I first saw him online: he was hot. 6'2; tan body, well-built (a trainer for boxing), weight 220, very muscular. And a 10 inch straight hard cock) which I later on confirmed). He was slightly younger, but in great shape. Plus, he was Brazilian, with a beautiful skin tone and dark hair.

We first spoke and chatted through text messages, and when I mentioned I enjoyed bondage, he replied that he enjoyed 'tying up his partners'. I replied, "you didn't say this in your profile."

"No, I like to keep it to myself. But I really enjoy fucking when they're tied up."

"I hope you don't mind; I also enjoy being gagged."

"Perfect. I'm hot now."

"So you want to meet?"

"Yes. Now."

We confirmed meeting when our schedules would allow - in about a week.

He lived alone in a regular apartment complex. Turns out we both preferred early morning connections, so within a week, we met at his place. It was 1 am - and I was very, very horny. It was an early fall, so the temperature was comfortable and there was no need to wear much clothing. The complex was very quiet - mainly because it was an early Monday morning and everyone was inside (presumably) sleeping.

I recalled he said he really liked guys in jock straps. As I stood in front of his door, I then decided: putting down the bag I took with various items - ropes, gags and other leather items - I then dropped my pants and placed them into the bag, wrapped my belt around my waist (I'd asked him to tie my hands to my belt.)

As I stood in front of the door, I pictured him again. My heart raced: my jock strap was fast getting hard and tight: my cock was nearly out of my jock. In a minute, my cock tip was at the very point of the stretch band on my jock strap. Just having it rub my cock any time I moved, made me even more truly excited. I couldn't wait any more. Looking both ways down the hallways, I quietly knocked.

No response.

I knocked a little louder. I then heard - almost as a whisper - "I'm coming". When we spoke earlier, he was concerned about 'privacy': he didn't want people to know about his visitations. I couldn't help it: I was willing to risk standing wearing my jock strap in a quiet hallway during the very early morning hours.

I heard him coming to the door,...! I found myself opening my legs wider while I moved closely to the door.

I was really and truly hot; I wanted a good, solid fucking.

Earlier, when I read his profile, he didn't mentioned what he was specially into and what he really wanted, except that he was a 'dominant top, aggressive and verbal.' I asked him did he want it loud. "No, not too loud." I then pointed out that I also enjoyed being gagged as well as bound. "Perfect," he said. "This will help keeps things quiet."

I agreed.

I then noticed how he said in his profile:

"Top only, got 10" rock hard to pound you good! I'll make you feel every inch until you beg to stop. "

I pointed out that "with me gagged and bound, it'd be hard for me to ask you to stop."

He replied, "we can come up with a signal or something,..."

I waited a moment.

"No, you miss what I'm saying."

"What's that?"

"I don't want you to stop; I want you to go until you cum. I'm your prisoner; I won't be in any position to stop you because I don't want you to stop."

Momentary pause.

"Ok. I understand. Make sure you're nice and tied up and gagged - and let me fuck you as long as I want to, right?"


"So, uh, you kind of like it I got you really good?"

"Give it to me as though it's the real thing."

"Real thing? You mean, rape?"

"Yes, but not with any physical hurting,..."

"Oh, no. Just like you are with me like I have you and fuck you like it's for real - right?"


"Mmmm. Nice."

"Imagine if somebody were watching us, it'd be like you took me prisoner and you're,.."

"Raping you. Yes, I got it. I like it. Nice."


A moment of silence. I noticed his breathing got a little stronger. Then he replied in a low voice:

"Now I really want you. Bring your ball gag and your rope and anything else you want me to use on you. I'll give it to you."

"No problem.

Yes! Oh yes!! Give it to me good!

(How I was going to surprise myself with that later on,...!)

The door then opened: he stood before me totally nude. His body was in perfect shape. He was excited as I could see his sweat glistening on his well muscled body— while down below was his large, 10 inch cock - straight and strong - was up, with his nice sized balls tight and perfectly shaped as he looked down at me, with my legs standing apart, my leaning back and extended my pelvis out a little as if giving him my cock,... And then before I could say 'hello' he reached down, grabbed my balls, and ran his hands around my jock strap covered cock. In a quiet, low voice he said to me, "come in."

We moved to the kitchen counter (the front door was by his small kitchen). I placed the bag down and, as he momentarily stood looking at each other me, gave him the money: "as agreed on." He let go of my genitals, nodded slowly, as he looked me up and down. I then pulled out some rope (I always preferred being rope bound: gives me the change to try to escape as most really don't know how to bind too well) along with a ball gag. Holding it up, I said, "as you requested."

"Perfect," he replied; "gotta keep it quiet as it's gonna get noisy here. What else you got in the bag?"

"Well,I -" and then suddenly he took the rope from the counter, moved behind me and started to bind my hands to the belt.

"Huh! You move really fast -!"

"Uh, huh," he said, focusing binding me. In moments, he pulled down my jock strap, leaving me nude from the waist down. He then slowly pushed me down to the counter, forcing me to bend over.

"Uh!" I felt him then finalizing my binding me with a firm pull on the rope.

"Just a minute - done," he said.

I pulled myself up and then proceeded to test his bindings.

He was very good. He bound me well. My hands were crossed behind my back, with the rope wrapped around both of my hands firmly onto the belt in a cross pattern. My hands were tied in and well to the belt. No chance of pulling my bindings over my head, nor even of getting them loose.

He then turned me around as we then faced each other, as he rechecked my belt, making sure it was firm around my waist. Once done he then stood up and moved very close to me, inches from my face as he then firmly grasped onto my balls. I gave an involuntary start and suddenly felt his right hand wrapped around my cock, and slowly started to move up and down my shaft. I was already dripping some pre-cum as he simply looked at me. We said nothing for several minutes; my mouth slowly opened, my head relaxed as he kept his position between legs. I felt my eyes half close and my mouth open as i started to breath heavy. I tilted my head to match the angle of his head.

I looked down and watched as he slowly and steadily stroked my cock. I was very hard - and so was he. My cock is about 8 inches, but it wasn't early as big as his.

He continued stroking me, fondling my balls, as I got more and more excited. He then whispered and instructed me: "don't cum. Not yet."

I could only shake my head and as quietly begged, "please! Don't stop! So,... good!"

"You're in no position to ask. But I'll stop because I have something for you." Then he stopped stroking me.

"Like your 10 inches?"

He merely smiled, grabbed my belt on the buckle and pulled me toward him: "let's go over here." He half dragged and directed me into a living room, where he then instructed me, "sit on this chair." It was a regular, wooden armless office chair. As I sat down, he then said, "sit with your legs open as wide as you can. I want to look at you some more."

So I sat - with my legs opened wide, as he sat in the chair directly across from me.

So we sat and looked at each other; our eyes moving from looking at into each other eyes, to looking down at or rock hard cocks. Meanwhile, I kept trying - quietly - to see if I can get my bindings off.

He then asked me, "open for legs wider and let me see your ass. I complied.

"So, it's been some time for me - how about you?" I asked him.

"No, it wasn't too long ago for me," he said.

"Was,... was it good?"

He nodded. "But not as good as I think this is gonna be."

'Why is that?"

"You got a nice ass, your cock is good and thick,... and you like being bond and gagged. I like that. A lot."

"Really? So do I."

"Yeah - especially when you're tied well and you're not gonna get loose. I get to decide now."

I stopped fiddling with my bindings and relaxed more, opening my legs up wider. "I give up. You know how to tie somebody up!"

"So what do you want to do now?"

I thought for a minute. "I want to dance - for you."

"Really? You want music?"

"No. I just want to, dance,..." I then slowly got up, walked toward him, stood closely to him, and then proceeded to swivel my waist, in a circle, keeping my legs apart about 2 feet apart: not too wide, but not close: making sure my cock and balls were open and easily available for him to play with. I then turned around and slowly moved my ass back and forth, then leaning back to bring my ass close to him, and then pushing forward so the my cock was totally uptight, with me standing on my toes, and then swiveling some more as I slightly closed my eyes, I gave him a look of longing as he slowly stood up. I then moved slowly back as he followed me until I reached the wall mirror behind me. I stopped, moving my legs a little more wider open, and watched him with an intensity of desire: I wondered if he would like to fuck me standing up? He moved in until our chests touched, him standing between my open legs. I then pushed my cock up, trying to rub my cock against his. He was too tall, so instead he reached down, grabbed my balls with a sudden and slightly hard movement, holding them as he moved his lips close to mine, only inches apart. I was taken aback by his capturing my balls as he whispered to me: "you're gonna get all of my cock." He then dived into my mouth, kissing me with a strong passion, your tongues moving around each other until he then disengaged and pulled up my ball gag and shoved it into my mouth and as I opened my eyes, before I could say "wait - don't you - MMMMMMMMMPH! MMMMMPH!"

"We're done talking." His tone shifted; he was more intense, and his cock rubbed against my belly as we stood. It was huge and dripping.

He then whipped me around as we both faced the mirror together. I reached behind my back and grabbed onto his cock. He didn't mind at all: we were too busy staring at each other. Our eyes locked onto each other: my head slightly tilted to teh right as he stood and look at me intensely, his hands slowly rubbing around my body and now my chest: my legs wide open letting his hard cock rub between my ass cheeks as I kept my cocks on his legs as he moved about. Naturally, I also moved about, moving my ass up and down his cock, swiveling as I went - and he also responded, rubbing more and more in time to my movements, rubbing his face in my hair, murmuring something (I think it was Portuguese) as he moved about in front of the mirror. It was later - now around 1:30 am and there was little to no noise outside. the lights were turned down low, no music or tv on: the only song of our breathing, my moaning and his quiet murmuring.

It was then he reached to the front of my chest and pinched - truly and really hard - my nipples. My eyes opened wide I gave an involuntary start and found myself trying to call out: "MMMMMMMMMMPH! MMMMPH! MMMPH!" as I silently shook my head back and forth, begging him to stop.

My bound hands held onto his huge, rock hard cock. Both hands couldn't get it all: there was at least several inches left over!

Running his mouth against my left ear, he gave me a passionate whisper: "That's all for you. You paid for 2 hours; I'm gonna gave you extra time free of charge because I can. My schedule is open and I need some real satisfaction! You're mine!"


"Like you asked, you can't tell me anything. I'm not gonna stop until both of us are done! You can't stop me anyhow! I'm in charge and I've waited for this for a week. You're tightly tied up and really gagged. You can't get out: I stronger than you and nobody's gonna hear you! Now - let's go this way!" - and with that, using his arms wrapped around my chest, he abruptly turned me around as we both faced the couch. And slowly he pushed me to it,... close and closer,... closer and closer.

"MMMMPH!" I struggled, trying to get my hands free and call out.

"Too late to change you mind, now: my cock is all for you!"

I realized then that I took on more than I planned: his cock was bigger than what I thought - and this is exactly what he wanted: total command and satisfaction.

Closer and closer the couch came,...

I resisted, stopping as best as I could, kept trying to delay by keeping my legs open, even clapping my hands on his magnificent cock.

He merely chuckled, and then held me in an embrace from the rear and pinched my nipples again, catching me off guard and we now were standing in front of the couch. And then turning me around again, he lifted and placed me on the couch, facd up, moving in quickly between my now wide opened legs leaving me unable to close my legs.

I stopped, trying to catch my breath as he reached over and slowly lubricated his cock and he stood closely over me. Moving hands away from his cock, we look at each other intently. I can see it now: his cock moves about slightly - you can see it if you look closely at it. I couldn't help but watch his large, thick and pulsating cock. Looking down at me, he murmurs, "Você vai ser fodido lentamente por algum tempo."

I struggle, trying to get untied, but nothing's changed: he bound me better than I expected. Moving in closer to me, he runs his hands along the leather of my ball gag, insuring that there's no give. "You're tied up good and the gag is very good. You won't get any response from my neighbors." Pulling back a movement, he strokes his cock and then says, "I want you to cry out as loud as you can, because I want to hear you. You're mine. You said you want me to cum? I will - and so will you."

And then he knees, grabbing my thighs, and moving in abruptly,...

"MMMMMMMM!" His cock starts to drill into me.

I struggle involuntarily, but it's useless: I'm locked down and I can only watch as I lift my head as see how he huge and hard cock is gradually moving into me.

"MMMMMMMMPH!!" I shake my head back and forth, lift my head up only to throw it back down on the bed, again and again. I then stop to arch my back and feel - FEEL - his cock go in me, slowly, strongly.

I could do nothing to stop it.


"Yes, he murmurs; "keep calling out. We have a long morning ahead of us."

Now, he moves in and out of me much faster, going deep, nearly balls deep, and then slowly pulling out - and then pushing in again, and again, and again,...

"MMMmmmmmph. MMMMPH!

Damnit! No one can truly hear me!

He then brings himself down, resting on his elbows. I surrender to the moment, surrender to him. He then goes in deep, stops, and keeps his cock there as he brings his face close to mine, and then with both hands, undoes my ball gag and before I can say again dives into me, into my mouth, running his tongue around, not giving me a chance to say anything as he then quickly re-gags me, pulls out and then goes in harder, each thrust coming on harder. I can only roll my eyes, struggle and myself his total prisoner as he fucks me again, and again, and again, and again as he closely watches me.

The couch is bouncing; but nobody can hear. Upstairs, there is the distant sounds of a TV playing, while on the other wise of the apartment you can hear the distant hum of a dishwasher going. But here, in this apartment, there's just the sound of my moaning, the couch squeaking slightly, and his murmur: "Tão bom! Oh, tão bom! Bunda doce! Tudo meu! Cum tão difícil!"

It's about 1:30 in the morning: tightly bound and firmly gagged; getting nailed by a 10 incher.

It's hopeless.

I stop struggling, taking it all in all the way. It's hopeless; I give up.

I roll my head about on the couch, still trying to say help: "MMMMMPH! MMMMPH!"

"Heh-heh" he says breathlessly: "keep trying! Turns me on! Nobody can hear you! You're mine; all mine! UH! -"

I could only look at him, and nod my head as in 'no'.

"You're mine; and that's how it is!" And with that he gave a series of very strong penetrations into me, forcing me to arch my back. I looked on at him, begging,...

And then,... he watches me, his mouth no longer smiling, as he did closed his eyes, lifted his head and gave a shout - "UHH! UUH!! UUUH!! Porra! PORRA! UH! SIM!! SIM!! AHHHH!"

He then slipped down, pulling his now soft cock out of me, looking on me for a few moments.

"Fuck,... a great ass!"

I just lay there, my legs still open wide, and look out him.

Then he slowly gets up again,... Reaching over he grabs my balls, folding them, playing with my balls as I find myself squirming. "MMPH! MPH! MPH!" IN moments he is stroking my cock, as I close my eyes and move my cock and pelvis in time with his strong hands: one gasping my balls and the other moving up and down my cock. "Mmm; you have a nice sock and balls."

I can only murmur: "mmph!"

And then he surprises me: bending down, he takes my cock and balls into his mouth, totally, as I open ym eyes wide and call out in pleasure: "MMMMMMPH! MMMMMMPH!"

He says nothing as I teach him go down on me, over and over, stopping only to play wiht my cock tip, twirling his tongue all around, and then turning his head sideways he literally nibbles with my foreskin. I jump up momentarily.

And suddenly he stops, stands up, grabs my belt and pulls me up. We stand before each other, as he then pinches my nipples telling me, "sit in the chair."

I sit in the chair, still bound and gagged as he then kneels before me, binding my ankles to the front chair legs. I sit wiht my legs wide open; my cock hard and pointed up as watch him watch me for a few minutes. I struggle, and move about, but the chair is not moving and not letting me go, either.

And then he kneels before me again, his strong arms then slowly reaching between legs, and gong under my thighs as he looks his hands only my ass, and then go down on me again, only this he slowly pulls me up by my butt, bringing my cock and balls into his mouth. I'm so existing i mange to pull myself up more.

My legs / ankles tied to the front chair legs; my hands tightly bound I pushed my pelvis forward as much as I can, moving my cock for him in and out of his mouth. I start to call out - a loudly as I could - but although I couldn't be heard I do this out of excitement and pleasure. But then he joins in and together we work: his mouth moving all around my cock adn balls and my pelvis pushing forward and back, forward and back - as I also am trying to be heard, calling out as best as I could - but it no longer mattered: it was only about my cock and his mouth: this muscular, well built and toned body having fucked me good is now returning the favor my giving me a chance to also cum,...

I call out (surely, someone has to hear me!) as we moved back and forth over my cock and balls.

I listen: no noise, nothing going on. No-one had any idea that there were two men: one bound and gagged and the other fucking and sucking with no mercy.

So,... good!

But in what seemed like a timeless period, I was giving way to the pleasure: the pressure rising inside, I soon am giving in to our mutual, getting closer and closer to the sweet release,...




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