Vivian pulled another fang and sent it flying just as the Vulture had pulled his arm free of the bar only to find his other arm now pinned to the liquor shelf by the Mamba's throwing blade.

"Fuckin bitch!" Johnny cursed as he began shimming out of his cheap suit jacket.

With almost impossible ease and grace Vivian sent another dagger flying as she bounded from chair to table. A burst of automatic fire rang out as bullets shattered numerous bottles of top shelf alcohol residing on the mirrored wall behind the bar. The blade found its mark deep into the hand of an older Skullkicker, a leather clad punk with a purple mowhawk holding an older style Mac-10. It clattered to the ground as its final burst of automatic fire turned the chair the Mamba had just stepped off of into Swiss cheese.

The Black Mamba whipped her stolen blade towards the ceiling embedding it in the sprinkler system, causing a cascade of sprinklers to release their water in a shower amongst the crowd as she dove from the table towards the stripper pole. Gripping it with both hands she swung around the pole once before landing both heels of her boots squarely into the chest of another Skullkicker attempting to grab at the young hero. She rode his body down to the floor as the crowd descended upon her.

The Mamba coiled and struck out with an elbow knocking the wind out of an attacker before deflecting the brass knuckles from a roided out gangster to the side. Ducking down she avoided another blow and struck hard at the gym rats testicles, collapsing him on the spot.

A quick roll beneath the closest table spared her from a bowie knife as it came to rest in the table top inches from the top of her head. She pushed up into a run vaulting over another table and snatching the empty beer bottle as she went. In one fluid motion she spun sending the bottle smashing against another 6th Street Rollers face as she hooked her foot into another cheap wooden chair and sent it careening into feet of another attacker causing him to trip and fall to the now wet floor.

The water rolled down her supple form as she paused briefly to catch her breath as the remaining thugs pushed the tables and their fallen allies to the side as they cautiously approached. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the jacket-less Vulture exit the building.

"Any chance you guys want to quit while you're still standing? No?" she bantered, assessing the situation. A dozen more mooks were still up and gunning for her. She dashed forward hurling her fangs at the closest attacker, knowing they would be ineffective as he lifted a table up to block them. The Mamba immediately dropped to the wet floor and with a spray of water slid underneath the brute's open legs. Reaching into her utility pouch as she slid, the Mamba leg tackled another behind him as she pulled the pin on her parting gift. She wasn't quick enough to stop the other one from grabbing her by the neck, and pinning her to the floor as he reared back to send his fist against her delicate face. But she had already planned in advanced for the attack. They poor mooks didn't realize they were playing checkers when she was playing 4 dimension precognition chess. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth slightly as the flashbang went off behind her blinding her assailant and giving her enough time to strike at his elbow and pull him down towards her knee.

"Fuck that was loud" she thought and she broke the gangbanger's jaw against her knee. It was the first time she had actually used it and it had left her slightly disoriented as well as the others around her. It didn't matter, her body was already on autopilot, rolling on top of him and kicking another thug off his legs and onto the wet floor. She sent a flurry of lightning quick jabs to the throat and solar-plexus of another Skullkicker as she rushed him down. She pivoted off her last blow and bounded backwards rolling over a table and past a completely soaked and shivering Jenn who was cowering underneath it.

"Sorry about the mess!" she shouted with a wave and turned to run out the exit in pursuit of the Vulture, leaving behind a neon room full of wet, disoriented and bloodied patrons.

As soon as she hit the darkened parking lot the Mamba immediately dove head first into the shadow of the closest parked vehicle just as Johnny opened the door to his black Mercedes-Benz. The Mamba emerged from the shadows of his darkened leather interior and tackled him to the ground. She drove her fist into his stomach once before grabbing him and rolling into the shadow of another vehicle. They rolled out miles away on a rooftop far from the Neon Garter with the Black Mamba coiled around the defeated vulture in a painful arm lock. Vee brought a dagger to rest gently against his throat with a flash of silver.

"Tell me everything you know about Simon, or I swear you'll wish the police were here to lock you up." she said with a practiced tone that didn't quite sound intimidating as she had wanted, but she figured it would get the job done after holding a knife to his throat and trashing all the goons at his club.

"Jesus what the fuck was that!?" Johnny spat, clearly spooked by his brief trip through the howling abyss.

"Simon, now or I'll leave you in the void next time."

"Christ ok, ok, but I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know any fucking Simon."

"Bullshit, you know all the players in Porthaven. Tell me." she spat, pushing the dagger harder against his unprotected neck.

"Listen bitch, I don't know who the fuck Simon is but I'll give you info on any other number of operations working out of Porthaven. Christ, just let let me go and I'll tell you about all of them."

"Simon. Gifted criminal. Controls minds. Don't lie to me, you don't know whats in shadows." she bluffed, Vee didn't know either what lurked in the void and she definitely didn't want to find out.

"I'm telling you I don't, but give me a few days and I'll promise you I can find out."

"Keep it on." she replied standing up and tossing him a burner phone from her utility pouch. She always kept one on her for notifying the police, but it looks like this time she would letting Johnny have this one.

"Three days." Vee said backing away into the shadows and leaving the Vulture to find his own way down the rooftop. She stepped out of the shadow of the closet and collapsed on to the bed after peeling off her costume. Her heart was racing. She was sufficiently satisfied that she had gotten the Vulture's attention enough to put him to task and seek out underworld intel on Simon, but she knew what was coming next as she stared nervously at the clock. She would have to sleep sometime soon, and the thought of what was coming for her in her dreams terrified her.

Vivian sat on the leather couch tugging at her skimpy black dress that had creeped dangerously high up her thighs and blinked as two imposingly large black men began flipping on the bright ring lights. A tan muscular blonde surfer reject, who looked like he did way too much cross fit to be good for him began setting up cameras.

"S'cuse me, Senorita." he said with a distinct Californian accent before stepping in front of her to set up another tripod.

She tried to not look at Simon, his cocky smile made her sick to her stomach, but she knew he was sitting only a few feet away grinning behind the cameras and blinding lights. She fidgeted with one of the thin black leather straps holding her heels on until the studio was set up around her.

"Remember the rules and why you're here. Enjoy yourself and tell the truth. Now be a good girl and look at the center camera. Give us a big smile. You love showing off. Come on, you can do better than that. There she is. Ok boys, action!."

Vivian complied, smiling at the camera in as they began filming. She kept her legs crossed tightly, a black stiletto heel nervously twitched in the air as she awaited the humiliation to come. Vivian didn't know all the details but it was evident that Simon had planned to profit off her soon to be very public destruction and reveal her true identity to the world in one fell swoop. She would have been crying if she hadn't been told to enjoy it.

"Relax. Why don't you start by telling us who you are and why you are here today."

Vivian took a deep breath as the stress and tension drained from her body and replied. "My name is Vivian Parker."

"No, tell us who you really are." he interrupted with a smile.

"My name is Vivian Parker... and I am the Black Omen." she hesitantly replied.

"Oh? First I ever heard of that. I think you go by another moniker do you not?" Simone asked with genuine surprise.

"Yes, they call me the Black Mamba." she flippantly replied rolling her eyes.

"Ah now I have heard that one used. A talented gifted who spends her nights fighting crimes, jumping form shadow to shadow and keeping the citizen of Porthaven safe. Its very valiant for someone so young. You must be very proud."

"I am."

"But it must be pretty lonely is it not? No time for friends, always having to lie to the ones you love and care for. It must feel blissfully euphoric to confess who you truly are?"

"It... does." Vivian replied, slightly surprised at the warm feeling spreading over her body.

"Well I'm glad we could help facilitate this for you. So tell the viewers, why exactly are you here today?" Simon asked leaning forward with that knowing devilish grin on his shadowed face.

Vivian nervously shifted her butt farther back into the couch and blushed turning her face away from the camera before confessing. The thin material of her black mini-dress failing to conceal her growing arousal as her hardening nipples begin to strain and push against the tight fabric. "I'm here to fuck your men and show the world that I would make a better whore than gifted superhero." she recited, clenching the sides of her dress tightly in her white knuckled fists. She had wanted to put more venom into it, but her programming was keeping her restrained. Her mind was wrestling with Simon's program. Every fiber of her being was angered and sick at the confession and her weakness, but she couldn't help but sink further into the blissful enjoyment of her own humiliation at the hands of Simon's questioning.

"Well as eager as my men are to repay some of the humiliation you caused them, I think we should get to know each other a little bit before diving in. Ask a few questions. Open up a little bit to the viewers so they can get to know you better. Where are you from? Who was the Black Mamba before receiving your gift?"

Vivian subconsciously uncrossed her legs and let her knees drift slightly apart as she set both heels on the floor revealing the black lacy g-string hidden beneath her dress.

"I grew up in Porthaven and I was just like any other girl I guess. A little shy and nerdy. Nothing special" she replied with a shrug.

"I'm a little surprised to hear that. You don't strike me as very timid. Those are lovely panties by the way. Why don't you go ahead and spread those legs and give the viewers a better look. Did you pick those up special for today?" he chuckled.

"No, I got them a while back to impress my boyfriend." Vivian compulsively replied as she leaned farther back into the plush leather couch and brought her ass to the edge of the cushion before spreading her long legs wide apart. She knew the cameras would be focusing on her barely covered pussy now. The lace design managed to conceal only a portion of her bare cunt beneath the thin mesh and she hoped they couldn't see the growing wetness building on her lips. She wouldn't normally get off on this she told herself, it was just Simon fucking with her head, making her enjoy this humiliating exhibition, but somewhere deep inside she doubted fully if this was truly case.

"Oh? I guess I shouldn't find that so surprising, you do look absolutely ravishing. I'm sure you have all kinds of admirers these days around campus. Does he know you are here today?"

"No." she said dropping her head down in shame. She could feel her face turning red in both anger and embarrassment but it somehow only turned her on more.

"My my, such a naughty girl. Well unfortunately, he soon will when this hits the net. But its for the best I think. Excellent taste in underwear, but I'm sure everyone at home would like a good look at the mighty Black Mamba's gorgeous pussy. So go ahead and take those off for us, and tell use what else you do to impress your boyfriend. Did you shave that cute little cunt for him too?" Simon said leaning back in his chair.

Vivian arched her back and hooked both her thumbs on the sides of her panties before slipping them down over her ass and midway down her thighs. Pulling her knees to her chest and lifting her legs into the air she pulled them the rest of the way off. She realized she must have been flashing her ass to the camera and quickly set her feet back on the floor where they had just been, lewdly exposing her freshly shaven pussy to everyone watching once again. "No. I do that for my costume. I cut it a little too high" she replied defiantly. God she hoped her arousal wasn't as evident as it felt like it was, she thought to herself. Vivian desperately wanted to make sure she wasn't dripping on to the floor, but didn't want to give Simon the satisfaction of touching herself on camera.

"Hmmm. I suppose you may have other reasons for that, but I bet he thinks you do it for him. I bet he thinks you're a slut that shaves her cunt and wears slutty underwear to attract his attention so you can suck his cock and spread your legs for him? Do you do that? Do you love to suck cock?. It certainly looks like you enjoy spreading that pussy to the camera." he wistfully pondered aloud before turning his attention back on the young sexy woman exposing herself in front of him.

"Yes." she whispered, her hands gripping tightly by her sides on the cushioned couch relaxed. Vee's right hand drifted to her bare pussy and spread it open delicately with two fingers. Vivian once again told herself it was only Simon's gift working, but it felt so good being exposed on camera and she desperately fought to control herself from exploring her body further.

"Yes to what?" he pressured with a grin.

"Yes, I spread my legs for him and love to suck cock.." she whined.

"So you are a slut?" he mercilessly teased.

"No." she spat, directly staring into her tormentors eyes with conviction. Vivian wouldn't let him corrupt her self image so easily. Not without a fight she told herself. The Black Mamba is not some slut so easily broken.

"Hmmm. I bet, you have a needy little cunt and I can convince you otherwise that you are. In fact lets play a game. I'll ask you a series of questions that you'll answer truthfully and if you can honestly say you're not a slut at the end of the game I'll erase every bit of this recording. Scouts honor. I swear. But lets get comfortable first, those delightful tits of yours are practically screaming to be released from that tight dress you picked out. Go ahead and peel that dress down and we will begin." Simon offered in all sincerity. It's easy to gamble when you've already stacked the deck in you favor he thought.

Vivian complied by rolling the thing fabric of her little black dress down over the soft mounds of her breasts. Her ever perky breasts seemed almost to shine under the warm set lights and it honestly felt wonderful to feel the cool air caress her hard nipples. A shiver ran up her spine as she imaged what she must look like on camera right now. Fully exposed and dripping with need while thousands of viewers watch her thoroughly humiliating and public debut.

"There now, that's better isn't it? I know you are dying to touch yourself, your pussy is practically drooling on to my leather sofa. It's ok, you're going to win this right? No one will ever see you touch yourself when you win. So go ahead and show us how the Black Mamba finger fucks herself when she is all alone. But no cumming until I say so. We wouldn't want to end the game too soon."

She knew she didn't stand a chance at fighting his command. Not only had Vivian been barely holding on to her own self control, the burning desire that had been building inside her loins since Simon set up the wicked triggers in her mind had been potent and effective. And she even felt a wave of true relief at finally being able to end her struggle of the wills and submit to his command. She brought a hand up to caress and fondle her breast as her other snaked up her thigh and glide across her bare slit. "Oh, god..." she moaned as her fingers stroked across her slick pussy and over the small bump of her erect clitoris. Vivian herself didn't fully know if her outburst was for the humiliation of being forced to masturbate on camera or at the exquisite electric spark of joy from finally touching herself.

"That's a good girl. Now tell me Vivian. What thoughts does the might Mamba fuckherself to? Give us all the details please if you don't mind. " Simon pried with a sinister smile, leaning forward in his expensive looking char with his fingers arched like he was playing the role of twisted therapist.

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