It all started with a joke.

She had been in this job for two months now and made little progress, work-relationship wise. She reckoned it was due to the lack of gen mates, or maybe due to their introverted and awkward sides all together. Anyway, it just seemed stifled, at periods.
Whenever they gathered together, the tension lingered, suffocating and she slapped a smile on under the weight of it.
It really cannot be helped, she thought.
They were nice people, of course. Nothing hostile but they were also torn halfway between politely feigned tiredness and subtly veiled evaluation.

She pondered halfheartedly if she looked at them with equal disinterest.

Maybe even more.

After all, the stage facade could only last so long and rooted so deep. Dropped the act and she was only another dime in-a-dozen girl trying to make it in this cut-throat business while shakily holding on to her own scattered life and privacy.

They all were. In a sense. Struggling.

Yet, she liked Kronii.

Or to be exact, she paid her some thoughts here and then. The other girls were too jaded, or adapted too well, it bored her.
Not like Kronii.

Poor little Kronii, whose depression built so thick it leaked through the fresh persona and danced flamboyantly in front of a small audience of a few thousand everyday.

It amused her a lot, to be honest, such naïveté. And every time they were within the same vicinity, an inner part of her purred and itched to wrap its tail around the girl. Maybe she was just jealous, or maybe fascinated, either way, it got her riled up and wanting enough, when Kronii dragged out her last words in that deep, silky voice of her in a slight teasing about who is more dominant, senpai kouhai, and all that jazz, to say something along the line of - what, wanna give it a go?

She didn't even hesitate one moment before leaning in, eyes half-lidded, tongue curled:
"Yes, feeling a bit naughty today."

The off-guarded, wide eyed look she got back had her giddy in a weird drunkenness.

Oh, suddenly, she wanted to break. Something. Someone. Now.

"Let's head back to my place, I haven't had guests over in a while. We can have a sleepover. Do some quality bonding. Yea?"

Kronii turned away for a second, startled like a prey, almost ready to sprint off before she caught her hands and interlocked their fingers.

"Hush, I know the way you have looked at me. Don't bother with the pretense."

And with those words, the girl's resolve crumbled down like toy blocks. So, in the end, it came as no surprise that the moment they were back to her apartment, Kronii pounced on her in manner not that very different from a starving dog. She chuckled quietly, returned the kiss and then pushed the girl down on her knees.

"Are you a good girl, Kronii"

She didn't even care for an answer as the latter's glistening, glazed eyes have already betrayed her. She lightly raised her chin up with a finger.

"Please me"

That was the only command needed as the girl nuzzled her head closer to her crotch and pulled her panties down with her teeth. She let her mind wander just long to appreciate her own hunting instinct before immediately be engulfed in waves of pleasure as the girl's tongue dug deep inside her. The sneaky thing swayed and stirred up all the flesh inside, violently, ferociously with frequent brushes past her clit. Her back arched while one of her legs raised and rest itself again Kronii's back, pulling her closer or keeping her at bay, she was no longer aware. The girl's hands suddenly came up to caress the outer lips before plunging in and she threw her head back to swallow a groan.

The apartment was dead silence outside of the wet slicks and her ragged moans. Her grips on Kronii's hair tightened while she silently urged the girl to go deeper. With each thrusts, she could feel her mind become more muddled and a sense of achievement washed over her.

She did it. She was not pure. But now neither was Kronii.

She was so near the edge. Her hand loosened and strayed from the girl's hair to wrap around her slender neck.

Then the girl bit her clit, and as she came, she pressed down hard on her throat and heard the latter's choking amid the mist that was her victory.

Let's all be tainted and in this hell together, pet.

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