our tongues swirl around each other's mouth and I am instantly turned on. We break from our kiss for just a moment as David sips his wine, setting it down on the table and then he leans into my body as we become entrenched in each other again. His hands rub my face as my arms reach around him, pulling him in further. David and I spend a length of time with this kiss and I am like puddy in his hands. I want to take his clothes off; I want his dick in my mouth and I surely want his dick in my ass.
I pull from our kiss and say, "Why don't we take this into your bedroom."
David smiles, shakes his head yes and says, "Come on."
David stands up, helping me to my feet and guides me down the hallway by his hand. He dims the lights in his bedroom as we pass the threshold. I stand with him at the foot of the bed and we begin kissing again. Our hands rub and caress each other's bodies as our passions ignite. I am so fucking hard and so horny I can't take it anymore. I sit down on the edge of his bed and stare up at him. I start to unbuckle his belt, unbutton his pants and pull the zipper down. I can see his boner in his boxers and my mouth waters. I pull his boxer shorts down just enough to release his cock. I lean forward and slide his cock deep into my mouth. His big-headed thin cock is so fucking hot. I love the way it looks and I like the way it feels in my mouth. David moans in pleasure as I slurp back and forth along the shaft of his hard cock. I am in heaven and already loving every minute of it. I bob my head back and forth sliding his cock in and out of my wet mouth. I slide down off of the bed and onto my knees to get a better angle. David unbuttons his shirt and takes it off, as I slide down his pants and underwear. I put his hard cock right back into my mouth, enjoying the view of his shaft sliding in and out of my mouth. I love sucking cock and plan to make sure David gets every bit of pleasure tonight.
My dick is bulging in my pants and my ass is tingling wanting to be fucked. David pulls me from my knees as he kicks his pants off the rest of the way. He pulls my shirt over my head and starts to unbutton my pants as our lips meet again. As we kiss, I feel him get my zipper down. I feel him pushing my pants and underwear down. I assist him getting my clothes off. We are standing there face to face deep in kiss with both of our hard cock's touching each other's. David ease me backwards and onto the bed. I shift further back as David climbs on top of me. My legs spread apart as he lays in-between them on top of me. I feel his hard cock, resting on top of my dick. Our mouths, tongues and heads swirl back and forth as we kiss deeply.
I break from our kiss and whisper in his ear, "I want you David."
His body reacts and I hear him moan in pleasure. I reach my hand between us, find his hard cock and start stroking his cock as we continue our kissing. Over the next few minutes, David and I roll back and forth on top and them bottom of each other, using the whole bed as we seduce each other. I want to suck his cock again, so I start kissing my way down his chest, past his stomach and find his dick, hard as ever, awaiting my mouth. I put my lips around the tip of his cock swirling my tongue around the tip. I slide it all the way in and deep into my throat. I can feel the tip moving around my tongue, diving deep into my throat as I work on making him cum. After sucking David for a few minutes and I'm loving pleasuring him and would suck him off until orgasm, but I need to get fucked. It's been way to long and I need a long hard cock deep in my ass.
I ask David, "Do you have protection?"
David says, "Yes, in my dresser drawer."
He gets up from the bed and starts walking away from me towards his dresser. I watch his naked ass as he slides away from me, just in absolute enjoyment of seeing a fully naked man. David opens a drawer and retrieves a box of condoms. His body is sexy, almost hair free and toned. When he turns around, I can see his big hard cock, still upright walking back towards me and my heart leaps. I so want that cock. I want to suck on it more, I want to stroke it more, I want to play with it more and I surely want it buried deep in my ass. As David starts walking towards the bed, "Lube," I ask?
"Yes," David replies.
He stops at his nightstand and grabs a bottle of lube. As he slides back into the bed David hands me the items and starts kissing around my stomach and hip area. I lean back as he puts his mouth around my cock. I about explode feeling his wet mouth sliding up and down my shaft. I feel so excited to be here and even more aroused that I am getting a nice wet blow job. David sucks me for a while almost bringing me to orgasm. I pull his head and face from my dick and pull him up next to me. We lay side to side as we kiss more. I open the bottle of lube, pouring some on my hand. I slide my hand back down and find his hard cock. I slide my hand up and down his shaft with the lube, making it easier to jack him off.
His hand returns the favor and now we are lying face to face giving each other hand jobs. I am so fucking hard and ready to be fucked.
"I want you in me," I moan out.
David grabs the box of condoms I set down on the mattress and starts opening the box. My hand is still rubbing up and down his shaft. When he gets a condom out, I take it from his hand and roll him onto his back. I open the package and get on my knees. I slide a bit down the bed, just starring at his big plump throbbing cock. I slide the condom over his shaft and I grab the lube. I pour a little on the tip of the condom and start stroking his cock again, getting it all slippery and ready to go. I climb on top of David watching his smile, knowing what's coming. I use my lubed fingers, rub a bit around my asshole, grab a hold of his shaft and put it in position. I gently ease down and feel him slide deep into me as I moan aloud in pleasure.
"OMG," I whimper out.
David lays flat making deep eye contact, as I start slowly sliding up and down on his shaft getting it deeper and deeper into me with every downwards thrust. David's hands are on my outer thighs as I ride his stiff cock. He feels fucking amazing. This feels fucking amazing! I bounce up and down on David's cock as my dick flaps up and down. I pour more lube right at the top of my ass crack, letting it run down to my hole, lubing up David's dick more as he slides in and out of me. My cock is throbbing, pulsing and wanting to cum. The whole time I'm riding him, I think to myself, how much I missed being fucked and having cock in me. Just enjoying the pleasure and feeling of a hard cock deep in my ass. I lean downward and kiss David, feeling his cock sliding in and out of me at a different angle. My cock pressed up against his stomach as I enjoying being ass fucked. "OMG David," I whimper out.
David is moaning in pleasure especially when I grind down and swirl around on his cock. I want him to cum so bad. I want to feel him explode inside me while I'm riding his dick.
"David, your cock is perfect," spews from my lips.
As I sit upwards David's hand grabs a hold of my cock and he begins stroking me as I am riding him. It doesn't take me long with his hand stroking me that I am about to cum. I reach behind me cupping and holding hold his balls. The bottom of my palm feeling his shaft sliding in and out of me.
"OMG David, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum."
David starts stoking me faster and harder as he starts thrusting his hips upwards HARD, driving his cock deeper into my ass. My mouth is open, my body experience every bit of pleasure from cock inside me.
"David, David, David. OMG, David I'm Coming!!!!"
I feel my cock start shooting cum out all over David's stomach and chest as his cock is still slamming in and out of me. David is pumping me faster and he's breathing heavier. David starts moaning louder and louder as he gets closer and closer to orgasm. I want him to fuck me doggie style, so I tell him, "David, fuck me from behind."
I climb off of David and get onto my knees, he gets up from his back, gets on his knees, grabs me, sliding me around as he slides in behind me. He pushes my hips down and slams his cock right back into my ass. David starts pumping me hard and deep. I feel every inch of his cock thrusting in and out of me and I am fucking loving it. Sounds of squishy lube and slapping skin fill the room as my balls swing back and forth while I feel his cock sliding in and out of me. My dick still slowly oozing the last bit of cum out of it. My mouth is open and I am moaning as loud as a girl as David ass fucks me hard. Within seconds David starts moaning, "I'm going to cum, "I'm going to cum."
He pumps harder and faster and within seconds I feel him push as far into me as he can go and stop. I squeal like a girl as he pushes himself as deep into me as he could. I feel his body shaking and his cock pulsating deep inside me. David is fucking cumming in me and I am fucking shaking from his cock inside me.
"David!", I scream out.
David is grunting in pleasure as his cock is filling the condom with cum that's deep inside of me. I am in absolute heaven. There is no doubt in my mind. I LOVE COCK.
David rocks back and forth a few times letting every drop of cum escape his hard throbbing cock. After David withdraws his cock, we both fall onto the bed and just lay together. The immense pleasure of being ass banged again is sending erotic pleasures and releasing senses I haven't experienced in years. There is no doubt in my mind as I lay here with him that I am going to absolutely enjoy this relationship. And even though we both came rather quickly; I am sure our time will get longer and more passionate with every fuck. As the night concluded, I did not spend the night. I would eventually, but tonight I had to go home. I wanted to stay there, but knowing my lust for cock, neither of us would have slept that night. We are truly beginning a wonderful relationship and sexual exploration that I feel I won't be able to get enough of. I hope he's as interested in me as I am in him.
I thought about him and being fucked all the way home and can't wait until I see him again.
David and I dated for more than a two years, with me ending up crossdressing for him numerous times. But I'll tell you all about that in upcoming chapters. For right now I'll tell you all about me being ass fucked at least twice a week and begging for more!
To Be Continued....

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